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1. He works to implement his personal career plan, using the firm s a vehicle for so
doing while seeking to meet its requirements.
2. He endeavors to be sensitive to the expressed or more often implied expectations
of his immediate supervisors.
3. He negotiates continuously with his peers in other departments on whom he
depends and who depend on him and his work group to get the total job done
4. He cultivates good relations with staff and service groups whose attitudes and
actions can make his job easier or harder for he realizes that at times support
groups have the ear of the throne.
5. He responds to the requests, demands and requirements of significant individuals
and groups in his occupational life space so as to retain their good will or at least
not alienate them.
6. He oversees the flow of work into, within, and out of his department to insure that
it proceeds with a minimum of interruption or static that may draw unwanted
attention from superiors.
7. He is alert to the work output, needs, desires, and morale of his subordinates,
interacting with them, yet maintaining his managerial position.
8. He represents his people and their views in his dealings with his superiors and
other departments.
9. He tries to remain his own man while accommodating himself to the legitimate
demands of the organization.
10. He attempts to cope adequately with his own tensions so as to receive a fair share
of psychic as well as economic income from his work.

BUSINESS A job Termination
Advancement No promotion
Salary increase No raises
Prestige Non-recognition
Security Insecurity

RELIGIOUS ORDER Acceptance Non – acceptance

Participation Excommunication
Salvation Damnation
Heaven Hell

EDUCATIONAL Acceptance Non-acceptance

INSTITUTIONS Advancement Non-advancement
Graduation Expulsion
Higher degrees No degrees
Chance for a better job Poorer job

POLITICAL Participation Ineligibility

INSTITUTIONS Appointment Being passed over
Election Defeat
Deification Obscurity

MILITARY Acceptance Rejection

Promotion Being passed over
Permanent rank Temporary rank
Medals and honors Court martial
Retirement at rank Dishonorable discharge

SOCIAL AND Acceptance Being blackballed

FRATERNAL Exposure to others Exclusion
Committee work Being passed over
Officer position Rank-and-file status
Retirement banquet Expulsion