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E-book Supplement to the Audio

This program is probably the largest So what I’ve created here is a brief
project I’ve undertaken in a while. The summary (in bullet points) of most of
effort it took to research all the various the major points of the program so
elements of conversation and persua- that you could reinforce your learning
sion was enormous, as you can well with a visual component.
It’s my hope that this book will serve
It wasn’t until after the project was as a handy reference for you. Feel free
completed that I decided I needed to to print a copy and use it as a work-
compose a reference tool for all the book, jotting notes in the margins, etc.
information contained in it.

1 ©2007 DD Publications/Morpheus Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.

At the very least, you should be taking
active notes while you’re listening to
the program. Be sure to listen to it
once while you’re driving (if that’s how
you normally absorb these programs),
but also several times while you’re at
home and undistracted.

You’ll probably miss a great deal of the

details on your first pass through, so
be sure to listen to the program at
least 5 times in the next year to ensure
you’re getting the maximum benefit.


- Carlos Xuma
Northern California

2 ©2007 DD Publications/Morpheus Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.

TRACK 1 - Introduction ✦One-sided interest rather than under-
standing the other person
✦Good conversation is a skill ✦Interactive and SAFE
✦Conversations are persuasion. ✦The other reasons we talk
✦Seek to understand first, then be under-
TRACK 2 - Expectations stood
✦The person with the most conversation
skills has the advantage. OPTIONS. TRACK 5 - Architecture and Structure
✦The biggest obstacle is your ego
✦No agenda or proving yourself. ✦Start and end-points
✦Response potential ✦Tree Metaphor
✦Every conversation is fluid ✦The ending is the seed of the next con-
✦Cannot rehearse or memorize scripts versation
✦The guitarist example ✦Applicable to men and women
✦Normal conversation flows with it’s own
tone, feel, rhythms... TRACK 6 - The Big Question
✦Communication of the deeper concepts
in this program ✦Most of the work is in managing the
other person - an unskilled communicator
TRACK 3 - The Rule of Conversation ✦You must assume the responsibility
✦Manage your emotions
✦If you are not getting other people to ✦Newscasters and spinning the informa-
help you with your goals, they are getting you tion
to help with theirs. ✦The Big Question is: What is the goal of
✦Starting your Journal your communication?
✦Strengths and Weaknesses list ✦Goals that arise in conversation

TRACK 4 - Why do we talk? ✦TRACK 7 - 5 Positive Flexibility

✦Every conversation is an attempt to per-
suade. ✦1-Confidence - the enabler
✦Example of the worst kind of persuasion ✦The key is a mental training regimen -
✦Jehova’s Witnesses confidence is a rehearsed skill.

3 ©2007 DD Publications/Morpheus Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.

✦Confidence is action ✦Music
✦Confidence is abundance ✦Food and restaurants
✦2-Tolerance ✦Supernatural - divination
✦Relax and keep an open mind ✦Drama
✦Emotional control ✦Your emergency chute
✦Arguments are un-winnable ✦Don’t ask questions that they can say
✦You’re really seeking understanding “NO” to!
✦3-Empathy ✦What separates the winners from the
✦Empathy is shared experience losers
✦Empathy is sincere caring ✦WIIFM - What’s in it for me?
✦We’re more alike than different ✦How to ask a woman out - word for
✦4-Positivity word
✦Uplift yourself ✦How to get the day off
✦Flooded with negativity ✦The office example
✦“That’s Great!” strategy ✦Teaching people how to treat you
✦Positivity is not ignorance ✦Don’t argue with Rhetoric
✦Find an empowering path ✦The first step is to be aware
✦Get positive energy, get rid of the nega- ✦Example
tive ✦Women present feelings
✦5-Respect ✦Avoid facts vs. feelings
✦You cannot demand, only command ✦Absolutes
✦How to handle provocation
TRACK 8 - 8 Golden Rules ✦Sales example
✦Condition a pause in your conversation
✦1-Listen attentively ✦The single biggest indicator of success
✦2-Don’t interrupt ✦We think in words and emotions
✦3-Avoid criticism
✦4-Use praise TRACK 10 - Alpha Man Conversational
✦5-Never talk down - never condescend Strategy
✦6-Drop the pretense - Get REAL
✦7-Avoid gossip and rumors ✦Alpha conversation is not necessarily ag-
✦8-Treat everyone as if they’re important gressive
✦Hold your own, don’t be manipulated,
TRACK 9 - Conversational Continuity relaxed, not monopolizing, peer level
✦Think before you speak or suffer for your
✦Conversation Sequence: “I popped the words
movie and CD in, eating some supernatural ✦Use the power of emotional words
food while I watched the drama.” ✦Writing poetry - practice the language
✦Pop culture ✦Use sensory imagery
✦Movies, movie stars

4 ©2007 DD Publications/Morpheus Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.

✦Blue? Or: aqua, azure, cobalt, porce- ✦Don’t kill the energy with hesitation
lain... ✦100% commitment
✦Looks: Bright, clear, dingy, drab, flashy, ✦Don’t hold yourself back
flowery, etc. ✦Feed your opener off your curiosity
✦Fast? Bolting, chasing, darting, dashing, ✦The intro process
hurling, etc. ✦Shake hands, take note of their eye
✦Slow? Amber, plodded, sauntered, sneak, color, say their name
stray, etc. ✦Physical, visual, audible
✦Build trust, attraction, excitement and ✦Mnemonic tools (memory)
fun ✦Small talk process
✦Use your physical posture ✦Reveal, question - look for commonality
✦What you are speaks so loudly I can’t ✦Calibrate and escalate
hear what you’re saying... ✦Closing process - exiting the conversa-
✦Take control of your posture tion gracefully
✦Control with questions ✦Have the end in mind
✦Focus on process, not results ✦Reconnect - get their contact info
✦Giver, not taker ✦Your goal - connect in just a few minutes
✦Accept responsibility for your part as
well as others TRACK 12 - Primary Conversational
TRACK 11 - Conversational Openers
✦Introductions, openers
✦Have a few surefire openers and starters ✦Listen actively
- universal openers ✦Questions - normal or power questions
✦From the heart ✦Normal = get information, clarify
✦Your own curiosity ✦Power = Get them to think, embrace a
✦Contextually relevant new reality
✦Calibrate ✦Playful banter
✦Sincerity = authenticity ✦Frame manipulation
✦Observation - open your eyes ✦Example
✦Make the question real ✦Playing with roles
✦Get the results you want ✦Qualification - Testing them
✦How to calibrate to the environment ✦So do you cook?
✦Questions are great openers ✦Hey, you scored some points there?
✦Fun! ✦You know when I first met you, I wasn’t
✦What if you don’t enjoy conversations? sure...
✦Create an opening that feels like you ✦Disqualification
✦Sense of value undermines you ✦Normally I wouldn’t date a girl with...
✦Why ‘scripts’ don’t work ✦Storytelling
✦Everyone you meet is a potential ally ✦Put together a narrative

5 ©2007 DD Publications/Morpheus Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.

✦Give it significance
✦How you close it - don’t let it fade out!
✦Bookends of the conversation

TRACK 13 - The First Big Step

✦Believe in your own personal power

✦Come from a safe place
✦From the inside out
✦They are no worse or better than you
✦They have at least as many insecurities
as you - if not more
✦No failure in a conversation

6 ©2007 DD Publications/Morpheus Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.

CD 2: STT - Core Skills & Tactics 1
TRACK 1 - Cycle of Self-confidence ✦What women and men need from con-
✦Actions bring results ✦Interest and curious and attracted
✦The results you get will either boost or ✦Rapport - Trust
hurt your confidence
✦Interpret results to your benefit TRACK 4 - 6 Essential Traits
✦All results teach you something new
✦Have FUN
TRACK 2 - Charisma ✦The critical association
✦Be confident
✦What is charisma? Are you born with it? ✦Like yourself
✦Send a strong and real emotional mes- ✦Be genuinely curious and interested in
sage other people
✦Show that you care ✦Open and relaxed
✦Believe in the reality of someone else’s ✦Bending a penny
emotions ✦Let it happen
✦Forge an emotional connection ✦Learn from your own and other’s mis-
✦Flexibility and tolerance - sensitivity takes
✦Outwardly projected energy
✦5 qualities: TRACK 5 - Essential Beliefs
✦1 Heightened awareness
✦2 Confidence ✦Good conversationalists have these in
✦3 Healthy skepticism common
✦4 Take risks ✦Everyone has something interesting to
✦5 Relaxed know about them
✦Boredom is a choice
TRACK 3 - Primary Opening Concern ✦Get people talking about themselves
✦Get them feeling good about themselves
✦Give off a favorable first impression ✦Get them feeling they are the most im-
✦Don’t count on a second chance portant and fascinating people
✦Don’t hinge a conversation on the other ✦You are SAFE
person’s reply ✦The other person wants to talk with you
✦Have your own agenda ✦We’re all hungry for connection
✦Understand WIIFM
✦We’re all self-interested TRACK 6 - 8 Essential People Skills

7 ©2007 DD Publications/Morpheus Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.

✦Understanding people ✦2-Sense of pride and importance
✦Introvert/Extrovert ✦3-Financial success and security
✦Thinking/Feeling ✦4-Reassurance of self-worth and our ef-
✦4 Basic personality types: Dominant, forts
solid, expressive, analytical ✦5-Peer approval and acceptance
✦Express your thoughts and feelings ✦6-Desire to win and excel
clearly ✦7-Sense of belonging
✦Speak up when your needs are not being ✦8-Opportunity for creative expression
met ✦9-Accomplish something worthwhile
✦Assertiveness is a contextual ability ✦10-Feeling of new experiences- Novelty
✦Ask for feedback and give quality feed- ✦11-Sense of liberty and freedom
back ✦12-Sense of dignity and self-respect
✦The sandwich or CRC method of pro- ✦13-Love in all forms
viding feedback ✦14-Emotional security
✦Truthfulness is subjective
✦Influencing how people think and act TRACK 9 - Be Different
✦Thinking leads to emotions and then to
actions ✦To arouse interest in other people, you
✦Bring conflicts to the surface and man- must show originality
age them ✦Dress differently
✦The number one reason for breakups - ✦Talk differently
Resentment ✦Act differently
✦Don’t get defensive ✦Have a different outlook
✦Collaborate with others ✦Associate with different people
✦Change your direction when it isn’t ✦Challenge your world view
working ✦Think differently

TRACK 7 - 4 Primary Communication TRACK 10 - Anxiety Control

✦Maintaining a sense of safety and com-
✦Internal dialogue fort
✦Body communication/language ✦Feel as though there is no threat or jeop-
✦Vocal communication ardy
✦Written word ✦Let go of expectations
✦Excel in all of them ✦Mentally rehearse success
✦Imagine a low-risk interaction
TRACK 8 - 14 Human Motivators ✦Anxiety is a speed bump
✦Comfort token
✦1-Need to feel a sense of power and ✦Meditation - seek calmness and peace
mastery over others

8 ©2007 DD Publications/Morpheus Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.

✦Write down your beliefs ✦Carlos’ grandmother story example
✦Build on the story to add detail
TRACK 11 - Storytelling ✦Create obstacles
✦Toy Story 2 example
✦The original oral tradition ✦Give it energy
✦Extend conversations ✦3 kinds of good stories: Funny, romantic,
✦Demonstrates personality action packed
✦Find a story you enjoy telling
✦Real life stories
✦Mine your own personal experience
✦Clear action
✦Strong characters
✦Simple structure
✦Have a lead-in to the story
✦The hook gets them interested
✦Story - embellish
✦Practice your story with a mirror, video
recorder, friend
✦Lesson learned - the moral of the story
✦Construct a positive story
✦Have a fun emotional edge and detail
✦Have a point - witty and insightful end-
✦Conflict, rising tension, resolution
✦First practice to get the timeline down
✦Use repetition - sets of 3
✦Use variety - vary tone, rhythm, articula-
tion, volume, etc.
✦Use gestures
✦Strong start and finish
✦Act it out a bit
✦Loud long sigh
✦The lion’s yawn
✦Tell your friends first, then others
✦Talk to them, not AT them
✦Distribute your attention
✦Take the time you need
✦Interact wit them
✦Trust in your story
✦Mark Twain story example

9 ©2007 DD Publications/Morpheus Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.

CD 3: STT - Core Skills & Tactics 2
TRACK 1 - Attunement ✦The most important part
✦First level - Faking, glazed over
✦Creating a feedback loop of rapport ✦Second level - Catch a few facts
✦Mirroring is structured and false ✦Third level - Paying attention, missing
✦Fall into synchronicity details
✦Imagine you are sharing the same en- ✦Fourth level - Actively engaged listening
ergy ✦Women pay attention more than you
✦Relaxed, shared breathing ✦CARESS
✦Easygoing state of flow ✦Concentrate
✦Recognize another person’s emotional ✦Acknowledge
state ✦Research and Respond
✦Exercise emotional control
TRACK 2 - Reading Social Situations ✦Sense the nonverbal cues
✦Be aware of the social situation - don’t
fight it TRACK 5 - Active Listening
✦Stay relaxed
✦1-Mutual shared attention ✦Ask questions to demonstrate interest
✦2-Share empathy and feeling and stay active
✦3-Synchronicity ✦Gap in speech versus listening
✦Convergence is the process of falling ✦Hearing is listening to the words
into the attunement vibe ✦Understanding
TRACK 3 - Internal Dialogue ✦Effectively use the time you’re given
✦Rephrase and repeat back
✦What you’re saying to yourself ✦Show expressiveness
✦The meaning you give to the events ✦Good listening is active
✦There is nothing good or bad, but think- ✦The 10 irritating habits
ing makes it so ✦10 - Asking for details
✦Words don’t have meaning beyond what ✦9 - Forgetting what they said
you give to them ✦8 - Playing “I can top that”
✦The Carabiniere example ✦7 - “Yeah, but...”
✦Watch out for the negativity ✦6 - Not responding
✦5 - Getting ahead and finishing their
TRACK 4 - Listening Skills thoughts

10 ©2007 DD Publications/Morpheus Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.

✦4 - Showing interest in something other ✦Change your posture and you’ll change
than the conversation your emotional state
✦3 - Rushing the speaker ✦The more familiar you are with a per-
✦2 - Not looking at the speaker son, the more you can face them
✦1 - Interrupting ✦As you increase rapport, you can turn
and face them more
TRACK 6 - Deaf Spots
TRACK 8 - 4 Levels of Communication
✦Blind spots in listening
✦Identify the places where you tune out ✦Level 1 - Superficial Small Talk
✦Entertain ideas and opinions that you ✦Level 2 - Facts and more information
might not agree with ✦Level 3 - Feelings and personal questions
✦Leverage your down time ✦Level 4 - Inclusive statements - WE
✦Listen at 210 words per minute
✦Reprocessing TRACK 9 - 3 Skills of Alpha Power
✦File away the key points Conversation

TRACK 7 - Body Language ✦1 - Opener - the conversation start

✦Affected by familiarity
✦Open and expressive - no closed arms ✦2 - Keep a person’s interest
✦Show open palms and nods ✦3 - Closing - guide to the result you want
✦Conversational lubricant ✦You have to be the one initiating the re-
✦Paving a safe road sults you seek
✦Don’t crowd them ✦The bookends of the conversation keep
✦Strong and distributed eye contact you safe
✦Attending - like a waiter
✦Stay relaxed and slow - like in water TRACK 10 - Remove the Ego
✦No pointing
✦Feel very fluid and poetic ✦Resist the urge to make a point
✦Get comfortable with touch ✦Indignant feelings get in the way
✦All kino starts with crossing the distance ✦Self-control and self-discipline
✦Look at your belief systems and comfort ✦Do you want to be right or get the results
level you want?
✦No fidgeting or nervous eye movement
✦Back straight TRACK 11 - Communicating with Fam-
✦Sit relaxed but not too much ily
✦Be relaxed but respectful of the envi-
ronment ✦Family is different because of their fa-
✦Always appear comfortable with yourself miliarity
✦Walk with pace and purpose ✦They know how to push our buttons

11 ©2007 DD Publications/Morpheus Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.

