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R: a person or character who, in the face of danger and adversity displays courage,

bravery or self-sacrifice
J: a man or woman of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his/her brave deeds
and noble qualities.
R: who will win this battle?
J: Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen! We are bound to witness 16 pairs of heroes
and heroines present their very best and vie for the covetous crowns right here at this
R: As the afternoon fills with sheer excitement, we will soon find out who will be the
worthy title holders. This is
J & R: The search for Mr. and Ms. CEAFA 2015!
R: Good afternoon Joey!
J: Good afternoon Rona! You look wonderful today. Its a privilege for me to be right
here beside you hosting the Mr. and Ms. CEAFA 2015 coronation day.
R: Thank you! Im happy hosting this event with you as well joey! Indeed, this is the
most awaited day for our exquisite candidates. And as we all know, this years theme is
about heroes and heroines, for you joey, who is your own version of hero?
J: ..
R: (comment/adlib) So now, I think everyone is ready to cheer for their heroes and
heroines. Let me hear from.
R: Mechanical Engineering Department
J: Petroleum Engineering Department
R: Industrial Engineering Department
J: Instrumentation and Control Engineering Department
R: Chemical and Food Engineering Department
J: Electrical Engineering Department
R: Electronics and Communication Engineering Department
J: Mechatronics Engineering Department
R: Environmental and Sanitary Engineering Department
J: Civil Engineering Department
R: Architecture and Fine Arts Department

J: Of course, this event will not be possible without our very own heroine, our vibrant
dean. To utter words of endearment, let us all welcome, the dean of CEAFA, Dr. Elisa
R: (say something about the message) Thank you mam for your inspiring message. You
know joey, I can really feel the heat and rising pressure in this gymnasium and like other
hero fanatics, Im really excited to see our lovely candidates dressed like real heroes.
J: Me too Rona. I think we should not keep the agony of waiting! Ladies and
J & R: The candidates of Mr. & Ms. CEAFA 2015 in their hero-inspired costumes!
R: Let us all give a round of applause to our candidates. They really are heroes and
heroines in their own physique and you know what? Ive observed that our candidates
looked more than astonishing on their creative wear.
J: I agree. Well, looking at our stunning candidates, Id say it will definitely be a tough
day for them.
R: So before our tough day starts, let us all be entertained by the performances of
Syrene Saludez from the food engineering department, IE dancers and Mark Joboy
Cantos from the mechanical engineering department.
J: Thank you so much to our performers. This is just a glimpse of the roaster of talents
our college has to offer.
R: Thats right joey. And to show our deepest gratitude to the persons behind this
wonderful event, we would like to thank the following (sponsors and visitors)..........
Again, thank you so much! Weve only just begun, Joey. To give us more of what are
candidates prepared for this afternoon, ladies and gentlemen,
J & R: the candidates of Mr. & Ms. CEAFA 2015 in their production number!
J: Let us all give a round of applause to our candidates. They really showed that theyre
more than just a face as they grooved to the music.
R: now, its time for our first batch of special awards. Our first award is the best in hero
and heroine costume to be given by __________________________________. The
costumes of our candidates will be judged based on the originality, over-all appearance

and how well does the costume appearance supports this years theme which is about
heroes and heroines.
J: Our male best in costume award goes to.......... Congratulations candidate no. __.
R: And for our female best in costume award, we have........... Congratulations candidate
no. __.
Congratulations to our best in costume awardees.
J: The next award is the Mr. And Ms. Congeniality to be given by ______________. The
congeniality award is given to candidates who are judged by their peers to be the most
congenial, charismatic, and inspirational pageant participant.. Mr. Congeniality goes
R: and Ms. Congeniality goes to........... congratulations to our Mr. And Ms. Congeniality.
The third award is the best in casual wear to be given by ____________________.
Candidates are judged on beauty, poise, personality and stage presence in their casual
J: For our male Best in casual wear.........
R: Our female best in casual wear...........
J: Congratulations to our best in casual wear awardees. The last award for the first
batch of special awards is the Best in production number to be given by
________________________. The Best in Production Award is given to candidates
who excelled in showcasing their talent in their casual wear during their production
number.....Best in production number for the male is..
R: For female best in production number, we have candidate number..............
J: Congratulations to our best in production awardees! I believe that the competition is
getting tougher. To relieve the tension. Here are the second batch of intermission
numbers. Lets give a round of applause to (Archi Solo), EE dancers and Eugene
J: Once again. Let us give a big hand to our performers. (adlib) This competition will not
be complete without the persons responsible in choosing the worthy title holders of this
pageant, our distinguished panel of judges.
(Introduction of the panel of judges)
R: and for the criteria for judging........

