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Friday Bulletin

The Weekly Muslim News Update

Issue No. 209

Rabi al Thani 09, 1428/April 27, 2007

Michuki in new push for terror bill

In a fresh move to push for the enactment of the dreaded Anti-Ter- that the Bill which is largely drawn from the US Patriot Act has no
rorism Bill, internal security minister John Michuki travelled to the respect for established human rights values.
United States where he is expected to meet with State Depart- Attempts to have the Bill enacted in Parliament have not been
ment ofcials to discuss proposals to enact the legislation.
successful either and the visit by Michuki is seen as another atMichuki left the country on Saturday for Washington accompa- tempt to nd an avenue to have the Bill passed.
nied by among others senior ofcials from the anti-terrorism po- Speaking to The Friday Bulletin, Council of Imams and Preachlice unit.
ers of Kenya (CIPK) secretary general Sheikh Muhammad Dor
The Bill has drawn the ire of human rights and Muslim organisaid it was unethical for the minister to
zations who have criticized the law as an
go to Washington to discuss the safety of
The Bill has drawn the ire of human
affront against civil liberties. Muslims have
foreigners yet several areas of the country
rights and Muslim organizations who
particularly expressed concern against the
were gripped in crisis and needed immehave criticized the law as an affront
draconian legislation which though is yet to
diate attention. Michuki should instead
against civil liberties
be passed, has seen several members of
have remained in the country to concenthe community arbitrarily detained with many
trate on solving the clashes in Mt. Elgon,
denied their basic constitutional rights. Since
Tana River and Banana (Hill) which are a
2003, hundreds of Muslims have been detained on alleged terror- security priority to Kenyans, he said. He reiterated that Kenyans
ism charges and the few charged in court, none has been con- as in past occasions will stand up against the anti-terrorism law
victed of the crime. In an unprecedented move, the government which he said has no place in Kenya.
recently facilitated the deportation of a Kenyan national Abdulma- Sheikh Dor accused the government of accepting to succumb to
lik Muhammad to the notorious Guantanamo concentration camp the whims of the United States to harass and arrest Muslims who
famous for gross human rights violations. The deportation was were later deported to Somalia and Ethiopia.
met by an outcry from human rights groups which said that the The chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Administration
government has acceded its sovereignty to the Americans.
and Legal Affairs Paul Muite ruled out the Bill coming to ParliaThe United States has been pushing for the enactment of the
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law ostensibly to ght terrorism but human rights groups contend

SUPKEM elections for Next week

The long awaited national elections of the Supreme Council of
Kenya Muslims (SUPKEM) have been set for May 2. SUPKEM
organizing secretary Sharrif Hussein Omar conrmed to The Friday Bulletin that the councils Annual General Meeting (AGM)
would be held at the Kasarani stadium on Wednesday next week.
It is during the AGM that the polls will be held. Registration for the
delegates will be carried a day before on May 1.
Sharrif Hussein said that only delegates who comprise district
chairmen, secretaries and treasurers will be permitted to participate in the elections.
Notices have been sent to all delegates in their respective districts, he said.
He added that all posts will be open for contestation and this includes that of the national chairman Prof Abdulghafur El-Busaidy,
the secretary general, the organizing secretary and Vice chairmen representing the eight provinces in the country. The elections had been anticipated since 2003 and have repeatedly been
postponed on several occasions.
The district elections carried out last year were dogged with controversies after complaints of irregularities were reported in several areas. An ofcial of the Thika Muslim Foundation Abdallah
Ndope said the polls will not be free and fair as SUPKEM headquarters has refused to address the pending grievances. They
are imposing people on us, we will not accept the outcomes of the
elections, he said. Thika is among the areas where the elections
aborted after disputes marred the polls.

NMLF hosts E.A Muslim leaders conference in Nairobi.

