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Question 2

Engineer. What is engineer? Engineer is a person who involve in

developing economical and safety solution to practical problem. Many
people can be an engineer, but does engineers can be professional
engineer? There are many factors in order to get the title of professional
engineer. There are 6 major criteria that need to be obtain which are








recognized obligation. As a professional engineer, he or she needs to be

responsible to the environment and also community.

For this question, there is one case that needs to be solved as a

professional engineer. For this situation, one of my employees had an
accident during outside the working hour and at his home. He had been
worked for this company almost 15 years and having a good track record.
Due to that accident, he facing a heavy financial in debts and also he had
taken up second job in order to solve his financial problem. In fact, this had
affected his performance in my company and the quality of his work
become worst. As a professional engineer, I need to find a solution in order
to gain back his spirit.

In my opinion, best way to gain his spirit is motivate. As a

professional engineer, the management skill had been developed and
need to be used to solve this kind of problem. Base on the early theories
of motivating employee, there are 3 types of theories. The first one is
Maslows Theory of Needs. For this theory, it is applicable to all level of
employees. According to this theory, there are 5 level of the pyramid. This
theory would motivate employees. As long as the employees satisfied, this
theory is no longer used. For this case, an employee having trouble in
financial, so as manager or professional engineer, I should ask and discuss
with him about his problem. From that, I would know his problem and I will

try to solve the problem based on 5 hierarchies. It can be physiological,

safety, social, esteem, or self-actualization matter.

According to the second theory, which is McGregors Theory X and Y,

it said that, we need to retain Y generation because it is productive and
have potential credibility in work while X generation should be terminated
because of no responsibility in self. For this case, that employee having a
good track of record and give a good performance in work, so that I am as
professional engineer should motivate him and give my responsibility to
handle his problem.

The third theory is Herzbergs Theory of 2 factors. For this theory, it

comprises of two factors which is extrinsic and intrinsic. From the
employee point of view, he must be satisfy with his job because he may
complete at that time, meanwhile in extrinsic view, it is not sufficient
enough because he having a financial problem. From that, he took a
second job in order to pay all the debts. According to his performance in
work, I would suggest to increase the basic salary and from that, he is no
longer took a second job. In addition, the productivity of my company may
rose back.

In a company, the policy insurance should be provided to all staff

and employee. It is because, it may be used in emergency situation such
as in this case. The policy should cover to employee and also the
employees family. Some of the company in Malaysia, there is no insurance
policy to their staff. This would give the negative impact if there the
employee involve in accident. From that, the quality of the company may
drop and would be bankrupt.

In a conclusion, the motivating skill should be learnt by an engineer.

It is because, as an engineer, he or she is just not trying to solve the
engineering part but also a community problem. From my point of view,
from the motivation skill, we can be a professional engineer. It is because,
according to the engineering ethics and professionalism, the moral
communication and tolerance are the major factors and should be applied
to the future engineer.