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Friday Bulletin
The Weekly Muslim News Update

Issue No. 347

Muharram 08 1431/December 25 2009

Islamophobic trends being waged

on Muslim revertees
uslims have been urged to support
revertees who are decrying an emergent trend of being victimized by their
former religious groups.
From youths, who are dependent on their
families being evicted from homes to elder
people loosing their jobs or being stripped of
all their belongings and left to wonder penniless, these are amongst all sorts of injustices
being waged against revertees to Islam by
their families and churches.
Speaking to the Friday Bulletin, Sheikh Muhammad Juma Amir, the head of the Jamia Information Centre said that since the inception
of the Centre he has been receiving appalling
cases of people who have been mistreated by
their families and former churches because
they reverted to Islam.
He called upon Muslims to increase their efforts in supporting the revertees who have
been faced by a backlash from their families. This requires that Muslims setup more
programs to integrate them into the Muslim
community and ensure that they can continue
living their lives normally after reverting to Islam, he said.
A letter availed to The Friday Bulletin revealed
the devastating situation one of the Muslim
revertees underwent after coming to Islam.
The letter details how the former church
Bishop was evicted him from his house and
stripped of all his belongings including his
car and the freezing of his bank account by
his former church group after he changed his
Musa Lenco who was formerly known as

Bishop Dr. Michael Lenco and one of the leaders at the Global Church Ministries based
at Limuru, said the Church snatched away all his belongings to frustrate his decision of
abandoning them for Islam. They even demanded that he pays back all the money they
had used to train him in a theological Doctorate which was conducted in America and
All your previously banked money has been frozen. Your duty car has been deprived
from your usage and you must reimburse the money spent for your overseas theological
training, states the letter.
Sheikh Juma said that Muslims should offer all the necessary support to the revertees to
ensure that they can cope with these hard circumstances. He said that Muslims Should
volunteer to accommodate these people in their homes and offer them job opportunities
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to ensure they can cope with life.

Sheikh Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips (right) receives a gift from the former Jamia Mosque
Committee Chairman Mzee Maulid Jasho (left) and current JMC Chairman Muhammad
Osman Warfa. Dr Bilal, a Canadian citizen of Jamaican origin is a Muslim revertee, he has
scaled the heights to become a world renowned Muslim Educationist and Preacher.

Jamia Islamic Bookfair to be made an annual event

Jamia Mosque plans to add the recently concluded, Islamic bookfair event, to its annual
calendar of events in order to avail more Islamic literature materials to the masses at a
subsidized cost.
Jamia Mosque Committee Secretary General, Abdul Bary Hamid said that Jamia shall
be holding the programme more frequently in
order to boost the reading culture and boost
the literacy levels among the populace.
He further added that apart from Nairobi the
event shall also be conducted in various other
parts of the country such as Mombasa and
Malindi among other areas. Abdul Bary added
that there are also concerted efforts to part-

ner with other organizations in order to translate

Islamic literature materials into local vernacular
languages which benefit people in the remote areas of the country.
During the books exhibition which was the first
Islamic books event which was conducted by Jamia Mosque in collaboration with Darul Ulumudiin
of Uganda and other institutions, It emerged that
there are many people who would want to access
Islamic literature materials but there was a limited
supply of these books in the country.
The Secretary General also added that there are
future plans to setup a bookshop that will avail the
books to the public at a lower cost.
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This Week


Digital TV presents chance for Islamic

TV channels


Prohibition of Celebrating non Muslim festivals


Women Issues

Role of mothers in child education P4

Youth and Children

Raves and parties, Do Muslims
belong here?



Islam against black magic and witchcraft


This Newsletter contains some of Allahs names. Please do not throw in the trash. Either keep, circulate or shred

The Friday Bulletin

Muharram 08 1431/December 25 2009


Islamic Bookfair to be held annually

Digital TV opens opportunity for

Islamic TV channels

Earlier this month, President Mwai Kibaki launched the Digital Television
Broadcasting (DTB) in Kenya which makes the country, only the second
on the continent to launch this service.
The introduction of Digital TV will enable more frequencies to be allocated to people who intend to setup more TV channels which had been previously hampered by the limited frequencies availability. This new technology is set to no doubt change the platform of television broadcasting
in the counrty and will present unlimited opportunities in this industry.
At the launch, the President invited Kenyans to exploit the huge potential availed by the digital technology and Muslims need to grab this opportunity and ensure that we can utilize it to setup our own Television
channels that will be able to offer an alternative source of information
for Muslims.
Statistics at the Communications Commission of Kenya indicate that
many Kenyan investors have applied to be allocated frequencies and
currently there are more than 60 TV licenses and more than 150 for FM
radio pending to be licensed.
As Muslims we very well know the negative effects that western oriented
entertainment media has caused the community. Therefore most of the
new channels that are mostly scheduled to be setup by businessmen will
further pose a challenge to the moral values of our children and society
at large.
Presently we are faced with a challenge on how to control what our children are watching on the existent TV channels, this situation will further
deteriorate if we do not make efforts to setup our own channels which
can model the moral values based on Islamic principals.
Some parents could suggest that we completely do away with TV sets
in our houses but as we know our youth today are living in information
age and even though you will not be having a TV set in your house many
children make effort to watch the programs even if from a friends or
neighbours house. We can not also just interdict our families from watching these TV channels without giving them an alternative.
Television is considered as one of the most widespread and most influential tools of communication in the world. Scientific works have proven
that what people watch on TV ends up influencing a very large part of
how they live their lives. It has also been used globally to influence the
ideologies of a people and spread propaganda. Muslims are not exempt
from these repercussions and it could even be argued that this has lead
to the myriad of challenges which the community is facing worldwide.
Albeit this, TV is a medium for information which has been used to
change the perceptions and opinions of a large number of people worldwide. With its almost unlimited possibilities, it is a reliable and easily
accessible source of information which can be used to win the hearts
and minds of a particular group of people. We can also utilize this media
to propagate Islam to the masses and counter the propaganda being
spread against the religion
More importantly, our own television channel will play a key role in inculcating spiritual values among Muslims and also contribute to providing a
better understanding of Islam to non-Muslims.
With the advent of the new unlimited technology all kinds of materials
will be broadcast to our living rooms and the only way we can present an
alternative is through offering Islamic content.
The technology will also further reduce the cost of setting up TV broadcasting and therefore it will be affordable to many people.
Already there are ample resources amongst Muslims considering the
business skyscrapers posing all over Muslim dominated areas. These
resources could as well be directed towards realizing this crucial objective.
The need for Muslims to express themselves and be represented has to
be fulfilled by the Muslim media and in this way it is prudent to have our
own sources of media to be involved in the broad socio-cultural and political infrastructure of the country. Having a platform on which to voice our
opinions within the community is a positive step towards having greater
representation in wider society. And an Islamic television station will no
doubt contribute to this realization.
Businessmen and Muslim organizations could possibly put their heads
together to avail this all important resource to the Ummah.