✦You can’t change them! ✦No reverence for information authority,
✦Families can be manipulative only respect
✦Family should never inhibit your growth ✦Handling policemen
✦Again, define your goal ✦What to do if you’re pulled over
✦Don’t fall back on the family manipula- ✦Apologize, add emotional detail
tion ✦Keep emotions out of the mix
✦How best to communicate it ✦How can they impact your life?
✦The best reaction is NO reaction ✦Respect or disregard?
✦Victimization ✦Handling your boss
✦Social pressure - guilt ✦You have power by virtue of expertise
✦Don’t get caught by surprise ✦Manage up as they have to manage
✦Thanksgiving example down
✦Keep all communications positive ✦Never tolerate mistreatment
✦Be firm and resolute ✦Know which battles to fight

TRACK 12 - Defensiveness and Sensi- TRACK 14 - 4 Layers of Communica-

tivity tion with Women

✦Don’t interpret something as personal ✦1-Opening and Small Talk

and as an attack on your self-esteem ✦2-Flirtatious and Sexual
✦Lower your shields ✦3-Deeper Rapport
✦Look for the triggers that start your in- ✦4-Emotional Connection
ternal dialogue ✦Follow this as a progression
✦Let yourself be vulnerable to the conver-
sation you’re having TRACK 15 - Talking to Men vs. Women

TRACK 13 - Communicating with ✦Different conversational architecture

Authority ✦Men - Facts, details, statistics - black &
✦Two situations of authority: You are sub- ✦Demonstration of dominance
jected to it or you meet someone in authority ✦Comparison
✦Your ego will be the biggest inhibitor or ✦Competition
enhancement to the conversation ✦One-upmanship
✦Be humble to someone who can use ✦Resolution-oriented
their authority over you - initially! ✦Women - Feelings, shades of gray, in-
✦Think ahead to a time to when they may terpretive room
have inflicted their power on you ✦Underlying subtext
✦Don’t get caught up in saving face ✦Possibilities
✦Don’t be a kiss-ass ✦Comparison
✦Maintain your dignity and self-respect ✦Collaborative

12 ©2007 DD Publications/Morpheus Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.

✦Social interaction conflicts - DRAMA
✦Language of emotion
✦How does that make you feel?
✦So what do you think that meant?
✦Exhaust her emotional content

13 ©2007 DD Publications/Morpheus Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.

CD 4: Women & Communication
TRACK 1 - Talking With Women
✦How to tease women
✦Drive up tension ✦Teasing is a spice - playing with energy
✦Make sure you sense her interest level in ✦Short circuit her shields
you and calibrate to it ✦Her interest level falls as she waits for
✦Don’t be too aloof you
✦Attainability ✦The place of compliments
✦Communicate your passions ✦How she interprets them
✦It’s just too short ✦Mysterious and Ambiguous
✦Be specific - not vague! ✦Find something that stands out
✦Sensory communication ✦Look at jewelry
✦Emotional imagination ✦Wonderful energy
✦Slip into a dream interpretation conver- ✦Pattern of challenge
sation ✦Raise the stakes
✦Weather Report Question ✦Disarm her and demonstrate value
✦Use analogies ✦Communicate the joke
✦If you could be a car... ✦Her number one concern is that you
✦Levels of Deep Communication only want her for sex
✦1 - Visualization ✦Energy levels increase exponentially
✦2 - Strong emotional connections ✦Gym example
✦3 - Reach a visualization and emotional ✦Never back down if challenged
state physically ✦Redirect the conversation and stay in
✦4 - Reach her core beliefs and value sys- control
tems ✦Have the end in mind
✦Sensory questions: ✦Always leave them wanting more - on a
✦The Crush question high note
✦The Roller-coaster question
✦Everything is an opportunity for you TRACK 3 - How to Banter
✦“Why do you want my number?”
✦“How old are you?” ✦Notorious example
✦“Buy me a drink...” ✦How Banter works
✦“I bet you think you’re smooth..” ✦Requires speed in response
✦Top ten responses to “Why aren’t you ✦Time it correctly
married yet?” ✦Gauge your audience
✦Think before you banter
TRACK 2 - Tease to Please ✦Realize the situation you’re in

14 ©2007 DD Publications/Morpheus Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.

✦Prepare to screw it up ✦A woman’s intimate geography
✦Know your limits ✦Educate yourself on women’s psychology
✦Stretch yourself each time and physiology
✦Practice Banter example
✦Keep working on your skills TRACK 5 - Testing
✦Listen and pay attention
✦Hit or miss ✦Why guys fail tests
✦Always have a good close ✦They don’t recognize them
✦Examples ✦They don’t want to ruin the interaction
✦Start a blog ✦Testing compliance and confidence
✦Read screenplays ✦Tests are a shortcut
✦Practice with chat ✦Changing rules test
✦Dialogue books ✦Example
✦Use some asides ✦Never tolerate disrespect
✦Call her on the large words ✦Subtle disrespect
✦Use the “in medius res” ✦Cut her down with humor and teasing
✦Use frame narration ✦Open disrespect
✦Describe her thoughts ✦We teach people how to treat us
✦Slip into character ✦Clear the air and go back to friendly
✦Use stream of consciousness ✦Passive Aggressive
✦Note to self technique ✦Use polite, corrective discussion
✦Cardinal Rule - Keep the energy up! ✦Validation tests
✦No return ticket ✦Handling the late woman
✦Go for broke
✦Stay relaxed TRACK 6 - Handling Bitchy Women
✦Practice by eavesdropping
✦It’s a method of screening out the dorks
TRACK 4 - Demonstrating Uniqueness and wussies
✦“You seem like a strong and powerful
✦Typical vs. Energized conversation woman...”
✦Example ✦“Does that usually work for you...?”
✦Lifestyle demonstration ✦“You’re as sensitive as a little girl...”
✦Rapport is what we feel around people ✦“You don’t fool me....”
we like, or are like us ✦“You like spoiling a good time...”
✦Induce familiarity
✦How to ... TRACK 7 - Day 2 Conversation Pro-
✦Familiar tone from the start gression
✦Taking small liberties
✦Transactions to build rapport ✦Effective path restarting the attraction
✦Use women’s terminology and interest with a woman

15 ©2007 DD Publications/Morpheus Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.

✦1. Get her talking about her day - dig
into the feelings related to it. How did she
spend her time?
✦Emotional weather report
✦2. Watch her body language soften
✦3. Confront resistance right away
✦Compassion - father perspective
✦4. Do not attempt touching until she re-
✦5. Kino games to restart the touch
✦Two card ESP
✦6. Big positive states - get her to recall
✦7. Acu-pressure points
✦8. Teach her some NLP
✦9. Move locations - simulate a change
✦Physical exertion is the key
✦End it if things don’t improve

16 ©2007 DD Publications/Morpheus Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.

CD 5: NLP & Persuasion Strategies
TRACK 1 - NLP Introduction ✦Easy fast NLP anchor
✦Relive connections through creating
✦NLP Background states
✦Bandler & Grinder ✦Anchors can be tactile and non-tactile
✦The map is not the territory ✦Sometimes they are involuntary
✦We act based on these linguistic maps ✦Evoking states - change their state by
✦No such thing as failure, only Feedback changing their thoughts - their focus
✦Modeling - why you need to use it ✦Ask questions to get them to relive the
✦Incorporate their beliefs into yours experience and feel the state.
✦Language is a secondary representation ✦Describe the experience in their own
of experience words
✦Words are tokens ✦Powerful emotional charge
✦How you define a word affects how we ✦Stick to the positive charges
interpret each other’s conversation
✦More choice is always preferable to less TRACK 2 - Eliciting States
✦Can be used manipulatively ✦Elicit states through indirect phrasing
✦Words have different emotional mean- ✦Using secondary attribution so you don’t
ings get in “trouble”
✦6 Principles - Pillars ✦The overheard conversation example
✦1 - You - the center of everything ✦Power words suggest states - a logical/
✦2 - The presuppositions - taken for emotional connection
granted ✦“Naturally/Automatically”
✦3 - Rapport - the relationship is crucial ✦“Before/During/After”
to obtain results ✦“Among/Expand/Beyond”
✦4 - Outcome - Being clear about what ✦“Forces/Initiates/Prompts/Proves/
you want to achieve Creates/Inspires/Remind/Generates/Invoke
✦5 - Feedback - Getting accurate informa- s/Encourages/Make/Justifies/Motivates/Pro
tion back from the person you are interacting mpts/Stimulates/Incites”
with ✦Commands at the end
✦6 - Flexibility - the path to your goal will ✦Lead women through their emotional
always vary states
✦Use NLP on yourself and others
✦Create states through the use of anchor- TRACK 3 - NLP Phrasings
✦Email example - Pavlov’s reaction

17 ©2007 DD Publications/Morpheus Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.

✦Preface your statements so that they’re ✦“The more you feel the attraction, the
accepted more readily more you feel the trust and rapport...”
✦Open their imaginations ✦“Are you curious about...”
✦“I saw someone do this once...” ✦“Are you aware that...”
✦“I don’t know how soon you’ll feel...” ✦“Be aware of what you can sense...”
✦“I want you to bear in mind that ...” ✦“Can you imagine feeling...”
✦“I wonder if...” ✦“Can I ask you to feel ...”
✦“I don’t know how soon you’ll...” ✦“Can you visualize feeling...”
✦“I wonder, could you...” ✦“Can you remember a time you felt...”
✦“I’d like to suggest that you...” ✦“Do you remember when you felt...”
✦“I want you to bear in mind...” ✦“Don’t think about feeling like...”
✦“I want you to become aware that...” ✦“How would you feel if you felt...”
✦“I’d like you to pretend that...” ✦“How do you feel when...”
✦“If you could, would you...” ✦“I know you are curious...”
✦“Is it that you are feeling...” ✦“I don’t know how soon you’re going to
✦“Is it possible that you’re feeling...” start feeling...”
✦“Is it that you have this feeling of...” ✦“I want you to become aware of the feel-
✦“Is it useful that this feeling of...” ing of ...”
✦“It’s just like this feeling of being...” ✦“Is it possible that there’s this feeling of
✦“It’s not important that you’re feeling ...”
overwhelmed by the new sensation of be- ✦“Perhaps you can feel...”
ing...” ✦“Perhaps you could feel like...”
✦“It’s as if you feel...” ✦“Perhaps you’re wondering...”
✦“Perhaps you’re feeling...” ✦“What do you think would happen if...”
✦“Perhaps you can feel the...” ✦“What would happen if...”
✦“Perhaps you could feel like...” ✦“What’s it like to...”
✦“Perhaps you’re wondering what this ✦“When you noticed that...”
feeling would be like...” ✦“You come to feel like...”
✦“What do you think would happen if ✦“You will feel like...”
you...” ✦Negative Phrasings will also work, like
✦“What would happen if you...” when you tell them NOT to feel something,.
✦“What’s it like to feel...” ✦“I don’t want you to be too con-
✦“When you notice that you’re feeling this cerned...”
way, then...” ✦“Don’t think about feeling...”
✦“You can become aware now that you’re
feeling...” TRACK 4 - Modalities
✦“After you come to feel...”
✦“And the more you feel X, the more you ✦Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Gustatory,
feel Y...” Olfactory
✦Representational systems

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✦One that is dominant you eye-to-eye, I’m looking forward to it, nice
✦Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic are the to see you, show me.
primary ✦Auditory: Listen, hear what I’m saying,
✦Your preferred style of learning tell me, tell me more, sounds to me, noise, that
✦We all use combinations, with one pri- rings a bell, it’s noisy, hear what I’m saying,
mary and one secondary I’m all ears, that’s music to my ears, hear from
✦Visual: Organized, well-groomed, visu- you, hear what you’re saying.
alization, insights, listen to their words, imagi- ✦Kinesthetic: get in touch, feels safe, I feel
native, hard to put into words, speak faster that, I feel for you, touch, comfortable, explor-
than others, in-person interactions, show ing it, feels fast/slow, handling, gripping,
them the concepts and big picture, they may grope, get a grip, smooth, manipulate, I’ll be
become confused with a lot of verbal instruc- in touch with you, how are you feeling.
tions, remember faces better than names, dis-
tracted more by visual activity. TRACK 5 - Reading the eyes
✦Auditory: More aware of tone changes
in voice, remember directions better, learn by ✦Handedness (right or left) can affect the
listening and asking questions, enjoy discus- reading
sions, prefer conversation to email or written, ✦The eyes are the soul
good memory for what was said, don’t need ✦Upper eyelid beyond iris - shock or
in-person as long as they can hear you, talk strong interest
through their problems, need to be heard, ✦Watch trends
easily distracted by noise. ✦Lower eyelid to the corner - covering
✦Kinesthetic: speak slower, get in touch, lacrimal - inner conflict
more sensitive to their body, respond to physi- ✦Excited = pupil dilation
cal rewards, like touch and hugging, learn by ✦Eyes on the face = Business mode
doing, dress more for comfort than style, ✦Looking from the waist up = more per-
stand closer to people than others. sonal
✦Auditory-digital: doesn’t use physical. ✦Eye contact - 5 seconds, break, look back
Need to make sense of the world, to under- ✦Eye motion
stand, get conceptual clarity, hold conversa- ✦To their left - memory
tions in their head, not very spontaneous, ✦To their right - creative
logical, facts and figures, learn by order and ✦Left = logical - right side of the body
process. ✦Right = creative - left side of the body
✦Listen to their choices in words - they’ll ✦Up = visual access - creation
give it away. ✦Sound = to the ears
✦Why did you choose that car? Get de- ✦Down = kinesthetic
✦Words to listen for... TRACK 6 - Reading the Eyes 2
✦Visual: Picture, looks to me, observe, see,
view, watch, observe, outlook, sight, vision, see ✦Looking straight ahead = passive

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✦Lose someone in less than 10 seconds ✦Get them to re-evaluation by providing
✦Intense eye contact for more than 3 sec- new information
onds ✦Get outside support for credibility
✦If they look up and away, they are still ✦In a short term decision, the most im-
paying attention portant factor is a strong argument
✦If they are look up and left = relating to ✦In a long term decision, the most impor-
their own experience tant factor is the credibility of the source
✦Straight down = get out, or go forward
✦Extended looks away = looking to break TRACK 9 - Persuasion
✦Eyes are upward at the ceiling = focus- ✦Attribute any trait to yourself by making
ing on processing what you say it something someone else says about you
✦“My friends say that I’m probably the
TRACK 7 - Compliments most honest and trustworthy guy they
✦1 - Compliment is more potent from ✦“One of my girlfriends told me I was the
someone you just met best kisser she every knew...”
✦2 - Much more credibility when you ✦Buffer it with a little modesty
compliment sight unseen ✦Attribute a compliment to a woman
✦3 - Higher social value must be lowered without seeming like you were the one saying
to get your compliment taken seriously it
✦Be genuine and sincere ✦Do not use “BUT” - use AND
✦Give-aways - give to everyone as much ✦But is a conversation killer
as you can ✦Connect rather than contradict
✦Non-physical compliments are best ✦Elicit what is important to her in a man
✦Don’t open with a compliment unless it’s ✦“Which are your top 3?”
indirect ✦The use of the word “try”
✦Compliment only once - diminishing re- ✦You’re giving yourself an out, an excuse
turns after this if you fail.
✦The use of the word “if ”
TRACK 8 - Changing Opinions ✦Sounds indecisive and weak - instead use
✦Turn the tide in your favor ✦Disagreeing with someone who argues
✦Be flexible - present more evidence they with you
need to consider ✦Accept and agree with them up front to
✦Appear as though you could take their defuse them
side first ✦Arguing kills rapport, credibility, etc.
✦Divide and conquer the group ✦“I don’t think I’m your type...” What do
✦Be likable you say?

