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A BOY LADY MARMALADE BECAUSE WE CAN SPARKIENG DIAMOND RHYTHM OF THE NIGHT TouR SONG 32 CHILDREN OF THE REVOLUTION 36 ONE DAY LL FLY AWAY 42 DIAMOND DOGS 46 ELEPHANT LOVE MEDLEY 52 COME WHAT MAY 60 EL TANGO DE ROXANNE 65 COMPLAINTE DE LA BUTTE 4 HINDI SAD DIAMONDS 79 ‘This pubetion snot eutharisd for fein the United States of America ‘and/or Canada WISE PUBLICATIONS: NATURE BOY WORDS & MUSIC BY EDEN AHBEZ Em Play Freely wey tw — 0 ver land are wea a etl shy, md ae Em7 shuF ae ==. 2 fools and kes, ey be tod tan one dy, ae tour ao" aS Se — ae ele alae wl ae # eS Ss “Tho gt est a oan iF ge i rs fis he sad CS Has ee = Hes a decrese. 7 e = RE Frrin7 Fme phir em cris G7 c Fm ¢ Tea ae B aay BE S—sS + 3 - = sie be et = Z : re - ci Li. ti, yo es wo ne ned & ; h =. oS wee £ P =a Sega Z qj fe = Hi ed = 2 SF sept ass S 13 =| a nd o— = z ge ee aes LADY MARMALADE WORDS & MUSIC BY BOB CREWE ano KENNY NOLAN 1-110 Let me hear you flow, sis-ters. Hey sis-ter, go sis-ter Where’s all my soul — sis-ters? Finger-snap 7 sister, flow sister Hey sis-ter, go sister soul sister, flow sis - ter S 1. He cs Gm cs “FRE nc “ae "a strut-ting her stuff on the street.. ‘met Mar-ma - lade— down in old—— Mou-lin Rouge, (Werse 2 see block lyric) _—————?. ————- She said “Hel-lo, hey Joe, -youwan-na give it a go?” Git-chi, git-chi, ya ya, ———.. Gm = fe xe To Coda ® Cre - ole La - dy ‘Vou-lez-vous couch-er av = ec moi ce = soir? Vou-lez-vous couch-er av- ec moi?. ——E — om — 2. He Vou - lez - vous couch - er av - ec — moi—_ Spoken: He come through with the money and the garter-belts, let ‘em know we got their cake straight out the gate. We independent women, some mistake us for whores. I'm saying why spend mine when I can spend yours? Disagree? Well that’s you and Tm sorry. rm-a keep playing these cats out like Atari, wear high-heeled shoes, get love sis = ter, soul from the Jews. Four sis = ters; Spoken: We drink wine with diamonds 4 in the by the cease, the meaning of expensive taste We wanna “SE xc : ——— : a al a gitchi gitchi ya, ya, ‘Mocha chocolata. Cre - ole La - dy Mar-ma - lade Gm Gaust Mar - ma Jade, ______ 3. Touch of her Nerve 4 see block Isic skin feel-ing silk ~ y = —— es = > 5 : = rae a Ss eS smooth, — col-our of ca =f au lait. 5 é ow Bearer ree SSE EES a - | 7d f = 4 Zs Z 7 7 amas 2PD%.alCoda OCoda Gu? ! More! Sj Gm er — 7 f —— : Se =] Vou - les - vous couch-er av = ec moi? « (ad lib, vocal) {ad ti. vocal) (ad lib. vocal) See Verse 2: He sat in her boudoir while she freshened up Boy, drank all that magnolia wine (All) her black satin sheets ‘Swear he started to freak, yeah. Verse 4: ‘Now he’s back home doing nine to five Living a grey-flannel life But when he tums off to sleep, memories keep... More! More! More! BECAUSE WE CAN WORDS & MUSIC BY NORMAN COOK 4.98 Ge 5 > ae, Spas . Be-cause we can can can. Yeswe can, can, can, cam, can, can, can, can, jane See Pe Z Z a Z Ho - ho. e Ee Ev-‘ty-bo-dy can - To = bg: se ‘can, You can can, can, can. ao bat = = 7 You can can, can, can oe Se SS 5 = = ee eee 3 = 3 pK —— i Yes you can, can, can, can, can, can, can, can, — ee “ANS (SSS =p eS] 