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The Reason Why Become A Teacher

1. 1st participant: Eni M. Junior High School Teacher in a public school since 1989
The teacher profession has the clear job desk that is teaching, guiding, and assessing the
students. They are expected to master some knowledge that will be beneficial to their
Only this profession in the past provided the retirement allowance.
2. 2nd participant : Alfina Fresh graduate students of Science Education Program
Public view that the teacher profession as prestige profession since he/she help students
to acquire some knowledge that will be beneficial to their future.
Since I want to be not only a teacher but also a good housewife for my family, only this
profession provides the flexible time.
3. 3rd participant : Santika Junior High School Teacher in a private school since 2014
When becoming a teacher, I will meet new students in every beginning of the semester.
I love teaching and children very much.
4. 4th participant : Lisa Students of English Education Program
My parents asked me to be a teacher and I really like learning English so I choose to take
English Education program.
I had developed my teaching passionate after giving the private course. I enjoyed
teaching activity very much.
When teaching students, I will get not only the pride but also merit (I practice perpetual
charity to God)
5. 5th participant : Erwin English Teacher and Administrator Course
My parents, brother and sister in law are teachers so becoming a teacher is my family
commonly job.
Since my parents had established a well-known course in my hometown, I take English
education program to help them in administering and emerging this course.

6. 6th participants : Dyah Agustin SM3T Manggarai 2015 Teacher


I Gede Arga Anggara_0203515026

My parents suggest me to be SM3T teacher.
I want to help the government in facilitating education for the students in certain area.
A teacher can motivate and share his/her learning experiences.