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28 Lyrics by ON MY OWN ALAIN BOUBLIL, HERBERT KRETZMEI JOHN CAIRD, TREVOR NUNN & JEAN-MARC NATEL ‘Andante ( =72) D Em D Em Music by (CLAUDE-MICHEL SCHONBERG. PIANO D Em/D D Dick Bm E7 > pre-tend - ing he's be - sideme.—__ All a = lone, 1 walk with him til) the pave - ment shines like sil - ver. All the lights are mi ~ sty in the A AiGt G FIT Bm With-out him, T feel his arms a - round me. In the dark’ ness, the trees are full of star - light, Em Em/D wien I {ose my way I close my eyesand he has found me! all I see is himand me for ev- er and for i, Moc nd Lyris copyright © 1980 by Eons Masses Asia Boul, agli copyright © 18S by Alin Boul Mase Limited This areegetenr opsraht 1986 Alin Boubll Masi Limite, ere toed Aled. 29 BS Cmb5/Bb Bb BYA Gm BHF Bb Em B BT And, al = though talk-ing to my-self and notto him. I know thathe is blind, sul 1 = = s Am7 a F Gm/F But when the night is river's just c cB B A round me 30 Dm Gm Gm/F c chan-ges, The —_—trees.arebare, andevesry-where the streets are fullof —stran- 7 7 in 7 - F BOF FE FIE Dm Gr — him, But eve - ry-day I'm learn-ing—_ All my life, Tve on - ly been pre c cB Bb A Dm e With- out me, his world will go_on ta world that’sfullof hap-pi-ness that I have never known. Jove him, Gorrie F F/ES Dm rit, Bbm/D> a