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Year 19 ~ Issue 3

March 2016


welcomes you to their

Saturday 5th March
10.30am to 12noon
in the Victory Hall
Raffle, Cake Stall, Plants

Coffee and Simnel Cake


Come along with your parents and/or carer
to hunt for Easter Eggs in the parish
churchyard on
SATURDAY 26th MARCH at 2.30pm
Registration will be in the church and the hunt will be
around the churchyard, or inside the church
if the weather is unsuitable.
After the hunt there will be hot cross buns, drinks, and
craft activities in the ARK.
There is no chargedonations for
refreshments will be welcome.
All profits will be given to
the Childrens Society
Caroline Gilpin will be pleased to take your
Contact her on 01363 83674 or email
Organised by the Yeo Valley Christian Fellowship,
Lapford Congregational Church and
the Friends of St Thomas of Canterbury Church
Lapford Lookout

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Useful Telephone Numbers

Emergency numbers ~ 999 or 112
Crimestoppers ~ 0800 555 111
Police Non-emergency number ~ 101
Dog Fouling/Fly Tipping 01884 255255
Our Local Beat Manager is PC Keith Bradshaw
with PCSO Dave Waring assisting.
NHS number for non urgent medical needs ~ 111
Crediton Ring and Ride Co-Ordinator ~
01353 773303


Monday 9.00 - 13.00
Tuesday 13.00 - 17.00
Friday 9.00 - 13.00


Write to:

Jeanne Whittaker
Sunnyside, 22 Orchard Way,
Lapford, Crediton,
EX17 6PR

By hand:

(01363) 83068
Use the box in The Orchard Centre
or the Editors letterbox

Deadline for inclusion in the next issue: 6 pm on the 14h March for inclusion in April 2016 issue
Contributions are welcome, to be used at the Editors discretion.
The views in this newsletter do not necessarily represent the views of the editorial team.
All information in this newsletter is copyright
and may not be reproduced without the permission of the Editor.

Christians Together in Lapford welcome you to:

The Parish Church
On the first, second and third Sunday of each month, at 9.30am,
Lay led Morning Prayer followed by coffee
4th Sunday at 9.00am, Common Worship Eucharist
5th Sunday at 10.30am Mission Community C W Eucharist - Venue to be posted on Church notice board
Contact: The Reverend Lindsey Starrs - Tel: 877221 - Please avoid her day off (Friday)
Churchwarden - Sheila Stoneman - Tel: 83610
The Congregational Church
Services every Sunday 11.00 am and 6.30 pm
(Childrens Club and Crche every Sunday)
Mid-week Meetings Tuesday 2.30 pm and 7.30 pm plus others as arranged - see Church Newsletter
Contact: David and Vivien Bulley - Tel: 83374
Peter and Viv Lacey -Tel: 884230
Yeo Valley Christian Fellowship
Meets every Sunday morning at 10.30 am in the Victory Hall
(Live Wires meet each Sunday in the Committee Room at 10.45am)
4th Sunday of the month is Family Service
Tuesday at 7.30 pm and Wednesday morning at 10.30 am there is Bible study in a house group
Contact: Briony Clinch - Tel: 83666
All the Churches welcome everyone to any of their services and social events.
We look forward to fellowship with you.
Lapford Lookout

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March 2016

April 2016


Parish Council Meeting, 7.30pm, Orchard Centre.


Parish Council Meeting, 7.30pm, Orchard Centre.


South Molton Jubilat Singers,

Wembworthy Church, 7.30pm


Eggesford Foxhounds, point to point, Upcott Cross

Pony racing 12noon, 8 race card 1.00pm.


Parish Church Spring Fayre

10.30 to 12noon, Victory Hall.
Clean for the Queen, Orchard Centre, 10.00am.
Lapford Voluntary Car Aid Coffee Morning, the ARK.


Over 60s trip to Dartington Crystal & Atlantic Village


Copy deadline 6pm for Lapford Lookout.


Eggesford Hunt Pony Club Open Hunter Trial

Southcott, Winkleigh.


Lapford Over 60s AGM


Victory Hall Committee AGM, 7.30pm.


Revel Committee, 7.30pm, Orchard Centre


Friends of Lapford School. Jumble Sale, Victory Hall.


Queens Birthday Celebration meeting

7.30pm, Orchard Centre.


Copy deadline 6pm for Lapford Lookout.


Lent Lunch


Horticultural Society Spring Show.


Village Market, Victory Hall. 11am to 1pm.

Easter Egg Hunt, Parish Church, 2.30pm


Lapford Over 60s, talk by Judith Izzard from Save the


Churches Together
Invite you to join them
On Wednesday 16th March
for a Lent Lunch
at the Victory Hall 12.30 for 1pm lunch
Donations of pairs of socks and tinned food
would be greatly appreciated
All donations going to St Petrocs in Exeter
There will also be the opportunity to find out more about the
Lapford Foodbank in the ARK



Lent Course
A course of five sessions on the Psalms Prayers
for todays Church, written by Bishop Stephen
Cottrell. There is a C.D. and transcript and course
booklets for every participant. You will need to
bring a bible.
The Course starts on Thursday 18th February and
each Thursday until Thursday 17th March at 2.30
p.m. We have kindly been offered the use of the
ARK. as a venue.
VICTORY HALL AGM, Monday 7th March in the
Victory Hall Small Room, 7.30 p.m., all are welcome to
attend. Please bring your ideas for the future.

Mon-Fri Saturday
Woodland Cottage
3.00 p.m. 7.30 a.m.
Industrial Estate
9.00 a.m. 7.00 a.m.
4.45 p.m. 10.15 a.m.
Orchard Way
9.00 a.m. 7.00 a.m.
4.30 p.m. 10.15 a.m.
Morchard Road
5.00 p.m. 11.15 a.m.
In addition, items left at the Post Office during
opening hours will be posted that day via North
Lapford Lookout


FRIDAY 4th MARCH at 2.30pm
Speaker Mrs KATHRYN COLE from Exeter
Tea and biscuits will be served after the Service

The Parish Church In March 2016

Sunday 6th

Mothering Sunday, 9.30am Lay led

Morning Prayer followed by the
distribution of posies, coffee and Simnel cake.
Sunday 13th Lent 5 Passion Sunday
Lay led Morning Prayer
Wed 16th
10.30am Book of Common Prayer, Holy
Sunday 20th 9.30am Palm Sunday, Lay led Morning Prayer
and distribution of Blessed Palms.
Thurs 24th Maundy Thursday
Eucharist, followed by stripping of the altar
Friday 25th Good Friday:
2.00 to 3.00pm Meditation on the cross
Sunday 27th Easter Day, Celebrant: Revd John Copus
Common Worship Eucharist
Tues 29th
Annual Parochial Church Meeting
Presentation of the accounts
Election of Churchwardens
Annual Parochial Church Meeting
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JANUARY Weather:
Our third warmer than average month in a row, and this
time a very wet one too.
The mildest day was the 24th with a maximum of 14.6
C, a new record for here in January. The coldest day
was the 19th with a high of just 4.5 C. The coldest night
was on the 20th with a minimum of 3.4 C.
Total rainfall was 151.7 mm (5.97), some 50 mm
wetter than average. The wettest day was the 1st with
28.0 mm (just over an inch). I recorded only two
completely dry days all month, thats why its so wet!
The windiest day was the 26th with a gust of 51 m.p.h.

