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ServiceLink 4.

94 Minor upgrade release (includes Recreational Vehicle

Module support) is available for download from 05/18/2016.
Administrative Rights are required for proper download and
installation of this new version of ServiceLink. If you do not have
administrative rights, please contact your IT department.
This is an upgrade Installation. Uninstalling the existing software
version 4.94.565 is not required.
o Prerequisite Browser Settings
Open IE browser. Delete browser cache under IE Browser
SafetyDelete Browsing history Check all the boxes except
Passwords and then click delete.
Delete Temp internet files (Cookies) under: IE BrowserTools Internet
optionsSettingUnder Temporary Internet files click View files and
delete all temp internet files.
Popup should not be blocked. Go to ToolsInternet
optionsPrivacyTurn off popup blocker by unchecking the box.
o Please note: Uninstall Cummins Insite diagnostic software and
Dearborn Group DPA5 driver before installing new ServiceLink 4.94
upgrade version.
VEPS application users (DTNA Engineering) should uninstall VEPS
before installing new ServiceLink 4.94 upgrade version.
o Installation steps:

Go to DTNAConnect.
Add domain URL to Compatibility View settings. Tools Compatibility
View settingsAdd
Login to ServiceLink.
Download SlinkSupportInstallSetup.msi and save. It is essential that
you save the file to your Desktop or Documents or Downloads folder.
Once completed close ServiceLink in IE. Close all open browser
Install SlinkSupportInstallSetup.msi from the saved folder. Do not run it
directly from the browser.
Go to DTNAConnect -> ServiceLink
Start ServiceLink
When you are asked, if you would like to update, follow the prompts to
install these important updates

Users may encounter following error message during Installation.

Ignore this message and click Close button and proceed.

Click Admin tab

Update vehicle Type, Adapter and Baudrate Settings.

o Vehicle adapter settings:

Under Vehicle Type select appropriate vehicle type:

Under protocol settings CAN is disabled and will not be visible for NonCascadia.
All three protocols are available for Cascadia Pre-OBD16 to select.
Under Baudrate settings: Default will be Auto. User can select either
250K or 500K for forced communication speed.

o This update to ServiceLink includes following support in

addition to the existing functionalities:

Support for RVM (Recreational Vehicle Module).

ServiceLink 4.94 will NOT support Freightliner Cascadia Model
Year 2017 (OBD16) and later, DiagnosticLink 8.03 or higher is
ServiceLink 4.94 will NOT support the CGW02T ECU. This ECU
may be equipped on Model Year 2017 and later M2, SD,
Coronado, and WST vehicles. DiagnosticLink 8.03 or higher is
The Nexiq USB-Link1 and 2 are the only supported adapter devices by
the Dealer Help Desk (DHD). For other adapters (i.e. Dearborn and
Noregon): The DHD will provide limited support to ensure that
ServiceLink is functioning as expected. If it is determined that the
adapter is the issue, users will need to contact the appropriate provider
for further assistance.
IE8 (Internet Explorer 8) 64-bit users will need to open up a 32-bit
browser window
o The following are recommended for best results:
Upgrade Nexiq USB-Link driver to or Nexiq USB-Link 2 driver to
o Available in ServiceLink: -> Admin -> Download -> Download
Nexiq USB-Link Dual CAN driver
o REMINDER: Administrative Rights are required for proper
download and installation of Nexiq USB-Link driver.
o USB-Link Adapter Settings must be updated when the Nexiq
Driver is updated.
IE11 is recommended for Windows 7 OS
Remove browser cache and cookies.Close all browser
windows other than ServiceLink before starting a flash and
during a flash.
If you do not have administrative rights on your workstation and are unable
to install this version, contact your IT department. Windows 7 and Vista users
may see a dialog box indicating that install files are in use. If this occurs,
click the continue box and the upgrade will continue successfully. When you

continue to ServiceLink and are asked if you would like to update, follow the
prompts to install these important updates. Please contact the Dealer Help
Desk at 855-639-8680 or at Dealer.HelpDesk@Daimler.com if you encounter
any problems.