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CD 6: Rapport and Cold Reading
TRACK 1 - Cold Reading Introduction ✦“I’m getting a vibe that...”
✦“I’m getting a feeling that...”
✦Can be used on anyone ✦“I feel that...”
✦Do not use Cold reading as a crutch ✦Do not violate trust
✦Use it to get a head start on rapport
✦General statements that sound specific TRACK 2 - Cold Reading Example
✦We are more alike than different
✦A bridge to get someone invested in a ✦Social Worker Example
conversation ✦Small talk in advance
✦OBSERVE = mannerisms, clothes, hair, ✦“You know, talking to you right now, I
body style, language, etc. get a feeling that you’re not just a people per-
✦Forer Effect, Barnum Effect son. I know to do what you do, you gotta be,
✦Inaccuracies will be ignored but at the same time it seems that there was
✦Forer’s personality test someone that was probably really important
✦Why we believe: Hope, wishful thinking, in your life that really influenced you... Really
vanity, the need to make sense out of experi- put you on this path in this direction. Some-
ences one that was a reason for you getting into this
✦People tend to accept claims about field.”
themselves in the proportion to the desire that ✦Flow with the moment and stay in the
they wish were true, rather than the actual ac- vibe
curacy ✦Watch out for undesired emotional states
✦Variable rate of reinforcement concept ✦Character assumptions
✦You give meaning to another person’s ✦Information Technology example
experience ✦We make decisions based on our impor-
✦Basics: Listen to them, hear them out. tant values
✦Make general statements ✦Driving away from values - those things
✦Watch for visual feedback, nodding, eyes, we wish to avoid
body language ✦Driving toward values - those things
✦Ask questions - no definite statements, we’re attracted to
but use definite statements when you really
are sure or to confirm an observation that TRACK 3 - General Phrasings
they agree with.
✦Hit or Miss ✦The person you reading provides most of
✦The 3 Topics: Heart - Health - the meaning in the reading
✦Try-on phrases:

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✦“Some of your aspirations tend to be You like to read books and articles to
pretty unrealistic. At certain times you’re improve your mind. As a matter of fact,
extroverted, affable, sociable; but at other if you’re not already in some kind of per-
times you tend towards introversion, sonal services business, you should be.
you’re wary and kind of reserved, you You have an infinite capacity for under-
found it unwise to be too honest and open standing other people’s problems, and
revealing yourself to other people. You you can sympathize and understand
pride yourself on being an independent them. But you’re firm when you’re con-
thinker, a maverick, and you don’t ac- fronted with stubborn behavior or out-
cept other’s opinions without a lot of right stupidity. Law enforcement would
good, satisfactory proof. You prefer a cer- be another field you could understand.
tain amount of change and variety, and Your sense of justice and fairness is very
you get really unhappy and dissatisfied strong.”
when you’re hemmed in by restrictions,
rules, and limitations. A lot of times you ✦The January Example - start with some-
even have serious doubts as to whether thing vague, then play off that response. If
you’ve made the right decision, or done right, continue and confirm. If wrong, turn to
the right thing. You’re very disciplined fishing for alternate explanations off this
and controlled on the outside, but you topic. Leave the impression that suppression is
tend to be very worried and insecure on to blame for their inability to recognize it.
the inside.” ✦Critical points:
✦Key part is your own confidence in your
✦“Your sexual adjustment has pre- reading
sented some problems for you. While you ✦Use the latest polls and studies creatively
have some personality weaknesses, ✦Set the stage for your reading - be subtle
you’re generally able to compensate for and modest
most of them. You have a great deal of ✦Get their cooperation in advance - that’s
unused capacity that you want to turn to going to influence the accuracy of the reading
your advantage that you haven’t been ✦They must be an active participant
able to yet. You have a tendency to be ✦Using props
very critical of yourself. You have a ✦Have a list of stock phrases - try-ons,
strong need for other people to like you, fishing,
and for them to admire you.” ✦“Generally your confidence is good, but
very often in larger groups it can be shaken
✦“People close to you have been tak- up a little.”
ing advantage of you. Your basic honesty ✦Keep your eyes open, size them up
has been getting in your way. A lot of op- ✦Phrase every statement as a question and
portunities that you’ve been offered in the wait for a reply - they will succumb to the so-
past have had to be given up because you cial pressure
refuse to take advantage of other people. ✦Be a good listener

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✦Always give them the impression that Pause. “Or maybe someone that’s close to you
you know more than you’re actually saying at work.”
✦“You’re always very suspicious of those ✦“Your career needs a bit of a shot in the
people who flatter you. You just can’t believe arm, doesn’t it? Maybe you should think
that someone would say compliments or good about making a few changes.”
things about you without having an ulterior ✦“I can see some concerns over money,
motive.” but don’t let this worry you too much. The
✦Golden Rule: Always tell them what they signs are that, providing you plan carefully,
want to hear things should turn out just right. Just takes a
✦Shotgunning: Offer a huge quantity of little bit of time.”
vague information ✦“I can see a health issue that’s ... well,
✦Example: “I see a heart problem with a let’s just say worrying you.”
father figure in your family. Maybe a father, ✦“You’ve grown a lot, psychologically
grandfather, or uncle... I’m definitely seeing speaking, in the last few years.”
chest pain here for a father figure.” ✦“You’re a good judge of character.”
✦“I see someone who isn’t a blood rela- ✦“You’re the soft of person who can
tive, someone around when you were growing probably tell when someone is lying.”
up. Maybe an aunt, or a friend of your ✦“You have a great need for other people
mother, a stepmother, with a blackness in her to like and admire you. You have a tendency
chest. Something in her chest - breast cancer, to be very critical of yourself. You have a lot
heart disease...” of unused capacity that you have not turned
✦“You know I’m sensing that there’s an into your advantage.”
older male figure in your life and you’re won- ✦Keep it REAL.
dering if that person ... they passed on, but
you have concerns that they really loved you. TRACK 4 - Cold Read for Women
You have emotional doubts about them.”
✦“You’re finding your present line of work ✦Women will want it to apply to them
unsatisfying.” ✦“There are two types of people in the
✦“You have a box of old, unsorted photo- world, the observers, and the observed. And I
graphs in your house.” think you’re more the observer kind. I bet that
✦“You had an accident when you were a when you get to know people, they think
child ... involving water... “ you’re aloof and distant, and a lot of men
✦“You’re having problems with a friend or might even think that you’re a little bitchy. But
relative of yours.” I don’t think that’s true. They just don’t know
✦“I sense that you’re sometimes insecure, the real you. You experience the world
especially with people that you don’t know through your emotions, and you just want to
very well.” make sure that the people you let into your
✦“There seems to be some kind of con- life are good people, that you can trust and
flict or difficulty with a family member.” really come from the heart. And that’s why
when you first meet a new person you try to

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observe them, maybe analyze them, maybe ✦Normally
figure them out before you open up to them. ✦Now and again
But that’s just a shield because when you’re ✦Occasionally
around the right people, and you’re having a ✦Parts of you
lot of fun with them, you can just let go of ✦Once in a while
everything and just be yourself. And I really
think that’s what you’re looking for in life,
✦There’s a tendency to
people you can just be real with and really
✦You have an inclination to
fully understand what you’re all about as a ✦Hone in to specifics with:
person.” ✦Almost always
TRACK 5 - Test Reads ✦Many
✦Put out tests from time to time - polar ✦Many Times
opposites ✦Oftentimes
✦“Sometimes you can be rather intro- ✦Often
verted, but at other times you can be really ✦Rarely
extroverted.” Use your hands to indicate each ✦Repeatedly
side. Watch which side they focus on. Watch ✦Scarcely
their expression. ✦Semi-occasionally
✦Watch for associative and dissociative re- ✦Sporadically
✦Associative: indicate that they’re going
✦You will often...
along with it - a hit
✦Avoid the absolute words the ones that
✦Dissociative: indicates that they’re not
are TOO specific:
agreeing - a miss ✦Always
✦Drill down into the side that they seem
to associate most to ✦Completely
✦Vague and general language ✦Totally
✦Flexible words: ✦Never
✦A part of you ✦Every
✦At other times ✦Use the personality types to help you
✦Sometimes ✦Take incorrect responses and turn them
✦Every now and then
✦Every so often
✦Ask and reconnect
✦From time to time ✦“I sense you drive a foreign car...” to “It’s
✦Generally a close relative with a foreign car”
✦Infrequently ✦Open the scope to get a hit
✦Naturally ✦Use statements as a question to get an
answer the same way, but without asking

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✦“I sense that you have some sort of ✦Repeating Facts
monetary problem...” Pause and wait for a ✦Look for the details in the story
response - but don’t look like you are waiting. ✦Reservoir Dogs
✦“I get the feeling you’ve got a friendship ✦Complicated stories
or relationship that isn’t working out...” ✦Indirectly answering
✦Pose Negative Questions that allow you ✦Defensive
to be right no matter what the answer is: ✦Acting as if they didn’t hear you to buy
✦“You’re not a Pisces, are you?” If you’re time
right, you say, “I knew it.” If they say “No,” ✦Details change over time
you say, “I knew it.”
✦Take the information that they revealed TRACK 8 - Liar Tactics
and use it later
✦Get something wrong on purpose ✦Taking an oath - I swear!
✦Transition to more and deeper conversa- ✦Adding credence to a falsehood
tion - the secret to using cold reading is to ✦Watch for the people who say this out of
know when to get to REAL conversation habit
✦Answering a question with a question
TRACK 6 - Sincerity and Truth ✦Overuse of respect
✦Avoiding the use of emotional or judg-
✦Difficult to get truthful opinion from mental email
someone ✦They cannot describe their own behav-
✦Follow-up question: “What would it take ior in a bad light
to make this REALLY look good...” ✦Get them to handle the thing in question
✦Don’t make them have to backtrack on
their original opinion TRACK 9 - Negotiation Strategies
✦Creating a safe environment
✦Get them to add the information, not ✦Negotiation is an ART
contradict themselves ✦Be sure you never make the first offer
✦If they shoot high, they want it bad or
TRACK 7 - Catching a Lie are desperate
✦If they shoot low, they aren’t afraid of
✦Trust your instincts losing you
✦Physical indicators ✦Figure out what your opponents inten-
✦EYES - looking around, dilating tions are
✦COVERING THE MOUTH - hiding ✦Aim reasonably high - don’t insult them,
psychologically but don’t be afraid to make them bring up
✦TOUCHING THE NOSE their offer
✦Moving from side to side ✦Don’t show your emotions!
✦Stuttering, Stammering, Correcting ✦Have two people play off against each
themselves other

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✦Don’t get caught up in scarcity thinking ✦Listen to their language to figure out if
✦If you’re selling, have a partner that can you have the right person
help you play good cop/bad cop ✦Make it worth your while - and their
✦Talk to someone on the phone that can while
be your ally ✦Watch out for fallacies and emotional
✦Always be willing to walk away tricks
✦Never enter a negotiation without setting
your own mental frame of abundance TRACK 10 - 5 Steps to Rapport
✦Always negotiate from strength
✦Only free men can negotiate ✦1 - Authentic listening - She has to be
✦Know your opponents and your allies paying attention
✦Define your goals clearly, and what you ✦Gain strong eye contact, head nodding,
want from it good body language that makes you feel
✦Plan your strategy heard
✦Strict and fair roles and motives ✦2 - Authentic acknowledgment
✦Prepare yourself with facts and informa- ✦3 - Responding to your questions
tion ✦Forthcoming with information, not resis-
✦Have a strong posture tant
✦Get the small points taken care of right ✦Tease her if she holds back to make her
away feel more obligated to adhere to social con-
✦Don’t fear a stand-off - don’t succumb ventions. This is a perfect opportunity to prod
to pressure her a little with things like “Hey, it’s a bit rude
✦Don’t give in to make things move to act so cold. Are you not used to talking to
✦Don’t surrender strangers?”
✦Stay polite and human ✦4 - Responds to statements - she’ll ask
✦Make it fun! Look like you’re having fun. clarification questions, and she’ll offer up her
✦“You know, I’m absolutely not a buyer at own information and history
that price...” ✦Ask a question to keep it going until she
✦“You gotta help me here, I want to do starts to contribute
this deal, but I cannot do it at this price...” ✦5 - She must actively contribute and par-
✦“Let’s talk about how to make this more ticipate, offering information, trying to extend
affordable...” the continuity and duration
✦“You know I really like what you’ve got ✦Your goal is to get her to pull you back
here, but ...” into the conversation when you try to leave.
✦“I’d love to do business with you, but I This is a true indication of her interest in you.
really need these numbers to work for me...”
✦Don’t settle
✦Everything is negotiable!
✦Don’t bluff - you’ll only stand to lose