Andy Epstein

St Boniface Vets ask

Did you know, by 6th April 2016, all dogs in the UK must be microchipped
by law?
The Microchipping of Dogs (England) Regulations 2015 requires all dogs over the age of 8 weeks of age to be fitted with a
microchip from 6th April 2016. In order to be compliant the microchip must be correctly registered with the keepers contact details.
Over 100,000 dogs are picked up by local authorities each year and less than half of these dogs are re-united with their owners.
Dont let this be your dog! A microchip is the most effective way of ensuring you are reunited with your pet should he or she go
missing. If a stray dog is found, the vet practice or local authority, can use the unique number encoded on the microchip to find the
owners details on the national database.
Unfortunately, many owners forget to update their pets
microchip details when they move home or change their
telephone number rendering it useless. Remember, in order to
remain compliant with the new law your dogs microchip
information must be kept up-to-date.

Have your children or grandchildren ever lost their precious

cuddly companion?

As part of our Microchip Awareness Campaign, we are also

offering you the opportunity to get your teddy bear, cuddly or
soft toy microchipped to ensure he/she always makes a safe
Implanting a microchip is a low risk procedure and takes return home!
seconds to perform. The microchip, which is about the size of a
grain of rice, is implanted, using a sterile needle, under the skin For every toy that is microchipped,
St Boniface Vets will make a
between your dogs shoulder blades.
contribution to the RD&E Neonatal
Unit; where several St Boniface
We have a special promotion running up until the 6th April
You can get your pet microchipped for 10.00 inc VAT per babies had a helping hand in their
1st few days of life.
If your pet is not yet microchipped, please give us a call on If you would like to take part, please
01363 772860 and get your pet microchipped before the call the practice on 01363 772860
and book an appointment today.

Lapford Lookout

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Crediton Museum
& Heritage Centre
The Old Town Hall, High Street, Crediton

Transport through the ages

The exhibition to be held at Crediton Museum in
2016 is on Transport. We are keen to learn about
the experiences of as many local people as possible
in travelling around and/or transporting goods
from place to place over the years. In particular we
would like to borrow for the display any vehicles
of whatever kind or other items relating to
transport, people might be able to loan us.
If you would like to be involved or think you
can help,
please contact David Nation on
or at

Dog Fouling
I'm not sure how many people would know that
dogs' 'mess' can cause blindness if it gets into the
eyes! I know of at least two people who, as
children, accidentally managed to become victims
of this. If kids are playing football, for example,
and the ball rolls into some excreta, it is too easy for
the child picking up the ball to transfer the mess on
their fingers to their face - often our hands reach up
to sweep hair out of our eyes or merely to deal with
an irritation. Not only that, but it is unsightly and
many of our elderly folk whose sight is not good,
end up treading in it and taking it into their homes!

Lapford Victory Hall

Second Friday of the month
6 p.m. 7.45 p.m.
For kids age 7-12
Sub: 1.50 per session
(each additional family member 1 only)
Activities include: tuck shop, football skills,
making crafts, playing board-games or tabletennis, wii games, darts, decorating cakes
and lots more!
Come along and see what its all about!

Come and
have a look!
School meals available.
Spaces for 2+ year olds.
2gether scheme provider
please ask for more details.
We are open Monday,
Wednesday and Friday

Lapford Pre-school
Eastington Lane,
EX17 6QE
Please contact:
Lorraine Kigongo
07940 185713

15 hours free funding

for 3/4 year olds


You folk who cannot be bothered to pick up your

dogs' mess, should never have a dog in the first
place!! Yes, it is a bore having to do it, but I hope
you will have a change of attitude after reading this
article. I have informed the dog warden of the
increase in dog fouling in Lapford, and I was
assured he would be paying a visit to the area!
Please be considerate and do the decent thing, PICK

Vivienne Lacey
Lapford Lookout

The Fun Quiz held on 18th

December raised 460 for the
Devon Air Ambulance. Thanks
to Lapford School and Pre-School for organising the
supper, to Lapford Football Club for running the bar, and
to everyone else who helped in any way.
The grand total raised from all Lapfords Fun Quizzes
from the very first one back in March 2010 has now
reached 6,299.50. Again, many thanks to the wonderful
folk of Lapford and beyond for your support without
which this phenomenal sum would not have been raised
for the various charities which benefitted.
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in the

