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Greetings once again starlings.

Today's meeting consisted of the following:

The research project was discussed in further details. We arrived at a research question and revised the thesis
Research Question: To what extent did the colonization period and slavery impact the social,political and
economic legacy of Afrikans dwelling in present day Jamaica?
Working thesis statement: To obtain an exceptional understanding of the biological and cultural heritage of
present day Jamaicans through the examination of the African experience and presence under European rule
within the Jamaican society.
The research paper will also consist of 7 research purposes. These purposes highlight the main focal points that
the research project will want to uncover and we have divided the project accordingly. This means each member
will be focusing on a particular research purpose.
Here are the research purposes:
Purpose of the Research Slavery & Colonization
1to critically assess how Slavery was internalized by the Africans who were brought to Jamaica and how this
helped to mold the cultural heritage of the African population.
2 Identify the ways in which the system of colonization has impacted the cultral and personal identities of the
African descendants present day.
Decolonization & Systems left in Place by the Europeans.
3To examine the current state of our Jamaican affairs to determine whether or not We are truly independent
4To critically analyze the systems left in place by the Europeans under the guise of Decolonization. Eg.
Education System,Economic System, Justice System etc.
Cultural Retention of African Heritage
5how did the interaction of the europeans and the africans impact the biological make up of those in society to
6 To identify the main groups of Africans that were brought to Jamaica and to show the impact and legacy that
was retained by the larger population as a result of their presence.
7 To highlight the various aspects of Jamaican society that are heavily influenced by our African Heritage
Noxroy and Kristen. Numbers 1 and 3 are still available. You two will just choose which one you would like to
focus on.
The rest is already assigned as follows:
Yeza #2
Nikaila #4
Orville #5
Zuberi #6

Briscoe #7
A group calender was also drafted with the main events that we will embark on moving forward.
11th farm day
Next Sundays meeting Dvd night.
30th institute of Jamaica to start research.
24th Climate change walk
Blue lagoon trip with Life Yard *Date un finalized*
11-17 Restaurant week(Group date night)
Children's home 30th
25 BWS personal development day *yoga, meditation, health, healing*
31 Beach bonfire *vibez music food*
Long term trip: Next two years Trip to Brazil.

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