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Games Design Document

Armoured Assault.

Sell line
First person, tank simulation, elimination style, warfare.

You take control of a tank crewman of multiple nations during 1939-45, WW2.

The main focus of the game will be the PvP multiplayer featuring 20v20 games,
you will be tasked with the various duties of a tank crew, including driving,
commanding and gunning.
PvE modes or even a single-player campaign could be considered featuring
historical battles such as the second battle of El Alamein or the battle of

(T he second ba ttle of El A la mein (L eft) and th e ba ttle o f Pro kh oro vka (R igh t))

There will be a large selection of environments from both the western and
eastern fronts, such as the towns of France, the hills of Italy, the deserts of North
Africa, the industrial snow covered cities of Russia and the large fields of Holland.

(Lo ca tions fr om left to right: Fra nc e, I ta ly, Nor th Africa , Russia a nd Holla nd )

The Objective of each battle will take a fairly standard approach which will give
players a sense of familiarity, Players will be tasked with eliminating the entire
enemy team or capturing a point of interest.

MMO, Action, Simulation

Target Audience
Tank enthusiasts, WW2 enthusiasts,

Gameplay Elements
You will take control of one crew member in a tank with a special role such as
driving or gunning.
All views will be first person meaning you will look through tank viewports or
periscopes or even poking your head out through hatches.

(Exam ple of a dr iver view fro m the ga me Red Or chestra 2)

(Exam ple of a Co mm ander view fr om th e ga me Red Or ch es tr a 2 )

All of the crew and modules can be wounded/damaged and killed/destroyed.

(Example of how a p en etra tin g shell wou ld aff ect cr ew and m odu les fro m the gam e Wa r
Thu nder)

Two tanks can merge their crew into one. For example if two tanks had received
damage which resulted in only 1 crew member remaining, then the two tanks
could drive up next to each other and then a button prompt would appear, this
would send a request to the tank that has been driven up to and if it was
accepted then the crew would be merged resulting in one tank having a full crew
and one tank becoming disabled.
There will be no respawning of crew or vehicles.
Destroyed tanks will remain on the battlefield.
You will be able to switch positions within the tank, this will be important when a
tank sustains enough damage to kill some crew members and becomes less
effective. Switching positions will play an animation of relatively long length, this
will be to make sure a tank with less crew is still able to perform all of its duties
but to be less effective than a fully crewed tank, this also stops people from
quick switching positions to avoid player death.

When a player first starts the game they will be asked to choose a nation, this
shouldnt be taken lightly because they will be locked to this nation until they are
able to unlock more nations. Next they will be asked to pick a tank class, and the
same restrictions apply here as well. The player will then play matches with their
corresponding tank and gain experience, this XP goes towards unlocking 1 new
nation, unlocking 1 new tank class, unlocking the next tier of tanks, modifications
for the current tank and training the skill of your character.

Visual design
I am going to try and find a balance between photorealism and stylistic, this is
because photorealistic games look stunning upon release however they dont
stand up to time, whereas stylised games have the opposite effect, they never
look ground-breaking however they are less affected by the advancement of
graphical technology.

Audio Consideration/Design
I am going to create as realistic soundscape I can by using sounds recorded
directly from their real life counterparts, orchestral soundtracks and lots of audio
feedback which would include things such as the loader shouting to the gunner
that the gun is ready to fire and the commander shouting out the enemies
position in relation to the tank such as Target, two o clock, three hundred
meters, moving east, fire when ready
Licensed music with a wartime feel could be considered however creating our
own music should be the priority