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Trkiye Scholarships

1. Please write the subject on which you plan to work in a postgraduate program in

Beside the great interest and passion I have for the field of International Relations, World
Politics, International Security, Middle East Studies, this also represents for me a
professional objective making it possible for me to work in in a field that represents a lot
to me.
I decided to apply for subjects that are very important to me and with this scholarship
program I can focus on continuing my studies and research for International Relations on
topics such as Middle East Politics, European Studies, Geopolitics, International
Organizations, Diplomacy, International Law, Ethics, Issues of Foreign Policy and History. I
have a great interest in how international organization try to resolve conflicts, create new
policies and how all this relate to each country. Understanding how politics and
international security is done around the world is another reason I have decided to apply
for International Relations and related departments for this program.

2. Please specify importance of the subject you tend to work on, your background
related to subject and what your contribution will be.
Since my first year of my university I have been very engaged in the subject of
International Relations, by joining university conferences, special workshops with topics
like International Security, International Organizations, European Union Policies, and
European Union Project Management. I also had the change to present essays on
discussion panels on subjects like International Relations Theories, World Economy,
Political Ideologies, and European Organizations.
Currently I am getting ready to present my bachelor thesis on the Israeli Palestinian
conflict, The Middle East being one of my favorite topics of discussion, because a lot of
people have different views and solution for such a fascinating and important region. For
me its very fascinating to see and analyze how an event from one continent can affect the
world with such an impact.

3. If there are any prominent universities or academicians in Turkey concerning your

case study, please provide information about them.
Turkey is an excellent choice for me to do my masters in International Relations, because
its a melting pot of the world, connecting Europe and Asia, with the people and culture of
such different regions its an incredible place to experience multiculturalism. For
International Relations student is an amazing opportunity to have a great education
provided by excellent universities in Turkey such as Istanbul University, Bogazici University
and many others while also having the chance to experience International Relations and
multiculturalism firsthand in the streets of Turkey.

During my Erasmus time in Turkey I had the chance to meet incredible people inside and
outside of the academic field and expand my horizons and hopefully understand it more.

4. Please provide information about your plans after completing your post-graduate
Since this isnt just my favorite discipline, its also my passion, being very
interested in pursuing a career in the field of International Relations after
completing my postgraduate study. I strongly believe that this scholarship program
and excellent university studies can help me in achieving my goal. Having the
chance to develop myself even more with this postgraduate study, I will look for a
job in an international organization where I can apply all the information I have

5. Please express the reasons for your department/program of study preferences and
briefly explain how your educational background relates to your preferences

Having studied International Relations during my bachelor degree and having

such an incline to all subjects related to this field, it is only natural for me to
apply for departments that I find interesting and have a passion for.


Why turkey
For me as an international student, Turkey has a lot to offer: high quality education
and a very multicultural population, lively cities and beautiful landscapes and
many cultural events. Living and studying in Turkey will definitely help me
develop as a person and a student.
Turkey has become a center for economic growth and political stability in the
region. Turkey has one of the fastest growing economies in the world, is a member
of g20 with impressive economic development, and important member in NATO.
Also Turkey is very important partner to Romania, both politically and
economically. Outside of the European Union, Turkey is Romanias largest partner
in exports and 11th in imports, with a trade volume of 6 billion euros. On the other
side, Romania supports Turkeys bid for European Union membership.

As an Erasmus student in Turkey I have had the chance to experience the education
style in Turkey and was very happy to see that I has a more dynamic approach. The
teachers engage the students and motivate them while also being open to the
feedback of students, making very enjoyable courses.
Turkey has excellent universities, known worldwide, with very interesting study
programs. For me as an international relations student, I know that whenever
theres something happening on in the middle east, Turkey is the first country you
have to look to for an analyze of the situation. Because its a leading model of
democracy and stability in the region. For me, it would be amazing to study in
Istanbul, having the chance to live and study in a city so rich in history, culture and
diversity. Universities such as Bogazici, Istanbul University and many others have
great reputations and it would be an honor for me to be part of such learning

My name is Alexandru Ilie, from Bucharest Romania. I am a student doing my
bachelor degree in Interernational Relations at Titu Maiorescu University in
Bucharest. I
I would describe myself as a very determined and highly motivated person. I do
take my job seriously but Im able to see things in perspective and believe Im
quite easy-going to work with. Im an optimist rather than a pessimist but Im
also a realist and I cope well when the going gets tough; Im very good at finding
solutions to problems. Above all, I would say Im a positive and enthusiastic
person and I relish a challenge.

A team player, hard-worker, determined- PROS

Debating on subjects too much, try to be involved in everything .

Turkey member of nato

World trade organization
United Nations ( lost seat for security council 2014 to spain and new Zealand)
Council of Europe
Organization for security and cooperation in Europe
Black sea economic council
In negotiations with EU since 05, associate member since 63