Muslim leaders drawn from nine Eastern Africa countries are meeting in Nairobi in a regional conference hosted by the National Muslim Leaders Forum (NMLF) that will focus on key issues affecting
Muslims in the region. Delegates from various sectors of the Islamic
leadership will be meeting under the auspices of the Eastern Africa
Muslim Leaders Forum (E.A.M.L.F) at Jamia Masjid for a three-day
conference from April 25 to April 27.
The forum will bring together Muftis and Muslim leaders from Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Sudan, Ethiopia, Zanzibar and
Kenyan. Among leaders in attendance will be Sheikh Hussein Seleimani Kahinga the Mufti of Burundi, Sheikh Saleh Habimana the Mufti
of Rwanda, the Mufti of Uganda Sheikh. Shaaban Mubajje, Sheikh
Khamis Yussuf the Mufti of Zanzibar, Dr. Abdullah Mohammed Mugub from Munadhamat Ad dawa from Sudan among others.
Leaders will speak on various challenges facing the community in
the respective countries. The so-called war on terror which has
negatively impacted on the community in the region will also feature
among the main areas of discussion.
The leaders will also break the ground on the strategic approach to
be followed in realizing their space in the socio-political arena.
Attention will also focus on Somalia, which us now embroiled in civil
strife brought about by the US-backed Ethiopian invasion.
The conference is being held as a result of an initiative to bring regional leaders on a common platform to promote common ideals.

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This Newsletter contains some of Allahs names. Please do not throw in the trash. Either keep,circulate or shred.

Editorial-Somalias darkest days

Predictions that the US-backed Ethiopian invasion of Somalia at the

end of last year would hasten rather than halt the countrys political
disintegration are proving grimly accurate.
The latest outbreak of clashes between Ethiopian invasion forces
along with the Transitional Federal Governments (TFG) clan-based
militia, and Somali resistance ghters have brought death, destruction, and devastation on an already distressed population who for
most of the last 16 years have never enjoyed a climate of peace.
In an operation dubbed Sifeynta, which means cleansing, to forcefully disarm and collect weapons, and detain those who are suspected of opposing the Ethiopian occupation and the TFG, hundreds
of civilians have died in ghting and at least 321,000 people have
ed Mogadishu since February - further proof that the US-inspired
invasion did more harm than good.
The UN says wounded civilians and dead bodies are lying unattended in the streets after Ethiopian heavy artillery and mortars pounded
residential areas.
Not since the overthrow of Somalias dictator Siad Barre in 1991 has
Mogadishu seen such indiscriminant violence which have seen the
country slipping back inexorably into a maelstrom of violent rivalries
pitting hostile clans, resurgent warlords, militias, and Ethiopian occupation troops in an ever more destructive struggle for dominance.
Ethiopias defeat of the Union of Islamic Courts, that for the rst
time in 16 years brought the much sought after peace in Mogadishu
and much of southern Somalia, was accomplished with the help of
American air strikes, intelligence and logistical support. It allowed
the widely disavowed and unpopular, Western-approved TFG to expand its area of nominal control.
The fears that the extension of the American-led war-on-terror into
Somalia would do little more than create another Afghanistan/Iraq
like situation are precisely coming to light. And far from being vanquished as earlier thought, the Islamic ghters are making a strong
comeback putting the foreign invaders in the midst of an Iraq-style
Not surprisingly, Washington has been chillingly silent on the new
developments, even as world leaders as well as the UN wasted little
time expressing serious concern whatever that may be worth.
As violence rages and blood spills in unprecedented proportions
wherever the Bush administration takes its terror-war, Kenya, which
played a complacent role in ousting the UIC can apparently do little
more than wait for the neocons at the White House to set another
As a result Somalia, just like Afghanistan and Iraq before it, is seeing
some of the darkest days in its history.
The Somali people have been the victims of a prolonged and protracted civil strife resulting in unnecessary suffering of the population.
Lasting peace and prosperity requires open and honest dialogue,
and genuine reconciliation. Clearly, to achieve these objectives, a
bold, new, and innovative approach to recognize the Union of Islamic Courts as an important player in the Somalias political arena
is of paramount importance in any genuine desire to bring peace to
the country.

Michuki in new push for terror bill

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ment anytime sooner saying that the concerns of Kenyans ought

to have been addressed in the rst place. He denounced the proposed law saying that some of its provisions were unacceptable.
The Bill nullies the rule of law such as the presumption that one
is innocent until proved guilty, he said.
Muite also took issue with the proposals to give powers to the
Internal Security minister to declare an individual or an organisation as terrorist and expressed fears that those powers will be
prone to abuse.

