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Portfolio Task 1 Deadline 13th April 2016

Effective assessment requires a clearly defined purpose. As a teacher, you must

ask yourself several important questions. In each section, be specific and include
exactly what you are going to say and do. Your task is to design an assessment
task for speaking using the framework provided.
What am I aiming
I want to assess my students ability to give directions in
to assess?
the city.
What do my pupils
need to know?

What prerequisite
skills do my pupils
need to have? (you
are not assessing
At what level do
my pupils need to
perform? (with
reference to the
requirements of the
Will it the same
level of
performance be
required of all my
pupils? (Consider
criteria for: all, most,
some pupils;
differentiate up and
What type of
knowledge is being
(reasoning, memory,
or process)
What are the exact
criteria for this
assessment task?
(be specific and refer
to the aim)
How will I score the

My pupils need to know the vocabulary connected with

giving directions: go straight on, turn right/left, etc., and
vocabulary connected with city infrastructure:
roundabout, traffic lights, names of different buildings,
My pupils already learned the names of buildings in the
city: shopping centre, bus station, airport, park, school,
library, cinema, clothes shop.

My pupils have to be able to give directions to two places

on the map. Each direction-giving will start from the
different place on the map.

The same level of performance is required of all my

pupils. The students have to give clear instructions, so
other students can follow them and arrive at the correct

The type of knowledge being assessed are memory and

reasoning find the route and be able to explain it to
other students.

For passing the task pupils have to give directions to two

places on the map. Each part must consist of at least 4
directions, e.g. go straight on, on the roundabout turn
left, take the second turn to the left, the shop is opposite
the school.
Points will be given for number of directions, as well as
for cohesion and coherence of the speech. Furthermore,
the correct guidance to the chosen place will be

How will I give


Feedback will be given to the students after their

performance, on the piece of paper.

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1) Each pupil uses the same map, which lays on the teachers desk, where the assessment
takes place.
2) Pupil is given first goal, as well as starting point.
3) Pupil guides the teacher towards the goal.
4) After successful guidance, pupil is given second goal and a new starting point.
5) Pupil guides the teacher towards the goal.
During the guidance, teacher takes notes on the pupils performance, which later
gives to the student.
During the assessment, pupils work on their own on additional tasks given by the
teacher, only one pupil is present at teachers desk.