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CD 7: Verbal Self-Defense - 1
TRACK 1 - Fallacies ✦Argumentum ad Crumenum - Money
makes you right. Look at the person, not their
✦All conversation is emotionally driven wealth.
✦Very little rational fact in what we say ✦Damning the Alternative - One outcome
✦The 4 statements: is assumed right just because all others are
✦All of something are... proven wrong.
✦Some of something are... ✦Definitional retreat - They will change
✦None are... their definition to suit their own needs.
✦Some are not ... ✦Emotional appeal - This one is particu-
✦Remember that you can use these falla- larly dangerous. “Let’s be reasonable about
cies to control conversations, but you must be this...” Using emotionally charged words and
able to recognize them even more topics to get you to act.
✦Analogical fallacy - things that appear ✦Every Schoolboy knows - Agree out of
similar in one way have to be similar in oth- shame and fear. “Any idiot knows...” “Every-
ers. Remember that analogies are tools, not one can see that...”
sources of truth. ✦Gambler’s rationale - The next one will
✦Argementum ad Antiquitum - just be- be influenced by previous occurrences. “The
cause it’s old it must be good next one has GOT to win!” Luck does not al-
✦Bifurcation - two alternatives where ways even out.
there are clearly more. The black & white fal- ✦The house ALWYAS wins.
lacy. “Us versus them.” ✦Genetic fallacy - If someone bad does
✦Blinding with Science - Use really long something, it must be bad also.
words and baffle them with technical talk ✦Half-concealed qualification - “Practi-
✦False dilemma - “Yes or No, have you cally every woman is going to flake on you.”
stopped beating your wife?” Beware the qualifiers they use.
✦Circular Reasoning - the conclusion ✦Argument ad Ignorantium - Appeal to
supports the reason and vice-versa ignorance. Just because it hasn’t happened
✦Complex question - Asks questions doesn’t mean it can’t happen.
about something before it’s even been proven. ✦Irrelevant Humor - Funny stories that
“Do you want to go to bed now, or after divert your attention away.
you’ve eaten your snack?” Assumed conclu-
sion. (*Note: There are a lot of guys out there that
✦Fallacy of Composition - assuming that will use this one on you in bars and in social
what is true for one or two is true for them all. situations. They know that women like to
laugh, and they’ll use this to make you look
foolish while getting the women more inter-

27 ©2007 DD Publications/Morpheus Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.

ested in him. If you go back to the original ✦Post hoc ergo propter hoc - The second
point again, then you can look like the guy event was caused by the first.
who isn’t very fun, trying to prove a point. ✦Red Herring - Throwing in irrelevant
Don’t get into this situation! Never argue logic material to confuse the issue. Very effective
- only emotion! defense mechanism. Choose them based on
✦Have your own store of irrelevant hu- the interests of the audience.
mor to use and throw up a smoke-screen. ✦Runaway train - everything will eventu-
✦Argumentum ad Lazarum - Poverty is ally go to the extreme.
enhancing the argument. “The best advice I ✦Hasty generalization - Sedcundum quid
ever got was from my poor old grandfather - generalizing based on a single example.
who was a simple country boy...” ✦Shifting the burden of proof - You have
✦Charged words - Using charged words to to prove the opposite. The argument has to be
manipulate emotions. “There you go, hitting proven true, not the other way around.
on her again...” ✦Fallacy of special pleading - this case is a
✦Whenever you get into an argument special case.
with a woman, it’s never about the facts - it’s ✦Straw man argument - misrepresents the
about the emotions involved. opponents position to distort it and then make
✦Argumentum ad Nauseum - The more it sound ludicrous. Deliberately mis-stating or
you hear something the more likely you are to over-stating.
believe it or accept it as true. This is how ✦Trivial Objections - shoot down the
many urban myths become accepted. larger goal in light of trivial objections.
✦Fallacy of non-anticipation - Anything
worth doing or saying has already been done TRACK 2 - Conversational Self-defense
or said. No new ideas. “If cigarettes are so
bad for you, why haven’t we banned them by ✦First step is to recognize when you’re be-
now?” ing attacked
✦Argumentum ad Novitum - if it’s new, it ✦Second step is to deal with it effectively
must be good. ✦Ad Hominem variants - attacking the
✦Argumentum ad Numerum - The more person instead of the argument
that believe it or support it, the more it must ✦“Over your head” ploy
be true. ✦“Even you” ploy
✦Fallacy of one-sided assessment - Not ✦“You’ll grow out of it...” ploy
taking both sides into consideration. ✦“You’re new here aren’t you”
✦“Well that’s begging the question now, ✦“Wishful thinking” ploy
isn’t it?” ✦Devil’s Advocate tactic - never expose
✦Poisoning the well - the opposition is them unless they do it frequently.
immediately discredited. Setup the insult for ✦Nitpicking Ploy - Distract with irrelevant
anyone to walk into. clarification
✦Argumentum ad populum - If it’s popu- ✦“Out of context” ploy - purposefully
lar opinion, it must be true. misunderstand you to distract

28 ©2007 DD Publications/Morpheus Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.

✦“Have I ever tried to make you feel ✦Conditioning you with conversational
bad...” pain
✦“I hate to talk about this, but...” ✦The Filibuster
✦“Spotlight question” - question your
competence. Ask a question you aren’t likely TRACK 3 - Flawed Comparison
to be able to answer.
✦The double insult ✦Comparing Apples and Oranges
✦Right by Association - Pre-qualify it so ✦Misleading comparisons
you don’t disagree.
✦Cheap shot technique - Conversational TRACK 4 - Using questions to Steer
✦Salesman Technique - “Doesn’t your ✦Interrogative and Exploratory questions
family mean anything to you?” Interpret the ✦Ask from genuine curiosity
✦Land mine ploy - more force than is ✦Keep the conversation going with curios-
necessary, but scares them away from con- ity
frontation. Intimidation. ✦“So how did that become a part of your
✦Use your logic or emotions against you - life?”
both are considered a liability. ✦“How did you get into that?”
✦Argue every point to nauseating detail. ✦Until you gain rapport - use interroga-
✦Delay tactics tive
✦Question the question tactic ✦Your power lies in creating a safe path
✦The Brain Seizure tactic for them to reveal the information you want.
✦Reverse the question tactic Think from their point of view.
✦“It’s not just this...” Redefine the scope
✦Hypothetical Insult Tactic - Sow the TRACK 5 - Power Questions
seeds of doubt
✦Complimentary insult ✦ PART I - Light Power Questions
✦Distort their argument - get everything ✦What’s the worst thing you’ve ever had
all wrong on the re-explanation. to email someone?
✦The “I know better” tactic. ✦Describe your mom with 3 words...
✦Smokescreen tactic - getting you emo- ✦What’s your pet peeve?
tionally reactive ✦Who’s the closest friend you ever had?
✦Mystical studies - imaginary results of Tell me about that relationship...
studies. ✦What do you do when you can’t sleep at
✦The Instigator - Riles you up with con- night? How do you get to sleep?
descending attitude. ✦Are you sentimental? Do you save old
✦Quote from hypothetical sources greeting cards, or do you throw them out?
✦Emotional Blackmail - ✦Do you collect anything? What is it?
✦Imaginary escalation ✦What kind of car do you have? Why did
you choose that kind of car?

29 ©2007 DD Publications/Morpheus Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.

✦Who is the most famous person you’ve ✦What movies do you watch over and
ever met? over again?
✦What famous person would you actually ✦What do you admire most about your
want to meet? friend?
✦If you could invite 5 people from any ✦How many hours of sleep do you need
time period to dinner, who would you invite? each night.
✦What’s your favorite kind of movie? ✦What’s one guilty pleasure you enjoy too
Why? much to give up?
✦How do you get rid of telemarketers ✦What’s the most pleasurable sound you
when they call? can imagine?
✦Tell me a story about when you last got ✦What’s the most annoying sound?
locked out of something... ✦Who do you admire the most in your
✦What’s the first thing you think of when life?
you hear the word “fun”? ✦If you only had one sentence to describe
✦What makes you tick? yourself, what would you say?
✦Tell me something mischievous that ✦What do you have in the trunk of your
you’ve done... car right now?
✦Tell me about a time when you got in ✦Which kind of animal do you find ap-
trouble... pealing.
✦What’s the weirdest food you ever ate? ✦Which animal are you the most like?
✦What magazines are you subscribed to? ✦What animal would you most like to be
Do you actually read them all? Or do you turned into?
throw them away without having read them? ✦PART II - Personal Power Questions
✦Do you ever buy lottery tickets? Have ✦Would you consider yourself serious, or
you ever won anything from them? are you a fun-loving joking person?
✦If you had to lose one sense - touch, ✦Are you more likely to avoid conflict, or
sight, hearing, taste, smell, which would you do you like to get into arguments and drama?
lose? ✦What compliments do you hate the
✦If I was to ask your best friend what you most?
would complain the most about, what would ✦Which compliments are your favorites?
she say? ✦What’s something about you that you
✦What’s the weirdest thing you believed in hope will change but probably won’t?
as a kid? ✦What’s something about you that you
✦What’s the closest you’ve ever come to hope will never change?
being famous? ✦Are you more of a rule breaker or a
✦What’s the most embarrassing thing rule-follower? Why are you like that?
you’ve ever seen someone do? ✦Have you ever taken a Meyer’s-Briggs
✦Can you cook? What kind of things can test or some other personality profile? What
you cook? What’s your favorite food to cook? did it say about you?
✦Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

30 ©2007 DD Publications/Morpheus Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.

✦Are you a thinker or a feeler? ✦What are you an expert on more than
✦Are you usually late, early, or on time? anyone else you know?
Why is that? ✦How tolerant are you?
✦Do you like to do things from habit, or ✦Do you prefer to express yourself physi-
do you like to do spontaneous things? Give cally or verbally?
me an example. ✦What’s your favorite time of day?
✦What book has had the most impact on ✦Are you a morning person or a night
you? person?
✦Would you say you’re a high mainte- ✦What would you say is your best quality?
nance woman? ✦If you were going to jump on a plane
✦When was the last time you really somewhere, where would you go?
pushed yourself past what you thought you ✦Is it more important for you to look good
could do? or feel good?
✦How do you react to a sudden crisis? ✦What’s your idea of a good time?
✦Do you have one or two good friends, or ✦When something really cool happens to
a lot of acquaintances? you, who’s the first person you call?
✦Are you superstitious? Give me an ex- ✦Who do you run to when you really need
ample... support?
✦If you had to describe your mom or dad ✦What do you do when you want to relax
with one word, what would it be? and chill out?
✦What one thing have you lost in your life ✦Are you the kind of person who says a
that you wish you still had? quick goodbye, or do you draw it out?
✦When you daydream, what do you think ✦Do you ever like to just watch people?
about? What do you look for?
✦Are you a risk taker? Why? Why not? ✦When you need to move in a hurry, who
✦Would you rather make everyone happy, would you call?
or speak the truth? ✦What do you find the most physically
✦What’s the last challenge you took on in challenging to do?
your life? Or a big goal? ✦Do you consider yourself graceful or
✦On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you clumsy?
like to be in control? ✦What’s the most important thing about
✦On a scale from 1 to 10 how much of a you?
perfectionist are you? ✦POWER QUESTIONS PART III - Di-
✦Have you ever seen a ghost or experi- lemmas
enced something supernatural? ✦If you were going to die tonight, who
✦What kind of books are on your bed ta- would you want to communicate before you
ble right now? passed on?
✦What do you think about more than ✦If you could spend one year in total bliss
anything else? and happiness, but after the year was over you

31 ©2007 DD Publications/Morpheus Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.

wouldn’t remember anything about the expe- perfectly beautiful butterfly by pulling off its
rience, would you do it? If not, why not? wings? (Be careful of the kind of woman you
✦Would you be willing to move to a fara- use this one on. If not calibrated correctly,
way land for someone you loved? you could freak her out. You can make the
✦You find out that your wonderful 1 year killing a bit more humane by sealing it in a jar
old baby is, because of a mix-up at the hospi- if you like.)
tal, not yours. Would you want to exchange ✦What is your most treasured memory?
the kids back to correct the mistake? ✦Would you rather be given a million dol-
✦Do you think the world will be a better lars for your own use, or the ability to give 10
or worse place in 100 years? million to others?
✦Which sex do you think has it easier in ✦If you knew the world was going to end
our culture? Have you ever wished you were at the end of this month, what would you do
the other sex? right now?
✦If you were given the ability to live to the ✦What’s the greatest accomplishment of
age of 110, and either keep the body or the your life?
mind of a 30 year old for the last 60 years of ✦Do your friends tend to be older or
your life, which one would you want? younger than you...?
✦If you could plan out a perfect evening, ✦What was the last fight you were in?
what would it be? What caused it? And who won?
✦Would you be willing to become ex- ✦While parking your car late at night, you
tremely ugly if it meant you could live for accidentally scrape the side of a Porsche.
1000 years at any physical age that you You’re pretty sure no one saw you. And the
choose? damage is minor, probably not covered by in-
✦If you could choose one superpower, surance. Would you leave a note?
what would it be? Invisibility, flying? ✦What are you most grateful for in your
✦If you had the chance to meet somebody life?
that you could have the most amazing love ✦Would you be willing to give up sex for
affair with, the stuff of dreams, but after 6 one year if it would give you a much deeper
months that person would die, would you still sense of peace than you have right now?
go through with it? What if you knew the per- ✦Can you pee in front of someone?
son wasn’t going to die, but would betray you ✦When you tell a story, do you often ex-
or cheat on you? aggerate or embellish it? If you do, why?
✦Do you like being around men or ✦What is it you pursue most in your life -
women more? is it accomplishment, love, power, money,
✦Are your closest friends men or women? knowledge, security, excitement? Or some-
✦If you could use a voodoo doll to hurt thing else?
someone, would you? ✦How warm do you feel your family is?
✦If you could get an all expenses paid, Are they close?
one week vacation, anywhere you wanted to ✦Do you feel that your childhood was
in the world, would you be willing to kill a happier than most other people’s?

32 ©2007 DD Publications/Morpheus Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.

✦You’re at a dinner and they start making ✦Before you make a phone call, do you
fun of a common friend. If you felt that their ever rehearse what you’re going to say?
criticisms were unjustified, would you defend ✦If you went to a movie with a friend of
the friend? yours and it turned out to be really really bad,
✦If you’re invited to a party that will be would you leave?
attended by incredibly fascinating people, and ✦When someone gives you a compliment,
people that you’ve never met, would you want do you usually accept it, or do you suggest
to go if you had to go by yourself ? that you really didn’t deserve it?
✦In what 5 year period have you grown ✦Someone gives you a million dollars to
the most in your life? give away to charity, how would you spend it?
✦If you could go back into the past, but ✦If you could write the script for your
not return, would you do it? dream tonight, what would the story be?
✦Where would you go and what would ✦If you could consult a crystal ball that
you try to accomplish if you knew you could would tell you anything you wanted to know,
change the course of history? any truth about yourself, your future, your life,
✦If your friends and family were willing to or anything else, what would you want to
bluntly and honestly tell you what they really know?
thought of you, would you want them to? ✦If you were given 3 wishes, what would
✦If you could change anything about how they be?
you were brought up, what would it be? ✦How would you like to be remembered
✦If I could choose a hundred people that after you die?
came from the same background as you, how ✦What would you like to be said at your
many do you think would be leading a more funeral? Is there anyone that you’d like to
satisfying life than yours? have speak for you?
✦If you went to a beach, and it turned out ✦Do you prefer cats or dogs?
to be a nude beach, would you stay and swim? ✦Which would you rather travel in, a
Would you swim nude? plane, a train, a boat, a car, a horse, a camel?
✦Would you want to know the precise ✦Letterman or Leno?
date of your own death? ✦What annoys you the most about men?
✦If someone you loved very deeply was About women?
brutally murdered, and you knew the identity ✦What do like the most about men?
of the murderer, who unfortunately got away About women?
with the crime, Would you try and get re- ✦If your life was a TV show, what would
venge? it be? Drama? Sitcom? Soap opera?
✦Do you judge people by higher or lower ✦What’s your favorite piece of jewelry?
standards than those you use to judge your- Why?
self ? ✦What’s your favorite city in the world?
✦When was the last time you stole some- ✦General topics:
thing? Why haven’t you stolen anything since ✦High school
then? ✦Past accidents, like broken bones, cuts, etc.