The Fashion world is eating up our

The fashion world keeps changing everyday and with it comes different fashions and styles. Women have to be on the run to keep
up with fashion, spending so much money on clothes, which only
last for a short while.
The Muslim world has not been spared for the hijabs too keep on
changing and expenses rising high. While it is good to have nice
and beautiful dresses, Muslims are being cheated by Buibuis that
are looking very beautiful but in some ways fail to meet the requirements of the Hijab. Of late we have transparent hijabs, hijabs with
slits, over decorated hijabs etc.
The long dresses have long cuts or are tight. Currently we have
long skirts with small tops and short sleeves. Women and especially girls wear the clothes believing that they are properly covered. While in prayers, the small tops move when in rukuu and
sujjud leaving the whole of a womans back exposed.
Also, our girls in schools have come up with funny fashions. Their
school uniforms are becoming worrying. The ladies have very short
tight skirts, infact they are minis, with trousers which are somehow
tight only becoming wide towards the bottom (bell bottom).
This type of dressing is not proper with their scarves which rarely cover their heads but on the necks. For heavens sake, what
are we are we trying to tell the schools that have allowed Islamic
dressing? What message are we passing across?
Muslim women, please wake up to reality. The Western people will
never leave us until we take all what they have into our lives. They
have slowly used different ways of ghting our systems, they have
penetrated into our lives ensuring that we believe all that comes
from them is good.
For the poor women, it becomes difcult to afford the hijab. There
are very rare simple nice cheap hijabs now days. The fashion industry has taken away that simple clothing that is to be worn by all
Muslim women.
Salama Hussein

He needs Zakaat to Arrange Marriage.
Q. I am young shab who needs to get married but cannot raise
the amount required for the dowry. Am I entitled to be given
A. It is allowed for those who cannot afford to meet expenses of
marriage on conditions that their proposal has been accepted and
that they cannot raise the required amount .
Allah says in Suratul Taubah (translation of the meaning)
Alms are for the poor and the needy, and those employed to administer the (funds): for those whose hearts have been (recently)
reconciled (to truth); For those in bondage and in debt; In the
cause of Allah; And for the wayfarer: (thus is it) ordained by Allah.
And Allah is full of knowledge and wisdom.
Otherwise there is a necessity to verify that when given the
money they won?t utilize it for other purposes apart from the
specied intention.
Sheikh Khalfan Khamis chairman Majlis Ulamaa-Kenya

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Islamic Banking

This is the last part of a four-part series on Islamic Banking By Abdullatif Essajee, a lecturer at
University of Nairobi and a member of the Jamia Mosque Commitee-Nairobi

Riba in the Hadith

1.From Jabir: The Prophet, may peace be on him, cursed the receiver and the prayer of interest, the one who records it and the two
witnesses to the transaction and said: They are all alike (in guilt).
(Muslim, Kitab al-Musaqat, Bab la ni akili al-riba wa mu kilihi; also in
Tirmidhi and Musnad Ahmad).
2.Jabir ibn Abdallah, giving a report on the Prophets Farewell Pilgrimage, said: The Prophet, peace be on him, addressed the people
and said All the riba of Jahiliyya is annulled. The rst riba that I
annual is our riba, that accruing to Abbas ibn Abd al-Muttalib (the
Prophets uncle); it is being cancelled completely. (Muslim, Kitab
al-Haji, Bab Hajjati al-Nabi, may peace be on him; also in Musnad
3. From Abdallah ibn Hanzalah: The Prophet, peace be on him, said:
A dirham of riba which a man receives knowingly is worse than committing adultery thirty-six times (Mishkat al-Masabih, Kitab al-Buyu,
Bab al-riba, on the authority of Ahmad and Daraqutni). Bayhaqi has
also reported the above hadith in Shuab al-iman with the addition
that Hell bets him whose esh has been nourished by the unlawful
4.From Abu Hurayrah: The Prophet, peace be on him, said: On the
night of Ascension I came upon people whose stomachs were like
houses with snakes visible from the outside. I asked Gabriel who
they were. He replied that they were people who had received interest. (Ibn Majah, Kitab al-Tiarat, Bab al-taghlizi al-riba; also in Musnad Ahmad).
5. From Abu Hurayrah: The Prophet, peace be on him, said: Riba
has seventy segments, the least serious being equivalent to a man
committing adultery with his own mother. (Ibn Majah, ibid).
6. From Abu Huryrah: The prophet, peace be on him, said: There
will certainly come a time for mankind when everyone will take riba
and if he does not do so, its dust will reach him. (Abu Dawud, Kitab
al-Buyu, Bab ijtinabi al-shubuhat; also in Ibn Maja).
7. From Abu Hurayrah: The Prophet, peace be on him, said: God
would be justied in not allowing four persons to enter paradise or
to taste its blessings: he who drinks habitually, he who takes riba, he
who usurps an orphans property without right, and he who is undutiful to his parents. (Mustadrak al-Hakim, Kitab al-Buyu)
Interest- free banking.
This is the business of doing banking business without indulging in
the taking or giving of interest in all forms of nancial transactions. It
is usually referred to as Islamic banking.
Objectives of Interest -free Banks
The objectives of interest-free based banks may be summarized as
To provide a comprehensive form of nancial inter-mediation on the basis of prot sharing systems.
To mobilize savings, and expand the extent of dealings
within the banking sector by offering an alternative non-interest form
of banking to a certain section of the community who would like to
deal on that basis.
To serve its depositors and the public at large by providing
competently and professionally all those pure banking services which
do not involve nancing and which are expected of any contemporary
To undertake all types of benecial direct investments within
the framework of Islamic Law.
To undertake certain socially desirable activities on nonprot basis.
Rules Governing Interest-free Finance.
The rules regarding interest-free nance have the concept of equity
and morality as their foundation. They include, but are not limited to,
the following:

