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The New Princess

Mari Garcia

n Saturday, 2nd May 2015 at 8:34 am, in London1, the British Royal family welcomed a new
addition to their ranks. A baby girl born to the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall will be fourth in
line to the British throne after her grandfather, father and brother. Princess Charlotte, with five

degrees Cancer Rising, echoes her father, Prince Williams Sun-Moon conjunction at 0-4x Cancer
respectively. A Daddys girl whose primary motivation as described by the Cancer Ascendant, is one
driven by emotional need. The Moon in Libra in the fourth house rules the Cancer Ascendant suggesting
that the emotional need is fulfilled through connections with Father, family and a sense of belonging.
The Moon at 20G is in the terms of Jupiter suggesting that she will certainly have both looks and
personality that will charm and engage others although she will need her own space as the Moon, in
opposition to Uranus and squaring Pluto suggests a very independent and strong-minded child.
Her grandmother, the late Princess Dianas Mercury and Sun at 3x and 9xD respectively also sit on the
childs Ascendant; she will have inherited from both Father and Grandmother a sense of compassion and
Her Moon at 20G reflects her Grandfather, Prince Charless PU conjunction at 14x and 18xG
respectively, echoing his love of the arts and other beautiful things.

Both Prince William and Kate are represented by several strong statements about where and how they sit
in their daughters life. Prince William as Father is represented by the Taurus Sun in the eleventh while
Kate is the Moon in Libra in the fourth house. Both luminaries are in good positions, in reasonable
The Moon symbolizes Mother and the Moons aspects suggest that the Princesss relationship with her
Mother could be quite intense and dynamic. Plutos position at 15J sits conjunct the Duchess of
Cornwalls Capricorn Sun at 18J and whilst we do not have an exact birth time for her, the Duchess has
a Moon which could be anywhere between 8-20 degrees of Cancer2, placing it in the Princesss first house
and in a possible opposition to Pluto. It will be interesting to see how this is played out in the relationship
between mother and daughter in the future.
The Princesss Taurus Sun sits in the eleventh house in a very tight sextile to Neptune as well as a tight
square to Jupiter underscoring the important position her Father plays; he is both deified and idealized.
The ruler of her third house of siblings is Mercury in Gemini, also in the twelfth and describes her
relationship with her brother, Prince George. Mercury is in opposition to Saturn and squaring Neptune,
which is conjunct the MC. Prince Georges role as older brother may be both a source of conflict,
inspiration and strength growing up.
The Queens Moon at 12E is reflected in the Princesss Jupiter in the second house and echoes the
reports that the Queen was absolutely delighted with the news of the birth of her great-grand daughter.
We should see this little girl become an important visitor and favourite at Buckingham Palace in the future.
Venus, dispositor of both the Taurus Sun and Libran Moon is in Gemini in the twelfth house and suggest
that she may be a child who will initially be shy but should gain confidence in relating to others. However,
privacy and her own space will be very important as she grows older. Her Venus also sits alongside her
great grandfather Phillips Mars strengthening the relationship she will have with both her great
I look forward to seeing how this young life unfolds as a new generation of the Royal Family takes its
place in the world.

Mari Garcia
5th May 2015
Copyright Mari Garcia 2015. Mari Garcia is a consulting astrologer who has been involved with astrology since 1990. She has lectured widely both in Australia
and the USA and has published articles in Australia and overseas and writes for several local and national publications. Email Mari about a Consultation at
mgarcia550@bigpond.com. She runs a consulting practice in Adelaide and is co-principal of ASTRO MUNDI, which offers a four year course in astrology, a
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Birth data sourced from The Guardian at http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2015/may/02/duchess-of-cambridge-gives-birth-to-babygirl-prince-william [accessed 3/5/2015]
2 Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cornwall was born 9th January 1982 in Reading, UK and there is no birth time available. A noon chart
places her Moon at 14D. The Moons average daily movement is 12x and so the possible position of the Moon could be anywhere between
8-20 D.