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Akopian 1

Arpie Akopian
Reflection 114 A/B
Going into 114A, I thought that it was going to be easier than I expected. We would just
be revising common grammar mistakes done my high school students and incoming freshmans.
But as I read our syllabus and saw all the upcoming assignments we had, I knew I was learning a
whole new different way of writing. My teacher made us write a short essay about a social media
topic as an idea of what our weaknesses are. She made sure to focus on those weaknesses in our
future writings. Many of our weaknesses were organization and paragraph structuring. I learned
the different formats to use for different types of essays. 114A was more for strengthening our
writing as 114B was for expanding our writing styles. Such as an argumentative essay towards a
book or a poem about this world.
I had a hard time understanding what was expected from me or from my writing. When
writing some assignments I was not sure if I was following the write guidelines but as I
continued on in the class, I figured out the writing styles and what format to follow. I am still
working on my organization as I tend to mix up my ideas.
This class did help a lot because I was clueless about my writing going into college. I had
a hard time learning in my high school English classes about writing because the teachers were
more focused on literature than other things. In the end, I am very glad I had ended up being
placed into this class.