Great War years -part 7

Hugh Browning &
The flower seller of
Monte Carlo
Of the Lapford men who went to war, few had a more
colourful past than Hugh Campbell Browning. He was
educated at Eton and Cambridge and was once heir to his
fathers wealthy estate at Clapham Park, Bedfordshire.
But, age 24, his prospects were changed forever when he,
and a wealthy friend, toured Europe with a young flower
seller whom they met in Monte Carlo. The events that
unfolded led to a false marriage, a pistol duel, the death of
Hugh's friend and a famous court case which awarded
the flower seller the dead man's fortune .
It was the summer of 1895. In the foyer of the Hotel Metropole in
Monte Carlo, a 19-year old girl by the name of Louise Plummer had
a small stall selling flowers to hotel guests - the elite of
International Society. It was not an unfamiliar environment her
father ran a hotel on Elephant Island in the Thames, popular with
royalty and high Victorian Society. She had taken the job in the
hope that the Mediterranean air would help her poor health.
Staying in the hotel was Charles Coningham., a young man who
had inherited immense wealth but whose life was on a downward
spiral. After being expelled from Sandhurst and Cambridge for bad
behaviour, he had adopted a life of travel, gambling, drinking and
drug taking. His mental condition had become unstable he could
not be left in a room alone without becoming panic-stricken and at
times resorted to destroying hotel rooms, sometimes with his
pistol. Yet, when sober, he was said to be "gentle and fascinating".
Within days of first setting eyes on Louise, Charles asked her to
marry him. At first she refused but after he threatened to kill
himself she agreed to travel with him to Nice to marry in secret. On
arriving they found that marriage required public notice and
Charles decided instead to present Louise with a wedding ring and
introduce her wherever they went as his wife .
They were joined during the summer by Charles' Cambridge
friend, Hugh Browning. For several weeks they enjoyed a wild
time across the Mediterranean. Enamoured by his friends, Charles
(who often exhibited an intense fear of death) changed his will to
include Hugh with Louise as the main beneficiary. However things
soured when Charles believed that his companions had become
lovers. He reportedly vented his anger by throwing a chair into the
orchestra pit at a theatre. His solution was to challenge Hugh to a
pistol duel. Remarkably Hugh accepted and the men met after
writing goodbye-notes. They duly took their paces and turned to
fire. Hugh's gun misfired. Charles aimed and narrowly missed. He
Lapford Lookout

quickly refired missing again and on the third attempt was forcibly
stopped by the attending doctor. That evening Hugh and Charles
dined together, reunited as friends, and laughed off their ordeal.
But within days Charles died from the excesses of his lifestyle
after a heavy drinking bout in Naples he appears to have become
scared and was found on the floor positioned "like a dog", his head
under his bed.
Charles' will was contested by his family members and in 1897 a
high profile court case was held. The jury agreed that Charles had
changed his will in a sane state and of his own free will. Louise
inherited a large fortune from the man she never actually married.
Hugh was also a beneficiary. But, during the case, the wild events
of the summer of 1895 become widely publicised much to the
embarrassment of Hugh's family. His father, the respected Master
of the Oakley Hunt, resigned his position and when he died in 1905
Hugh found that the estate had been left to his brothers.
Hugh arrived in Lapford in about 1915 shortly after the death in
the WWI trenches of his brother who, like his father had a
distinguished military career. Hugh's career as a brewer and wine
merchant was less illustrious but at Lapford he devoted his time to
the Cheriton Otter Hunt and became a well-respected Hunt Master.
When Hugh was called for wartime service in 1918 he was
devastated that the hound pack had to be broken up .
Hugh's military career was short. He returned from WWI service
after a few months due to ill health. He was recorded as living at
Levale, Lapfordthe recorder probably mishearing "Yeo Vale". At
the end of the war Hugh successfully reunited the hunt. He died
just three years later.
To this day nobody knows if Hugh accepted the pistol duel with his
friend as he too had, in fact, fallen for the flower seller of Monte

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A meeting has been arranged for

Monday 14th March, 7-30pm
in the Orchard Centre,
to discuss arrangements for a village
celebration of
Her Majesty the Queens 90th birthday.
If you are interested in helping to organise this,
please come along.
Lapford Revel Committee

Pre-school news.........
We have started the New Year
well, our topic being 'all about me
& Chinese New Year'.
children are learning sign language
words such as; good morning,
friends, play, milk, water, please,
thank you; they now regularly use
these when communicating within the pre-school. After
half term we are looking at 'Our community & Easter'
where we will be thinking about recycling, having a look
in the food bank, a farm visit and looking around the
Following a long and heartfelt decision process by
Lapford Preschool staff and parents, I am delighted to
announce that on 27th January, members of Lapford
Preschool voted by a huge majority to join CAT
Preschools Ltd. Management and day to day operation
will largely remain the same. However, instead of a
parent run committee shouldering the burden of
administering the Preschool, through tasks such as
sorting out funding, sending invoices and paying wages
and pensions, CAT Preschools staff will now be taking
on these responsibilities. CAT Preschools Ltd would like
to thank the outgoing committee members for their very
hard work over the last few months (and years!). It is as
a result of their huge efforts that we have this excellent
provision in place at Lapford.
We take children from 2 years old and offer 2gether
funding for up to 15 hours. Parents automatically get
sent a letter stating they are eligible for this as well as 3
& 4 year old funding.
If you have any enquiries, please contact

Lorraine 07940185713 or

Lapford Lookout

Lapford Foodbank
Thank you for all your contributions to the
foodbank so far, we now have families
accessing this regularly. Please see below the
list of food items we are collecting and if you
are able to donate anything we would be very
grateful. Situated in The ARK, we are open on
a Tuesday and Friday from 11 onwards
Please come in for; cakes, hot drinks, soups,
paninis etc.
We are happy that people are coming in to
meet up with friends. Again, we would like to
thank Nick & Mark Tucker and Bud Tucker who
continue to renovate the upstairs, intending it to
be a meeting place for anyone to use.
Please contact us if you know anyone who has
food needs on 01363 83788


Here are some suggested items
for the foodbank collection box

Milk ~ UHT or powdered

Sugar ~ 500grms
Fruit juice ~ carton
Soup, pasta sauces
Tinned tomatoes
Tea bags
Drinking Chocolate
Packet mashed potatoes
Tinned vegetables
Pasta, rice
Tinned meat/fish
Tinned sponge puddings
Tinned fruit
Tinned milk puddings (rice pud)
Cereal bars
Jam, peanut butter, honey, Marmit

