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2nd Semester Final Study Guide 7th Grade History

Copy each question on your own

paper and then write the short answer.

Middle Ages CHAPTERS 9-10

1. What body of water was important to the Roman Empire and Medieval Europe for trade?
2. What did monks in monasteries do to help spread Christianity?
3. What did the feudal system provide to the people of Europe?
4. Cite an example of cooperation between a Pope and a King.
5. What caused the disagreement between King Henry IV and Pope Gregory VII?
6. Why was the Magna Carta important to the development of Democracy?
7. What advancement did the Crusaders learn from contact with Byzantine and Muslim culture?
8. What led to the peasants demanding better pay from their feudal landlords?
9. True or False, During the Middle Ages the Catholic Church encouraged regular people to read the bible.
10. Define Reconquista.

The Americas CHAPTERS 11-12

11. What farming technique did the Inca develop as a result of the environment?
12. Were religions of the Mesoamerican people Monotheistic or Polytheistic?
13. Identify one reason the Spanish were able to defeat the Aztec and Inca people.
14. What were the pyramids of the Mesoamerican people used for?
15. How did the development of an accurate calendar help the Mayans?

The Renaissance CHAPTER 13

16. The belief that human beings could accomplish almost anything through hard work and study was
called what?
17. Identify the two most important Italian city-states.
18. What did explorers seek as a result of high process of goods being traded along the Silk Road?
19. What invention caused an increased availability of reading materials?
20. What ideal Renaissance Man was an artist, inventor, engineer, and scientist?
21. What style of art is Michelangelos sculpture of David?

Reformation CHAPTER 14
22. What was the church selling that caused conflict and weakening within the Church?
23. What religious thinker first asserted the belief in justification by faith?
24. What religious leader asserted the belief that souls were predestined?
25. True or False: The Protestant churches developed democratic practices of self Government.
26. St. Ignatius of Loyola began the Jesuit order which was part of what movement?
27. What group of people were responsible for the spread of Christianity among native people throughout
the world?
28. What movement resulted in the persecution and expulsion of Jews and Muslims from Spain?

Scientific Revolution CHAPTER 15

29. What led to the Scientific Revolution?
30. What was Galileo threatened with because he supported Copernicus theory of the sun centered
31. What theory was Newton credited with developing?
32. What method involved observation and experimentation?

16th-18th Centuries The Enlightenment CHAPTER 16

33. What is the economic system of Supply and Demand called?
34. Which philosopher stated that people have inalienable rights?
35. Which Philosopher stated that It is necessary from the very nature of things that power should be
checked by power?