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Jacket Installation Methods Oil & Gas Trainings

by Dr. Tofiqu Zaveri


Vertical lift and set down
Two block upend in air/ water
Lift and upend in water

Vertical lift and set down

Offshore time saving

Vertical lift and set down

Vertical lift and set down

Two Block upend in air/ water

Two Block upend in air/ water


Connected to the stern anchors of the DB

Pre rigged with the upending slings

Lift and upend

Load out
Barge Alongside
Rig the main Block for Horizontal Lift
Cut Sea Fastening
Lift the jacket and move the material barge
Lower jacket to water
Rotate the jacket
Rig the main block to upending slings
Upend the jacket and set down

Load out

Horizontal loadout

Strand jack pull with crane assistance


Tow Analysis: barge motion, transportation force, tug

pull , sea fastening analysis

Barge Alongside

Rig Main Block

Rigging analysis

Cut Sea-Fastening

Lift Jacket and Move Material barge

Lower Jacket into Water

Buoyant ( Closure plate welded at the top and diaphragm at the bottom)

Rotate the Jacket

Rotate with tuggers, minimum clearance frm DB

Rig Main/ auxiliary block to Upending Slings

Riggers transferred to jacket( boat/ man riding basket)

Main block derigged
Main block rigged with upending slings
Riggers are transferred back to DB

Upend jacket and Set Down

Lower jacket to 3m above sea bed

Survey the location / orientation

Rotate if required with the tuggers
Lower to sea bed and check location again
Flood the buoyant legs
Upending slings are derigged


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