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March in the Garden and the Allotment Think about where you plant parsnips as these are usually
harvested when the ground is rather muddy.
Broad beans can be dibbed in about 2 inches deep, at
The Vegetable Garden
Now is the time that your garden or intervals of 6 8 inches, in rows about 2 feet apart. If you are
allotment will get into gear. If, like me, concerned about the soil being too wet you can start the seeds off
you covered your autumn/winter digging in cells under a cloche or cold frame or even in a cool
with manure or compost and the soil greenhouse. Plant them out in April when they are about 4 to 6
conditions are fit, you can shallow dig so inches tall.
that (a), any winter weeds are buried and (b), that manure/
Onion, shallot or garlic sets can be planted out if the soil
compost is incorporated in the top 5 or 6 inches of soil. If the soil is not frozen or waterlogged. Push them into a well prepared seed
is still not dry enough you can cover it with sheets of black -bed, in a shallow drill, and after they are planted hoe about 1
plastic, cloches or a small tunnel to keep it drier and warmer in inch of soil over the top of them. The birds love to tug at
preparation for planting. The warmth and particularly lack of emerging onion shoots and will pull them right up from the soil
light under black plastic will encourage slugs so its a good idea if they are not covered. Carrots, radishes and lettuce can be sown
to scatter a few slug pellets before covering the soil. If youve in greenhouse borders or under cloches.
grown green manures over the winter, now is the time to dig
them in whilst their stems and foliage are still soft.
The Ornamental Garden
As a rule, after 21st March was when first early potatoes Now is the time to plant herbaceous perennials or to lift and
were traditionally planted, second earlies in early to mid April divide existing plants, Dividing established plants will increase
and maincrops towards the end of April. Containers or bags can their vigour and create more plants for your garden. If you have
be planted at the beginning of the month in the greenhouse and a been planning a new herbaceous bed over the winter, now is the
few can be planted under cloches about 10 days into the month. time to put your plans into operation. I prefer to plant in groups
Dont forget that slugs like potatoes so scatter a few slug pellets of 3 or 5, but dont be tempted to plant too close together even
around your newly planted tubers or use Nematodes which attack though they look lonely and sparse when first planted. By the
and feed on the slugs and last for about six weeks.
end of the summer they will fill out and you shouldnt see the
Potatoes dont need to be grown in ridges! This is a gaps. As they cover the ground it will help to keep the weeds
method used by commercial growers so that when they are lifted down. General rule is taller plants at the back and shorter plants
with a mechanical digger the machine does not have to go so at the front. This is of course for a border that backs onto a wall,
deep and less soil is processed by the digger whilst lifting the fence or hedge, a single sided border (leave a gap if it is a hedge
potatoes. However, as they grow, some of the growing potatoes so that you can get to the hedge to trim it). If it is a double sided,
will grow too near and poke through the surface. These can be or an island bed, of course, you will need the taller plants to be in
covered whilst hoeing; a little bit of soil from the middle of the the middle. It is sometimes a good idea to bring some of the
row can be pulled up to the plants and over the protruding crop. taller plants forward in a drift but remember to put some plant
If you dont do this the potatoes will go green and be useless to supports in, early on, for the plants to grow up through and
eat. An easy method to plant the tubers is, after marking out the eventually hide the supports. If you buy plants from a nursery or
row, that they are to be planted in, lift out a spade-full of soil the garden centre, study their established sizes on the label to
where the first tuber is to be planted and put it to one side. enable you to position them in your bed. Arrange the plants in
Lightly press the tuber into the soil at the bottom of the hole, their pots and containers, on the new bed before planting. Then
with the chit(growing shoot), upwards, so that its final depth stand back and look at them from all angles, moving them, until
will be about 5 inches. Take out another spade-full of soil, for the you are happy, then plant, at the same depth they were in the pot.
next tuber, about 12 to 15 inches along the row and place it on If you dont get this done in March, dont worry, April will do,
top of the first planted tuber. Repeat this along the row. You will good soil conditions are much more important than a date! In
then just need to dig some extra soil to cover that last tuber. next months column I will give you my suggestions for
When the first shoots appear the following month they are attractive and suitable herbaceous plants. A well thought out
particularly susceptible to frost damage but can be protected with herbaceous border will last, with a bit of care, maintenance and
garden fleece.
division for many years.
The planting of seeds needs to be carried out in a prepared
Finally, in brief, plant summer-flowering bulbs and corms
seed-bed. A good rule is the smaller the seeds the finer the seed- such as Lilies, Gladiolus and Ranunculus in beds, borders and
bed. The soil should be well raked over, initially whilst it is containers. Dont forget if any of your plants need supporting put
damp, certainly not wet. Raking will enable you to break down the supports in now so that your plants can grow up through the
the larger lumps and clots and to remove any stones or small supports, hiding them. Sow your flower seeds so that they are
rocks. Avoid at all costs walking on dug or prepared soil. Work ready for planting out in June. Hardy annuals can be sown
from a plank alongside, or something similar, to spread your load directly into the soil or in pots or module trays for planting out
if the bed is too big. Also it is a time to consider altering your later in the spring. Trim winter flowering heathers when they are
beds so that you can reach what or where you are growing finished flowering to prevent the becoming leggy. Cut off old
without treading on the soil, or indeed reach vegetables to leaves of Hellebores to remove any foliar diseases and to make
harvest without getting your shoes muddy. For seed planting the spring flowers more visible and finish cutting back dead foliage
ideal soil condition needs to be dry to just moist.
on your perennials and ornamental grasses to make way for new
If not already planted parsnips can be sown in a prepared growth. Deadhead daffodils as the flowers finish and deadhead
seedbed. Parsnips need a fairly deeply cultivated soil so that you your winter pansies to encourage flushes of new flowers
get a nice straight rather than a forky mature vegetable. The throughout the spring.
seeds have fairly poor, slow germination qualities so it is a good
I could go on forever but that is enough to fill this page
idea to hoe out a drill, (a vee shaped groove), about 1 1.5 and to keep you busy!
inches deep and sow the seeds in clumps of about 3 or 4 at about Happy gardening.
4 -5 inches apart. This will make it easier to prick the seedlings
out after they emerge. The rows should be about a foot apart. Rex Dunham
Lapford Lookout

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Lapford Lookout

Page 9

EX17 6QT
TEL: 01363 83373
Our professional workmanship is available
in all of the following disciplines

Lawn mowing
Hedge cutting
Turf laying
Patios and Decking
Pressure washing
General garden tidying
Any other jobs considered

MOT class 4 & 7 (motorhomes & transits)

Air conditioning
Car sales
We offer a local vehicle collection service or
courtesy cars for your convenience
ATA & Bosch Accredited Diagnostic Technicians

Tel: 01363 884269 (ans available)
Mob: 07918866675

Lapford Lookout

Page 10

S p ec ia l is t s in D ig it a l A er ia l & S a t el lit e S ys t e ms

Aerial Upgrades
All aspects of installation
Extra TV Points
TV Wall Mounting Service
Existing Aerial & Satellite
Problems Solved
DAB/FM Radio Aerials
Free Telephone Advice
Free Quotation Services

01363 777190

07841 644395



Now cutting lawns &

paddocks up to 4 acres

Susan Bennett MSc MCSP HCPC reg

With over 30 years experience

offers treatment for:
Sports Injuries
Back, Neck and all Joints

Daytime, Evening and Weekend

appointments available.

Local Family Run Residential

Sales & Lettings Agent
Call us for a FREE
Valuation of your Property.