Jamia Mosque officials and members of staff sampling through

the array of books which were displayed during the recently concluded Islamic book fair event. Jamia Mosque plans to make the
exhibition an annual event which will avail a variety of books at
a subsidised cost.
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The aftermath of 9/11 saw many people revert to Islam and

this resulted in a surge for the number of people who developed interest in learning about Islam. The 20th century has
also seen Muslims shun innovated practices and seek to learn
the authentic teachings of their religion which creates a wider
demand for Islamic literature materials.
Apart from the books exhibition, Jamia has also been distributing Islamic literature and audiovisual materials to Muslim revertees and to other people through out the country as part of
their Islamic propagation activities.

Proposed Andalus University set to

train Imams

Andalus Islamic University of Kenya (AIUK), a new institution

in the country, is set to open its doors next year with an inaugural Imams training course. The training is geared towards
equipping the Imams with the necessary managerial skills to
professionally conduct the activities of the Mosques.
The University which is located forty six kilometres from Nairobi along the Nairobi-Namanga road at Kisaju in Kajiado district has already made announcements for students who are
interested in pursuing the course to start applying to the institution.
AIUK, whose motto is we train a thousand to educate a million, is a project of the Al Manar Education Trust which is
headed by Sheikh Muhammad Osman, a member of the Majlis
Ulamaa Kenya (a national council of Muslim Scholars). Sheikh
Muhammad who is also the founder of the institute said that
they are targeting to start with about 50 students for the one
year course. He added that the course will initially target Kenyan citizens before its expanded to other countries.
He said that this programme is also geared towards ensuring
that Imams who are appointed to lead mosques are equipped
with the authentic religious teachings in addition to technical
and interpersonal skills when dealing with congregations.
We are also targeting to ensure that we train the Imams are
well versed in authentic Islamic teachings as taught by Prophet
Muhammad salla Allahu alayhi wasallam. This will ensure a
trickle down effect of proper Islamic practices in the community, he said. Those who apply for the training will be required
to posses a qualification of Thanawi (A level standard) in Islamic studies and at least memorize two juzuus (chapters) of
the Quran.
Sheikh Muhammad noted that the course will be run as a pilot program for the rollout of other major courses which will

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Muharram 08 1431/December 25 2009

The Friday Bulletin


Prohibition of celebrating non Islamic festivals

Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah
It is not permissible for the Muslim to join
the kuffaar in their festivals and to express
joy and happiness on these occasions, or to
take the day off work, whether the occasion
is religious or secular, because this is a kind
of imitating the enemies of Allah, which is
forbidden, and a kind of co-operating with
them in falsehood. It was proven that the
Messenger of Allah (salla Allahu alyhi wasallam) said: Whoever imitates a people is one
of them. And Allah says (interpretation of the
meaning): Help you one another in Al Birr
and At Taqwa (virtue, righteousness and piety); but do not help one another in sin and
transgression. And fear Allah. Verily, Allah is
Severe in punishment Quran (Al-Maa'idah
Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah (may Allah
have mercy on him) said in his commentary
on the ayah (interpretation of the meaning),
"And those who do not witness falsehood
[al-zur]" [Al-Furqaan 25:72]
As regards the festivals of the mushrikeen:
they combine confusion, physical desires
and falsehood, there is nothing in them that
is of any religious benefit, and the instant
gratification involved in them only ends up in
pain. Thus they are falsehood, and witnessing them means attending them.
This ayah itself praises and commends
(those who do not witness falsehood), which
has the meaning of urging people to avoid
taking part in their festivals and other kinds
of falsehood. We understand that it is bad
to attend their festivals because they are
called al- zur (falsehood).
It indicates that it is haraam to do this for
many reasons, because Allah has called
it al-zoor. Allah condemns the one who
speaks falsehood [al-zoor] even if no-one
else is harmed by it, as in the aayah forbidding zihaar [a form of divorce in which the
man says to his wife
"You are to me like the back of my mother"],
where He says (interpretation of the meaning): " And verily, they utter an ill word and
a lie [zooran]" [al-Mujaadilah 58:2].
And Allah says (interpretation of the meaning): " So shun the abomination of idols,
and shun lying speech (false statements)
[al- zur]." [al-Hajj 22:30].
So the one who does al-zoor is condemned
in this fashion. In the Sunnah: Anas ibn
Maalik (may Allah be pleased with him) said:
"The Messenger of Allah (salla Allahu alyhi
wasallam) came [to Madinah] and they had
two days in which they would (relax and)
play. He said, "What are these two days?"
They said, "We used to play (on these two
days) during the Jaahiliyyah."
Islamic festivals as an alternative
The Messenger of Allah (salla Allahu alyhi
wasallam) said: "Allah has given you something better instead of them: Yawm al-Dhuhaa [Eid ul-Adha] and Yawm al-Fitr [Eid ul-

Fitr]." (Reported by Abu Dawud).