7 Ho -ho,— Ho - ho. Ho - ho. Ey-"ry-bo-dy can - can! yeah, yeah, — yeah, a a ee SS] Df Sp dD SSS SS SS -can, Be-cause we can can-can, Be-cause we Be-cause we + al 4 f I SSS or ee ee SPARKLING DIAMONDS ‘SEE PAGE 83 FOR COMPLETE SONG TITLES AND WRITER/COPYRIGHT DETAILS cae SS ag et SSS SS on he hand may te bt da-mands ae 8 gifs best fist maybe ganda @__ wont pay teen = fala yur turn = Bett ° a a iy ee eS pS growed Bm E13 A BIA A Siasronds a a gets test ‘ted BIA A BIA Thee may come.a tne whana —lasneode lawyer tu E Bm = = There may come a time when a hard-to employe ks youre A DA (owt ie) bug that ce or ele no ie He ie yor gy when socks ae hg aoe ayayiot —avick—_oIet h ff & on ale Uae ee, apple BmA qr 2 + i» ~—— -— ——————— = i aS —; ie = = — vet amends aegis te ve ft - = E as = — LF (Sample Break) ‘couse ats when tose mus = es 90 azict Dire em ta beck to her pms-es__ damon we RHYTHM OF THE NIGHT WORDS & MUSIC BY DIANNE WARREN J.128 NC co nights | —— 7 = S Yt r 5 Dis = co nights, Dis = co nights. — i _ —— 2 S75 @ SS aa eee ’ pyr ? Te gees eprr rye) ‘Yeah. ae ‘Yeah,| — ‘Yeah. SE = a Sars. soe SF ee a = Sfp f And its called the Mou - lin Rouge ont Dis co nights Dis- co nights Dis co nights. — wz == BoE Sos z = tats at ss eiprt + 7 a1 a il = = 7 y Yeah Yeah a ae 7 oe od the thy - thm of — cin " He petits SSS : 5 . For-get a-bout the wor - ries on—— your mind, — —S——, = = 2 f —— Debt a= = = ce = SS = * oe eae a ae ch cémirt B ae Get the beat of the thy = thm ofthe night. $f ee ee = $ © - eat SSS . ee z = i < ton came “ee = = a eee et . For- get about the wor - ries on— your mind. (Verse 2 see block lyric) SSS ps = L.Whenit feels tke Cee ell eel ra SSS hoa = . = wow ee ww ies. time to geo out step out into the — set = = — ee where all of pataty == = See the ac - tion B _— ana 3 a = Z oe ee o ece ee E a Ss ee is right there at your feet. Well 4S — — : — —— = Sa ee - - ee oe 7 —— — a SHS I know a place where «= we can night a- way, ae 7 y= —_-_ a 2 SS e we * e se gt se and it's called. =e Just come with Zo * you'll think shake your blues right. vA HH you'll be do-ing fine. fonce the mu- sic starts Ht i = ; +. — 2S (Get the beat of the shy - thm of the night.) Dance un - til the mom - ing light. (For-get_ about the wor - ries on— your mind.) We can leave them all be - = hind, (Get the beat Oh, the thy - thm of the night. (For-get_ about the wor - ries on— your mind.) We can leave them all be ge 7 SSS Ooh la, la, Ia, Ia, ta, la, a, la La, — Ja. Ooh ta, — la la =—— 2 7. = . a —————————————— SS fs (Spolen Spanish) e 8 aa ae ag Tiss =e e And it’s called the Mou - lin Rouge. i k oe ea == od] ee We can leave them all_ be - “wed > = ———— ——— 1 real-ly got the rhy - thm of __ the night. Leave— them all be - a oe ee es SS SS eae t sy Night Oh, wan - na feel the thy = thm, Verse 2: Look out on the street now, the party's just beginning ‘The music's playing a celebration song Under the streetlights the scene is being set A night for romance, a night you won't forget. So Come join the fun, this ain't no time to be staying at home ‘The Moulin Rough is going on, yeah ‘Tonight is gonna be a night like you've never known We're