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The Age of Jackson pt 3

The 1836 Election Results

Van Buren

After 2 terms in
office as President,
Andrew Jackson
chose Martin Van
Buren to succeed
Van Buren won the
election of 1836.
He defeated a new
party in the
election. The Whig

The Whig Party

The Whig party was founded by Henry
Clay, Daniel Webster, and former War
of 1812 General William Henry
The party was basically an Anti-Jackson
party, Anti-Democrat party.
The name comes from the American
Revolution. A whig was someone who
opposed the British and thus opposed

Positions on the Key Issues



Less concerned about Felt the widening gap between

the widening gap
between rich and poor.
Strong national govt. to
coordinate the
expanding economy
was critical.
Opposes Indian
Favored tariffs.
Supported a National

rich and poor was alarming.

Believed that bankers,
merchants, and speculators were
Govt. should have a hands-off
approach to the economy to
allow the little guy a chance to
For Indian removal.
Oppose tariffs.
States rights.
Opposed the National Bank.

The Panic of 1837!

Jackson had removed Federal Money from

the Bank of the United States.
Jackson had placed the money in State
banks which his enemies called Pet Banks
All paper money was supposed to be backed
up by gold and silver, but the state banks
issued more paper money than they could
cover with gold or silver.

The Panic of 1837!

In addition right before he left office

Jackson issued an Executive Order that
stated all Federal land must be purchased
with gold or silver.
People started cashing in their paper
money for gold and silver and the banks
simply ran out.
A Panic ensued and the banks went out of

The Panic of 1837!

Thousands of people lost all of this money.

The economic depression that followed was a

disaster for the United States.
Cities were devastated. 90% of all factories closed.
Thousands of people were out of work and cites
were filled with starving homeless people. Farmers
did better since they could grow their own food.

Election of 1840



President Van Buran took the blame

for the economic disaster even
though it actually started when
Jackson was President.
Because of this the Whig party
made huge strides and became
popular. They ran William Henry
Harrison, the hero of The Battle of
Tippecanoe where he defeated the
Indian Tecumseh.
John Tyler was his running mate and
the Whigs adopted the very popular
slogan Tippecanoe and Tyler too

Tip and Ty

Tip and Ty
What's the cause of this commotion, motion,
Our country through?
It is the ball a-rolling on
For Tippecanoe and Tyler too.
For Tippecanoe and Tyler too.
And with them we'll beat little Van, Van, Van,
Van is a used up man.
And with them we'll beat little Van.