This indicates clearly that the Prophet (salla
Allahu alyhi wasallam) definitely forbade his
ummah to celebrate the festivals of the kuffaar, and he strove to wipe them out by all
possible means. The fact that the religion
of the People of the Book is accepted does
not mean that their festivals are approved
of or should be preserved by the ummah,
just as the rest of their kufr and sins are not
approved of. Indeed, the Prophet (salla Allahu alyhi wasallam) went to great lengths
to command his ummah to be different
from them in many issues that are mubaah
(permitted) and in many ways of worship,
lest that lead them to be like them in other
matters too. This being different was to be
a barrier in all aspects, because the more
different you are from the people of Hell, the
less likely you are to do the acts of the people of Hell.
The first of them is: The hadeeth "Every
people has its festival, and this is our festival" implies exclusivity, that every people
has its own festival, as Allah says (interpretation of the meaning):
"For every nation there is a direction to
which they face (in their prayers)" Quran
[Al-Baqarah 2:148] and " To each among
you, We have prescribed a law and a clear
way" [al-Maa'idah 5:48].
This implies that each nation has its own
ways. The laam in li-kulli ["for every", "to
each"] implies exclusivity. So if the Jews
have a festival and the Christians have a
festival, it is just for them, and we should
not have any part in it, just as we do not
share their qiblah (direction of prayer) or
their laws.
The second of them is: one of the conditions
set out by 'Umar ibn al- Khattaab (may Allah
be pleased with him) and agreed upon by the
Sahaabah and by all the Fuqaha' after them
is: that those of the People of the Book who
have agreed to live under Islamic rule (ahl
al-dhimmah) should not celebrate their festivals openly in Daar al- Islam (lands under
Islamic rule). If the Muslims have agreed to
prevent them from celebrating openly, how
could it be right for the Muslims to celebrate
them? If a Muslim celebrates them, is that
not worse than if a kaafir does so openly?
The only reason that we forbade them to
celebrate their festivals openly is because
of the corruption involved in them, because
of the sin or symbols of sin. In either case,
the Muslim is forbidden from sin or the symbols of sin. Even if there was no evil involved
apart from the kaafir feeling encouraged to
celebrate openly because of the Muslim's
actions, how can a Muslim do that? The evil
involved (in their festivals) will be explained
below, insha Allah.
'Umar ibn al-Khattaab said: "Avoid the enemies of Allah on their festivals."
It was reported with a saheeh isnaad from

Abu Usaamah: 'Awn told us from Abu'lMugheerah from 'Abd-Allah ibn 'Amr: "Whoever lives in the land of the non-Arabs and
celebrates their New Year and their festivals, and imitates them until he dies in that
state, will be gathered with them on the Day
of Resurrection." (the phrase non-Arabs is
used here to mean the disbelievers because
most of the Muslims who were living then
were Arabs).
Doing some of the things they do on their
festival is worse than just entering upon
them. If divine wrath is descending upon
them on the day of their festival because of
what they do, then is not the one who does
what they do, or a part of it, also exposed
to the same punishment? Don't the words
"Avoid the enemies of Allah on their festivals" mean that we should not meet them or
join them on those days? So how about the
one who actually celebrates their festivals?
'Abd-Allah ibn 'Amr clearly stated:
"Whoever lives in the land of the non-Arabs
and celebrates their New Year and their festivals, and imitates them until he dies in that
state, will be gathered with them on the Day
of Resurrection."
This implies that the one who joins in with
them in all of these matters is a kaafir, or that
doing this is one of the major sins (kabaa'ir)
that will doom one to Hell; the former meaning is what is apparent from the wording.
He mentioned and Allah knows best the
one who lives in their land, because at the
time of 'Abd-Allah ibn 'Amr and the other Sahaabah, they used to forbid open celebration of kaafir festivals in the Muslim lands,
and none of the Muslims imitated them in
their festivals; that was possible only when
living in the lands of the kaafirs.
'Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) refused
to even acknowledge the name of their festivals which were exclusively theirs, so how
about actually celebrating them?
Imaam Abu'l-Hasan al-Aamidi said: the one
who is known as Ibn al- Baghdaadi said in
his book 'Umdat al-Haadir wa Kifaayat alMusaafir: "It is not permitted to attend the
festivals of the Christians and Jews. Ahmad
stated this in the report of Muhannaa, and
his evidence for that is the aayah (interpretation of the meaning): 'And those who do
not witness falsehood [al-zoor]' [al-Furqaan 25:72].
He said: (This is) al-Sha'aaneen and their
festivals. He said: The Muslims are to be
prevented from entering upon them in their
synagogues and churches."