01837 83393
E: vickie@howesestates.co.uk
W: www.howesestates.co.uk
The Old Bank Hall, High Street,
Winkleigh, EX19 8HX

Telephone for Appointment

01769 580513
Lapford Lookout

Page 11

Jonathan Wood Veterinary Surgeon Ltd.

01363 772319
24hr Emergency Service.
As an RCVS accredited practice, we provide a friendly, caring,
professional service for companion animals,
equine and farm patients.
We offer hydrotherapy and rehabilitation, modern ultrasound
equipment, in house laboratory service and much more.
For full details visit our website.

We are proud to be accredited by the international cat care

organisation as silver level cat friendly clinic.

Your One Stop Country Shop

Farm Pet Equine & Farm Supplies

Open 6 days a week
Lords Meadow, Crediton
Free parking, friendly service, competitive prices

Septic Tanks
Small lorry now available

Phone: 01805 601286

Mobile: 07831 241531
Email: peter@peterhearnwaste.co.uk
Leave a message and we will return your call

Peter Hearn Haulage Ltd


C. Burrows & Son

(J.J. Burrows)
Funeral Directors
A Caring Family Firm
Personal Supervision
Any Distance Any Time
Tel: 01363 83258
Mobile: 07803 142357
Coldridge, Crediton, Devon
Lapford Lookout

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Monumental Masons
Memorials in Granite Marble Slate & Stone
New Memorials Renovations Additional Inscriptions
Home visits Free estimates & brochure on request
For a caring personal service call our family
run business which covers all of Devon
Crediton 01363 776321
Email stevenscrediton@yahoo.co.uk

Workshop: Albert Road, Crediton, EX17 2BX

Qualified Carpenter & General Builder
Working in the village for 25 years

Complete Excavation Service

For Hire with Driver

JCB Wheel Digger
Mini Diggers
Septic Tank

Prospect House, Lapford

Tel: (01363) 83601

Self Drive Hire

Mini diggers
Wacker Plates

Please phone for more details

Mobile: 07976 641606

The Old Malt Scoop Inn , Lapford

01363 83330

Mothers Day, Sunday 6th March www.oldmaltscoopinn.pub

Prawn Cocktail
Red Lentil and Carrot Soup
Pate & Toast

Take Away Pizza

Available Now

Full Sunday Roast
with choice of meat,
Roast Potatoes, Yorkshire Pudding
Vegetables and Gravy

Choice of toppings available

to order
Freshly prepared
and cooked while you wait

Vegetarian Nut Roast,

Roast Potatoes, Yorkshire Pudding
Vegetables and Gravy
Sharing Mini Desserts
including Lemon Meringue Pie,
Chocolate treats and more
1 Course 9.95
2 Course 12.95
3 Course 14.95
Lapford Lookout

Come and join us for

Easter Lunch
Sunday 27th March
Page 13

For latest news and updates

We are a friendly mixed practice with dedicated

Farm, Equine and Small animal teams. We aim to
offer you a professional and highly skilled service
from our branches in Crediton, Tedburn and
Cheriton Bishop.
01363 772860
Modern, well equipped practice with keyhole surgery
Large Reception with Separate Dog and Cat Seating
Rehabilitation & physiotherapy service, including on site
Puppy parties and nurse clinics

Complete farm services, including embryo transfer

Regular farmer meetings and training
Weekly farm medicines delivery available
Equine surgical facilities and hospitalisation
Lameness investigation
Digital radiography, endoscopy and ultrasound



Any size - made to measure

Using treated timber with hinged roof for
easy loading & access
Sturdy design
Keeps logs dry

Call Ray in Lapford for a free quote

Tel: 01363-884280
Mob: 07718-388902
Email: raymetcalfe@yahoo.co.uk

Wallingbrook Health Group

To contact the surgery call 01769 580295
Address: Wallingbrook Health Group, Back Lane, Chulmleigh, EX18 7DL
Surgery Times:
Doctors: Monday to Friday 8.30am 11.30am, 3.00pm 5.30pm
Pharmacist: Monday 9.00am 12.00pm, 2.30pm 4.30pm
Nurse Practitioner: Monday 2.00pm 4.30pm, Tuesday 8.30am-12.30pm, Wednesday 8.30am-12.00pm
and Thursday 8.30am-12.30pm
Practice Nurses*: Monday Friday 8.40am 12.40pm, 2.00pm 5.00pm
Health Care Assistants*: Monday Thursday 8.40am 12.40pm, 2.00pm 5.30pm,
Friday 8.40am 12.40pm, 2.00pm 5.00pm
*Please note: these times can be subject to change
Lapford Lookout

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Jumble Sale
Lapford Victory Hall
Saturday 12th March
Between 10.00 and 12.00
Free Entry
Clothes, toys, books
Drinks and cakes
also available
In aid of Lapford
Primary School and
Pre School


What a great success was the first Lapford Pensioners
Christmas Lunch and Party held in the Victory Hall. This was
co-ordinated by John Burrows, Edwin Passmore and Lapford
AFC. The event was supported by many local organisations
and volunteer helpers.
Over 50 pensioners came along to be greeted with a glass of
sherry or orange juice, before sitting down for a delicious roast
Turkey Lunch, cooked by local Chef John Burrows and
helpers. This was followed by either Christmas Pudding or
fruit salad, then Mince Pies with a cuppa, and throughout the
meal Ron Kercher played Christmas music on the organ.
After lunch the entertainment commenced with an Elvis
impersonator, Ian Wilkie, dressed in an Elvis White Suit. This
was followed by delightful carol singing by children from
Lapford Primary School. Everyone agreed it was a wonderful
John Burrows has expressed his thanks to all the organisations
and shops who kindly supported this event by gifts, goods and
donations. Lapford AFC ran a charity Bingo towards the cost.
Mr Burrows says that due to everyones generosity, he thinks
they will be able to hold another such event in 2016.
The sponsors were Morrisons, Tescos, Dunns Dairies,
Lapford Football Club, Lapford Village Market, Lapford
Parish Council, Kazlum Support Group at Mill Stream Care
Farm, Four Seasons, plus donations. Also the groups, who
volunteered their help, Victory Hall Committee, Yeo Valley
Christian Fellowship, Lapford AFC, the Badminton Club,
Friends of Lapford School, Lapford Parish Council, Twinning
Association and Lapford Revel.

