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Laurain 1

AJ Laurain
First Hour
Mrs. Hooper
24 February 2016

Julius Caesar Essay

Wars and bloodshed have occurred in history time and time again in the hope of bringing
about change in the world and to protect a nation's interests. Julius Caesar, a play written by
William Shakespeare, tells the story of Julius Caesar, the ruler of ancient Rome in 44 B.C., and
the plot to assassinate him before he is able to become a tyrant. The men who plan to kill him are
his closest friends and fellow leaders of Rome, who believe he must die before he causes the
great empire of Rome to fall into ruin. This also happens in the modern world, no less than 77
years ago, when Hitler held power over Germany. Just as people had to work against Caesar the
Allies had to work against Germany to make the world better proving that violence is necessary
to change the world. The events in Julius Caesar and the Allies action to handing Hitler show
that Violence and bloodshed are justified for the better of the world.
Cassius, another powerful man working alongside Brutus to bring down caesar, saw that
Caesar did not have the best intentions for the Roman people, willing to take the job into his own
hands to save Rome from its own fate. As Caesar was dying in the hands of Brutus he mutters
with his last breath, Et tu, Brute! Then fall, Caesar. (N/A). Brave people rose to the challenge
to bring the world to a new age, even risking being outcasted from their own people and when it
came down to things, even Caesar believed that if it was better for people of Rome then it was
better for him to fall rather than rule over Rome and cause the great nation to fall. Without the
rise of leaders to the call of bring a brighter future Rome could have fallen under one man. Their

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actions of killing the Tyrant of Rome ended up saving the blood of the people for the blood of
This phenomenon doesn't just happen and books this also occurs in world history. For
example, during World War Two a great and powerful Leader, Hitler, had taken control of
Germany. Not only did Hitler just use his power to kill thousands of people. He believed that he
was helping Germany grow to be a strong and respectful power once again. Even though to
outside sources Hitler seems nothing like a terrible man, but too many he was greatly respected.
Yet, once the Allies stepped up they were able to knock the Axis power ending World War Two.
Without great leaders to forward to take down a terrible force or leader, the world would never
advance and we would forever live in a dark age. This theme repeats repetitively in the history
of the world showing humans it is necessary to take out a powerful leader for the better of world.

People say that history tends to repeat itself, we see great leaders Conquer great lands and
rise to power before brave people knock them down to bring the world to a new age. Its so
common we see it time and time again in novels, text books, even our movies. The story of great
powers death leading to a new age is not a new story. Julius Caesar shows us how his fall would
bring upon a new day for the Roman people. While the the Allies bring down Hitler on the other
hand, shows that a fall of a powerful leader threw bloodshed and violence can bring the would
out of a dark time into a new one with hopes and dreams. Though bloodshed and violence is
frowned upon by many history prove that it is many times needed to change the world for good.