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Qi Sensation[edit]

Eight typical sensations have been observed by qigong

practitioners. [34]
1. Motion involuntary body movement or tingling sensation in
2. Itch body becoming itchy
3. Lightness floating feeling
4. Heaviness the feeling of the body becoming very heavy or the
feeling that a force is exerted on the body
5. Cold cold feeling
6. Warm warm feeling
7. Rough the feeling that the body is in contact with rough
8. Smooth the feeling that the body is in contact with smooth
The acquiring time, the strength and extent of the feeling on the
body as well as the exact sensation vary widely between
individuals. The "mind" part of qigong is the mental guiding of qi
sensation (i.e. qi) through the body.[35] All qigong forms
unanimously suggest that one should not be afraid of or excited
by these feelings. They are just normal sensations during qigong
practice. Out of control qi sensation is known as qigong deviation;
it is considered undesirable and potentially dangerous. [36]