Eggesford Friends of the Forest

Big Update on the January Lapford Lookout article
of introduction:
To those who have offered help & support thank
you! We are on our way to an agreement with the Forestry
Commission for Learning & Recreation at the Eggessford
Forests Grants have been submitted to help fund a series of
projects .. and .. the first of these:Wild Life Matters
We are delighted to be a recipient of Tescos Bags of Help and
you can help by to increase the Award from 8k to 12k
between 27 February and 6 March by in-store voting, at both
Crediton Tesco Stores. #BagsofHelp

Pictured is Chef John Burrows, with part of

the delicious Turkey he cooked for the
Pensioners lunch.


Andy Epstein is pictured pulling

crackers at the Lapford pensioners

Margaret Tucker

The Grant Award will focus on the pond and nature area at
The Wembworthy Centre forming a new gateway to the
Eggesford woodland. The Award will help improve and
protect the space and to offer a starting point, for new
activities, for all to explore and enjoy the woodlands of the
Taw valley, with trails of curiosity and imagination, promoting
natural home building habitats for bees, bats and birds.
To find out more about our charity Community Action South
West, the activities we run through Northmore Adventure and
Learning, the Wembworthy Centre or this project then please
visit our website and follow the links or email
If you are an enthusiast or have a special interest then we
would love to hear
from you.

I felt like a right twit on the bus!

Lapford Lookout

Page 15

Lapford Pantomime

Do you have a child under the age of 5?
Or are you expecting your first baby?

The genie is out of the

bottle. After many years
we are intending to
produce a pantomime in
the Victory Hall to take
place in either December
2016 or January 2017.
We are looking for willing
volunteers to assist with

Become a member of
Crediton Area Childrens Centre
We offer free play and development
sessions for children
With support and information
for local families

If you think you could

spare a few hours a month to help to create a
community production then please get in touch
with any Parish Councillor (see back of Lapford
Lookout) or Mr Ian Wilkie on 83437
Any amount of help will be gratefully received.
Watch out all you budding thespians for future
adverts for the curtain calls and auditions.

Contact us by .
Telephone: 01363 777219 or 776903
Email: crediton@actionforchildren.org.uk
Facebook: search for
Mid Devon Childrens Centres

Lower Town Place update
Much has happened since last months update & hopefully the HOLD Committee was able to connect with a number of people at
the Coffee Morning on 17th February. Thank you so much to Briony & her helpers for arranging it & allowing the use of the ARK.
HOLD has been keeping in contact with Helmores, the agents handling the sale of Lower Town Place, & indirectly through them
with the owner. No details to hand as yet but the Committee is hopeful of a happy outcome.
Meanwhile work has been ongoing to register HOLD as a Community Benefit Society, and for charitable status with the Financial
Conduct Authority (FCA), which will allow it to issue shares & look for other sources of finance including grants to pay for the
In order for this to work a business plan has to be written. Pivotal to that is knowing what local people would expect to be provided
for community use in the centre of the village, what facilities there should be & who & how many people would be likely to use
them. If you belong to a village organisation you may already have been asked to think about this and to help your club or group to
come up with an answer to the question How could facilities in the village centre be enhanced to enable your organisation to grow
& be in a better place in five years time? Perhaps you would also like to answer this as an individual by thinking about how you
use what the village offers now & how it could be better for you. This is not intended to be a wish list exercise rather an attempt to
give HOLD evidence on which to proceed. So if for instance you know that you might have mobility problems in the future you
might ask that parking is provided close to the centre, if you wish to develop Youth Service provision the sort of premises which
would help you to do that, or you might like to start a new activity for which there is no suitable space at present.
Responses, as soon as possible please, can be sent via email to HOLD2016@hotmail.com by post to the Secretary at Edgerley
Cottage, Lapford EX17 6AH; or by hand to the Chair at Argosy, Lapford or in the letter box at Pear Tree House (opposite the
Victory Hall entrance).
Thank you to everyone who has supported HOLD already.
The HOLD committee is: Ian Hemsworth (Chair), Prue Lambert (Vice-Chair), Andy Epstein (Treasurer), Sue Briant-Evans
(Secretary), Bill Graham, John Chappell, Andrew Rodd, Michaela Rodd, Fern Leach & Steve Keable.
Lapford Lookout

Page 16

Lapford & District

Horticultural Society News

Tuesday 15th November AGM & talk on Christmas

garlands, swags & table decorations by Elizabeth
Holman. 7-30pm
Tuesday 13th December Christmas quiz & supper

Still raining! Frustrated by being prevented from gardening Note that evening meetings will be in the small room at the
by the wet weather? Take a look at the Horticultural
Victory Hall. Look out for updates & details of other
Societys programme for the rest of the year. It might just events in the Lookout or on Posters.
inspire you to put some event dates in your diary or plan to
enter some classes in one of the shows.
Saturday 19th March Spring Show. Schedules available
free. Phone 83068 or pick one up from the Post Office
Tuesday 19th April Talk on Pelargoniums by Bert Jewell.
7-30pm Victory Hall
Saturday 14th May Coffee Morning. 10-30am Victory
Tuesday 17th May Talk on Curious Dartmoor by Paul
Rendell. 7-30pm
Tuesday 21st June Visit to RHS Garden at Rosemoor
Tuesday 5th July Rose & Sweet Pea Show. Part of Revel
week. Free schedule
Saturday 3rd September Autumn Show. Free schedule
Tuesday 20th September Talk on Pruning Fruit trees by
Rex Dunham. 7-30pm
Saturday 8th October Coffee Morning. 10-30 am Victory
Tuesday 18th October Talk on Bedding Plants by David
Usher. 7-30pm

Red Cabbage Salad

This winter salad can be made from plenty of
local organic vegetables. It is good served with
bread and cheese.

500g red cabbage

75g red onions
1 eating apple
1 small beetroot
1 carrot
50g pomegranate seeds [optional]
Sea salt, freshly ground black pepper, balsamic
Cut the cabbage into quarters and shred as finely
as possible, wash under cold water and drain
well. Peel the onion, apple, beetroot and carrot.
Place the cabbage into a roomy mixing bowl and
add the thinly sliced onion, grated apple, finely
grated beetroot and carrot. Season with the salt,
pepper and vinegar, and add sufficient
mayonnaise to bind together. Place in a serving
bowl and sprinkle the pomegranate seeds over.

