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Kelsey Berner

Professor Bowers
English 1101
Argument Essay
16 May 2016
Love is Love
Imagine being with the one you love, the one that is your soul mate, the one you
cannot live without, the one person who gets you most in this world. They are not perfect
but theyre perfect for you and you fall in love with them every day. Now imagine all of
that being taken away because of how other people think you should live your life. Thats
what lies ahead for people like me, people in the LGBTQ+ community. We have been
fighting for equality for decades and there have been people part of this community for as
long as history goes back. We all deserve equality no matter if youre gay, straight, a man,
a woman, black or Muslim. We are all human and deserve what is right. The LGBTQ+
community deserves to be given equal rights because everyone deserves to be
It is not fair that people not part of the LGBTQ+ community are not discriminated
against because that is traditional. Everyone deserves to be open about being in love. I
hate that there is fear about coming out because some people wont be accepted by their
friends/family. No one should have to go through that for trying to be themselves and
wanting to be accepted. Love is love. It is something that everyone feels; it is not a

According to the article called About LGBT Human Rights, by Amnesty

International USA, it states, However, across the globe, there remain many instances
where an individuals' sexual orientation or gender identity can lead them to face
execution, imprisonment, torture, violence or discrimination. It is ridiculous that people
around the world are being tortured or killed for being themselves. No one should have to
go through that. Everyone is human and we all deserve fair treatment. Its bad enough
that kids are bullied and tormented in school for this, but its even scarier in other places
that it is lawful to execute a person in the LGBTQ+ community.
Having children has always been a dream of mine. But not all states allow same
sex couples to adopt. I want to be able to live wherever I want to and raise a family. In the
article Same Sex Adoption- FindLaw, written by FindLaw, they say, While a person's
sexual orientation does not change his or her desire to raise a family, laws and policies
concerning same-sex adoption have yet to be uniformly applied across all states. It is
wrong that same sex couples are not allowed to adopt in all states. Its about finding the
children a loving and caring home. Who cares if the couple is of the same sex? As long as
they are a strong couple and are in the right position to bring a child into the family, then
their sexual orientation should not matter.
Being able to work is a part of most peoples lives. Making money to support
themselves or their families is a lot to handle. And its a shame that the LGBTQ+ are not
equally protected to keep their job. The article called Why You Should Care About
LGBT Rights, by The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, says, This
means that at any time, someone can be discriminated against, fired or not hired simply
because he/she is or is perceived to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. Being fired

is bad enough but being fired because you are gay? That is not right. When you go to
work, you go to do your job. You do it to make a living so you can thrive in society. And
the fact that this could happen blows my mind.
The opposing side has many reasons to believe why the LGBTQ+ community
should not have equal rights. They say that if children grow up with same sex parents, the
child will turn out to be gay and it will only spread the gay agenda. They say that being
gay is not traditional and goes against God. They also say that it is unnatural. I could go
on and on with this list. And the opposing side is very wrong. Peoples sexual orientation
is who they are. Nothing can change that. You dont wake up one day and suddenly think
youre gay. Its how you were born and no matter what anyone says, they cant change
how you think. Everyone deserves to love and be loved back. Its what humans need.
Why would anyone want to take that away?
The LGBTQ+ community deserves equality. It is something we have been
fighting for for decades. I am so happy that marriage equality has passed in out
government, but we have a long ways to go. I hope that when I am old, I will have a
family of my own and wont have to worry about my children fighting for what is right.
Something I can say it was worth fighting for.

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