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A Semi-Detailed Lesson Plan in Technology and Livelihood Education

I. Objectives
At the end of the lesson, the student will be able to:
a. identify the detrimental effects of Malnutrition;
b. set proper diet through making a meal plan;
c. recognize the importance of proper nutrition and good health
through citing ways and practices on how we can keep ourselves
healthy, fit and vigorous.
II. Subject Matter
Topic: Importance of Good Health and Proper Nutrition
Reference: Technology and Livelihood Education I, p. 87-91
Materials: visual aids, pictures
Value Focus: Giving importance to Balanced Diet.
III. Procedure:
A. Preparatory Activities
1. Prayer
2. Checking of Attendance
3. Review
4. Drill
- The teacher will show some pictures relating to the basic food
groups (Go, Grow and Glow Foods).
5. Motivation:
- The teacher will ask the following questions leading to the
a. Who among you here knows how to cook?
b. What do you usually cook when you are at home?
c. Are you into eating fruits and vegetables?
d. Do you prefer to have pork, ham or meat on the table?
e. What do you think will happen to those who over eat?
f. What do you think will happen to those who seldom eat?
g. What do you think is our topic for today?
6. Unlocking of difficulties
-The teacher will define the following terms:
Under nutrition
Balanced Diet
B. Developmental Activities
b.1. Lesson Proper: Lecture.
b.2 Q and A with the students.

C. Application:
- The teacher will provide a buddy-system activity which he is to
facilitate. Students will look for a pair, diagnose their buddies and prescribe
a meal plan for a week. The said
meal plan will then be presented in front
of the class after having it completed for at
least 10-15 minutes only. The
said meal plan should contain healthy and balanced
food groups to
sustain long life and healthy living.
D. Analysis:
-The teacher will ask the following questions:
1. How was the activity? Were you able to prescribe proper and healthy
meal plan for your buddies?
2. Were the foods being prescribed by your buddies promote proper
3. Is it really necessary to take in nutritious foods? Why or why not?
4. What do you think will happen if we have forgotten to balance our
E. Abstraction:
-The teacher will ask a series of questions leading to the abstraction of the
topic being discussed:
1. What have you learned from the activity?
2. Why is good health important? Is there any significance of proper

nutrition to our day to day lives?

3. What will you consider from now on when choosing the food to eat?
IV -Evaluation:
Directions: Put a check () mark on your paper if the picture promotes
proper nutrition

and put an X mark if it entails/ show improper nutrition.











V. Agreement:
1. Go to the nearest market and observe the types of food sold.
2. Report to the class your observations and suggestion to improve our
nutrition. Write it on

a one whole sheet of paper.

Prepared by: Rodrigo C. Licayan,

Jr., MBA