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The Lord Is My Shield And Salvation

Psalm 3:1-8

b. The Lord is faithful to __________________________

our prayers.

Mac Williams, Pastor

November 1, 2015

"We need not _____________ a frowning world while we

rejoice in a prayer-hearing God." - Charles Spurgeon

1. __________________________ make us very aware of

how much we need the Lord.

1) The Lord can enable us to ___________________

well knowing that He sustains us.

a. The Christian life is a ___________________ against

many enemies--sin, self, satan, and the world.

2) The Lord can give us _______________________

to persevere even in the midst of threatening

b. Trials can be especially distressing when we know

that in part, they are a result of our own __________.

3) The Lord can break the power and restrain the

malicious intentions of His __________________.

c. When in despair, we need to ____________________

ourselves of the truths of what it means to be in
covenant with the Lord.

2. The Lord delights to ________________________ and

answer our prayers.
a. In adversity, we must be sure to pour out our heart to
the Lord in ______________________________.

"When God takes vengeance upon the ungodly, He will

smite in such a manner as to make them feel His
almightiness in every stroke. _____________ His power
shall be exercised in punishing and none in pitying. O
that every obstinate sinner would think of this, and
consider his unmeasurable boldness in thinking himself
able to grapple with Omnipotence!" - Stephen Charnock
3. Our prayers are directed to a God who delights in
_____________________________ His people.
a. Pray for God to __________________________ and
deliver us from our enemies.
b. Acknowledge to the Lord that your salvation from
beginning to end is all __________________ work.