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TEPM 6301 Course Support Resources

Key Electronic Sources

I. Load Microsoft Project (2010 version)
1. CD in textbook
2. Download from Microsoft.com
3. Checkout a copy from COT lab (T2/first floor)
UH students from room 116
Certificate students from room 103
4. Buy a copy ($7)see help desk on T2 first floor
II. Web/CT www.uh.edu/webct {requires ID to be assigned}
III. IV. MS Project Video Library
IV. GLR email grichardson@uh.edu
{I will send out a test distribution list email. If you do not get it by Friday let me
know so I can fix your email address}
V. course TA-- TBA
VI. GLR office phone 713.743.4018
{Not my primary communication mode. Dont use voice mail here}
VII. Weekly class notes
a. Goal is to get notes out via regular email no later than 4pm Mondays
b. These files will be loaded into Blackboard as a class repository
c. Class files will not be handed out on paper. Recommend download from
Blackboard and view that way
d. All stored class notes are considered to be notes and not to be 100% covered in
class. If an item is skipped it is viewed to be a supplement
VIII. Skillport http://uh.skillport.com {UH students only--requires Cougar ID}