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Jennifer Marroquin
Professor Griffith
English 113B 11:00 AM MW
17 May 2016
Bond, Social Bond
Over the years technology has changed the way people communicate. Telegrams, letters,
newspapers have been replaced with cellphones, text messages, bogs, and other social media
sites. Communication has always been an essential part of our daily lives. In the business world
the ability to communication clearly and effectively are skills that businesses look for in their
employees. The use of technology has been a faster way to communicate with others by reducing
time. But technology has its cons towards the way individuals lose interest to obtain an actual
conversation with one another face-to-face. Society accepts the use of technology as a way to
communicate although it evidently plays an important role in everyday life. In these ways it does
increase lack of communication or may benefit our social and professional relationships.
Information is lost when people communicate without the ability to observe non-verbal
In addition, speech and language has always been our primary and oldest tool in the early
years. Before the web, writing down thoughts and ideas were recorded and its history was found
on stones, wood, cave walls and any other means that were available. The internet would have
not existed without the big inventions of the 19th century and now it has changed from generation
to generation that individuals have forgotten how we first communicated with each other without
the use of the web.
Social media has evolved in how people plan events and communicate with one another.
Facebook, Twitter, Myspace are just a few social networking sites that allow people to
communicate with friends and family. Usually these particular sites are used in the case of family
members not living in the same area and wanting to stay in touch with information about each

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other. For example, my grandmother signs onto Facebook to keep in touch with relatives in El
Salvador by sending messages, reading their current status update, and commenting on pictures.
Moreover, social networking sites allows people to reconnect with others they might have lost in
contact with over the years. Social media has allowed people to develop friendships, built
networks, and gain interests.
Furthermore, Jessica Grogan published Is Facebook Distorting Your View of the World
explaining in her experience that social networks can leave you irritated and sad. It has been
argued upon shared views on reality is often distracted due to the actions of the internet and other
methods of technology. Everything that one encounters, affects them without even realizing it
which distorts our views on reality. For example, video games make shooting guns and killing
our enemies block our sense of reality. Throughout the article she portrays herself as a victim of
depression by envying Facebook and the internet addiction. Updated status that consist with
numerous likes and comments by other people is seen as a measure of popularity. In addition to
this unsettling passivity, I think the addictiveness of Facebook (or really any internet use) is
disturbing. More easily than cigarette smoking, drinking, or drug use, Facebook addiction creeps
into our lives without any obvious harm. Drinking and abusing of drugs fall under the same
component which is addiction and its continuously used without being aware of the harm it is
doing mentally. So far, the only thing that has been said that can help resolve these issues are
being aware of it, taking breaks, deleting the apps, and most importantly spending less time on
social media. It is understandable on engaging with social networking sites can lead into
depression. People are comparing their lives to what they see on the internet. Since people only
post the good of themselves on the internet some individuals feel worse of themselves by not
living up to a standard as their friends on the social web.

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Additionally, it has changed the way people think, act, and interact because people are
able to access information and share things with each other that was not possible to do in the
previous generation. The rise of the internet and social media have changed the way people
work, live, and especially communicate to maintain connections and friendships. Some including
myself argue that the internet and social media has caused us to be addicted to fast paced
technology devices taking us away from the physical world. Megan Egbert, librarian, blogger,
and mom published 10 Reasons Why I Will Continue to Give My Children Handheld Devices
reasons how it is in the best interest for her children to continue using any technology device.
There are children motivate by technology. They are future coders. Future designers. Future
engineers. Mrs. Egbert does have valid reasons towards the debate of whether children should
not be limited of the use of handheld devices. When children are exposed to specific exercises
for example music, drawing, or writing parents can discover their childrens interests. In this
case, Megan Egbert explains that modern technology can increase motivation to complete tasks
and pay attention on screen in order to achieve a specific goal like a game. It is not everyday that
parents would allow their children to be on a handheld device continuously on the other hand
Megan Egbert advocates for the use of technology even to her own children. To her if
technology is used appropriately technology can be used in collaboration with others. Some
schools in the united states, children are given the opportunity to read, write, and solve problems
all together with technology. Solving problems is a social skills teachers see for their students
that can be carried throughout their daily life.
Good Communication Starts with Listening by Nancy Foster discusses her opinion
about communication and the barriers to good communication. She refers listening as a
component or one of the factors to good communication. Communication is always key to a

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healthy relationship no matter what. For example, an open invitation talk, using one or two
words to encourage talking to continue, asking open minded questionsetc. Many of us often
do not care whether a person is speaking directly towards us but rather look down onto our
phone screen and communicate nonverbal. It is in best interest if individuals find some sort of
interest instead of faking a conversation towards one another because, we cannot pretend to pay
attention by employing these physical techniques without also being physiologically present.
Our thoughts and emotions are tied together with our actions and behaviors. However, good
communication is more than just listening and talking which Nancy has argued to be. She
clarifies that We interrupt, advise, reassure, judge, analyze, argue, moralize, threaten, divert,
diagnose, etc., etc. In society the way individuals communicate is through the use of the internet
with social networking sites instead the use with our body language. For example, physical
movements, eye contact, facial expressions are all part of communication. Throughout the article
I clearly understand what she implies about good communication. Good communication with
your significant other, friend, family member, peeretc., goes beyond body language and verbal
interaction. It is the connection we have with one another by becoming aware how the person
feels when speaking. By caring enough to communicate. Learning to become good listeners
permits honesty, openness, and vulnerability to any type of relationship. To exchange thoughts,
hopes, fears, and failures with one another in such a way that we free other to share without fear,
rejection, or judgment. However, dating someone, interviews, or just meeting someone for the
first time, there is a special quality about face to face interactions. Last weekend I went back to
L.A for a reunion with my old friends who I have not seen since our high school graduation. It is
remarkable the things we talked about without any communication through social media because
you connect with that person as if it was the first day you have met. The idea of being present

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and seeing their face expressions as it changes from surprised to excitement, and looking them in
the eye to see how they will respond gives out a good feeling without the use of social media
from the internet or any technology.
The use of the internet has affected the way I view the world due to the amount of time I
preserve my energy to log onto a social networking site. Before, my friends and family would
arrange dates and events to see one another but it is like the internet has corrupted that. I rely on
Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or what you have to connect with one another. Now I do not have to
remember birthdays or social activities because I just receive a notification. In society, I as a U.S
citizen am losing the ability of socializing. This loss of contact and physical contact is just the
beginning. We are losing more than the ability to interact but the youth in society is imparting to
what is really important about communication. This generation it is astounding at what age the
younger children are receiving computers in their homes. I live on mine, I rely on it, however, I
try to use it for school purposes but I would be lying. For my useless wanderings on the internet
and my schoolwork, shopping online and the list continues. I have tried deleting my apps on my
phone whether I can live without it or question myself if it is really convenient but it is
unquestionable that any of us revert to the caveman days where the internet was only to be used
for research and e-mail.
Egbert, Megan, Librarian, blogger, mom 10 Reasons Why I Will Continue to Give My
Children Handheld Device Posted 03/24/1024
Foster, Nancy Good Communication Starts with Listening Source: Robert Bolton,
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