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Slow motion replay server

Designed to meet the growing challenges of live sports production, PlayMaker is a high-end slow-motion replay
server and companion controller, providing an unparalleled toolset to enhance your productivity and speed up
turnaround time.

Switch up your I/O with robust reliability

The PlayMaker server supports up to 8 I/O channels, housed
in a compact 3U chassis. The I/O is fully flexible, enabling
you to switch from a 4 in/4 out configuration to a 6 in/2 out
or other preferred setupwithin seconds. Its also designed
for 24/7 operation, with full RAID protection and dual power
supplies, providing the hardware robustness required in an
OB truck under constant movement.

Control playback with a touch

The PlayMaker Controller is designed to enhance your
production workflow, providing familiar and intuitive controls.
Its 5.7-inch color touchscreen gives you quick and easy
access to the servers controls and configuration tools. It also
features a heavy-duty and configurable Jog wheel and T-bar,
as well as highly reliable, illuminated tactile buttons.

Instantly edit highlights

Using the built-in editing tools, you can easily gather clips
into playlists and packages for pregame rundowns, game
highlights, or postgame melts. The intuitive interface enables
you to set each clips position in the list, trim the clips in
and out points, switch to different angles, set different
playout speeds and transitions for each clip, and more.

Tag and sort clips with ease

The built-in SmartEvents engine is a powerful tagging and
sorting tool. It can automatically tag clips with descriptive
metadata, requiring minimal effort, making it easy to locate
what you want using the PlayMaker Controller.

Streamline production with

a tapeless workflow
PlayMakers advanced architecture provides a direct interface
to any external storage device. Pair it with anything from
a simple USB hard drive or low-cost NAS device, to fully
featured SAN storage, without the need for additionaland
expensiveintermediate software and hardware.

Get Super Slow Motion camera support

PlayMaker supports a variety of high frame rate cameras,
including those that support 2, 3, 4, and 6 times normal
speed. This enables you to play out clips in pristine-quality
super slow motion. Plus, you can seamlessly mix high frame
rate clips and standard frame rate clips into the same playlist.

Accelerate highlight editing in a

studio environment
When working in a studio environment, PlayMaker offers a
dedicated work mode for highlight editing of multiple playlists
from various incoming feeds. This studio mode significantly
accelerates operation, improves productivity, and enhances
the overall quality of your final results.

Increase your productivity with Pivot

The Pivot Windows interface offers a set of additional
intuitive tools to boost your productivity. Create playlists
fast without occupying an output. And put together playlists,
manage clips, and import/export files easily with the dragand-drop interface.

Get flexible audio configuration

Share videos over your network

Engage any PlayMaker server on your network with just a
click of a button. Once connected, you can browse through
the remote server clip list and select any clip for preview,
copy, or instant playback.

PlayMaker provides 8 stereo audio channels for each of the

recording video channels, with audio mixing on the output
when working in program/preview mode. Audio data is kept
uncompressed, and all Dolby E and ancillary data are fully
preserved. And if you work with analog audio or digital AES,
optional breakout boxes for PlayMaker are also available.

For more information, visit www.orad.tv/playmaker

PlayMakerSlow motion replay server

PlayMaker Controller
Mechanical specification

Height: 7.1 in (180 mm), Width: 11 in (280 mm), Depth: 11.2 in (285 mm), Weight: 10.6
lbs (4.8 kg) approximate

Power consumption

60W (max) 100240 V 4763 Hz

Channel configurations

2-channel server
1 in / 1 out
4-channel server
3 in / 1 out
2 in / 2 out (PVW-PGM or 2PGM)
6-channel server
5 in / 1 out
4 in / 2 out (PVW-PGM or 2PGM)
8-channel server
7 in / 1 out
6 in / 2 out - (PVW-PGM or 2PGM)
4 in/ 4 out
(second controller enables two more outputs to be configured)

Super slow motion configurations

Up to three 2x normal speed cameras or up to two 3x normal speed cameras or

Combined with single camera recording channels

Data interfaces

1 x Serial, 2 x USB, 2 x Ethernet (1Gb), 1 x VGA


Atom N270

Operating system



1 GB

System hard drive

8 GB solid state drive


5.7-inch 640x480 TFT color touchscreen

Push buttons

Illuminated, 3 million operations minimum

Input devices

Support for external USB keyboard and USB mouse

Environmental condition

Operating temperature: 41104F (540C), Storage temperature: -40158F (-40

70C), Humidity: 90% max

PlayMakerSlow motion replay server

PlayMaker Server
Mechanical specification

Rack: 19-inch 3U, Height: 5.1 in (130 mm), Width: 17.4 in (443 mm), Depth: 24.8 in
(631 mm), Weight: 61.7 lbs (28 kg) approximate

Power supply

Redundant power supply, 2x 460W (max) 100240 V 4763 Hz

3D stereoscopic

Dual Link




DVCPRO-HD, DNxHD 145/120

Recording capacity SD (50 Mbps)

Over 120 hours (at 50 Mbps)

Recording capacity HD (100 Mbps)

Over 60 hours (at 100 Mbps)

Available I/O configurations

2 channels, 4 channels,
6 channels, 8 channels

Channels configuration

Fully Flexible
8 in / 0 out, 7 in / 1 out, 6 in / 2 out, 5 in / 3 out, 4 in / 4 out, 3 in / 5 out, 2 in / 6 out,
1 in / 7 out, 0 in / 8 out

Super slow motion configuration

8 channels
2x normal speed options:
1 SSM + 4 Rec + 2 Play
2 SSM + 2 Rec + 2 Play
3 SSM + 2 Play
3x normal speed options:
1 SSM + 3 Rec + 2 Play
1 SSM + 4 Rec + 1 Play
2 SSM + 1 Rec + 1 Play
2 SSM + 2 Play
4x normal speed options:
1 SSM + 2 Rec + 2 Play
1 SSM + 3 Rec + 1 Play
6x normal speed options:
1 SSM + 1 Rec + 1 Play
1 SSM + 2 Play

Embedded audio

Embedded audioPCM, up to 8 stereo audio channels per video input channel

Analog audio

Up to 8 in and 8 out balanced stereo channels, using an external 2U breakout box

(AC-8), with software router for internal distribution

AES audio

Up to 8 in and 8 out balanced stereo channels, using an external 1U breakout box

(AES-8), with software router for internal distribution

Video inputs

SDI / HD-SDI with clean and dirty loops

Video outputs

2 x SDI / HD-SDI per output, (SD/HD according to recording format)

Video outputs monitoring

2 x SDI / HD-SDI per output, (SD/HD according to recording format)


Bi / Tri level sync

Time code input

Internal free run, LTC - XLR, Embedded VITC / ATC (RP-188)

PlayMakerSlow motion replay server

PlayMaker Server continued
Time code output


Data interfaces



2 GHz Intel Quad Core Xeon

Operating system



6 GB

System hard drive

2 x 500 GB RAID 1

Internal disk storage

8 x 3.5-inch 1 TB SATA 2

Hard Disk Redundancy

RAID 6 (striped disks with dual parity)

Environmental condition

Operating temperature: 41104F (5 40C)

Storage temperature: -40158F (-40 70C)
Humidity: 90% max

Corporate Headquarters
800 949 AVID (2843)


USB (2 front/ 2 back)
external SATA
Ethernet (1Gb)
VGA maintenance (front)
XLR LTC input

Asian Headquarters
+ 65 6476 7666

European Headquarters
+ 44 1753 655999

For more information, visit www.orad.tv/playmaker

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