Any predetermined payment over and above the actual

amount borrowed is unlawful/prohibited. Only one kind of loan is allowed whereby the lender does not charge any interest or additional
amount over the amount lent for.

Financiers are encouraged to become partners with their

nances in order to share prots and risks in the business instead of

becoming creditors. The provider of funds and the user of the funds
should share the risk of business ventures.

Making money from money is not acceptable. Money is only

a medium of exchange, a way of dening the value of a thing: it has
no value in itself and should therefore not be allowed to give rise to
Operations of Interest-free Banks
Interest-free banks, commonly known as Islamic banks, have devised
nancial products based on risk-sharing and prot principles. Broadly
speaking, the areas in which Islamic banks are most active are in
trade and commodity nance property and leasing.
Mobilisation of savings
Interest free-based banks mobilize funds from the public through providing various types of deposit accounts. These include:

Trust Accounts

Joint Investment Accounts

Fixed Deposit accounts

Specied Investment Accounts.

Trust Accounts
These are similar to the current accounts found in the Interest-based
Banks. Moneys deposited in these accounts by the owners are trust
deposits. With the common consent of the depositors, the bank may
make use of the funds at its own risk and responsibility in respect of
prots or losses on condition that withdrawals and/or disbursement is
made immediately upon demand by the depositor.
Joint Investment Accounts
These are deposits received from customers desiring to participate
with the bank in investments. The bank takes the funds deposited in
these accounts with mandate from their owners, as part of the mainstream investment pool of the bank. The owners receive a certain
percentage of the annual net prots or loss realized in accordance
with the conditions agreed upon on the account at the time of opening the same. Partial or complete withdrawal of funds is possible at
any time.
Fixed Deposit Accounts
These are similar to the Joint Investment Accounts except that they
are accepted on the basis of varying tenors of 3,6,9 or 12 months.
Partial or total withdrawal of the deposit before maturity is permitted
only in exceptional cases.
Specied Investment Accounts
These are deposits received from customers with instructions to the
bank to invest such deposits in specic transactions. Thus, the bank
merely acts as an agent for investment of these deposits in a specic
manner against an administrative fee on any prots realized.
Holders of investment accounts are said to be susceptible in ending
up either in prots or losses at the end of the year.
Like the Interest-based Banks, the Islamic bank opens these accounts
for all individuals and for all types of legal entities.

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At Jamia Masjid Nairobi
Commencement date is on the beginning of May 2007 & they are
to be conducted between Mondays to Fridays
Registration closes on 2nd May 2007

Registration at the Daawah Oce/ Library

Registration Fee Ksh 2000
*This programme is for males only. The Sisters programme will
start on June 1

Riba in the Hadith

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Provision of Financial Inter-mediation.
In Interest-based Banks, the task of nancial inter-mediation is accomplished
by the buying and selling of money. The banks buy money from depositors
by guaranteeing them a xed interest and sell the deposits to borrowers by
charging then a guaranteed xed interest. Through this way the banks trade
debt. This treatment of money as a commodity bought and sold with interest
is where Interest-free Based banks wholly depart from the overall concept of
banking practice. To this end has been raised the question, How, then, do
Interest-free Banks perform nancial inter-mediation?
The methods of nance available may be grouped in two categories; debt nance methods and trade nance methods. The most
common forms of debt nance are Mudharaba and Musharaka.
Mudharaba (Prot -Sharing System)
Mudharaba means a business partnership between two persons with one
providing the capital while the other, as the active partner, will provide the
effort, expertise and professionalism for a successful business performance
the prots of which are shared according to a pre-agreed formulae.
The system envisages the formation of a tripartite system composed of the
suppliers of savings and capital funds, the bank, which serves as an intermediary link between the suppliers of funds and the actual users of funds.
The borrowers obtaining capital from the bank would share the prots of
their productive engagements with the bank according to a mutual agreement while the bank in turn shares the prots so accruing to it with the depositors according to predetermined percentages. The banks depositors do
not receive any pre-agreed interest on their deposits.
Incase no prot is realized, the active partner would receive nothing for his
efforts while the provider of capital would recover only his capital. In case
of loss resulting from normal business conditions the active partner will lose
nothing but his labour and effort while the provider of capital suffers the
entire loss. Thus, the provider of capital takes the nancial risks of the transaction and it is this nance risk which justies his claim to a share in any
prots even though a dormant partner. The active partner is however held
responsible for the loss of capital should this be the result of his negligence,
willful act or non-compliance with the conditions of the contract.