Islamic Lectures
Al Bayaan Daawah Group invites all Muslims to a one day Islamic symposium.
Venue- Jamia Mosque Makina (Kibera)
Date/Time- 26th Dec. 09/ 9am- 8.30pm
Bros. Abdul Ghani and Yahya Anari

Muharram 08 1431/December 25 2009

The Friday Bulletin


The Important Role of Mothers in Child Education

Mohammad Al Dweesh

A mother has a significant, basic role in education. This is evident

in the following points.
The Family Influence in Education:
The family is the first tier in the process of social upbringing. It is
the family that instills in the child the standards by which he judges
everything that he later receives from all social institutions. When
he goes to school, his attitude towards his teacher is formed on
the basis of the education he has received at home. His selection
of friends at school is also based on the way he was raised by his
family. He evaluates everything he hears and sees and every situation he finds himself in or he witnesses through what his family has
instilled in him.
A Child Is Influenced by the Mother's Condition at Pregnancy:
The mother dominates a stage of the child's life all by herself, with
nobody else sharing her role, and this stage, the pregnancy, has an
influence on education which some people might not be aware of.
An embryo in its mother's womb is influenced by several things.
One of these things is nourishment.
The type of food an embryo receives from its mother affects it in
various ways. It is also influenced by any illness or indisposition
of the mother during pregnancy. If a mother takes drugs while she
is pregnant, the embryo is affected, and if the mother is an addict,
he might become an addict later in his life. The same thing is true
of smoking, and this is why in other societies, a smoking woman is
advised to quit smoking during pregnancy, to spare the embryo the
effect of nicotine. Other things that have an effect on the embryo
are medications, which is the reason why a doctor asks a woman
whether she is pregnant or not when he wants to prescribe a medicine for her.
Another influence, which the two parents may not realize, is the
emotional condition of the mother. A baby might scream a lot in early childhood, or he might easily get scared, and in both cases, this
may be due to the impact of his mother's emotional condition during pregnancy. When the mother gets too emotional, the hormones
which she produces and which the child receives are affected. If
such an emotional state goes on for a long time, the effect extends
to the embryo's psychological, emotional, and physical constitution.
That is why a husband should do his best to make the atmosphere
favorable at home, and a mother should do her best to avoid anything that would excite her.
Allah, the Most Glorious and Sublime, directs people to correct their
attitudes towards male and female children. He says: Allah has
the Kingdom of Heavens and Earth. He creates whatever He will
and gives whom He will female offspring and whom He will male
offspring, or He gives both male and female children, and makes
whomever He wants sterile. He is Most Knowing and Mighty Qur'an
(42:49-50). He, the Most Glorious and Sublime, has His Will and
His Judgment, and what He chooses has always a justification and
a rationale. So a wife and her husband should always feel satisfied
with what Allah gives them and should know that it is for their own
They should be content whether a boy or a girl is born to them. If a
woman loses this feeling of satisfaction, as when medical examination shows the sex of the embryo in her womb and it turns out to
be the opposite of what she wishes for, her attitude and feeling will
certainly affect the embryo. In this article, I aim to make the point
that the role of a woman starts during pregnancy, and that at that
stage, she is the only influence on the child.
A Mother's Role in Early Childhood:
Early childhood is a very important stage in the raising of a child,
and the role of the mother at that stage is greater than that of anybody else. While the baby is still nursing, she has the greatest contact with it. For a great purpose that Allah has made the only nourishment of the baby at this stage is to come from its mother. This
does not have a medical effect on the health of the child only, but
also has psychological effects, the most important of which is making the baby enjoy the tenderness and closeness that it needs.
One can therefore realize how serious a mistake a mother makes

when she leaves her baby at this stage to a governess or a maid

who takes complete charge of it: cleaning it, taking care of its
clothes, preparing its food, and, when t he baby takes artificial milk,
preparing the bottles for it. In such a situation, a baby misses a lot
of the psychological care it needs.
If a mother has the misfortune of having a maid, and it is always
better to do without them, the mother should take care of the baby
herself in the early stages of its life. She can leave matters of cooking, house cleaning, and similar chores to the maid, because a baby
will not receive as much tenderness and care from a maid as from
its own mother. What the baby is exposed to at this stage has a
great psychological effect and influences the attitude of the baby in
the future. This is particularly important, because the maid could be
a non-Muslim.
The point is that a mother deals with her baby in early childhood more
than the father does. The baby acquires many habits and standards
at this age and also learns some modes of behavior which will be
hard to change in the future. This is what makes the mother's role
so important; it is the gate of this precarious stage in the child's life.
There are some people, for example, who are devout and upright,
but because they have not been raised in their childhood to strict
moral and behavioral standards, they are characterized with some
roughness in manners and lack of discipline.
4- A Mother's Role with Her Daughters:
If a mother is the closest person to children in general in their early
childhood, this closeness is greater and continues longer in the
case of daughters.
Probably some of the problems we have today with girls are due
to the diminished educational role of mothers. A girl goes through
adolescence, is exposed to temptations, and has to cope with her
desires. The society she lives in encourages immorality, and the
girl has an emotional vacuum, and might only find satisfaction and
gratification in unholy environments. The mother meanwhile is too
busy with her own affairs, or with her neighbours and friends. The
girl lives in one world, her mother in another.
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The Friday Bulletin Kitchen

1kg minced beef
1 onion & 2 cloves of garlic
1 tablespoon fresh grated ginger
1 tablespoon garam masala
salt, pepper
cayenne pepper (optional)

1 egg
plain breadcrumbs
coarse maize flour
lemon slices
groundnut oil for frying
coriander leaves

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl.
Add breadcrumbs until you have a meat dough, which doesn't
break or crumble (best to work the meat with your hands)
Keep in a cool place for 1/2 an hour to allow all flavours to blend
Form patties, sausages or balls
Coat patties with maize flour
Pan-fry patties until well done
Use paper towels to absorb excess fat and allow to cool
Arrange on a serving platter, garnish with coriander leaves and
lemon slices
Make vegetable salad from tomatoes and onion slices, sprinkle
with salt and lemon juice, add chopped green chillies
Serve the kebabs with chapati or bread
Share your favourite recipes with our readers. Send them to P. O. Box 10078600100 or email:fridaybulletin@islamkenya.com or fridaybulletin@gmail.com