R: (adlib) Moving on, lets all prepare for the next turn as our stunning candidates sizzle
on their swim wear. So, fasten your seatbelts, its going to be a bumpy ride!
J: Showing their voluptuous edges and curves. Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you.......
X & R: The candidates in their swimwear.
J: Absolutely captivating! Am I seeing models here or are they just really our fellow
R: You can never tell, Joey! These candidates really possess the bearing and poise as
they did the walk wearing those divine swim wear.
J: We will now proceed to the second batch of special awards. The first award is the
best in talent to be given by ____________________. (adlib) our male best in talent
goes to..........
R: for our female best in talent, we have....................... Congratulations to our best in
talent awardees!
J: Next award is the Mr. And Ms. Photogenic to be given by ________________. The
photogenic award is given to candidates whose headshots are judged by members of
the media for their photogenic appeal, beauty, warmth and personality projection.
R: Mr. Photogenic award goes to..............
J: Mr. Photogenic awad goes to................... Congratulations to our Mr. And Ms.
Photogenic awardees!
R: The third award is the Best in swimwear to be given by ___________________.
Each candidate will be evaluated on his/her overall commitment to his/her physical
health and lifestyle. For our male best in swimwear, we have....................
J: The female best in swimwear award goes to........... Congratulations to our best in
swimwear awardees!
Candidates, you may now proceed backstage. And for the third batch of students to
showcase their talents. Let us all welcome (archi duet), MESS dancers and Joanne
R: Again, let us give a big hand to our performers. (adlib) Lets all watch this.....

J: (adlib) And now, we will move on to the most astonishing and sophisticated part of
this competition.
R: Absolutely joey. Our male and female candidates will take the ramp to a degree of
burning elegance and blistering splendidness. Everyone, let us all welcome
J & R: The candidates in their long gown and formal wear.
J & R: (read profile)
R: Once again, the candidates in their long gown and formal wear. The stage right now
is burning with brilliance and majesty.
Citation of the official cotourier Louis Pangilinan Fashion Empire
J: We will now have the last batch of special awards. Our first award is for the Mr. and
Ms. Popularity to be given by ____________________. Mr. and Ms. Popularity Award is
given to candidates with the most number of votes from the general public through the
piso vote.
R: Mr. Popularity goes to
J: Ms. Popularity is Congratulations to Mr. & Ms. Popularity awardees.
R: The next award is the Designers choice award to be given by
____________________________. (adlib) our male designer choice awardee is...........
J: and for the female designer choice awardee, we have............. Congratulations to our
Designers choice awardees!
R: Our last special award is the Best in Formal Wear and Best in Long Gown to be
given by ______________________. Best in Formal Wear award is given to a male
candidate who looked best in his formal attire, as it gives him an elegant, dignified and
polished look while Best in Long Gown Award is given to a female candidate who
carried best her gown with poise, grace, and commanding stage presence.
J: Best in Formal Wear is
R: Best in Long Gown is Congratulations to the Best in Formal Attire & Best in Long
Gown awardees.

J: Congratulations to all the winners of our special awards! To serenade the candidates,
please all welcome, Mr. Tom Kevin Montillano.
R: Thank you Mr. Montillano for that wonderful song. And now, brace yourselves
because we are now down for the announcement of the Top 7.
J: The top 7 for the male and female candidates will advance to the final round of this
competition, the question and answer portion and eventually, one of them will be hailed
as Mr. & Ms. CEAFA 2015.
R: (top 7 male)
J: (top 7 female)
R: Ladies and gentlemen, our top 7 finalists.
J: At this moment, we will be having the question and answer portion. Candidates, as
we call your number, please proceed here at the center and pick the judges name who
will be giving you your question.
R: Questions will be repeated only twice so listen carefully.
J: And may we remind everybody to please observe silence as the judge is rendering
the question and as the candidate is answering to avoid distractions.
R: Thank you candidates. That was really tough. So to ease our minds and to set the
stage once again as they groove lets give it up for the performance from the CEAFA
J: You know what Rona in every pageant like this, there will always be a bid of goodbye
or farewell to last years titleholders. And I believe this is one of the emotional parts of
this event but the most inspiring one.
R: Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. and Ms. CEAFA 2014, Mr. Emmanuel Fernando Runio
and Ms. Kimberly Koleen Collado.

J: Once again, Mr. and Ms. CEAFA 2014. You guys really made our department proud
for having you as last years titleholders.
R: For the closing remarks, let us all welcome Engr. Paulina Macatangay.
J: Thank you Engr. Paulina Macatangay for that message. Are you guys ready for the
final wave of this pageant?
R: Once again, the candidates of Mr. & Ms. CEAFA 2015.
R: Congratulations to all the winners!
J: We are your hosts! Im Joey Espino
R: And I am Ronna DipasupilThis has been
J & R: The Search for Mr. & Ms. CEAFA 2015! Have a good night everyone!