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Yes SIR!!
Are you ready??
For Sure!!
Are you Suuuureeee????
A a aaaaaa...
Yup yup yup yup
Good Morning and Good Day
Today, we are here to inform you about

What happen with you?

the special Day

Jeng jeng jeeng
Today is very important for our course!
(GASP) What is today? 3x. Tell me

When you feel so cold (Jeho Drink)

Jeho Drink options at anytime!

Aha! I know 2x! Today is the bazaar

Heyyy, is it... Pieewiit
Soo, where is our Stans?
There! (Where?) 3x
There! (Wow! Its soooo cool)
[All] Yeah I feel so cool cool

Crunchy? Krenyes crunchy krenyes

crunchy krenyes 3x
Yummy? Fried rice with a various taste
Sribo? Yummy rice ball with a shocking

I feel so cold (*sad)
When you feel so hungry (Jeho Drink)
When you feel so bored (Jeho Drink)
Jeho...ooo. ho.. ho.. ho..

Indonesian Food
Topped with spicy Indonesian taste
Lets say JokTakok!
Takoyaki International Food

Yeah I feel so cool cool

Look!! Many Kinds of Products that we

Introduction Please!!

With Traditional flavors

Lets say JokTakok!
Present the stuffing from the rind of
JokTakok!! Melinjo Takoyaki!!

Round-round Sribo

Modification of Japanese and

Yeah I feel so e e e

(Wedang Cor)


Crunchy-crunchy Sribo

Hellow Sir, Im hungry, im Thirsty.

Yummy-yummy sribo

You must, Try Tompela Students

Yeah we are Sribo

What is that? Tompel?

Roud? Yeah like a meatball

No!! It is a jelly tomato with Lecy syrup

and pieces of fruits.

Hmm... Sounds good!!

Sst! JAPONESE Timeee!!


Oh Guys... I feel very sad today, I just

Do you know BataCho?

end up with my boyfriend

Gong4x, Gong Wero, Gong Wero

I lost my wallet! My monthly quota is

Wether, it is raw material?


No!! This is BataCho NOT BataKo!!

My friends leave me for another good

Batacho is a waste processed food



And I got a D mark!

Waste? to be eaten? Iyuuuuh!! Ewww!!

Awww, so pity you are.

Eits, Dont worry.

Just express your feel with colorfull of

Batacho, crunchy snack processed by


banana peel and rambutan seed.

Dont forget to find interesting quotes on

Combined with both of fruits, make an

it with the philosophy. Cheer Up!!

unique taste of Batacho and more

Japonese!! Cocol2 Muncraat!!

delicious with chocolate splash

Guaranteed of safe, tasty, healthy, and
Yo yo yo yo
Mr. Bat, Mr. Bat, Mr. Batacho

Sssttt... Times Up! Finally the time is

comes for us to say good bye.

Its our performance for you guys.
Thanks for our beloved assistants Mr.

Victor and Miss ___.

And for our super nice and friendly

Lecturer Mr. Wisnu Ari Gutama.

Thank you Mister! Continue to stay

We wish the best in this event.

Noooooo!!!! The philosopher is
What??!! 3x
Who is the philosopher?