Muharram 08 1431/December 25 2009

The Friday Bulletin


Rave Parties: Muslims Don't Belong there

Ibn Zeyna

We are lucky to have been chosen by Allah to be Muslims. Think

about those people who have not been given the beautiful religion of
Islam. Imagine the millions of people all over the world who despite
their wealth and status in society they are still not happy in their lives
because they do not have Islam.
Think about other people who live a life of a mirage yet they never get
to achieve real happiness in life. They are worshipping deities other
than Allah. Some are immersed in a lifestyle of materialism. In the
name of having fun some are going to bed in a style of intoxication
and wake up with hangovers in the name of having fun.
Alhamdulillah, Islam has taught us to live lifestyles upon the pattern
of the noble Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad Salla Allahu alaihi wasallam, actions in conformity to the commands of the Creator. Which if
we adhere to it we shall live a blessed and truly prosperous life. A life
of bliss and joy in this world and the hereafter. Surely this is a life to
be envied by many especially Satan.
Be that as it may, Satan cannot sit by idly and allow us this goodness
and wholesome life. No! He plans and endeavours with his agents
to rob every Muslim of his spirituality. He whispers evil and lures the
Believers into his deceitful trap of sinful worldly pleasure. He invites
the Believer most alluringly, away from all his hard-earned goodness,
and well-charted path of joy, towards sin, depravity, sleaze and intoxication.
A Muslim youth should know that they are his number one target and
must be alert always! He must jealously guard his Iman and Deeds
from the evil clutches of Satan who deceives him with false joy and
Muslim youth should step cautiously and seek protection with Allah
from Satans trap. Ask yourself "Do I, a follower of Islam, need Satan
to guide me? Do I need to attend such places where Satan robs me of
my hard-earned spirituality? Do I belong to ALL-NIGHT RAVE, where
nothing but evil in the form of music, dancing, drugs, intoxicants, and
zina(adultery and fornication) exist.
The Prophet salla Allahu alayhi wasallam taught us that every Muslim
will be resurrected on the day of judgement doing the last thing he/
she were doing before they died.
Would you want this predicament to befall you?
That after clear guidance was given to us but we still ignore and throw
ourselves into ruin and destruction?
Its time for Muslim youth to say No! To all these evil deeds in the
name of fun and RAVE. We do not belong there. We should shun all
the bad deeds and places of vice by disregarding Satan and pleasing
Especially during this holiday season when many people delve into
immoral parties and other evil deeds we should instead use these
times to organize lectures in Mosques, sports activities and other fun
family activities which will please Allah.

Islamic Crossword Puzzle

Do not celebrate non Muslims holidays

The days of festivals that Muslims were

taught by the Prophet salla Allahu alaihi
wasallam are; Eidul Adha and Eidul Fitr. Friday is also a day that Muslims celebrate by
putting on good clean clothes and attending
the Jumua (Friday prayer) at the Mosque.
The Prophet salla Allahu alaihi wasallam also
warned Muslims not to copy the habits of non
Muslims, the way they dress, eat, walk, talk
or celebrate.
We should not celebrate Diwali, Christmas,
Boxing Day, Happy New Year and others. We
should not get into a festive mood and celebrate with them or even give them gifts and
cards on these non Islamic holidays.
Instead we should teach our friends about
our festivals and even give them gifts on the
two Eids.
A Muslims gets rewards from Allah for all
the good deeds that they do while they are
playing or praying like sharing your food with
others, saying nice words to your friends, or
going to the Mosque with your parents.
We also get sins if we do bad things and Allah
will punish the people who do sins on the day
of Judgement.

4. He was the fifth prophet to be

sent to mankind by Allah
5. This Prophet was the first one
to build Al Kaaba with his son
7. _____________refers to
struggle in the cause of Allah
9. This mosque was the first
Kibla for Muslims
10. Son of Yakub (alayhi
salaam) who was a prophet
and a Minister of Agriculture
in Egypt

1. City where Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W)

migrated to from Makkah
2. Prophet who was commanded by Allah to
build The Ark
3. Before going to Salah a Muslims clothes
should be pure and ______
5. The People of Makkah used to worship
______ before Islam was sent to them.
6. The brother to Prophet Ishaq (A.S) who is
known as the father of Arabs
8. Daughter of Umar (R.A) who was married
to Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W)

Answers to last weeks crossword Puzzle

Across- 1.Muhammad, 2. Adam, 3. Zakat, 4. Zabur, 5. Number, 7. Ardh, 8.
Dhuhur, 11. Shahada, 14. Nur, 15 Lab.
Down- 1. Mizan, 2. Hakim , 3. Mother, 4. Damascus, 5. Miraj, 6. Umra, 9.
Rahma, 10. Wahy, 12. Air, 13. Ark

