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Civil Identity

What is it?
Introduction to Social Psychology
September 11th, 2001

Biopsychosociocultural Medical Model

Civil Identity










Martial Status


FOOTNOTE: To a lesser or greater degree of mental disability always coexists with any


physical disability and so it is therefore that with a mental disability, a physical disability or a
biochemical imbalance is coexistent-affecting/or effecting an individuals civil identity.

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Civil identity

* Ethnicity: Soviet-American
* Political Party: Libertarian Party
* Race: Semitic
* Color: Medium complexion
* Religion: Judeo-Christian
* Disability: None Known
* Gender: Male & Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

* Marital Status: Single/Never Married1

Introduction to Sociology: Soc101



1. Refers to an ethnic group; a

social group that shares a
common and distinctive culture,
language, religion, etc.1,
2. ethnic traits, a familys
background, cultural allegiance,
or association2, and
3. ..an expression of a particular
national family lifestyle in terms
of arts, humanism, and lifestyle.3
Dictionary of the New Sociology

Political Party:
Political Party refers to;
1. ..a membership in a
particular defined
political party.1
2. ..a political affiliation
with a socioeconomic
orientated group of
organized peoples.2
3. ..a political philosophy
that is distinctly towards
a political party.3
Dictionary of the New Sociology

Color usually refers to the color of the
familys+childrens skin. 1 In equally yoked
families-the skin color is consistent 2as is,...
(..but it can
also refer to -)
Hair color
Eye color3

Dictionary of the New Sociology

Race (or proper, racial constitution):
1. A group of people identified by
distinctive physical and/or genetic
features shared in common with
each other.1 - The scientific
biopsychosociocultural medical model
recognises race or (properly, racial
constitution) as a valid classification of
genetically similar individuals in a
distinctive collective group.1,2,3

2. A group of people united (or

classified) together on the basis of common

history, nationality, and geographic
providing where there is similar physical/ or
genetic characteristics. 2

3. A specific equallyoked (or equally

yoked) genealogical line; a family lineage.3

Dictionary of the New Sociology




A system of beliefs transmitted by a formal organization

that is in a book with a set of doctrine culminating in a
deity (God). Note: A true religion is based upon a moral
orientated doctrine-reveres God, life, sustains life, and
promotes a long life into an eternal after life, 1 and...
a service that is conducted in order to provide a specific
opportunity to worship God. Note: A true God in a true
religion-is intrinisically good; extrinsically right; and
always perfectly legal in terms of life.2
a commitment or devotion to particular faith or
observance of a personal set or institutionalized system
of attitudes, beliefs, and practices. (Note: it is does not
include anyone else and in whatever way it is manifestedwhether mentally or societially-nor does it hurt, harm or
damage the self or society.3
Dictionary of the New Sociology

1. is defined a physical or
mental impairment that
substantially limits one or
more major life activities1,
2. also, means having a
record of such an
impairment, even if no
disability exists,2 or..
3. it also refers to not having
a disability but are regarded
as having a disability.3
Dictionary of the New Sociology

Gender & Sex

Gender - is the state of being male (masculine), or
female (feminine) - typically used with reference to
biological differences.1
Sex is of one human biological species, referring
to either of the two categories (male and female) into
which humans are divided on the basis of their
reproductive functions. 1
Neuter refers to an actor whose behavioral,
cultural, or psychological traits are typically
associated with manifestation of a specific biologic
sex-usually for perverse sexual or deviant reasons. 1,
2, 3

Dictionary of Sociology/Mental Health Textbook

Marital Status & Other Terms:

Marital Status is a person's present state of ?
being either; single, married, separated,
divorced, or widowed.1
Pregnancy is a clinically verified condition or ?
period of being pregnant (it does not necessary
mean that if a menstrual period is missed it
means pregnancy). 2
Number of Children - is the number of
biological children in the legal care of parents. (It
is has also been loosely used to mean the total ?
number of children (& teenage minors) residing ?
in the household of the parents.3
Dictionary of the New Sociology

Equally Yoked
Refers to (Heterosexual)
couples who share the
same (or very similar) Civil
identities, including beliefs,
bonding in marriage,
practicing a lifestyle-who
are living in a multi-cultural
society are formally
considered equally yoked
Dictionary of the New Sociology


September 11th, 2001

Thank You
Civil Identity
What is it?
Sociology 101
September 11th, 2001

Used by Permission