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Lip Dub Treatment

The beginning of our video starts with a shot of the front seat of the car, including the
radio. A driver enters the car, puts her seatbelt on and turns the car on. She then reaches for the
radio and turns it on. She spins the dial and the first song comes on. The first song is Watch
Me by Silent. It begins with one person singing the first few lines and then cuts to people
dancing to the song inside the school gym. After Watch Me the video cuts to the person in the
car. They turn the radio dial again, like they are searching for another song.
The next song that comes on is Sugar by Maroon 5. The scene for Sugar is a shot like
the car karaoke. 4 people sing the song while driving. Then it cuts again to someone changing the
song to Stitches by Shawn Mendes. The scene begins with a very wide shot and gradually
shows the subjects walking towards the camera. It ends with a wide shot of the subjects as they
continue to lip sync to the songs. At the end of the chorus, we cut back to the driver of the car
and the sound of static. The driver changes the radio channel again.
The new song is Drag Me Down by One Direction. For this song we start with a midshot of the subject lip syncing to the song with other people dancing behind them. As the song
builds to the chorus, the main subject is pushed out of the frame by another person who takes
their place as the main singer. At the conclusion of the chorus, the song fades out to static and the
driver returns. They change the song once again.
The song that comes on is Party for Two by Shania Twain. It has a mid-shot of a
subject who is lip syncing while on the phone with someone else. The screen splits, showing
another mid shot of another person on their phone. They continue to sing the song while

appearing to talk to each other. The song fades out right before the second chorus. The driver
returns and changes the song.
Sorry by Justin Bieber comes on. The start of the video is a wide shot of various
people dancing in front of a white screen. The video then cuts to a close up of a subject. Then it
cuts to a wide shot of people dancing in front of a brick wall.
The song fades out to be replaced, by the driver, with Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson.
Uptown Funk begins with a gym class dancing on a field. It cuts to another class dancing on
the bleachers and then returns to the previous gym class. The song is abruptly cut off with a
phone ringing.
It rings until we see a hand answer it. The scene cuts to a dark room. A spotlight comes
on and lights up a wide shot of the subject, doing a solo lip sync to Hello by Adele. They
continue to sing alone until the song fades out and we return to a shot of the driver changing the
Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen comes on with a black and white shot of 6 subjects
singing. It is a close-up shot of their faces while they sing the opening lines. The song fades out,
the driver changes the song and Wannabe by the Spice Girls comes on. It starts with a group of
friends singing on a stair case and cuts between them and two other singing and dancing in front
of a wall.
The song cuts out after the chorus and the driver changes the song again. The song All I
do is Win by DJ Khaled comes on and a wide shot of a sports team comes into view. The video
cuts between various sports teams, sensing and dancing to the song. The song cuts out and the
driver changes the station again.

The Girl from Down the Line by Sebastian Ellis comes on. The shot is a close-up of
someone banging on a piano really hard. After the driver changes the song again, Hooked on a
feeling by Blue Suede turns on. This shot foThe song cuts out and we see the driver change the
radio station again.
The song See you Again by Charlie Puth comes on. One significant Grade 12 stands
beside their car, singing dramatically along to the slow part at the beginning. When the slow
verse ends, the camera cuts to a wide-shot of cars leaving the school. The driver reaches for the
radio but someone covers the button. The final shot is of the drivers car, pulling out of the
parking spot. The video ends with a fade to black, and then credits.