The Friday Bulletin

Muharram 01 1431/December 18 2009


Prohibition of black magic, witchcraft or sorcery in Islam

Sheikh Muhammad Salih Al Munajjid
Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and peace be upon our
Prophet Muhammad salla Allahu alayhi Wasallam and upon all his
Family and Companions.
The word sihr which means black magic has been mentioned almost 60 times in the Quran, explaining how the disbelievers attributed the miracles of Allahs prophets with black magic. These
verses have been stated to clear that Allahs messengers can never
be like the worldly magicians. And therefore Islam has also strictly
forbidden the practice of black magic, witchcraft or sorcery in all
their forms.
Black magic basically involves the worship of Satan and evil spirits to gain demonic powers and harm the innocent people of Allah.
Worshipping anything other than The Allah is considered kufr in Islam and thus these magicians are practicing the art of Infidelity (kufr)
which is totally prohibited in Islam. The basic motive of black magic
practitioners is to harm and mislead others by delusion, which is
again outside the boundaries of Islam. One more thing observed in
black magicians is that they start believing the world is in their hands
and they can do whatever they want, forgetting that the supreme
creator of the entire living and non living things is alone Allah. They
even exploit innocent people into believing the same. In order to
prevent the human generation from falling into the offence of shirk,
Allah has forbidden black magic and sorcery. Black Magic (sihr) is
an act of kufr (disbelief), and one of the seven sins which doom a
person to Hell. It causes harm but no benefit. Allah says of the one
who learns it (interpretation of the meaning):
. . . And they learn that which harms them and profits them not
Quran [Al-Baqarah 2:102]
. . . and the magician will never be successful, no matter what
amount (of skill) he may attain) Quran [Ta-Ha 20:69]
. . . Sulayman did not disbelieve, but the shayaateen (devils) disbelieved, teaching men magic and such things as came down at Babylon to the two angels, Haaroot and Maaroot, but neither of these two
(angels) taught anyone (such things) things till they had said, We
are only for trial, so disbelieve not (by learning this magic from us)
Quran [Al-Baqarah 2:102]
The prescribed punishment for the one who practices magic is
death, and his income is haraam and impure. But people who are
ignorant wrongdoers and weak in faith go to magicians to help them
harm someone or take revenge on someone. Some people commit
the sin of going to a magician to ask his help in undoing the magic of
someone else, when they should turn to Allah to help them and heal
them, by reciting His words, such as the Surahs (chapters) that offer
protection (al-Falaq and al-Naas), and so on.
Fortune-tellers and their ilk are kaafirs (disbelievers), who disbelieve in Allah because they claim knowledge of the Unseen, but no
one has knowledge of the Unseen except Allah. Many of these fortune-tellers take advantage of simple-minded people and take their
money. They use many methods such as drawing lines in the sand,
throwing sea-shells, reading palms, teacups (or coffee cups), crystal
balls and mirrors, and so on. If they get it right one time, they get
it wrong ninety-nine times, but ignorant people remember only the
one time when these liars get something right.
They go to them to find out about the future, whether they will be
successful in marriage or business, or to help them find something
they have lost, and so on. The ruling concerning the person who
visits a fortune-teller is: if he believes what he says, he is a kaafir
who has left Islam, on the basis of the hadith (saying of the Prophet)
in which the Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wasallam) said: Whoever
goes to a fortune-teller or a soothsayer and believes in what he says
has disbelieved in what was revealed to Muhammad. (Reported by
Imaam Ahmad).
If a person does not believe that they have knowledge of the Unseen, but he goes out of curiosity or whatever, he is not a kaafir, but
his prayers will not be accepted for forty days, as the Prophet (salla
Allahu alayhi wasallam) said: Whoever goes to a fortune-teller and
asks him about something, his prayers will not be accepted for forty
nights (Saheeh Muslim) - even though it is still obligatory to pray

and to repent for this sin.

Astrology, or believing that the stars and planets have an influence on peoples lives and events.
Zayd ibn Khaalid al-Juhani reported: The Messenger of Allah (salla
Allahu alayhi wasallam) led us in the morning prayer at al-Hudaybiyah after rain had fallen during the night. When he had finished,
he turned around to face the people and said: Do you know what
your Lord says? They said, Allah and His Messenger know best.
He said: [Allah says]: This morning one of My slaves became a
believer in Me and one became a disbeliever. As for the one who
said, We have been given rain by the grace and mercy of Allah,
he is a believer in Me and a disbeliever in the stars; as for the one
who said, We have been given rain by such-and-such a star, he
is a disbeliever in Me and a believer in the stars. (Reported by
Similarly, the one who reads the horoscopes in newspapers and
magazines and believes what they say about the influence of the
stars and planets is a mushrik, and the one who reads them for
entertainment is a sinner, because it is not permitted to entertain
oneself by reading things that contain shirk, because Shaytaan will
try to lead him to shirk through this.
Yet another form of shirk is the belief that certain things can bring
benefit when the Creator has not made them so.
For example, some people believe in amulets and spells, or wearing certain types of pearls or seashells or metal earrings and so on,
on the advice of fortune-tellers or magicians or in accordance with
inherited customs. So they hang them around their own or their
childrens necks to ward off the evil eye - or so they claim; or they
tie them onto their bodies or hang them in their cars and homes, or
wear rings with special stones, thinking that these things can relieve
or ward off distress. This without a doubt is contrary to the idea of
relying on Allah, and will only result in making a person even more
weak, like seeking medicine in a haraam (forbidden) way. These
amulets obviously contain much shirk, such as seeking the help
of some jinns and devils, or vague drawings and illegible writing.
Some of these liars even write aayaat (verses) from the Quran, or
mix them with words of shirk, or write them with impure substances
such as menstrual blood. Hanging up these amulets or tying them
to ones body is haraam because the Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi
wasallam) said: Whoever hangs up an amulet is guilty of shirk.
(Reported by Ahmad; see also Silsilat al-Saheehah).
If the one who does this believes that these things can cause benefit or harm instead of Allah, he is a mushrik who is guilty of al-shirk
al-akbar. If he believes that they are a means of causing benefit or
harm, then he is a mushrik who is guilty of al-shirk al-asghar, which
includes shirk that consists of attributing causes to things other than
Effects of black magic
The practice of black magic is denounced in Islam and makes ones
prayer unacceptable for forty days, and believing in what the magician or sorcerer says considers one to be a disbeliever as well.
Islam forbids black magic (sihr) and many Quran verses and Hadith
have strongly condemned this as a sinful act. For instance Prophet
Muhammad salla Allahu alayhi wasallam says:
Whoever blows on knots practices magic, and whoever practices
magic is a mushrik (polytheist). (At-Tabarani)
Remedies against black magic
In order to relieve a person from the clutches of black magic, reciting certain Quran verses can have a tremendous impact. Quran,
the one Book among many, has been sent as a cure and mercy for
its followers and for those who seek this Holy book for healing purposes. Recitation of Surah Al-Falak, Surah Al-Naas, and the above
mentioned verses of Surah Al-baqarah can be helpful in dispelling
the effects of black magic.
Although no one has the power to harm or protect us except Allah,
yet every Muslim should empower them through practicing Islam,
reading the Quran, offering Prayers and following Allahs commands. Let Allah be our supreme protector insha Allah (Amen).