33 ©2007 DD Publications/Morpheus Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.

✦First time they broke the law or got a ticket ✦If you were going to create one work of
✦Favorite childhood memories art, what would it be? A sculpture? A paint-
✦Favorite teenage memories ing?
✦Favorite college memories ✦If you were going to write a book, what
✦Favorite adult memories would it be? What would you write about?
✦Pranks ✦If you were going to be the star in a
✦Old music
movie, what would you want your role to be?
✦Old movies
✦If you could be any cartoon character,
✦Skills or talents
✦Sports who would you choose?
✦If you could capture any event in history
✦If you could be invisible for a day, what on video, what would you record?
✦Is your glass half-full or half empty?
would you do?
✦If you could change anything about your ✦How do you know that our world isn’t
just a dream? Can you prove it?
relationship with your parents, what would it
✦Do you believe there’s such a thing as
✦If your house was burning down, what destiny? Why, or why not?
✦Use these questions to restart the conver-
would be the one thing you would take out or
save? sation.
✦Most of the power of them lies in the
✦If you could go into space, would you?
✦What’s the one thing you wish you could understanding you can get about the other
do, but probably will never do? person, their character, their strengths and
✦If you had to be one celebrity, who weaknesses, and their hang-ups.
would you be?
✦If you have one thing for a stupid hu-
man trick, what would it be?
✦If you could rule the world for a day,
what would you do?
✦If you were on a desert island, what mu-
sic would you take?
✦What book would you take?
✦What food would you eat?
✦ If you could choose a new first name,
what would it be?
✦If you could cure one sickness, what
would it be?
✦If you could get rid of one evil in the
world, what would it be?
✦If you could be a professional in any
sport, what would you choose?

34 ©2007 DD Publications/Morpheus Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.

CD 8: Verbal Self-Defense 2
TRACK 1 - Spotting a Liar ✦Example: “Did you hear about what
✦Watch the eyes - fidgeting, dilating, lost ✦If the person is truthful, they will chal-
contacting, looking down, looking away lenge your challenge, and they will stick to
✦Covering the mouth their story
✦Watch for shifting their weight and ✦If they are lying, they will hesitate
stance ✦They will probably go along with your
✦Stutter/stammer story so that they don’t appear as if they
✦Very little detail weren’t there
✦Repeated Details ✦Plausible story
✦Too crazy a story TRACK 4 - Conversational Karate
✦Deflecting or diverting questions
✦“Don’t you trust me?” ✦How to disagree without being disagree-
✦They don’t hear the question - able
“What...?” ✦Make an observation and say, “We’re
✦If the details change later on both right...”
✦“Hey, you know what, we’re both on the
TRACK 2 - Physical Indications same side...”
✦“Hey, let’s come back to this one...”
✦Looking for changes or consistent indica- ✦“You know what, leave me out of this
tors one...”
✦Nervous licking or biting lips ✦“You’re both right...”
✦Hiding hands ✦Remember that a recognized tactic is no
✦Blushes or changes in complexion longer effective
✦Nervous breathing ✦“I destroy my enemy by making him my
✦Nervous fidgeting friend.”
✦Closing their eyes as they speak ✦“I’m getting the impression that we’re
✦Change of tone from inflected to mono- going towards argument...”
tone or the other way ✦Take whatever they say, exaggerate to
✦Too expressive with drama the extreme
✦Bruce Lee example
TRACK 3 - Smoking a Liar Out ✦Shrug it off
✦Double damage - inoculate
✦Challenge the story ✦Roll your eyes to the women - code
✦Throw out a made up fact

35 ©2007 DD Publications/Morpheus Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.

✦When someone is stubborn: “So what do ✦Jokingly give in
you suggest?” ✦Play them as if they are a nice guy un-
✦Put the onus of responsibility on the derneath
other person to draw them in to your side ✦Handling a woman that is trying to ma-
✦Silence is strength, character, and matur- nipulate you
ity ✦Make her do something for you first
✦Use a hand gesture and your words ✦Flavor the request - add your personality
✦Time-out to any request
✦“Whoah, let’s not do this...” ✦Mock them out
✦“We could spend the rest of the night ✦Give a weird look (eye roll and crazy
arguing this...” eyes)
✦Interruptions ✦Call their cards and expose their game
✦“Let me finish my thought... Can I fin- ✦Hit the pause button - when they come
ish?” back for the information over and over, they
✦Let them know that you’ll always be po- look like the tool
lite ✦Typify their occupation in a way that
✦Let them talk themselves out - make stereotypes them - the “nurse” type
them socially conscious that they are monopo- ✦Misinterpret what they said to make you
lizing the conversation look better
✦Silence frames the conversation - tension ✦Deliberately misinterpret a word
building tactic ✦Use it to break her state
✦Always take the energy and turn it to
TRACK 5 - Social Power your benefit
✦Make them repeat themselves over and
✦Human nature is to test to see what we over
can get away with - testing boundaries
✦First - Do not react TRACK 6 - Avoiding Questions
✦Maintain a rational calmness ✦“Oh you don’t want to go there...”
✦Contrast their behavior ✦“You are such a girl...”
✦Answer the question you wish they’d ✦“There are some doors you don’t want
asked you - the one you want to answer to open...”
✦Ignore what they said, change the topic ✦“You’re not insecure are you?”
to what you wan to talk about ✦“I don’t kiss and tell...”
✦The Martial Arts example ✦Not answering is a very strong tactic
✦Bend them back to my reality ✦Example of political dodging
✦Answer in a way that they cannot under- ✦Michael Crichton’s “NEXT”
stand ✦Reframe the answer so that it makes you
✦The person asking the questions is in look good

36 ©2007 DD Publications/Morpheus Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.

✦The Player example ✦Don’t allow mistreatments to keep things
smooth in a conversation
TRACK 7 - Universal “Don’t”s ✦Don’t tolerate disrespect
✦Don’t get caught in your head and
✦When talking with women, do not talk pulled out of present-moment awareness
about sex too soon ✦Don’t bring up negative topics
✦She will probably lead you there on her ✦Don’t bore the people you’re with
own ✦Don’t just talk about yourself
✦Do not talk about bad health
✦Half the people don’t care about your TRACK 8 - 7 Emotional Manipulations
problems, and the other half are glad you
have them ✦1. Guilt
✦Don’t engage in technical discussions ✦“How could you even say that...”
✦No terminology ✦2. Intimidation
✦Don’t talk about bad relationships or ✦“C’mon! Make a decision!”
your relationship problems ✦3. Appeal to ego
✦If you need a good ear, get a therapist ✦“I know you’re way too smart for that...”
✦Avoid “hot-button” topics ✦4. Fear (usually of loss)
✦If you get pulled in, find out the senti- ✦“You better do this now or you’re risk-
ment of the group ing...”
✦Don’t give unsolicited advice ✦“This is your last shot...”
✦Talking to vent it out ✦5. Curiosity
✦Never give advice - the wise don’t need it ✦“C’mon, you only live once... Give it a
and fools won’t heed it try...”
✦No blabbing ✦6. Desire to be liked
✦Don’t contradict ✦“I thought you were with us on this...”
✦Expressing disagreement ✦Peer pressure
✦No one is right or wrong, we just have ✦7. Love - and the fear of losing it
differences of opinion ✦“If you really love me...”
✦Don’t get into “me too!” redirections of
the conversation TRACK 9 - Handling a Social Mistake
✦Don’t try to fix everything
✦Don’t order people ✦Don’t backpedal too quickly
✦Don’t threaten ✦If you’ve done something obviously
✦Don’t hold emotional hostages wrong - admit it quickly and move on
✦Don’t make judgments ✦Be sensitive to others emotional needs
✦Don’t use sarcasm too much ✦Don’t reflect it on yourself
✦Don’t compare ✦Don’t relive the error over and over in
✦Don’t trick or insult anyone your head
✦Don’t lie or mislead

37 ©2007 DD Publications/Morpheus Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.

✦Sometimes you have to stand your ✦A man convinced against his will is of
ground the same opinion still
✦Disarm with humor ✦You must put your needs out with no
✦Don’t look like you’re placating threat of repercussion or reprisal
✦Exposure and inoculation is the next ✦The other person must feel free to do or
step not do what you want
✦Emotions can be a landslide ✦If they truly value you, they will work to
✦Slip into self-deprecation to disarm keep you and make you happy
✦Resign yourself to the fact that it will ✦How to tell a woman that you want to be
happen, and that you can get past it as fast as “exclusive” example

TRACK 10 - The 4 Primary Desires

✦1. Desire for acceptance and approval

✦2. Desire for control
✦3. Desire for safety and security
✦4. Desire for separation and independ-
✦The use of ultimatums
✦Ultimatum is stating what you want - do
it or else...
✦Forcing a decision is a way of establish-
ing control
✦Sphere of control
✦Sphere of influence
✦Ultimatums don’t work
✦Ultimatums tend to come up in argu-
✦It’s a decision they have to make on their
✦You can’t force someone to give you
what you need
✦You’ll never be sure that it’s really what
they wanted
✦There’s a good chance the other person
will call you on your threat
✦You can never change someone or con-
trol what they do

38 ©2007 DD Publications/Morpheus Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.

CD 9: Handling Difficult People
TRACK 1 - Handling Difficult People ronments - Go with the flow - Sensitive to
✦Obnoxious people and obnoxious behav-
ior TRACK 2 - Typing Personalities
✦Most clashes happen because of what
we’re seeking in that moment ✦The point is to understand people’s mo-
✦Get them to believe that what you want tivations
is what they want to get things accomplished ✦Choices in a conflict:
✦The 9 Types: ✦1. Stay and do nothing
✦The Reformer -Do things the right way - ✦2. Leave
Perfectionist - Reassure them - Responsible ✦Avoidance/complacence
✦The Helper - Helps others - Warm and ✦3. Go from tolerance to understanding
nurturing - Appreciate them - Like to be ✦You can’t change others, but you can
needed - Compliant change yourself
✦The Motivator - Need to Succeed - ✦Become the catalyst for changing others
Achiever - Optimistic - Keep harmony and ✦Two continuums: Passive to Aggressive,
order - Fear of failure and Focus: Internal to External
✦The Romantic - I am Unique - Sensitive ✦People/Tasks
feelings - Compliment them - Support them - ✦Four primary intentions:
Wildly emotional at times - Fear abandon- ✦1. Get a thing done - Assertive/Task
ment ✦2. Get it done right - Passive/Task
✦The Thinker - Needs to understand the ✦3. Get along with people - Passive/
world - Analytical - Need time alone - Don’t People
like pressure and noise - Independent ✦4. Get appreciation from people -
✦The Skeptic - Affectionate and skeptical - Assertive/People
Questioner - Loyal - Be direct and clear - Re- ✦How the focus affects your perception
sponsible and hardworking - Procrastinators ✦Most common - Experience a variation
✦The Enthusiast - Happy and open to new on the people focus
things - Adventurer - Energetic - Dislike
clingy and needy - Hard to focus - Action ori- TRACK 3 - Skills to Handle Jerks
✦The Leader - Must be Strong - Direct - ✦Martial Arts exchange of energy
Give them space - Independent - Honest - ✦Rapport building and Redirection are
Idealism - Overwhelming your key skills
✦The Peacemaker - I am at peace - Dislike ✦Redirection is steering the other person’s
pressure - Need affection - Like low-key envi- energy to where you need it

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✦Polarized intent - with me or against me? ✦Use amused curiosity
✦Get to a point where you’ve reached ✦Don’t take it personally
common ground - “Blending” ✦Goal: Bring them out from behind their
✦Using mirroring to bring their state camouflage
closer to yours ✦“When you say that, what are you really
✦Emotional level and feeling and intellec- trying to say?”
tual understanding ✦Poisoning the well
✦Clarification process ✦“What does this have to do with what
✦Using the “Colombo Method” we’re talking about?”
✦Understand them first ✦1. Back off
✦Handling the 4 types ✦2. Keep putting the friendly fire out
✦Using Positive Intent ✦3. Stop camouflaging and direct assault
✦Bring out their positive intent and ac- ✦Mr. or Mrs. Smarty Pants
knowledge it ✦Needs to prove themselves
✦Give them credit for their intent to bring ✦Don’t battle them with facts
out rapport ✦Battle of egos
✦Tell the truth! Maintain honor. ✦Goal: Open up their mind to new ideas
✦Stay flexible ✦Know your information
✦Fully acknowledge their knowledge
TRACK 4 - Situations and Examples ✦Be respectful
✦Present your thoughts indirectly
✦Conflict is a necessity ✦Use softening words
✦Get it done person is trying to control and attacks ✦Hypothetical rather than challenging
✦You’re being viewed as part of the prob- their expertise
lem ✦Use collective pronouns - we, us
✦Watch out for your emotions ✦Humbly acknowledge them as a source
✦The three responses to this situation of mentoring in the future
✦Goal: Command respect with an asser- ✦They just want to save face
tive response ✦Use compassion and patience
✦Hold your ground ✦Ask questions and give them a way out
✦Break their pattern ✦Junk-o-logic principle
✦Backtrack and repeat ✦Connect your desired outcome to what-
✦Focus on a solution and close ever they said to justify it
✦Maintain peace ✦Blow past the knee-jerk argument
✦Unfriendly fire - Cuts you down ✦Don’t miss out on their good suggestions
✦Aggressive behavior
✦Rude comments, passive aggressive so- TRACK 5 - Situations and Examples 2
cial behavior
✦Don’t react to their fire ✦The Total Explosion
✦Eventually they will lose impact

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✦Losing emotional control and a need to ✦Negative people have a tendency to gen-
feel important eralize and take it to an extreme
✦Goal: Minimize the damage ✦Bring up the negatives before they do
✦Take control ✦Challenge them
✦Get their attention ✦Goal: Take them through to the other
✦Be sincere side of their negativity
✦Watch for the indications that they’re ✦The Whiner
coming down ✦Don’t agree with them
✦The Super Agreeable Person ✦Don’t disagree with them
✦You’ll never get someone to keep their ✦Don’t try to solve their problem
promise by making them feel bad about ✦Patience, compassion, and commitment
breaking it ✦Goal: Pull them over to your side to fight
✦Goal: Get a legitimate commitment for the solution
✦Make it safe for them to tell the truth ✦Shift the focus to the specific solutions
✦Wishy-washy people ✦SKILLS:
✦They only see the downsides ✦Compassion and heart
✦Goal: Help them to think decisively ✦Patience - hang in there without rushing
✦Present options in a way that lets them ✦Look at things through their eyes - see
make a decision their experience
✦Intensity will not help ✦Keep a sense of amused curiosity
✦Positive reinforcement
✦Super-silent Behavior
✦Very passive
✦Possibly a form of aggression
✦Impatience will only make it more diffi-
✦Be cool, calm and relaxed
✦Give yourself time
✦Goal: Get them talking
✦Ask an open-ended question and wait for
the answer
✦Use social pressure
✦Be persistent
✦Technique - Exaggerate a possible re-
sponse to the extreme
✦Negative behavior - the shoot-down
✦Don’t try to convince them that it’s not
that bad
✦Let them get as negative as they want