NMLF hosts E.A Muslim leaders conference in

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The East African Muslim Leaders Forum was formed in December last year
in Dar Salaam Tanzania, December 2006 whereby Kenya was nominated to
host the secretariat of the regional body at an event ofciated over by the
former President of Tanzania Ali Hassan Mwinyi.
The 5th National Muslim Leaders Forum Annual Conference.
Meanwhile, the National Muslim Leaders Forum will be holding its annual
conference this weekend. The meeting to be held at the Nairobi Muslim
Academy South C from April 27 to April 29 April will bring together a cross
section of Muslim leaders from around the country to chart a way forward for
the community. The fourth coming general elections and the continued harassment of Muslims will feature prominently among issues of discussion.


Jamia Mosque Committee is seeking a highly motivated individual to manage

the Jamia Islamic Information Centre
Minimum qualication
A degree in Shariah/ Islamic studies
Fluency in Arabic, English, and Swahili. Good command of French or any other
international languages will be an added advantage.
Good working skills, motivation and creative approach to Dawa
Please send your resume to
The Secretary General
Jamia Mosque Committee
P. O. Box 40629
Applications should be recieved not later than 30th /04 /2007.

Progress Report on Activities

The social welfare section of Ummah Foundation wishes to
make an update on various activities currently being undertaken as follows;
Cataract Eye Operations: - Ummah Foundation will be hosting a free cataract eye operation in Garissa. Details of date
and venue will be communicated in due course but those
interested can contact Bro.Shakeel Jaffer on the following
phone numbers 0725-715900 or 0733-511032. A similar arrangement for Nairobi is accessible through Ummah Foundation ofces at village plaza, apartment A2 , Ngara or kindly
call 0733-515917 or 0727-119677
Prosthetic limbs operation:-The rst batch of applications
for prosthetic limbs is poised to undergo an operation on
Wednesday 2nd May, 2007 at the Rotary clinic in Nairobi .
Jaipur Foot Project is carrying out the prosthesis. The day
long exercise will benet seven disadvantaged members of
the society who have so far approached Ummah Foundation
for assistance.
Wheel Chairs:-In the next two weeks, Ummah Foundation will
be giving twelve wheel chairs to applicants whose cases have
been assessed and consequently endorsed as needy and deserving. The applicants are from various parts of the country.
Sewing machines: - Applications for sewing machines are
currently being processed but sufce it to note that only those
applications with evidence of formal training in tailoring will
be successful. In future, applicants are advised to attach their
certicates of merit in tailoring.
Appeal for support for the victims of Mt.Elgon and Tana
river clashes
The ongoing clashes and conicts in Mt. Elgon and Tana river
areas are assuming tragic dimensions. Many lives are being lost and a sizeable number are being rendered homeless
and helpless. As a community we are under a moral obligation and therefore enjoined to help and/or come to the aid of
the suffering members of the society. The victims of these
conicts and/or clashes require our assistance as individuals, institutions, communities, etcetera. It must not be lost on
us that what affects one of us directly affects all of us either
directly or indirectly.
Ummah Foundation is therefore making special appeal to
Muslims wherever they are to offer support either materially
or morally to our brethren in these areas. Muslims can make
a big difference by creating everlasting impacts on the lives
of suffering Kenyans in these areas. Donations can be made
both in cash and kind. Arrangements are being put in place
to ensure that whatever assistance, donation and/or support
extended will reach the intended beneciaries. Please do not
hesitate to call on our ofces for further enquiries and/or information.

Saturday Lecture
Rights of Parents in Islam
Saturday 28th April 2007
Sheikh Juma Muhammad Amir
Jamia Masjid Multi Purpose Hall

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