Dhul Hajj 03 1430/November 20 2009

The Friday Bulletin

Islamophobia being waged against revertees

Story From Page 1

He said that some revertees including young women had been chased away
from home and forced to fend for themselves, while others are stopped from
conducting Islamic prayers and forced to denounce Islam completely.
These challenges will always be encountered by people who choose the
right path and the backlash against them shows that Muslims should come
to the rescue of their brothers and sisters who are persecuted because of
joining the religion
He further added that Muslims should also orient the revertees into Islam by
giving them basic teachings of religion such as performing prayer and the
Islamic cleansing procedures.
Let us all make it our responsibility that each one of us will assist and teach
one or two things to the revertees when we interact with them, he added.
He also urged the revertees not to despair saying that whenever people
seek to follow the truth they will always face similar challenges also pointing to the predicament that most of the companions of prophet Muhammad
(salla Allahu alalyhi wasallam) underwent after they abandoned idol worship
for Islam.
However, most of those reverts who appeared 14 centuries ago overcome
these challenges and are today amongst the role models for generations of
Muslims who have passed after them.
Similarly there have been scores of reverts who have come into Islam and
prospered amidst all the odds to become some of the leading Muslim scholars worldwide. Such as is the example of Sheikh Dr. Bilal Philips, a Jamaican and Yusuf Estes an American Texan who were in the country recentlythe duo who reverted to Islam are now renowned Muslim preachers who are
recognized worldwide.
Sheikh Juma equally advised revertees to strive to study Islam and further
propagate it to other people in their locales.
Currently there are various centres established all over the country where
revertee are offered basic lessons on Islam.
Jamia Mosque has been conducting a free 6 months training programme at
Jamia Training Institute for the revertees where they are given introductory
tutorials to Islam. The classes are also open to Muslims who would want to
further their skills in Islamic studies such as Tarikh (Islamic history), Fiqh (religious jurisprudence) Quran and Arabic language among other subjects.

Role of Mothers in Child Education

Story From Page 4

It is very necessary for the mother to be close to with her daughters. A girl is
more likely to be open with her mother than with her father. It is necessary
for the mother to fill the emotional void her daughters suffer from.
As already mentioned, there is a great gap between mothers and daughters.
A girl feels that her interests, her inclinations, and her way of thinking are
not acceptable to her mother. She feels a cultural gap between her and her
mother, and finds her satisfaction perhaps in a magazine that covers fashion and home-decoration, discusses love and emotions, and tells a woman
how to win the admiration of others. Such topics arouse a certain desire in
the girl. Or perhaps she gets interested in video films, or in telephone conversations with young men. Even if none of these things are available to her,
she may learn things from her mates at school.
5- A Mother Knows the Private Details in the Life of Her Children:
A mother takes care of the clothes of her children and the furniture of the
house, as well as intimate details that concern her children. Thus she is
more likely to discover problems that her children suffer from than their
father, particularly in these days, in which a father is usually too busy for his
children. The mother, therefore, is more aware of the affairs of her children
than her husband.
All the above factors emphasize the role a mother has in education. A mother represents one half of the household, and a father can by no means meet
the full responsibility of raising his children. Nor can the school alone have
the full responsibility. The combined efforts of all concerned parties should
work in harmony towards the same end.
In reality, however, the values upheld at school are sometimes undermined
at home, and the values a child learns at home are contradicted by what
they come across in the street. The child has then to cope with contradicting
standards. Our point, however, is that the household itself should work in
harmony and as one, complementary unit.

Andalus plans to train Imams

Story From Page 2

be offered by the university once it is awarded a charter

by the commissioner of higher education to train in other
Although more than ten universities have been given Charters by the Commission for Higher Education (CHE) to operate under Churches and other Christian organizations
in the country, the same is yet to be done for any Islamic
institution at that level.
The Mombasa Islamic University (MIU) whose idea has
been on the table for several years is yet to be given a
green light from CHE.
Many Muslims have exuded hope in the prospects of AIUK
which is already putting up its own modern infrastructure.
Meanwhile, Majlis Ulamaa Kenya in conjunction with the
Saudi based, International Organization for the Memorization of Quran, are organizing a 3 day symposium which is
themed, The role of Quran Memorizers in the society.
The 3 day event scheduled to be held at Jamia Mosque
Nairobi on 6th- 8th January 2010, will attract participants
from Southern and Eastern parts of Africa.



