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Q. 1. Describe the function that managers are required to perform.
Or. A) Explain the significant of management in present context.
B) What are the important contributions of scientific management?
Q. 2. While making plans, what processes do you pass through? Explain different types of plans?
Or. Comment on the following statement -:
A. Decision making is at the core of management
B. Planning is anticipatory decision making
Q. 3. Define organizing and state its process significance
Or. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of centralization and decentralization.
Q.4. Discuss different financial and non-financial incentives and their importance in motivating employees.
Or. How will you use leadership theories to improve your leadership effectiveness?
Q5. What are the different barriers you come across while communicating? How will you make your
communication effective?
Or. Write short notes on-:

Communication Control
Budgetary Control
Management Audit
Network Analysis

Q. 1. Define Management and describe its characteristics. Assess the significance of management for modern
Or. Compare and contrast the contribution of classical and neo-classical system to the development of management
Q. 2. Why should managers make plan? What are the different types of plans managers develop?
Or. How is environment analysis and diagnosis done for strategy formulation?
Q. 3. Why is organizing important? How is organizing done?
Or. A) When can you say that an organization is more decentralized?
B) What do you mean by functional organization structure?
Q. 4. What are the different leadership styles? Which one would you prefer and why?
Or. A) Describe the silent features of two factor theory of motivation?
B) Financial incentives are the sole motivator for action Do you agree?
Q. 5. Describe the process of communication. Where do barriers develop in the process?
Or. Narrate the characteristics of an effective control system.

Q. 1. Management is the science and creative art of getting things done through and with others with minimum
unsought consequences. Elaborate
Or. Bring out the essence of classical school of management thought. In spite of all its limitation, why is it still valid?
Q. 2 . What are the different types of plan an organization undertakes? How is planning made?
Or. Decision making is the primary task of management . Discuss the statement and explain the process of decision
Q.3. If you are a manager , whether centralization or decentralization would opt for ? give reasons.
Or. Discuss the relative merits and demerits of different departmentation?
Q4. What are the different financial and non-financial incentives? Describe the importance in motivating

people .
Or. A) Leaders are born not made do you agree?
B) How to match followership style with the leadership style?
Q5. Enumerates the characteristics of an effective control system.

Or. Write short notes on following -:

A) Communication Control
B) Budgetary Control Techniques

1. Assess the contribution of classical system of management thought.

Or. Explain the roles that manager play and the functions that they are required to perform.
2. What is MBO? Discuss its process and pitfalls.

Or. Short Notes on

a. Strategy
b. Types of plan
c. Decision making Process
3. Why is departmentation needed? Describe the factors to be taken into account for creating departments?

Or. A. what are the disadvantages of centralization?

B, State the principle of effective delegation?
4. Explain the likerts system for leadership?

Or. a. Distinguish between Maslow & Herzberg theory of motivation.

b. Explain the significance of non-financial incentives in motivation.
5. What are the barriers in communication and how will you overcome them?

Or. Notes on
a. Process of Control
b. Budgetary control Techniques
c. Types of plan
d. Decision making Process