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CD 10: Humor - How to Be Funny
TRACK 1 - How Humor Works ✦Ambivalence - pairing two emotions that
are contrasting
✦Humor adds social power ✦Release - Reduces psychological tension
✦Humor conveys genuineness ✦Configuration - When things are put in
✦One of the three S’s the right place, you laugh
✦Three possibilities for attention: ✦Necessary part of our makeup
✦1. Do something legitimate ✦Anatomy of humor - THREES
✦2. Criticize someone else ✦Target
✦3. Be unconventional and different ✦Hostility
✦Humor is the universal conversational ✦Realism
lubricant ✦Exaggeration
✦Relate the humor to your personal style ✦Emotion
✦Expose yourself to as many sources of ✦Surprise
humor as you can ✦Self deprecation is a good source of
✦Think - WHAT IF? humor if handled correctly
✦Humor is imagination ✦Most comedy has a little anger
✦Don’t censor your thinking - let it go ✦Sources of Hostility:
✦Develop observational humor ✦Sexual Frustration
✦Double entendre - double meaning one ✦Intrusion of authority
of which is sexual ✦Financial problems
✦Reversals - switch the point of view ✦Family problems
✦Triples - Threes ✦Existential Angst
✦Incongruity - pair things that don’t go ✦Insecurity about our physical and racial
together with each other characteristics
✦Stupidity - encourage the audience to ✦Male Sexual Insecurities:
feel superior ✦Size
✦Paired phrases ✦Erection
✦Physical comedy ✦Performance
✦What makes us laugh - it’s our brain’s ✦Quantity (frequency)
mechanism to “catch-up” ✦Premature ejaculation
✦Top 8 Reasons we laugh: ✦Secret Homosexuality
✦Surprise ✦Impotency
✦Superiority ✦Women’s sexual Insecurities:
✦Biological release and instinct ✦Ability to establish a relationship
✦Incongruity - things that don’t seem to ✦The competency of her partner
belong together ✦Sex is the #1 topic of humor

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✦Lateral thinking explanation ✦The letter “K” is funnier
✦The best comedy is a paradox ✦Ethnic names
✦Exaggeration - examples ✦Funny city names
✦Need a buildup of anticipation and sur- ✦Funny food names
prise ✦Yiddish words
✦Also knowing the rhythm and pacing is ✦Double-entendres - double meanings
✦There is no humor without surprise TRACK 3 - Types of Humor

TRACK 2 - Creating Humor ✦Bathroom humor

✦Humor in a series
✦Two step path to humor: ✦Exaggeration and understatement
✦1. State some commonly accepted prob- ✦Make fun of public figures - celebrities
lem or issue and politicians
✦2. Change the expected ending to some- ✦Rules for using celebrity humor
thing that surprises them ✦Make sure the person is well-known
✦Exaggerate it and make it bigger than ✦Someone controversial
life ✦Realistic for their personality and life-
✦Build anticipation and tension to en- style
hance the release ✦Create “Characters”
✦Comedy Styles ✦Using telemarketers for practice
✦Dissect humor to understand it ✦The sad sack method
✦Play on words ✦The storyteller
✦Ambiguity - “it” ✦Inject humor in all your stories
✦Purposefully misinterpret what a woman ✦Four Methods of Characterization:
says ✦1. Costume
✦Take phrases and make them funny ✦2. Props
✦Warm up humor exercises ✦3. Voice
✦Funny captions for the pictures ✦4. Mannerisms
✦Association exercises ✦Become an observer
✦Leverage mind-mapping for humor ✦Read humor everywhere
✦Reversals - change it around ✦Listen to people who are funny
✦Unexpected switch to another point of ✦Try writing your own
view ✦Remember that creating humor isn’t fun,
✦Preparation not even for comedians, but the effect it will
✦Anticipation have on the group you use it on will be worth
✦Punch line it.
✦Rule of 3s
✦Don’t tell any more than 3 jokes of any TRACK 4 - Principles and Rules of
one kind Humor

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✦Do you like to just play?
✦Everything has the potential to be funny ✦Stop fearing judgment
✦Start thinking about things and twist ✦Change your perspective
them in funny ways ✦Acceptance - you can’t refuse anything
✦Watch comedy specials in conversation
✦Take an improv class ✦Say YES to life
✦Get comedy podcasts ✦Become comfortable with the unknown
✦Recycle! ✦Do the best you can
✦Drunk Dial example ✦Limit side-talking in improv exercises
✦Joke of the day list ✦Top 5 Rules of Improv:
✦Don’t try to be funny ✦1. No side-talking
✦Don’t push it ✦2. Follow the directions of the exercise
✦Jokes should not be the only form of ✦3. 100% commitment
humor ✦4. Accept everything without exception
✦The best way to present a joke ✦5. Don’t force the humor or try hard
✦Don’t make too many sexual jokes ✦Stay focused
✦Don’t tell too many joke in a row ✦Turn up your volume
✦Quick Humor - No calibration ✦Show, don’t tell
✦Calibrated Humor - Figure out her style ✦Avoid questions
of humor ✦Get the body ready
✦How do you handle a joke that goes ✦Exercise your face
bad? ✦Exercise your eyes and vision
✦Play it off on them - it’s their fault they ✦Warm up your voice and speech
didn’t find it funny ✦Emotionally warm up
✦Don’t take it as a judgment of your per- ✦The Mirror Exercise
sonality ✦The 3 Things Exercise - 2 true, one false
✦Don’t laugh at your own humor ✦The Name Game
✦ ✦The Random Reading Exercise
✦The Alphabet Conversation Exercise
TRACK 5 - How Improvisation Works ✦The Instructions Exercise
✦The Juice it Up Exercise
✦Improvisation Rules ✦The Pass the Energy Exercise
✦Think on your feet - be ready ✦The Random Idea Exercise
✦Life is one big improvisation ✦The Introduction Exercise
✦Live in the moment
✦Commit 100%
✦Personal Growth
✦Remove the avoidance of embarrass- ✦NOTE: There’s no way I can just install
ment a sense of humor in you if you are not really
✦Play with everything working on it now. No one can just “make you

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funny.” Only you can. I could just read off a
hundred example jokes, but that wouldn’t
make you funny. In fact, it’s unlikely you’d
remember more than a couple.
✦“Give a man a fish, you feed him for a
day. TEACH him how to fish, and you feed
him for a lifetime.” Knowing HOW to create
humor is teaching you how to be self-
✦The best thing you can do with humor is
STEAL IT. Use jokes from anyone and any-
where you hear them. It will help you to de-
velop your own by way of imitating their
styles and material.
✦Just don’t be TOO obvious with your
stealing... and of course, never present any
humor publicly as your own if you got it
somewhere else. Casual conversation where
you bring out an occasional joke that is rele-
vant is fine for all the jokes you’ve acquired.
✦Improvisational skills are the goal of all
humor - and all conversation. The ability to
come up with topics and fun on-the-fly is the
ultimate state of self-sufficiency.

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CD 11: Power Conversations
TRACK 1 - Humor Exercises ✦Don’t go too far back in the conversation
to get humor going
✦Television Show Exercise ✦Don’t use mean-spirited humor or make
✦Have fun with something you see in the fun of appearances
room - What if ? ✦Don’t break rapport with humor
✦Kid Jokes ✦Be careful with angry and sarcastic hu-
✦Examples mor
✦Lotsofjokes.com, etc. ✦Avoid sexist, ethnic, religious humor
✦Little Johnny ✦Avoid repeating to force humor
✦Take humor and make it your own - cus- ✦Don’t re-tell jokes or describe funny skits
tomize to your personality unless you have it down
✦Fake your own dumbness
✦Create interactive element to your hu- TRACK 3 - Power Conversations
✦Power conversation is one with 2 or
TRACK 2 - Humor Tips more people talk about something that is high
stakes, emotions can run strong, or there is a
✦Doing, Saying, or Wearing - all can be chance of a difference of opinion
teased ✦Most conversation is small talk
✦Have an Arsenal of funny things to say ✦Three ways to handle tough conversa-
✦Avoid political correctness - and be will- tions:
ing to let people know that’s how you are ✦1. Avoid them
✦Role Reversals - gender expectations ✦2. Face them and wing it, handling it
✦Examples poorly
✦“You better watch it or you’re going to ✦3. Face them and handle them with skill
want to see me again... and power
✦“I just want to be friends...” ✦Conversation encompasses meaning for
✦“I’m not ready for a relationship...” each person, along with shared meaning
✦“I don’t want to get pregnant yet...” ✦The Three Patterns of Conversation:
✦“Whatever you do, don’t fall in love with ✦First - Avoid dealing with the truth and
me...” the reality, taking the easy way out
✦Funny T-shirts ✦Second - Tell the raw unedited truth
✦Carry your own banter-bling (speaking “your mind”), but it’s unhealthy and
✦DON’TS counterproductive
✦Don’t use humor all the time

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✦Third - Express a new choice, one that ✦Common respect is crucial
gets you what you want, but also deals with ✦Don’t let it go to a battle of dignities
the truth and honesty ✦Apologizing
✦Work on YOU first ✦Knowing when to put the ego aside and
✦Watch out for the Silence/Violence di- go for the best results
lemma ✦How to apologize when it’s not your
✦Watch for the moment a conversation fault
starts to turn into a power conversation ✦Misunderstandings will happen
✦Watch for the indicators, in others and ✦“I didn’t mean to give you that impres-
your own physiology sion...”
✦Watch for deltas - changes in behavior and ✦Clarify your intent
words ✦Two-step method:
✦Watch for signals from others that they ✦Tell them what you didn’t mean to do
don’t feel safe ✦Tell them what you did mean to do
✦Words are meaningless on their own ✦When there is no common ground - in-
✦No one makes you feel inferior without vent it
your permission ✦“I’m on your side...”
✦Watch for your own communication ✦“We’re after the same thing...”
style when you feel threatened or unsafe ✦How to do this in the moment
✦Avoidance Responses: masking, avoiding, ✦Grab back the control
withdrawing ✦Recognize first, then address strategies
✦The opposite extreme of avoidance is later
the more aggressive communication - control- ✦Emotional states are created by thinking
ling, labeling, attacking ✦Act on them or be acted on by them
✦Identify and understand your own TRACK 5 - Stories in Conversations
communication style
✦Stories are what you are telling yourself
TRACK 4 - Safety in Conversations about the meaning of the conversation
✦Make sure the ‘story’ is accurate
✦Creating “safety” in conversations ✦There are an infinite number of stories
✦Pull back and maintain emotional dis- for any circumstance
tance ✦The Stare Challenge example
✦True meaning is usually hidden under- ✦Interpretation of your feelings is vitally
neath important
✦People resort to unhealthy strategies ✦Don’t confuse stories with facts
when threatened ✦The Three Stories:
✦Common purpose is essential ✦“I’m a victim” Story
✦Genuine care and interest in their well- ✦“They’re the villain” Story
being ✦“I’m helpless” Story

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✦We exaggerate our innocence ✦Our good intentions don’t make the
✦These stories seem like reality, but situation better when we have a negative im-
they’re often not pact
✦They also let us off the hook ✦Avoid any blame in Power Conversations
✦These stories are all incomplete - they ✦The “turd” on the table
ignore the important details ✦4 Ways we translate our feelings:
✦Worry less about their intentions and ✦Judgments
more about the effect of their actions ✦Attributes
TRACK 6 - Handling Extremes in Reac- ✦Problem Solving
tion ✦3 Core Identities
✦1. Am I a competent person?
✦They will usually either explode or go ✦2. Am I a good person?
silent ✦3. Am I worthy of being loved?
✦Get your heart involved in the conversa- ✦Identities come down to all or nothing
tion - cold and analytical will rarely work thinking
✦Be sincere and authentic ✦Denial or exaggeration are the two likely
✦Be genuinely curious about them reactions to negative information about our-
✦Find the source of their emotions selves
✦Avoid overreactions - stay detached ✦Be aware of your own identity issues
✦Be patient ✦Make sure you keep your identity away
✦Acknowledge their emotions from black & white thinking
✦Most of the arguments you will have are ✦We’re all wrestling with our self-image
about 5% of the information. Find the areas ✦We have a complex identity
you actually agree upon. ✦Assumptions to Accept
✦1. You’re going to make mistakes
TRACK 7 - Three Kinds of Conversa- ✦2. Your intentions are complicated
tions ✦3. If there’s a problem, you’ve got a part
in it - you’re a contributor
✦The “what happened” conversation ✦Your identity will be challenged
✦The “feelings” conversation ✦We all want to be heard
✦The “identity”conversation
✦Power conversations all boil down to TRACK 8 - Swearing
what is important to each person in the con-
versation ✦Use profanity sparingly
✦Self-interest is what steers the conversa- ✦Stay in control
tion ✦If you say it all the time, there’s no im-
✦The first mistake we make is that tour pact
assumptions are almost always wrong about ✦Give people a reason to take you seri-
the other person ously

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✦Demonstrating self-control
✦The further from “real-time” communi-
cation you go, the less you should use profan-
ity of any kind

TRACK 9 - Trivia Junkie

✦The best technique to improve your

✦Look at trivia all the time - collect ran-
dom and useless factoids and bits of knowl-
✦Invest in a memory program
✦The best conversations with women are
usually about nothing
✦Small talk and trivia are the cotton
candy of conversations
✦Technical facts are not trivia
✦The best kinds are pop-culture and his-
torical trivia

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CD 12: STT - Power Tips for Conversation 1
TRACK 1 - Communication Tips ✦Lead them and pull them forward
✦Switch conversation threads to keep cu-
✦Use Pattern interrupts in your conversa- riosity high - leave some unfinished
tions to break into their awareness and break ✦Flirt everywhere with everyone
their programming ✦Memorize names - brand them into their
✦Say something bizarre enough to break image, repeat the name aloud, see it in your
their pattern head
✦Listen actively, write down their words in ✦Create a nickname for women
your mind ✦The Avalanche smile
✦Inoculation - Avoid problems before they ✦How to use Sticky Eyes
happen - handle them in advance. ✦Maintain perfect posture - pulled up
✦The horse’s head from the head
✦“Wouldn’t you agree?” ✦The Slow Turn
✦Lower your voice to get attention ✦The Old Friend Attitude and how to
✦Using Tonal Marking - inflection to em- imagine it
phasize ✦Note their mood and calibrate to it first
✦“I’m sure that you, like me...” ✦Find the best people through the host
✦Negation - talking about the opposite ✦Eavesdrop your way into a conversation
✦You can’t negate something before you ✦Add an extra dimension to all answers
make it exist ✦Always turn the ordinary to your advan-
✦Tag Questions - lead toward a desired tage
response ✦Listen for the Evidence - primary inter-
✦“... wouldn’t you?” ests and drives
✦Mind Reading - assume their state of ✦How to keep a conversation going - Par-
mind rot it back
✦“You must feel very proud...” ✦Read the news before going out
✦Presuppositions - taken for granted in a ✦Instead of asking “What do you do...?”
statement ask “How do you spend most of your time?”
✦“Don’t be too surprised ...” ✦Go online and get on a “word of the
✦Importantly, fortunately, curiously... day” list - enhance your vocabulary
✦Understand the emotional states leading
to where you want to go TRACK 3 - Communication Tips 3