We are a medical centre in Nairobi looking for:1) REGISTERED CLINICAL OFFICER

Diploma holder registered with the Kenya Clinical
Officers Council
Must have a practicing license which is valid
At least a minimum of 5 years in a hospital set up.
Must possess a Higher National Diploma in Paediatrics.
Experience in private sector is an added advantage.
Minimum working experience 5 years in a hospital
Experience in Paediatrics is an added advantage
Registered with MPDB of Kenya.
Licence for private practice
Must be a female
Having registered with the Nursing Council of Kenya
Having a valid practicing license
KEPI trained and has knowledge f other private
A minimum of 3 years experience in a busy MCH
Those with marketing skills will have an added
Must be registered with kenya pharmacy and poisons board
Must be a diploma holder in pharmacy from a recognised institution
Must be a member of a registered pharmaceutical
Must be computer literate
Must have a working experience for 2 years and
Hospital experience will be an added advantage
Those who possess practice license will be having
an added advantage

Apply by hand or Postal delivery to: The Administrator, Afwan Medical Center, P.O.Box 46041 -00100
Nairobi. Located opp. Pumwani Maternity Hospital
Our contacts: 0723 937630
DEADLINE: 15th Jan. 2010.

Israeli gov't admits to barbaric acts of harvesting organs from

dead Palestinians

Despite statements from the Israel government that the barbaric acts of mutilating bodies of dead palestinians had been stopped.
New damning revelations are emerging that
the inhumane practice could be continuing
Recently the Israeli government admitted
that the practice of organ harvesting did
occur in the 1990s, after a recording surfaced in which Dr. Yehuda Hiss, the chief
pathologist of the Israeli forensics Institute,
described in detail the harvesting of skin,
corneas and other organs from Palestinians
and Israelis without their familys consent.
The interview, which was recorded in 2000,
aired on Israeli Channel 2 over the weekend, and included an admission by Hiss that
he and his colleagues tried to cover up what

UK terror witch-hunt extended

to nursery schools

West Midlands Police are encouraging nursery school teachers and workers to monitor
children in their care as potential terrorists.
If anyone working with children has a concern, we would expect them to contact us
as a safeguarding measure, said Assistant
Chief Constable Anil Patani in a copy of a
letter obtained by The Muslim News.
He was responding to the leaking of an
email revealing that a sergeant in the West
Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit visited a
nursery. The e-mail from the sergeant was
sent to community groups and schools asking them to keep an eye on young children.
I do hope that you will tell me about persons, of whatever age, you think may have
been radicalised or be vulnerable to radicalisation, the e-mail said.

they were doing, saying about corpses that

had corneas removed, "We'd glue the eyelid
shut. We wouldn't take corneas from families we knew would open the eyelids."
After the recording came out, the Israeli
military admitted that the practice did go on
during the 1990s, but said that it hasnt happened in ten years.
However, no investigation has been done
by the Israeli government, and the chief pathologist remains in his position in charge of
thousands of dead bodies each year.
In August, a controversial report was published by a Swedish newspaper that quoted
Palestinians describing possible organ harvesting by the Israeli government.
Donald Bostrom, the author of the article,
was immediately barraged with criticism
from Israeli officials. MuslimNews.co.uk

Jamia Bursary Scheme

Jamia Education sub-committee invites applications for bursary for needy Muslim students in
Secondary schools those who sat for their KCPE
in 2009 and will join Form1 in 2010.
Fill in the standard bursary form (available
from Jamia Mosque Library)
Attach copies of all Report forms
School fees structure
Parents ID card, Death certificate, Revertion
certificate or any other supporting document.
Requirements for those joining form one:
All the above requirements
Hand written application letter
Copy of KCPE result slip
Secondary school calling letter
Applicants with 375 marks & above could receive full scholarships.
Deadline 31st Dec. 2009 for those in high school
& 15th Jan.2010 for 2009 KCPE candidates.




FORM 1-4


*Highly qualified and motivated staff
*Well equipped computer and science laboratories
*Good catering services with well balanced diet, break tea and lunch for
day scholars
*School Transport
*Variety of recreational facillities
*Counselling department with high discipline amd moral values




ADAN SAMAN SHEIKH 0722 724794/ NASRA 0722 365160

Caring for humanity

Caring for humanity is our motto. Since
the inception of Ummah Foundation three
years ago, we have striven to ensure
that we live up to our ideals of caring for
mankind. Though our vision is primarily
focused on assisting and improving the
lives of members of the Muslim community, ultimately we also look at a broader
horizon of caring for all mankind.
In the short span of five years since Ummah Foundation was setup, the organisation has established itself as one of the
main Muslim organizations in the country.
Ummah Foundation has played a vital
role in various ways towards improving
the lives of the community members.
In times of drought, the Foundation has
given a helping hand to ease the suffering of the victims through the provision
of food, water and other essential relief
items. In North Eastern province which
has been plagued by perennial droughts,
the foundations sank wells in various areas which have helped in easing the water
problem. Additionally, a water bowser was
made available to supply people living in
far flung areas with water, saving them the
agony of travelling for tens of kilometers in
search of the precious commodity.
Ours social welfare projects include
education support for the less fortunate
students, healthcare provisions through
medical camps and other medical support
programmes, food and relief distribution
among others.
Besides North Eastern province, our activities have been spread in other areas of
the country like Lamu, Tana river, Nairobi
and Western Kenya among other areas.
Your contributions and generous support
have gone along way in accomplishing
these programmes. To all those who assisted us financially, materially and morally, it is our prayers that Allah will reward
you abundantly for your endevours.
As we begin the Islamic year 1431H, we
do call upon you to further extend your
valuable support to ummah Foundation
to help us further our goals of caring for
We will appreciate your donations and
sadaqah towards this worthy cause.
Contacts us at
Ummah foundation
Village Plaza Ngara
P.O. Box 58717-00200, City Square
Tel: 254-20-3748770/1
Email info@ummahfoundation.net

The Friday Bulletin is a Publication of Jamia Masjid Committee, P. O. Box 100786-00101 Nairobi, Tel: 2243504/5 Fax: 342147 E-mail: fridaybulletin@islamkenya.com or
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