gonna have a good time the whole night long Oh yeah YOUR SONG WORDS & MUSIC BY ELTON JOHN ano BERNIE TAUPIN Gm Bb F cre Dm Play freely : i P f Gm Bp Cre Bb i IH ii He = eet ee vet Pea ee if tat sige sng, — layboquie sin-ple bl now atts done Hoge youdont rind, IRopyeusont ig ‘rat putdownin wads tow won det = fi Me row yout into Dm c Arce Om & Gm c Bbc C7 oe @ i i & & bul meee tings one BbMaj7 FIC # i t g = SS eee Ite you seo ve fongitten if feye geen ot eye tn, ht wo ees wz ATICE Dm ce fa &. B _ sas BE = = = Fredy mean yours are the snct-ost eyes, he rs, ay Se Ina ss your sg, ——— Ihmay be gute silos, fon tats sore} (Ewan) 26 you contol ov « arto = oy 2 nay ee sinpe tsetse — "eres igi FS £ 2 2323 E sess yoy Dmric c BHC oom Gre BbMair tm oF H RE ae Hope you dor ind, |__ hane yoda rid at I puldown won, How won der ie te GmiF CIF CHILDREN OF THE REVOLUTION WORDS & MUSIC BY MARC BOLAN driving Em D Em D Em DEm D Em DEm DEm G Em Wat you can Sim. throughout a But you f Cc A D Em D Em D Em G Em i He a REE REE B a _ES En t so S—= = B 3 al ir “a Par vi A GIB 48 Jo Chikdan of the 1 v0 - chdrn of he re -- | hee a) ca = daa = dan, Em D Em DEm DEm DEm DEm G D i] i ne] ana eae oe ce iy ft ; eee # a | . ‘wont fool the chi-cran of the fe wo- . on, 0, you wont fool________ the rs fe = _—— $ S = . Se Og “p—Pitiitsi sii 3 a he 2 = 7 o = hid of the e909 - fhe ciicen of thee vob A cB c Ky mot yeucan Wy to foolembalihe tre yeu nent mate k ot @ he Em DEm DEm D Em D Em D Em 0 EM G Em Em Em D Em DEm DEm GS Em | 8 doa = dindsa = dan = daa a daa ONE DAY r'LL FLY AWAY WORDS BY WILL JENNINGS, MUSIC BY JOE SAMPLE e Play freely 8 EmB chm7i6 B 8 EmB B Ghsus4 Gin Cin Fe = £ 3 See ve he day mh ty ay, leave at ew sce - oie ore en he ane coe m7 i ———— . = ee = e ae “ aS ese wa ree coud youre fer me, nen wow, rough with me, Wy Wee Bmore Bmair# Emg if Brva Ae 9 3 9 3 A cae f= Chaim Dmg DIAMOND DOGS WORDS & MUSIC BY DAVID BOWIE ee SS eS SS Seve ever Reve eee Weseeeee Gm \ : = : . r= = a eee ee ° 1. As they pulled you out of the ox y-gen tent we'll (Verse 2 see block irc) = ; ——: I = = aa a 7 J SSS Ft E 3 oe oe rt SS CS SS SS FE g — - SS Sa ree Pr = SS aS oe - oe + ¢ * oo L- i 3 j © = —— - eee ins ha a pe'you was Tad Browning's freak yoo was Dob — (= ee SS | crawl-ingdown the al- ley on your handsand your knees. Tm és = — : oe ee GS te ee Se SS ; oe ee ew Ems) ty & es SS © plain to. see the —dia-mond dogs are vul-tures and they hide be-hind tees. a 2 oS ae | SSS — SS Peg a a a eee i —= ae = a a er — = a Hunt you to the ground they will man-ne = quins— with kill. ap "peal Here "they come,— = SSS SS Se == i neon oe we Oy cone ae PSS SS @ 5} d 2 aS — o= == ES = Well, she's come and been gone. SS = a we call them the dia - mond dogs. — a= we : LT i. fd 6! S==F # = pos Them girls: — we S Gm “G call them the dia - mond dogs. — Y___ SS Beers fooees fy teeter eee § * oe = = — — Call them the dia - mond dogs. — —— taeee ie ides é ms ol 4 Verse 2 In the year of the scavenger, the season of the bitch Sashay on the boardwalk, scurry to the ditch Just another future-song, lonely little kitsch ‘There's gonna be sorrow try and wake up tomorrow for Hallowe'en