TRACK 2 - Communication Tips 2 ✦Don’t point out commonalities too soon

- delay - make it seem casual, not try-hard
✦Build anticipation

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✦Use the word “you” and their name in ✦Approach all people who you want to
the conversation connect with
✦Transition from “you” to “us” as quickly ✦Help a person finish their story
as possible ✦Become the Alpha in the conversation
✦Don’t over-use your generic smile ✦Two methods: Destroy the old Alpha, or
✦Have an escape excuse for conversations Create a “revolution”
✦“I want to keep talking, but ...” ✦Learn lip-reading
✦Start reading current literature
TRACK 4 - Communication Tips 4 ✦Carry a cue-card crutch
✦Talk to people you have nothing in
✦Handling uncomfortable questions - Re- common with
peat the same pre-recorded answer ✦Talk to yourself - experiment with dialog
✦Go online and search for “insider” ter- in your head, or create it on paper to under-
minology on something that she’s interested stand conversational dynamics
in ✦“How do you mean?”
✦When you’re in a clique, ask a “buzz” ✦Use “Netflix” to help you stay current on
question about the industry - Hot-button is- pop media and television
✦Use their word choices when referring to TRACK 5 - Avoiding Soft Words
something they are experts at or know more
about ✦Soft words are the words we use to soften
✦Use analogies whenever possible the
✦Use empathizers a lot in your conversa- ✦Maybe, sort of, could have, try, etc.
tion ✦Practice eliminating “uhm” “er” from
✦Create a history from something you can your speech
tease her on ✦Reading someone’s mindset - get them
✦Compliment her through someone else to change their physiology
✦Make one killer compliment ✦Put a question after a statement that you
✦“What would you want to be remem- want accepted
bered for?” ✦The drop-ask technique - ask way out
✦Compliment in private and drop it back to what you want
✦Throw out mini-praise (“little perqs”) ✦The question to fill the uncomfortable
from time to time silence - “Hey, if you were me, what would
✦“Good job!” “Way to go!” you have me ask right now that I should
✦Use their name on the phone more often know?”
✦Ask the host for insider information at a ✦Your goal is the “Secret” question
networking event
✦Always get contact information TRACK 6 - Written Communications
✦Have social business cards and business
business cards ✦No tone in written communication

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✦No sub-communication ✦“It’s me... please open up!”
✦Keep emails short ✦“Here’s what I want you to do...”
✦Delay your emails for review ✦“Oh yeah, you’re gonna like this...”
✦Make it sound conversational
✦Use conjunctions and contractions
✦Use short salutations
✦Keep your subject close to the topic
✦Email is not a reliable medium
✦Make sure the email looks customized
✦How to use the BCC
✦Keep it easy to read - short paragraphs,
small words
✦Make emails light hearted
✦Keep power conversations for in-person
✦Is it fun to read?
✦Create a hook to get them to open it
✦Send emails on Sunday night or around
10:00 AM
✦End with a call to action or another hook
✦Mention something to revive her interest
✦Women lose their emotional state when
they’re not around you
✦Throw in a cliffhanger, or a challenge
✦Use emoticons where necessary - but not
too many
✦Don’t email a woman more than once or
twice a day
✦Use spell-check, capitalize your “I”s, and
take a look over your grammar before sending
✦No shortening or abbreviations
✦Make your signature thoughtful and in-
✦Make it clear who the email is from
✦Answer who, what, where, when, why,
✦Subject lines:
✦“You’ve already seen this, right?”
✦“Hope you can make this...”
✦“I want you to read all about this...”
✦“Where are you...?”

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CD 13: STT - Power Tips for Conversation 2
TRACK 1 - Text Messaging tient, pushy, lack follow through. Inspire oth-
ers. Seem too one-way. Need approval and
✦Always use a nickname or fun name expressiveness. Need to be visible.
whenever possible ✦Solid: Steady, warm, focused on rela-
✦Don’t use abbreviations and shortened tionships, loyal, peacemaker, sensitive. Feel
words like they missed opportunities, sacrifice their
✦Use good grammar and style own feelings, easily hurt. Indirect communica-
✦Throw in emoticons when teasing occa- tion, two-way, skirt an issue rather than be di-
sionally rect. Need emotional security, low- tension.
✦Include your name so she knows who it’s ✦Analytical: Accurate, precise, discern-
coming from ing. Seem too critical or strict. Too control-
✦Be descriptive and make each communi- ling, resistant to change, deal with faces. Great
cation work listeners. Perfectionist. Need quality time.
✦Keep messages short ✦DISC = Direct, Influencer, Steady,
✦Save it to drafts and review it later Compliance
✦Use punctuation ✦D = Doer, direct, determined
✦Don’t swear in text messages ✦I = Impulsive, Involved, Inspired
✦One goal: drive up her interest enough ✦S = Stable Supportive, Stubborn
to meet you again ✦C = Complex, Cautious, Critical
✦Let her be the last person to text
✦Always use text as an opportunity to TRACK 3 - Talking to your Boss
tease and raise the energy
✦Always better to speak in person ✦How to ask for a raise
✦Start with a text to discover when she’s ✦Convince yourself that you are worth
near her phone the raise
✦Don’t wait, ask right away
TRACK 2 - 4 Core Personality Types ✦Get your research straight
✦Compare yourself to the same role in a
✦Dominant, Expressive, Solid, Analytical similar area
✦Captain, Social Director, Steward, Navigator ✦Be very realistic
✦Dominant: Take charge, competitive, ✦Have an exact number in mind
confrontational. Tend to be too direct and ✦Show how you increase revenue, in-
impatient, impulsive. They need personal at- crease profits and efficiency, decreasing waste,
tention and recognition. Must be challenged. decrease costs, or time taken, improving the
✦Expressive: Energetic, optimistic, mo- corporate image, improving customer rela-
tivators, uplifting. Unrealistic thinking, impa-

53 ©2007 DD Publications/Morpheus Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.

tionships, improve the competitive advantage ✦“So that reminds me I have this tory...”
of the company ✦“So that reminds me of a time I ...”
✦Anticipate their questions ✦Observe your environment for topics
✦Find your own weaknesses before they ✦Review the news for topics
do ✦Think through how to take a subject
✦Have an answer with a positive spin for from a statement to a conversation
all objections ✦When all else fails, relax, look at the
✦Make sure you have copies of your ap- other person and make fun of the silence, and
praisals then ask them to help you get the conversa-
✦Get any financial information that helps tion going in a light, joking way
your case ✦Groups rarely run out of conversation
✦Use good negotiation skills ✦If you’re truly secure and have your
✦Do not get confrontational, and no ulti- anxieties under control, you don’t have to
matums worry about silences
✦Be prepared to negotiate ✦Don’t project your discomfort on the
✦Role-play to practice conversation
✦Ask for a re-visit if you can’t get it then ✦You aren’t running out of things to talk
✦Leave on excellent terms about, it’s that you don’t believe that what you
✦If you don’t ask for it, you probably say is important to the other person
won’t get it ✦Purposefully inject artificial silences to
test her
TRACK 4 - Conversational Glue
TRACK 5 - Handshake
✦The ability to keep a conversation going
and remove uncomfortable silences ✦Standard handshake:
✦STT - Strategies, Tactics, Techniques ✦Meet web-to-web
✦Explanation ✦Make eye contact
✦Stay REAL with your game ✦2-3 good strong shakes
✦The key to top performance is to keep it ✦Don’t clasp their hand with both of
relaxed and effortless, take pleasure in the ac- yours for men
tion ✦If they give you a limp handshake,
✦Make sure you have a few startup ques- they’re probably introverted and shy, with
tions anxiety
✦“So what’s your story?” ✦Monitor resistance and compliance in a
✦“How do you all know each other?” handshake
✦“What are you all drinking?” ✦The parallel handshake
✦“Tell me something about you that you ✦Speed, pressure, movement, time
think I should know?” ✦Match exactly to build rapport, except
✦Control the anxious feeling for the aggro-handshake
✦Have stories to tell ✦The Questioning handshake

54 ©2007 DD Publications/Morpheus Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.

✦Turn slightly palm up, feel for resistance ✦Connect
✦Shaking with you or against you ✦Conquer
✦Feel for how a woman’s grip reacts to ✦Convert
your questions ✦Create
✦Step in, pull, reach out for compliance ✦Decide
testing ✦Define
✦Communicate enthusiasm ✦Defuse
✦Always hug a woman on exit ✦Deliver
✦Slip in good, comfortable physical con- ✦Deploy
tact wherever possible ✦Design
TRACK 6 - 104 Power Verbs ✦Diagnose
✦Verbs used for marketing but applicable ✦Drive
to conversation ✦Eliminate
✦Verbs are action - move things along ✦Ensure
✦Adjectives are the least effective ✦Establish
✦Keep a low ratio of adjectives and a high ✦Evaluate
ratio of verbs ✦Exploit
✦Abolish ✦Explore
✦Accelerate ✦Filter
✦Achieve ✦Finalize
✦Act ✦Find
✦Adopt ✦Focus
✦Align ✦Foresee
✦Anticipate ✦Gain
✦Apply ✦Gather
✦Assess ✦Generate
✦Avoid ✦Grasp
✦Boost ✦Identify
✦Break ✦Ignite
✦Bridge ✦Implement
✦Build ✦Improve
✦Burn ✦Increase
✦Capture ✦Innovate
✦Change ✦Inspire
✦Choose ✦Intensify
✦Clarify ✦Lead
✦Clobber ✦Learn
✦Confront ✦Leverage

55 ©2007 DD Publications/Morpheus Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.

✦Manage ✦Unravel
✦Master ✦Use
✦Maximize ✦Win
✦Mobilize TRACK 7 - Power Words
✦Overcome ✦Words that activate interest and get at-
✦Penetrate tention
✦Persuade ✦Absolutely
✦Plan ✦Certainly
✦Position ✦Completely
✦Prepare ✦Suddenly
✦Prevent ✦Instantly
✦Profit ✦Literally
✦Raise ✦Automatically
✦Reconsider ✦Simply
✦Reduce ✦Special
✦Refresh ✦Hot
✦Replace ✦New
✦Resist ✦Fresh
✦Respond ✦Killer
✦Retain ✦Now
✦Save ✦First
✦Scan ✦First time
✦Shatter ✦One time
✦Shave off ✦Adore
✦Sidestep ✦Like
✦Simplify ✦Love
✦Slash ✦Prefer
✦Solve ✦Enjoy
✦Stimulate ✦Overwhelming
✦Stop ✦Amazing
✦Stretch ✦Ecstatic
✦Succeed ✦Avalanche
✦Supplement ✦Blueprint
✦Take ✦Roadmap
✦Transfer ✦Guide
✦Transform ✦How to
✦Understand ✦Know how
✦Unleash ✦Device

56 ©2007 DD Publications/Morpheus Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.

✦Formula ✦Vow
✦Bonus ✦Guarantee
✦Bottom line ✦Proud
✦Brilliant ✦Proven
✦Caliber ✦Quick
✦Choice ✦Reality
✦Comfortable ✦Resolve
✦Complete ✦Revealing
✦Desire ✦Safe
✦Need ✦Satisfaction
✦Want ✦Secret
✦Discover ✦Security
✦Uncover ✦Advice
✦Reveal ✦Serious
✦Results ✦Alternative
✦Easy ✦Shocked
✦Simple ✦Shocking
✦Effortless ✦Introduce
✦Enable ✦Solution
✦Ensure ✦Solve
✦Excited ✦Supreme
✦Expert ✦Telling
✦Explode ✦Tested
✦Skyrocket ✦Totally
✦Snowball ✦Flat out
✦Give ✦Truth
✦Magic ✦Reliable
✦Merit ✦Secure
✦Money ✦Unique
✦Natural ✦One-of-a-kind
✦Only ✦Unreal
✦Just ✦Value
✦Perfect ✦Pledge
✦Precious ✦Trust
✦Perqs ✦Honesty
✦Preference ✦Gain
✦Private ✦Guaranteed
✦Professional ✦Happy
✦Profits ✦Healthy
✦Promise ✦Substantial

57 ©2007 DD Publications/Morpheus Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.

✦Ideal ✦Have a black book
✦Imagine ✦Are you well-connected?
✦Immediately ✦Get your business cards and your per-
✦Impressive sonal cards
✦Income ✦Cards are only a bridge
✦Incredible ✦It’s not who you know, it’s who knows
✦Ingenious about you
✦Every interaction carries a risk
✦Words to Avoid: ✦Remove your own agenda to improve
✦Difficult successful connections
✦Death ✦Be interested to be interesting
✦Obligation ✦Have your elevator speech
✦Wrong ✦Build rapport as fast as possible
✦Failure ✦The higher up a person is, the more cau-
✦No tious about you they will be
✦Fail ✦Present a powerful self-image
✦Decision ✦Toastmasters
✦Bad ✦Offer a newsletter or e-zine
✦Cost ✦Be prepared every day to present your
✦Worry best possible self
✦Loss ✦Authentic and Alpha - be REAL
✦Pay ✦Authenticity is easiest to repeat
✦Contract ✦Current assets, people you’ll need, peo-
✦Worst ple you want to connect with
✦Owe ✦Make sure you know what it is you are
✦Loser trying to get from your social networking
✦Deny ✦The only difference between where you
✦Regret are right now and where you will be next year
✦Anything negative at this time is in the books you read and the
people you meet.
TRACK 8 - Social Networking ✦Prepare yourself
✦Get rid of the fear of rejection
✦Connecting with networking possibilities ✦Everyone is equal
is as important as pickup ✦You always project our self-image and
✦People want to do business with their self-esteem.
friends ✦Create a support system
✦Friendliness, ability to engage, willing- ✦Go slow on connections
ness to give value first ✦Be present and give them value
✦Start a database of your own connec- ✦Find ways to connect other people

58 ©2007 DD Publications/Morpheus Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.

✦The more people you talk to, the more
possibilities TRACK 10 - Sexual Communication
✦Your success depends on two things:
your rapport building skills, and your net- ✦Discuss sexual topics in a 3rd person
working skills perspective
✦Successful people have a lot of allies ✦Use objects as metaphors
✦You can connect wherever you go ✦Describe things in a sexual way
✦How to connect on a low-key level ✦Think “sensual” not “sexual”
✦People don’t like to be sold, but they love ✦Demonstrate acceptance, and then do a
to buy role reversal on her
✦Become someone worth connecting with ✦Example
✦Get yourself in print in some way ✦Hint at something sexual, act embar-
✦Start a blog rassed, then withdraw it
✦Differentiate what you have to offer ✦Count on her curiosity to draw it out
✦Connect through questions to find
commonalities TRACK 11 - Reading a Social Situation
✦Work the room at professional events
✦Get personal ✦Five Steps to Reading Social Situa-
✦Get a Myspace page tions:
✦Leverage the Internet ✦1. Read the faces, the eyes, the expres-
✦Find the medium, sculpt your message, sions
take action ✦2. Read the body language, attitudes,
postures, gestures
TRACK 9 - Communicating to Groups ✦3. Listen for the tone of their conversa-
tion - vocal tone
✦Maintain a maximum of 3 key points ✦4. Trust your instincts and ignore your
✦Make sure you repeat your points fears
✦Don’t kill them with Powerpoint presen- ✦5. Absorb the other peoples energy and
tations fall into synchronicity and in tune
✦90% about you, 10% on presentation
✦Recap your key points to help people
✦Reinforce significance and connections
✦Include memory hooks and references
✦At the end, clarify their next step - their
call to action
✦Make sure you attend to the audience
✦Pause a lot during your presentation
✦Core Belief: Everyone wants you to suc-

59 ©2007 DD Publications/Morpheus Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.