Lapford Village
Saturday 26th March~ 11am 1pm
Lapford Victory Hall
Lots of lovely stalls, home-made
& home-grown goods, prize draw,
refreshments & light lunches
Come along for a cuppa!
For further information and to book a stall,
contact Gemma Cran 83172 / 07890 407210


Donations can be made at
Boniface Centre, Crediton,
Tuesday 5th April
at 13:10 to 15:15 and 16:15 to 19:15
Call the donor helpline on 0300 123 23 23
for more information or to book an appointment
or book online at www.blood.co.uk
Do something amazing - Give Blood!

South Molton Jubilat Singers

A concert will be held at Wembworthy Church
on Friday 4th March at 7.30pm
Free admission
A collection will be held for church funds
Refreshments will be served
after the concert.

Paul Cleave
Lapford Lookout

Page 17

Notes of the Parish Council Meeting

Held on 3rd February 2016 at the Orchard Centre Lapford

The Parish Council supported the application.

These notes are a summary of the main issues raised at this meeting. A Ref: 15/01493/FULL/NMA
full copy of the latest approved Minutes are available to read at the Address: Horizon Lapford Crediton Devon EX17 6PZ
Orchard Centre and the Parish Council website.
Description: Erection of two-storey extension following demolition of
existing garage and erection of detached double garage - Non Material
Present: Cllr McAreavey (Chair),Cllr Hemsworth (Vice Chair), Cllr Briant- Amendment to change garage to a block built and rendered to match
Evans, Cllr Clinch, Cllr Phillips, Cllr Burrows, Cllr Wensley, Cllr Heal, Cllr main house.
Leach & Christopher Voaden (Clerk), 5 Members of the Public. Weblink
Apologies -, Cllr Squires (County Councillor) Cllr Eginton (Ward applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=O16ZTDKS02X00
The Parish Council supported the application.
MOP Sought Clarification on responsibilities for river clearing. Private
land owners have a duty to maintain the water courses running
through their land and the Environment Agency advises on general
flooding issues throughout Mid Devon.

Ref: 16/00175/LBC
Address: Highfield House Lapford, Crediton
Description: Listed Building Consent for the installation of a domestic
oil storage tank
Weblink - http://planning.middevon.gov.uk/onlineapplications/
The Parish Council will decide whether or not to install Broadband at The Parish Council agreed to support the application
the Orchard Centre at the March meeting.
16/00007/NEWDEV Street name for new development at Lapford
Preparation for the forthcoming planning application on the Old School The Council had been asked to provide comments on the proposed
site is progressing.
name of Canterbury Drive at the new development opposite Woods
(old Ambrosia site).
This name was rejected and after general discussion, it was suggested
The Community Initiative is chaired by Cllr Hemsworth. Private that the name Bridge Meadow Close should be put forward instead.
donations have been promised. The Parish Council passed a motion of
support for the HOLD initiative to purchase the site for community use. MEMBERS STATEMENTS
Cllr Heal Complains about Hedge at Yeo Vale Cottage. Clerk is asked
to write to owner again asking it to be cut.
Funding opportunities for equipment had arisen and the Parish Council Further details regarding enforcement at The Yeo Vale will be reported
would support any request made by the committee.
back at the March meeting.
Cllr Burrows - Discussions continue regarding safety measures and
general Highway Issues with Steve Tucker at DCC. It was hoped a site
TAP funding is to be applied for through MDDC. Cllr Briant-Evans and visit could be arranged.
Cllr Burrows have prepared a report on 25 signs that are in need of The Bench at the Congregational Church will be repaired once materials
repair / cleaning within the Parish.
have been obtained.
There is a hedge near the school that is overhanging the pavement and
LYPFT Clarification is to be sought from MDDC regarding potential the owner will be asked to cut this back.
transfer of ownership of the small play area to LYPFT. The Parish Cllr Doe MDDC can provide Lifeline Services at a reasonable cost
Council provided the VAT reclaimed from the Playing Field installation compared to other providers. Contact Cllr Doe who can provide further
to LYPFT to assist phase two of the playing field redevelopment.
information on this matter.
Cllr Briant-Evans Clean for the Queen will be undertaken at the next
Village Litter Pick on 5th March in conjunction with a coffee morning at
The Parish Council will investigate the possibility of adopting the the ARK in aid of Lapford Voluntary Car Aid.
General Power of Competence allowing them to undertake further
ways to generate income. This will not affect the Precept that Lapford Date of next meeting Wednesday 2nd March 7.30pm at The Orchard
seek every year. The Clerk will consider the training requirements that Centre.
are required to adopt the powers. All agreed that it was relevant to
consider this when services provided by MDDC / DCC are reducing and Many residents of Lapford have raised comments about the conditions
the Parish Council may be required to cover the shortfall.
of the roads within the Parish. At present, the Parish Council have no
ability to undertake highway work themselves. If you see a problem
with potholes appearing, broken signage or other issues, the best way
Account Balances
of reporting this is on the DCC website - https://new.devon.gov.uk/
Current account - 11,454.31
Savings account - 4,814.28
Loan stock - 983.98
It was agreed that all invoices would be paid.
Ref: 15/01631/FULL
Address: 2 Higher Town Court Rensey Lane Lapford Crediton Devon
EX17 6FD
Description: Erection of greenhouse, adjoining shed with solar panels
on roof, summer room and work to garden walls
Lapford Lookout

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Name of Society


Banyu Hatten Aikido

Beaver Scouts (Winkleigh)
Books on Wheels
Fellowship 29
Friends of Lapford Mill
Friends of Lapford School
Heart of Lapford Development
Lapford Allotment Society
Lapford ARK and Foodbank
Lapford Association Football Club
Lapford Book Club
Lapford Conservation Group
Lapford Dog Club
Lapford & District Horticultural Society
Lapford Emergency Action Plan Committee
Lapford Foodbank
Lapford Friends of Langannerie (twinning)
Lapford High 5 (ages 7-12)
Lapford Mothers Union
Lapford Over 60 Club
Lapford Youth and Playing Field Trust
Lapford & District Pre-school Playgroup
Lapford Project 2000 Committee
Lapford Regeneration Committee
Lapford Revel
Lapford Short Mat Bowls
Lapford Victory Hall Booking Secretary
Lapford Village Archive
Lapford Village Market
Lapford Voluntary Car Aid
Lapstock 2016
Nymet Rowland Village Pump
Springers 4s and under
The Friends of St Thomas of Canterbury
1st Bow Scouts Group