Jack is a real cool cat He lives on top of Manhattan Chase ‘The elevator’s broke so he slides down the rope ‘On to the street below, oh Tarzan go man go. Here they come etc. ELEPHANT LOVE MEDLEY ‘SEE PAGE 88 FOR COMPLETE SONG TITLES AND WRITER/COPYRIGHT DETAILS Freely HE: a SHE: Tove is a many splendoured thing. Love lifts up up where we belong. Pease don't start that again, All you need is love. All you need is love ; SHE: HE: sur: bre 2 z — te: <== ——=. Le — __ Aginthasgottoeat... All you need is Jove — Or she'll end up on Ce ve is love. —___ Love is just a game, All you need the streets atempo 1.184 (23 A Ghin HE: Twas made for lov - ing you, ba - by; you were_-—smade— for lov - + ing me, The on - ly way of lov Slower ea HE: Just ‘There's no way, “cause you can’t in thename of, ii fone night! pay! — In ing me, ba - by, the Even slower ce aE name to pay— Ft tee ul Pn GH nc Hae _ HE: ae — = = ==> = === = SS == ae won't give in to you, Don't leave me this. way. 1 can’t sur noe ne cs Fm pL ati @ @ 3 s Ss = + — ed e an | = vive with-out your sweet love. Oh _ baby, don't eave me this Bsus? Be a You'd think that peo - ple would have love songs. = Erma Gm’ 2 By 'R arnt it is-n't 0, (Spoken: Oh, no!) Some peo-ple wan-na_ fill the with silly a poco rit “ love songs. Well, what's wrong with that, — 2-150 E E/G# A ep ae lives a+ way. for one hap - py day! We canbe he ~ 2 Slower 1.132 = oes just forone day. You, you will be mean, B a oe, = = re =i ve a pot rei ene (Spoken: No, 1 won't!) ea a seed ae iin reer He Emaj? oe es Pdirdip eos gl SHE: us . thy : ——- === Ge == We should be lov ~ ers.— ERLE fa TMNT Se Dg Peas FASS Ema? ae eve tee eee — 2 a tte = 4 a= t ESS =e : that. We should be lov - + ers,——___ and that's a eee gree Pay C (ca Po PEAGEAET GGANEE Of SESEREEE SEEEEEEE teeeee (ous pee SS SSS SSeS eee ee teeeee eeeeeo ee tbe sue: Gite aS ei =e gett — ———— oe Feit tea aT atiitiaa PP eee ees le Pitiiiiiiiiiip Ama? mere : ie ‘HE: (SS a will keep us (0 - ge-ther. We could steal time, _____ "ray vse TFT sr on = = seas Hae ia | sa a= ys iat = We could be - 7 - 6 zi ripe ce Preeti AS wot sy 2 ——— = ——— == SS SSS SS 6 6 ¢ et ee 6 ee pa ate aoe EE Ee ca ee : SS ee ——s 6. —— a a << ot ros for cree and even ener Zia a 4 4 raed o Anda? bees ==: Ey SSeS SS | = We could be he = woes for everand veer, le tape aS es add” a FB poco ra = We could be oo just be-cause 1.60 * Di Bhm o Ab De Bim o Ae 2 a ce Boge ae —3— will al-ways love you. TIL al-ways love Freely — ro SHE: How wonder - ful life is, now you're in the world. Ds Gm Di Gm Gina ch De Ea Sf Gf. EEE Ee om om om — ae be COME WHAT MAY WORDS & MUSIC BY DAVID BAERWALD FIC (orm) Neve ta 1 cout tol the Me ener see © Emp Am Dsus4 D FMaj7 vant fan = erty day love you ees 5 = & = = = = Us ony om —| c GiB Am cs ny ise cis 6 ¢ ars Am Ed it He ane SSS aS = a 3: = a + 4 mt soe yor Soe on a om comm what come vt ay. 1 wih foe yeu an ny s wae 8 per = fet ple. Suddenly t moves wih sucha gor = fet grace, (amon) suddenly mye dos «mt _ seem — Am op : i = as (veo) sed aren run = wn 80h, ro Csust c IB PiSaann ts Het sing cut this snp ant TH be thee ty. your aie, Wieole | bow you n-th the