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Hard Knock Lesson of Life and Women

Sean Stephensons Interview by David DeAngelo

"This is based off of an interview Ive listened back in 2007 and has spoke volumes ever since."
Before you read this, I think you should understand where this guy is coming from. He is 3 feet tall,
has fractured his bones over 200 times before he was 18, and is permanently in a wheelchair. He
tries to surround himself with people he can learn from, and spent some time beside Clinton in the
white house, not to mention everyone else of power or wisdom that hes been with. These are his
words of wisdom at the age of 25:
Everyone has an option to wallow in pity and sorrow for the rest of their lives or the total
The driving force that causes you to be attractive if your beliefs.
Seeing is believing is a LIE. Believing is seeing.
Be very clear on who you are by DECIDING who you WANT TO BE. Dont let other people define
Have an underlying care from everybody that youre around, but that caring shouldnt allow you
to let them slide.
If you have excuses or were brought up in not so good decisions, think thats my past, but I
dont have to live that now.
Pick up is like you selling a house. You can make the house look amazing, but if you dont clean
up the inside of that house, no girl will buy it.
Rule: Really successful people are self-appointed. You do something, and everyone else accepts
the image or status you have made.
And if someone doesnt agree with what you create, you can look at them weird instead of the
other way around.
People want to validate their shortcomings. This is counter-productive and self-sabotage.
Most peoples lives are being run by an insecure 12-year old. Theyre letting a negative
experience from their childhood define themselves today. This is retarded.
Do not play therapist to girls or be what you think she might be attracted to.
Dont try to seek her approval. Almost every guy is trying to impress hot women.
Once you stop seeking her approval, she will be attracted.
Wusses end up in relationships where the women settle for them.

If you have a life you really enjoy doing things you enjoy doing, uproot your insecurities, have no
real need for a woman, and have high standards so that she has to enhance your life or else youre
not interested, you are setting yourself up for healthy long-term relationships.
Women want a guy that has it together. When a guy believes You complete me, he is in the
wrong mindset.
Calling women on their bluffs is one of the sexiest things to do. Women bluff all the time. Do not
back down.
Always raise. If she busts your balls, or tests you, raise.
Women will never exchange a sexual favor for great advice. Why would she risk a relationship
when she has a free therapist that helps her life. She can get any other guy to have sex with her.
Your humor has to have a playful undertone, not a hurtful undertone.
Be elusive in the background of your mentality. maybe Im joking, maybe Im not. This
elusiveness keeps them interested.
The more you try impressing women, the more you disgust them. What works is not even
mentioning your accomplishments for them to find. Make them search out whats fascinating
about you. Surprise her.
Humble and Proud > Needing to brag
Read a womans energy, not what shes saying. See how shes acting. A lot of women get kicks
out of teasing and leading on. Her energy says her true intentions.
Once you get attached to something, you literally lose it. Women can smell neediness.
[=> If this happens, great. If it doesnt, great. <=]
Its not about proving something that youre capable of. Be happy with who you are.
Put more emphasis on making an interaction funnier for your friends when you tell them the
next day than doing the right things and seducing her.
The healthiest relationships are the ones that can end with you being ok with it.
Who you surround yourself with is who you become.
Live in the fucking moment.
Make every day of a friendship as a new start. Cut off history or time/energy invested from
directing your actions.

Humans are horrible about predicting how things will make us feel. We imagine that wed feel
good if shes in my life for the next few days/weeks/months. This assumption affects our
Accept the moment for what it is. Dont set expectations or predictions, so you can make
decisions based on whats going on, not imaginary thoughts.
Congruence is the communication of your certainty. Women can sniff it out.
Even incongruent body language can prevent a kiss from happening.
[=> If you hesitate, you cause your worst fears to come true. <=]
The line above goes for business negotiations and attraction.
Everybody has the potential to hesitate, just try to minimize it. Stay ahead of your insecurities.
Dont hope shes starting to like you. Shut off your internal dialog.
Treat the hottest women like youre talking to your best friends. You dont hesitate with your
Call a woman a bro. If she asks why, say its because shes like your brother.
Dont take ANYTHING too seriously.
When you can portray that nothing someone says to you can make you uncomfortable, thats
when they can start to treat you like a person.
All disadvantages CAN BE advantages if you let them be.
People want to be around people that make them laugh.
Bring lightness to every situation.
A lot of guys have internal dialog of trying to act smooth, instead of being smooth.
Dont be the frightened little guy on the inside that thinks that she might see past what youre
pretending to be on the outside (smooth).
By believing youre that smooth guy on the inside, you wont need to have that internal dialog
messing with your game. You can be at ease.
A lot of guys think that girls can give something, and you need to win it like a prize. This is a
weakness mentality.
Make your internal dialog say Im gonna be myself. Im going to have fun. I know my style. Im
not going to make excuse for who I am. Not sit around justifying who I am. This will make you
congruent, and as a result, sexy.

Think about your internal dialog. Think: Is that thought going to serve me?. If no, then tell that
thought, insecurity, or negative belief to go home. Its not invited to your party. From that
moment on, you will become powerful. Your insecure voice is not your own voice, its your
defense mechanism.
If you go into every interaction with a goal to just have a good time or entertain yourself, you are
in the right mindset.
Dont make it your goal to make people laugh. Dont look for peoples approval.
Dont make apologies for your personality.
Recommended books: Four Agreements (1. dont take anything personal 2. dont make
assumptions 3. Always do your best, and know that your best is always going to change 4. be
impeccable with your word, say only what you mean), War of Art, The Purple Cow, The Magic of
Believing (a belief is a thought you make real. You make it true. Once its true, it will happen.
Beliefs run people).
Last thing, think and believe that whenever someones in your presence, you are improving their
lives. This will change the way you act and the way people perceive you.