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the Moon
Lesson Plan
By: AunDraya Kaitland

8 Phases of The Moon Lesson Plan

1. Objective
Students will be able to explain and identify the different phases of the moon.

112.13. Science, Grade 2, Beginning with School Year 2010-2011

(b) Knowledge and skills.

(8) Earth and space. The student knows that there are recognizable patterns in the natural world
and among objects in the sky. The student is expected to:
(D) observe, describe, and record patterns of objects in the sky, including the appearance
of the Moon.

3. Materials
Paper, scissors, markers, rulers, crayons, computers, Poster

4. Modeling
To introduce this new lesson about the moon phases, I will introduce the students
to their new vocabulary words. I will tell them to pay close attention to the different
moon phases that they will say. They will be learning about the New Moon, Waxing
Crescent, First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Third Quarter
and the Waning Crescent Phase. They will also learn when each moon phase happens.
Why and how it happens. Also how the moon impacts the ocean tides a few times a
year. Then I will show them a video named The Moon Phase Song mixed to Forget You

by Cee Lo Green, to get them pumped up about this new topic.

After they watch The Moon Phase Song we will talk about what really caught their
attention about the song I will ask what they were interested in and what they wanted to
learn more about in this lesson about the moon phases. I will then demonstrate the
foldable they will be doing as a formative grade to make sure that they know what they
are doing. When I get done demonstrating the activity that they will be doing then I will
ask if they have any questions about the hands on activity. We will take a few minutes
on questions but then we have to move on. I will then show them the website that they
will be going on and how it works and what I want them to do when they get to this
activity. I want them to explore this website and doing everything on it. After they do that
I will hand them back their foldables to study for their test the next day. After they take
their test they will be given a project to see if they really understand what they've been
learning. I will explain the directions for the project and what I expect out of this project
this project shouldnt be extremely challenging there is just a lot of different things that
goes with it. If students dont do well on their test or project they will have to come in
before and/or after school so I can help them find a way to understand what ive been

5. Activity
Students will go to
http://teachers.henrico.k12.va.us/staffdev/clough_d/moon/Phases.html where they can
watch another video about the different phases of the moon. After they watch the video
they will then play games about the different phases. Then they will take a practice quiz
to help them with their next activity and test that they will also be taking.The Next
Activity, they will create a foldable. Where they will label each 8 slips with the name of
the phases. When they open the slip they will draw the picture of the phase. After they
label and draw, they will then describe the phase. This activity will be taken as a
formative they will be graded on if they have all 8 phases with descriptions and
drawings if they have everything it will be an easy 100. While they do the foldable I will

keep playing The Moon Phase Song so the phases will stay stuck in their head for days
and days and many years to come because the moon phases wont ever leave
elementary school science. Before they take their practice quiz I will then play the song
again and we will start to play the game online as a class, then individually after I do a
few phases with them. Its good for students to do stuff they enjoy because they all learn
better that way. Every student learns differently and my job as their teacher is to make
sure they understand so they won't struggle during their test and project. The next day
we will take a text over the moon phases which if they have been listening closely to the
lyrics of the song and have been doing their work in class they should have no problem
with it. After they take their test I will assign them a project they will have to do at home
over the moon. Not just the different phases but what happens when we have different
phases and why we have different phases. After they complete their projects we will
move on to our next lesson.

6.Assessment Part 1
Students will take a test on the 8 phases of the moon
They will have to match each phases with the picture and description.




A First Quarter .
B.3rd Quarter
C.Waning Crescent

A. First Quarter
B. 3rd Quarter
C. Waning Gibbous

A. Full Moon
B. New Moon
C. Waxing Crescent




A. New Moon
B. Full Moon
C. Waxing Gibbous

A. Full Moon
B. Waning Crescent
C. Waxing Gibbous

A. Waxing Crescent
B. Waning Gibbous
C. Waxing Gibbous

A.Waxing Gibbous
B 1st Quarter.
C. Waxing Crescent

A. Waxing Crescent
B. Waning Crescent
C. 3rd Quarter

D. The moon is one-half illuminated by the sun

E. The moon is nearly, but not precisely on a line with the Earth and Sun
F.The phase of the moon in which its whole disk is illuminated
G.The moon is less the one-half illuminated by the sun but less than 1 quarter illuminated
H.The moon is one half illuminated by the sun.
I.The moon is between a 45-90 degree angle with respect to the earth and sun
J.The moon appears to be more than one-half but not fully illuminated by direct sunlight
K.The phase of the moon when it is in conjunction with the sun and invisible from earth.

Assessment Part 2

The Moon Project

For this project you will need to get a poster board. You will have to draw and
describe the different phases of the moon. You will also have to be able to write about
why we have different phases of the moon. You are allowed to make your poster
however you want to as long as all the information below is on it.
The final project should include:

The 8 phases of the moon.

Calendar of when the phases happen during your birthday month.

Must write a brief summer on why we have different phases.

Write about how the moon cause different tides

Facts about the moon ( at least 4)



Lots of pictures.