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Selection Criteria

SC3 Demonstrated ability to monitor and assess student learning data and to use this data to
inform teaching for improved student learning.
I believe that to be able to monitor, assess and then use the outcomes to continually improve the
teaching process is the most crucial part of the educational process in any institution.
From my previous experience of teaching in few established secondary schools within Victoria as well
as other Australian states; Ive not only been able to have a very good exposure to Learning &
Teaching Standards and Assessment & Reporting Advice across Australia, but also have a first-hand
knowledge and experience in implementing of Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS).
During this time, for the year 9 students, I used both summative and formative assessments during
the term to carefully map students on to the progression points. I later used this data to create
differentiated learning programs that catered for mixed abilities as well as gifted and talented
students. As Dromana College implements gender segregated classes for year 9, I believe I can use
my experience to tailor my lessons to serve the purpose of having differentiated learning programs for
all boys and all girls classes.
Furthermore, whilst running my own holiday workshops for children during school holidays as a
hobby; Ive learned that the best approach to effective learning and development is a collaborative
approach and communication works as a key catalyst to this approach. Also, my extensive experience
have taught me that the most effective way to learn and develop knowledge and skills is by trying to
explain whatever you know about it to your peers of similar interests.
Using my above experiences; I have successfully applied the approach of initially applying
observation surveys with my students to evaluate their skills across Number, Algebra, Measurement
and Chance & Data as well as interpersonal skills such as Communication skills, Level of Interaction
with peers, Alertness in class and Overall decision making skills. It is to be noted that these criterion
that Ive carefully selected in the past as key development drivers also align very well with Dromana
Colleges values of respect, responsibility, integrity and personal best.
Moreover, in my previous school, I had been highly appreciated by my head of department for my
outstanding capability of accurately assessing development of my students, successfully reporting to
parents and using the analysis data through planning and assessment based activities to further help
develop strategies around approach to learning processes within my institution.
One example, of applying my analysis data in my previous school was while teaching year 9, I took
the approach of creating 3 medium sized groups of students having strengths in mixed skill sets in
problem solving mathematics and gave them activities around these skill sets to analyse each
students performance in that group. Once the assessment was completed I gave each student in all
the groups the opportunity to prepare and then explain about the activity they found the most
challenging. Time was allowed for each of them to prepare with their peers within the group allowing
the students who were strong in these skill sets to explain it to the rest of their classmates.
The group activities conducted in the class varied from complex measurements and building projects
to simple equation solving and graphing using softwares. As a result of these activities that I
implemented in my class during my time in my previous school we were able to see a marked
improvements in Numeracy outcomes of NAPLAN year 9 school results for that year.

SC5 Demonstrated commitment and capacity to actively contribute to a broad range of

school activities and a commitment to ongoing professional learning to enable further
development of skills, expertise and teaching capacity
I firmly believe that continuous learning and professional development is an absolute must in the
teaching profession. From day one (1) Ive been constantly involved in all sorts of learning
opportunities that I came across with.
During my placement at Canningvale College I participated in annual sports carnival which was
organized by physical education department. My duties in the carnival was to supervise the javelin
throw tournament and assisting in gathering the distance measurement data and assessing the
scores of all the participants. Discipline management and behaviour control of the students was also
part of my duties. This experience helped me in gaining overall students respect, as they saw me as
a fun loving personality. As a result i struck a chord with students with challenging behaviour. During
this activity I got an opportunity to develop relationship with teachers from other departments and
prove myself as a worthy member of the school staff.
At the same school i was involved in examination supervision for year 11 and 12. This not only gave
me a chance to harness my invigilation skills but also because of my commitment to discipline control
and abiding of exam rules which I demonstrated during this task I was given further opportunities of
exam supervision as well as marking exam papers.
During a relief teaching experience at another senior high school, I was given a task to assist the
students with Casio Class Pad for metrix operations. As I was not a very competent user, I took the
initiative to proactively approach one of the department staff to organise a training session for myself.
For the purpose of this training not only I volunteered to purchase a Class Pad for myself but also
opted to download the software so I could practice and demonstrate the programmable calculators
capabilities to the students on the projector.
It is notable that the Dromana College has an active Green Team formed under its extra curricular
activities working towards environment conservation. As I have been also actively involved with the
Conservation Council of Western Australia, volunteering for their water table research program being
conducted at various reserves around Perth Metropolitan area. I believe my experience with such
organisation will be an added skill contributing towards your Schools Green Team Projects.
Furthermore, my long term goals include completing my Masters degree in education from Monash
as an ongoing professional learning to foster my career. It is a pleasure to see that Dormana College
has established partnership with Monash University and provides opportunities for students to
participate in enhancement programs.