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THE TRIPLE THREAT ty ball “Triple Threat” is IHP's monster hamstring and core protocol. It is very effective way at stride length with runners, by making them strong ‘pullers.” The 20 week program we have designed allows you to develop hamstrings of stel with virtually 0 1- Bridge Tie ‘vee hn te pate One leg progression itwyesteceay How Soennett ¥ Perform 3 exercises as a it ae ¥ 3 sets per workout ~3 times per week ¥ £15 reps ofeach exercise + Move slowiy and with control Y Use fll ranges of motion that are paia free ¥ Keep core tight throughout movements, ¥ Control movement with the core muscles For the bs in raining and products contact Instat ot Huma Petornance 20 week program DSO NW 2 are 7 tart wh he too progreon Boca Raton, Florida 33432 ¥ Week] = reps of exch exerciie~ sam step rope '61-610.9886 ¥ Add 1 rep to each exercise every week sworn ihpf.com Week? ~ 6 reps of exch exercive— 18 som stop ote Hat e-tarm ores corcies soaps 2 ‘Week 11—stari with singe leg progression aid go THe back Weel 1-10 rep scheme Weskal—iSrep ofeach versie SSTTETE GE Mena renronmancs HAMSIRINGS OF STEEL- 48 nom stop rps per leg