tnd ee EE neg =S 3 he 2B ei te Dsust oe D ce ce : a os £ = = + wl love you EL TANGO DE ROXANNE SEE PAGE 88 FOR COMPLETE SONG TITLES AND WRITER/COPYRIGHT DETAILS SSS aes q tempo (J- 108) 1 7 —3j— a ae 3 SS oe a= Sa ‘gan FRR a Ee Ey “a fa a SSS = SSA abrig fi¢ aif Dab : Rte een Sar Fe ist Cm Cm Cm Ch —_ S5=== el walk the streets for mo - fr’ aid rt == Gm @ é . Gm SS === SS a You don't care— if a i's wrong— or of it is right Rox - eA so oma |i ue === a) Gm 5 Gm “2 "EE aE — ef —— SS SS wear that dress - ight ie E iaf “Be i ‘ —3 “set SSS = —_ é — ~ 7 a = L sell your body 0 the nigh is ayes ie re i [= SS55e = bt om —————— ees nt sre de SSS SS on your face, his hand up - on your hand, Es) E Cm Dt “ea “se Em BB) Bu) Be fo S Be 5 Be s + a * = = 3s xe 4. ae 1 — =. 2 == NE Dies ° = e: = can't fight? Why does my heart ey, COMPLAINTE DE LA BUTTE [MUSIC BY GEORGES VAN PARYS, WORDS BY JEAN RENOIR ENGLISH TRANSLATION BY BERNADETTE COLOMINE F Ame Dm? oe, cr FE Ame be i a bléme pose un. (Verse 2 see block lyric) Dav Ebdim or, Gmup EC! “EE Gm co C78: “ £ a Tu = ne trop rousse de gloire & - la ~ bousse ton ju - pon plein F BIE Bait co F Fle Dui Etim gue gmp “ae ga, Prin - cesse de la CG FE mon coeur bles = sé The stairways wretch -ed sigh, while wind ~ mill wings of The Mou - | stim shel - ter you de ea eeeeeeemeeenrrmerneee ee 2gMia ep Gte an cl F Amie gmp Bm Bem/ab G76) c F FE = iets. de la Bue. - -& sont dur aux mi ~ sé - eux. — Dn? FE FT Bhw/F BhnsiF = Les ai = es des mou - fins pro = ta - emt les a= = = mour : eux. Verse 2: ‘Ma petite mandigote Je sens ta menotte Qui cherche ma main Te sens ta poitrine Etta taille fine Foublie mon chagrin. Je sens sur tes Ievres Une odeur de fidvee De gosse mal nourri Et sous ta caresse Je sens une ivresse Qui m'anéantt. HINDI SAD DIAMONDS ‘SEE PAGE 88 FOR COMPLETE SONG TITLES AND WRITER/COPYRIGHT DETAILS 4110 xe ei pS =p = = z = . She is mine! Lon = ly speak the ruth 1 on = ly speak the iH 4 f « “ bt E 5 truth. 1 on = ly speak the truth, Ton - ly speak the truth. on - ly speak the on = ly) Cham - ma, a — Mase 1 sven t a —_—— SS 6S SSS Se —— 5 So tite cere Sasa cfteste ee eie ey i nw ge Ses cee : sieesieiitii a t pp DOO Os 2 nen = eee fra a aS ni, sa shokays. oh. wi. Cham ~ ma Ne optional add octave te — | _| ===. ; = oe ee SS = cham - ma, ay cham- ma, cham - ma Cham - ma, SSS SS SS SS e ccham ~ ma, ny oni = onion may © ay © ay cham~ ma, cham - ma, ee. ad lb, vocal potyty ——S eB : = eS == ot = —S === = —— = ve a « e e a ga : oi SSS dete ; 6 : fee ES f = Nit sho no = == — - : Qt SS SS SS re 7 SSS Las jee eee ig ee a a ee ee ee ee ee a ee ee a5te = : 2S] Ge or © sa sho kays oh wi sa sho kays ah na ja 2 sr f+ + 2 =| efte— vateeieets intestate y's ee ee eS ee i gigtatp stg! ag hi ‘tees _———— —_———— os = 1 . 2 Dei gat —=— SSS te seve ut sats vant rae 414 #8" Steleateeaies! vevey . “wt erie oe clagiogte veestereetteater'eat ns aaa geatas ut He eecee Ae 2 oie F = ie oe EECA Sa wy Peet ee ee girs — — == Lot fees 18 aes nh optional ad oi SS = Fs a= == 4 3 22 of ep o ce oe go = charms inthe end 2 en a aS 2 =a : —— a — 5 ea eS ose ee ee ee teed e _——— : = — : = = ] Spoken: She is mine She is mine