Mr Geoff Flather
Mr Ron Kercher
Mr Peter Westcott
Claire Tappon
Alex Gator
Mrs Becka Poole
Mrs Sue Briant-Evans
Mr Raymond Waldron
Mrs Briony Clinch
Mr John Burrows
Mrs Jill Doe
Mrs Prue Lambert
Mrs Sara Thurgood
Mrs Jeanne Whittaker
Mrs Jeanne Whittaker
Mrs. Briony Clinch
Mr John Burrows
Mrs Caroline Gilpin
Mrs Sheila Stoneman
Mrs Josie Robertson
Mrs Caroline Gilpin
Mrs Lorraine Kigongo
Mrs Sue Briant-Evans
Mrs Sue Briant-Evans
Mr Darren Crump
Mr Jon Tucker
Mr Andy Epstein
Mrs Jeanne Whittaker
Mrs Gemma Cran
Mrs Jenny Gray
Mr Steve Keable
Liz & Roland Smith
Mrs Caroline Gilpin
Mr Andy Epstein
Mrs Marie Waycott

01363 83355 / bhaikido@googlemail.com
01363 83810 / ronaldkercher@hotmail.co.uk
01363 83525 / pj.westcott@btinternet.com
07816 235412 / claire.tappon11@gmail.com
01363 83795
01363 83763 / susan.briantevans@tesco.net
01363 83894
01363 83788
01363 83985 / rjburrows1@btinternet.com
01363 83410 / gilldoe@tiscali.co.uk
01363 83150
01363 83081 / info@lapforddogclub.co.uk
01363 83068 / jeanne.whittaker@btinternet.com
01363 83068 / jeanne.whittaker@btinternet.com
01363 83666
01363 83985 / rjburrows1@btinternet.com
01363 83674 / caroline@gilpin.eclipse.co.uk
01363 83610
01363 83208 / lapfordover60@btinternet.com
01363 83674 / caroline@gilpin.eclipse.co.uk
01363 83162 / lapfordpreschool@gmail.com
01363 83763 / susan.briantevans@tesco.net
01363 83763 / susan.briantevans@tesco.net
01363 83326 / Darrencrump99@hotmail.co.uk
07814 568846
01363 83332/ jane@epstein6.freeserve.co.uk
01363 83068 / jeanne.whittaker@btinternet.com
01363 83172 /
01363 83099 / (Mon to Fri 9am - 5pm)
01363 83200 / steve.keable@btinternet.com
01363 884446
01363 83674
01363 83332/ jane@epstein6.freeserve.co.uk


Cllr Niall McAreavey (Chair)

1 Higher Town Court, Rensey Lane,

Lapford, EX17 6FD

01363 83733 / niallmcareavey@gmail.com


Cllr Sue Briant-Evans

Edgerley Cottage, Lapford.

01363 83763 / susan.briantevans@tesco.net

Cllr John Burrows

7 Park Meadow Close, Lapford.

01363 83985 / rjburrows1@btinternet.com

Cllr Peter Heal

Ashlands, Lapford.

Home - 01363 884277 / Office - 01363 775467


Cllr Jill Doe

Sunnyside, Lapford.

01363 83410 / gilldoe@tiscali.co.uk

Cllr Briony Clinch

1 Park Meadow Close, Lapford.

01363 83666

Cllr Ian Hemsworth (Vice Chair)

Argosy, Lapford, EX17 6PX

01363 884460 / i.hemsworth@btinternet.com

Cllr Rachel Phillips

Barris House, Lapford.

01363 83509 / raznev@sky.com

Cllr Stephen Wensley

Woodland Cottage, Lapford

884237 / stephen.wensley@equusprints.co.uk

Cllr Fern Leach

Netherfield House, Lapford, Crediton, EX17 6PU

01363 83803 / fern.leach@hotmail.co.uk

Mr Christopher Voaden,
Parish Clerk

Robin Cottage, 2 Chulmleigh Road,

Morchard Bishop, EX17 6NZ

01363 877807 / lapfordpc@live.co.uk

District Cllr Clive Eginton

6 Moortown, Chawleigh, Chulmleigh, EX187EW

01769 580830 / ceginton@middevon.gov.uk

County Cllr Margaret Squires

Frostland Farm, Copplestone, EX17 5NY

01363 84337 / margaret.squires@devon.gov.uk

Mel Stride MP

House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

02072 197037 / mel.stride.mp@parliament.uk

Lapford Lookout

Page 19

Lapford Voluntary Car Aid provides the residents of the
village with courteous, reliable and fully insured drivers to
get you to your appointment safely and on time. Bookings
can be made, Monday to Friday 9am-5pm, by telephoning
Jenny Gray on 01363 83099 with the date of your
appointment, preferably giving 24 hours notice please.
Current fares for the services covered are as follows:
Chulmleigh (Health Centre & Dental Practice) 5.00
Crediton (Hospital) - 5.00
Morchard Bishop (Surgery) - 3.00
Should you be offered an urgent appointment to see your
nominated doctor at the Winkleigh surgery this can now
be arranged by telephoning Jenny as abovethe fare is
5.00. Please note this out of area option is NOT
available for North Tawton or Okehampton surgeries.


Lapford Lookout has a circulation of 600 copies and the

advertising of village events is free of charge. There is a
charge for all other advertisements and current advertising
rates, payable in advance, are:
One eighth page:
One quarter page:
One half page:
Whole page:

6 per month.
12 per month.
24 per month.
50 per month.

Pay for 12 months and you get one extra month, FREE!
Please send all advertising with payment to the Editor by
the deadline of the 14th of each month for inclusion in the
next issue. Cheques to be made payable to Lapford
Project 2000 please.



EVERY THURSDAY 9.45am 11.45am

EVERY THURSDAY 9.45am 11.45am


SUNDAY SERVICES 11a.m. & 6.30p.m.
6th March

a.m. Pastor David Bulley

p.m. Pastor David Bulley

13th March

a.m. John Hawkins

p.m. Bill Townsend

20th March

a.m. Pastor David Bulley

p.m. Dave Kingdom


The Bible Study on Timothy & Titus will be in
the Sunday School Room at 2.00p.m.,
Tuesdays 1st and 15th March.
Please join us for our Good Friday meditation
at 6.30p.m. on Friday 25th March

25th March

p.m. Pastor David Bulley

Church Alive stall at the Village Market on

Saturday 26th March.

27th March

a.m. Pastor David Bulley

p.m. Pastor David Bulley

For any other events please see the church

notice board or Newsletter

Information about these and other church activities from

Pastor David Bulley 83374 or Peter Lacey 884230
Lapford Lookout

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Centres d'intérêt liés