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Nordstrom 1

Chris Nordstrom
Mr. Geist
February 19, 2016
More Guns- More Violence
A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the
people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed (Chemerinsky). The second amendment
guarantees US citizens the right to bear arms. Since the amendment is relatively vague, the
amendment is up for interpretation, and is now one of the most widely talked about topics in
America. America is the most armed nation in the world, with citizens owning 270 of the 875
million firearms in the world (Bitto). Gun violence is a leading cause of violent crime in the US
and because of this there should be background checks and tighter laws on purchasing assault
weapons. Although the federal government prevents the ban of guns completely, there is room to
tighten up the laws in order to save lives lost in frivolous mass shootings.
Over the past year, the subject of gun control has gained more speed. With more and
more violent mass shooting people began to start thinking how the U.S could eliminate them.
Aurora Colorado, Sandy Hook Connecticut, Sanbernidino California. Everyone is aware of these
towns due to violent acts on innocent people. How many more times does this have to happen
for people to agree that certain firearms shouldnt be available for purchase? On the morning of
December 14, 2013, a mentally unstable man entered Sandy Hook Elementary school fully
loaded with various assault rifles and multiple high capacity rounds of ammunition holding up to
100 bullets each (Shootings Expose Gaps in Background Check System). The man known as
Adam Lanza gunned down 27 innocent children and teachers. If given enough time he could

Nordstrom 2
have taken down all the students and teachers in the building with his high powered weapons. A
similar occurrence happened in Aurora Colorado. A mentally unstable man entered a movie
theater in Colorado, injuring and killing 50 people (Colorado Theater Shooting Fast Facts). All
the people can think to themselves is how does this keep happening, what is wrong with the
nation? With evidence on how the past years have played out there needs to be tighter laws to
purchase high powered weapons in order to keep peace in the U.S.
Should anyone be able to purchase automatic weapons? Should there be background
checks? Drug tests? This brings up multiple different views on how the U.S should control this.
But the answer is plain and simple, people should not be able to purchase high powered
automatic weapons. Firearms can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Most importantly, criminals,
immigrants from foreign countries, and mentally unstable people should not be able to purchase
them. Following a series of mass shooting from 2007-2013 perpetrated by gunmen who suffered
from serious mental purchased automatic weapons to kill innocent people. (Gun Violence) It is
undoubtedly true that people who are a danger to themselves and/or others because of mental
illness should be prohibited from owning firearms, and this shows why the U.S. should issue
background checks on buyers of firearms. Assault rifles make up 1.7% of all guns in America.
Their function in society is dispensable. 2005 Gallup poll found that 67 percent of gun owners
carried for protection, 66 for target shooting, and 58 for hunting. (Brandon) None of these
activities, requires assault rifles, therefore its not worth the risk and fear of people obtaining
To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them."
(Chemerinsky) As it states in the second amendment, taking away firearms from citizens is like
taking away their freedom. Gun control does not only decrease the ability for protection, it also

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takes away rights of a US citizen. In the writing of the constitution the founding fathers wrote
down that us, as American citizens should be able to bear arms. If someone wants to kill, they
argued that gun control laws would help decrease crime rates (Bitto). However, studies have
proven that gun control laws have the opposite effect. In 1967, New York City passes a rifle and
shotgun registration law. After the law was passed, crime rates in New York rose 46%. In 1994
report showed that 304 of Washington DC, 309 firearm homicides were committed with
handguns even though the city had a ban on handguns. (Gun Violence) All these statistics prove
that gun control is not a solution and by tightening the laws is not the solution.
Gun Violence is a leading cause of violence in America and because of this there should
be tighter laws on it. It is clear cut that guns are getting into the wrong hands which is causing
losses in our country. By restricting what people can buy and who buys it could make for a safer
country. Although the Second Amendment states that the right for people to bear arms, and that
shall not be infringed, (Chemerinsky) it is up for some adjustment and different interpretations.
With more and more violence due to firearms in the last couple years and with Americans
obtaining 1/3 of all guns in the world, its time for some better guidelines.

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