CD 14: Exercises
TRACK 1 - Vocal Tonality Exercise ✦“Eruption”
✦“David Lee Roth”
✦Take 5 minutes each day to feel out your ✦“Sammy Hagar”
sound ✦“Cabo Wabo”
✦Humming ✦“Hot women”
✦Build in different tones and inflection ✦“Vegas”
✦Examples ✦“Gambling”
✦Drop the thread
TRACK 2 - Facial Expression Exercise ✦“Hoobastank”
✦“Dirty Lyrics”
✦Practice facial expressions in the mirror ✦“Warning Labels”
✦Examples ✦“Movie Ratings”
✦Spirit of improvisation ✦“Indiana Jones”
✦“Older Actors”
TRACK 3 - Conversational Mindmap- ✦“Jack Nicholson”
ping 1 ✦Steer your mindmap to a topic
✦Take topics that come up frequently to
✦Discovering improvisational thinking - a create a repository
mental network of topics
✦Learn on paper first TRACK 5 - Voice Preparation Exercise
✦One subject in the middle
✦A noun or action verb ✦Grab a book or magazine - start random
✦“Running” reading
✦“Shoes” ✦Example
✦Turn off the internal critic ✦This is also good practice to jump into
✦Go crazy topics “cold” and roll with them
✦Use this for problem solving
TRACK 6 - Random Television Exercise
TRACK 4 - Conversational Mindmap-
ping 2 ✦Choose a random station
✦Figure out what they’re talking about
✦Sit in a comfortable chair without sound
✦Imagine the paper ✦Read body language and interpretive
✦“Guitar” skills
✦Picture the image of the object ✦Reverse - do it by sound alone
✦“Eddie Van Halen”

60 ©2007 DD Publications/Morpheus Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.

TRACK 7 - Conversational Bridging ✦Managing energy in conversations
✦Learn how to move from topic to topic ✦Projection
with no fear ✦Let the sound out more than you hold it
✦Introduction to Pam in
✦Find something in the last thing she said ✦The Diaphragm
to trigger the next question or topic ✦Example of projection
✦“Drunk guys...” ✦Exhale as you speak, let the words out
✦“Obnoxious” ✦Move your stomach as you talk
✦The problem of uncomfortable silences ✦Resonance
✦Performance anxiety created by worries, ✦Take vocal lessons
not reality ✦Thrum in your chest instead of buzz in
✦Open a book at random to practice your nose
✦Use it as a partner drill ✦Humming - keep it low
✦Use the radio to store topics ✦Tongue Twisters
✦Verbal dexterity
TRACK 8 - Endless Supply of Conver- ✦Stretch your face and mouth
sations ✦She sells sea shells by the sea shore.
Where she sits, she sells. And where she sells
✦Call people at random for conversational she sits.
practice ✦Rubber baby Buggy Bumpers
✦Find a list of organizations with cus- ✦The big black bug bled blue blood
tomer service numbers ✦Tommy told two tall tales
✦If you find that this is difficult to do with ✦Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled
a guy or with a woman that you can’t see, peppers
you’re placing more motivational importance ✦A box of biscuits, a batch of mixed bis-
on the sexual attraction to drive your desire to cuits
talk, which will then sabotage you by making ✦A skunk sat on a stump and thunk the
certain conversations “more important.” You stump stunk. But the stump thunk the skunk
must shed this belief to have good, engaging stunk.
conversations with the attractive women you ✦Betty Botter had some butter, but she
do meet. said this butter’s bitter. If I bake this bitter
✦No risk practice - simply hang up butter, it would make my batter bitter. But a
✦Prank phone calling bit of better butter, that would make my bat-
✦Block your phone number ter better.
✦Working the criss-cross directory ✦Use tongue twisters with women to play
with her and tease her
TRACK 9 - Voice Exercises ✦Experiment with pacing and pausing
✦Variation examples
✦Vocal tonality ✦The “Dude” exercise

61 ©2007 DD Publications/Morpheus Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.

✦Record your conversation - audio and ✦Training women and social proof
video ✦Dancing awkwardness - how to handle
✦Exercise your face with emotional ex- ✦Gave the conversation over to her
pression ✦Eddie Izzard uncomfortable moment
✦Practice eye contact with the mirror ✦Have a point to stories
✦Teasing with where she lived
TRACK 10 - Phone Conversation Intro ✦Expressing goal orientation
✦Slightly edited ✦Qualifying situation re: the
✦Observation is not enough commitment-phobe
✦Flaking and disapproval - expressing my
TRACK 11 - Phone Conversation standards
✦The Ladybug
✦Play this segment several times. The first ✦Social depth with comments re: my so-
time, listen to hear the whole conversation cial schedule
and flow. The next time, listen for strategies, ✦Recycle a joke to give a thread of conti-
tactics, and techniques that I use and leverage. nuity
The next time you listen, pay attention to pac- ✦Bring up an event again to revive a sense
ing and word choice. The next time, listen for of familiarity
the flow of energy. ✦I ended the conversation
✦You’ll notice that there are even mistakes ✦The tactics flowed, and were not inten-
made in this example. I left them in on pur- tionally pushed into the conversation
pose to give you a realistic example that you
can end up with a 100% successful conversa- TRACK 13 - Conclusion
tion with less than 100% perfection. It’s all in
the relaxed flow of the conversation, and be- ✦Good conversation is a skill developed
ing REAL enough to manage any bumps or over time
challenges put to you. ✦Don’t be too picky about friends. Have
standards, but build tolerance of differences.
TRACK 12 - Phone Conversation Analy- ✦Expand your social network as far as
sis possible.
✦Start treating yourself like a company
✦Listen to the energy level, upbeat and ✦R&D? Publicity? Finance? Manage-
positive start ment?
✦Playful tease ✦Present value to the shareholders
✦Established rapport re: the physical ✦Conversation skills are the bridge from
✦Teasing with the 800 Guilt Boy com- your thoughts to creating your reality
ment ✦You are influencing people ALL the
✦Self-deprecating moment re: the Temple time, even when you’re silent
✦Handling her challenge and test ✦Every conversation will be unique

62 ©2007 DD Publications/Morpheus Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.

✦Your success in life will be in direct pro-
portion to the amount of uncertainty that you
can comfortably tolerate
✦Every time you handle a conversation
successfully, you drive up your confidence and
✦Listen to the program at least 5 more
times, because with each listening you will
find something new that you didn’t realize be-
fore based on new development and growth

63 ©2007 DD Publications/Morpheus Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Example of Mind


Soreness Betting

Exercise Running Track Racetrack

Marathon RUNNING

"Bay To Music
Cross Country

Traveling for
finals Nike
These bonus segments all THE LARGER WHOLE OF CONVER-
stand alone and are not in- SATION - 10:06
• How to emulate super confidence
tended to be listened to in any • The Major/Minor Impact Example
particular order. Some build on • Why Most People are Boring
information you’ll hear in the • Using The Major/Minor impact for
program, and others will build men/women
on information contained in • How to use Acting and Role Play-
other bonus segments. • How to Build the Confidence
Listen to them all to enhance
your understanding of some of CHALLENGE AND RESPONSE -
the subtle nuances of conversa- 14:26
• The Extended Challenge-
tional dynamics.
• Why The REPLY is the Key
• Why Men listen too much
• Carlos' Standard Response -
ADVANCED CONVERSATION TECH- Good for any Challenge or Test
NIQUES - 8:10 • Why you must be able to walk
• Why you don't talk TO a woman away
• Moving beyond the lame "I like • Managing the Space between
your purse" Intro Stimulus/Response
• Finding a topic of Attraction • How to Step back and RELAX
• Two Set Openers: • QUIZ - Training for Responses
• Cheating Girl Opener
• The Trivia Opener APPROACHING - 8:39
• How to Work a group of women • How to Turn it around to chal-
lenge HER
NIQUES - 6:18 • Why you can only win
• How to Stay Relevant in the con-
• Why you ignore her first - The • Why you don't reinforce the Pain
Non-interest tactic • How to own the Situation
• The Universal Interrupt • How to control the conversation
• How to Pattern Interrupt her Re- • Why you can't Improvise
ality • When She Assumes Sexual Con-

64 ©2007 DD Publications/Morpheus Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.

• The Email example of Cocky Con- • Why you must limit the Ex-
trol conversations
• Where the FUN is for the woman • How to divert
• Another example of Challenge
• Why The Challenge MUST be re- REVEALING AND CONFESSING -
sponded to 11:08
• Understanding Revealing vs. Con-
INDIRECTIVES - 10:07 fessing
• Example of Indirectives • Why Revealing is a natural long-
• How to Watch what stands out term course
• Why you must Confuse women • Leveraging Information and con-
enough to wonder sistency for her trust
• Understanding Active and Passive • How telling too much "truth" will
communications hurt you
• Understanding Direct Communi- • Understanding the "real" you
cation • Why you don't want to get too
• More examples of Indirectives familiar too soon
• What you are communicating • An Example of an email to NEVER
• How to pick up what is really be- write
ing said • The importance of building mys-
• Understanding Body Language tery
expression of interest • Why honesty seems logical, but
• Why you can't respond to calls for does not work
• Why you don't jump to her com- THE COMMUNICATION MODEL -
mand 14:18
• The essential Communications
14:16 • The two levels of communication
• How to Move the Contact Forward • How you communicate
• Getting past "Hello" • Understanding Introverts/
• How to use the woman's name Extroverts
• How to be Mysterious and Am- • The two levels of interaction
biguous • How men and women fit into the
• Why you must take it to teasing model
• How to read her thermometer • Understanding Competitive/
• How to be Memorable collaborative communication
• How to balance cool with curiosity • Why you must learn balance in
• Why you must "Don't ask - Tell" communication and calibration
• How to close the sale • Using the Slow reveal


- 5:23 TION - 16:58
• How to eliminate distractions

65 ©2007 DD Publications/Morpheus Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.

• The rules for using sexually sug- • The difference in male-female
gestive words communications
• How to Make conversation inter- • How a woman wants you to really
esting "listen" to her
• The Haight Example • How to identify "real" concerns
• How to be Exciting without being • What you must do to converse ef-
offensive fectively with women
• The use of the Double Entendre • How to Redirect the energy
• Why you must be "straight" • What you must NEVER do in a
• Sexual Words to use conversation with a women
• How to Make it a 3rd party • How to argue
• The "Asking for advice" technique • The Listening Law
• How to Work into it comfortably
• What avoidance means APPROVAL AND DISAGREEMENT -
• The Sex quiz 15:35
• Why you must give her drama • How you must express disagree-
• Be careful about this element or ment with women
you will ruin your chances with • How a woman tests you
women • Describing intelligently and con-
structively disagreeing
HANDLING CONTENTIOUS WOMEN • The big mistake most guys make
- 14:25 with conversation and women
• Easy to manipulate • The opportunity most guys miss
• When a woman leads and con- with women
trols • What it means if she's offended
• The man must maintain control • Why you must never fear her dis-
• Lose/Lose questions - watch out agreement
for this test
• Are you a player...? DEALING WITH OTHER ALPHA MEN
• The way to answer - break her - 17:14
routine and call her on it • How to handle other guys in so-
• The counter - moral dilemma cial situations
questions • How a man acts - and what his
• Double interpretation motivators are
• Would you hold back...? • Alpha Man conversations
• Qualifying - The reversal • The aggressive Alpha Jerk - How
• Prove herself to handle him
• Set it up to win • How he will provoke you
• Emotions and logic • What you must NEVER do
• Ask questions until you find the • How to break him down
flaws • The most important success fac-
tor in life
COMMUNICATION: DON'T FIX HER • Why you must fight for what you
- 13:22 desire

66 ©2007 DD Publications/Morpheus Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.

• How a woman determines your CONVERSATION: Strategies - 8:29
value • What to avoid in conversation
• The "crush" question
QUALIFICATION - 16:07 • How to get them to tell their
• How to demonstrate Self-Value & story
Challenge • The secret to rapport-building
• Why Struggle is necessary • Why you cannot let her get away
• How to communicate quality with superficial conversation
• How to use Teasing/Neg-hits • The "kiss" question
• Example of Neg-hit • Power Questions revisited
• Why a woman won't give you her • Qualifiers
phone number
• What happens and how it lowers EXERCISE: PARTNER DRILLS -
your confidence 20:09
• The fine line between teasing and • Conversation exercises
insulting • Learning how to riff on topics
• Why men compliment, and why • Role-playing and Partner
it's a mistake • Drills
• Conversation topics
REMEMBERING NAMES - 10:05 • Learning how to riff with guys
• The reasons you must remember • The Riff/Banter Drill
their name • Using conversational bridging
• How to remember - 6 strategies • Bewitched example
for memorization • Turning the conversation in sev-
eral directions
NIQUE - 19:12
• How to use this technique to start
a conversation,
• or test a woman
• The Cat / Dog Opener
• Indications of behavioral attrac-
• The Favorite Show Opener
• The Soap Opera example
• The Desert Island Situation
• How to build attraction with test-
• The Train Question
• The Top Five Question
• Using Quizzes as Qualification
• How the qualifier thinks differ-

67 ©2007 DD Publications/Morpheus Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.


Carlos Xuma shares the insider secrets of how to attract women

the right way - by being the REAL you!

R.E.A.L. Game cuts through all the confusing and contradicting

information out there to help you get REAL success with women -
by using the best parts of your authentic personality.

R = Relaxed & Resourceful

E = Effective & Energized
A = Authentic & Alpha
L = Lifestyle & Lasting

Most approaches and seductions fail because the guy isn’t confident
and congruent with his true identity. He feels like he needs to rely on a
line or “fake” opener to get her interested. While having a few stories and
techniques is important, it’s the attitude that shines through.
“Carlos Xuma is like that older, wiser
brother you always wished you had... You Carlos gives you both the inner game and the outer game. When you
know that he cares about you... He doesn't have both, your skill becomes natural - and more effective. Attraction is
brag, he just tells you what he knows - predictable and repeatable.
and you know he knows what he's talking It all starts with your natural Alpha Man abilities - the foundation of who
about...” - Jack Kammer, Author you are right now. No more faking it!

How to attract women with your own personality
The successful traits of the Alpha Man - and how to develop them
Proven methods for overcoming “Approach Anxiety”
How to leverage the Universal Motivators - Pain and Pleasure
How to use the power of seductive language and imagery
Use Power Questions to break past social conditioning
How to control your fear and dispel your doubts
Specific techniques and exercises for a Powerful Frame ALL the time
Openers that calibrate to your style
How to build razor-sharp conversation skills
The Stepping Stones from Approach to Intimacy - Start to Finish
Exercises to raise your level of Power, Control, and Confidence
How to overcome resistance - motivate yourself to just do it
How to be successful in all areas of your life - not just women...






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