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UAL Awarding Body - Level 3 Extended Diploma

Unit 13/14 - Project Proposal



Project Title

Pandoras Box


Section 1: Review

The UAL Extended Diploma has given me the opportunity to gain a deeper insight into art
and design, particularly focusing on Graphics, 3D and Textiles. I have progressed and
achieved new skills such as drawing, Photoshop, contextual knowledge, colour appreciation
analysis, experimentation and blogging. My work progressed throughout the two years from
amateur to competent, producing proficient pieces of art that have a natural flow and story
Focusing on contemporary Islamic art and my cultural Indian background, I created prints
that were exhibited in Newham General Hospital, inspired by Reza Abedini and Camille
Zakharia, combining geometry with floral patterns. This motivated me to make my final
project surrounding my identity, and in particular looking at influences around me. I
analysed paintings at the Courtauld Institute, throughvisual and narrative means. I created
mood boards on my theme 'What isParadise?' Showing different interpretations of the
process of building our own'paradise'. This combined; I created a garment that reflected m
ideas and artwork through a contemporary approach to textiles design.

Section 2: Project Concept

I was particularly intrigued and infuriated by my findings into how advertisement and socia
media affects females. The extensive way in which media has an impact on an individuals
self esteem is discriminatory, leading females to go to extreme lengths to achieve what
they anticipate to be the perfect look; leading to issues such as eating disorders and

This raised ideas of a corrupt society with corrupt views making me reflect on many other
conflicts occurring around the world. Alexander McQueens collection Platos Atlantis
fascinated me, how a story was narrated and reflected through details on garments. The
story behind my project, the Greek mythology Pandoras box, narrates Pandora opening a
box she was told not to, unleashing all evil in to the world. When Pandora reopened this,
believing the damage was done, hope was set free. As I wanted to add a modern twist to
this plot I focused on a real life situation where a Palestinian woman plants flowers in used
grenade shells. The situational irony made me wonder about how something bad can
emerge into something good.

For my final project I intend to create surface pattern designs and a garment. I want to
emphasize corruption and so like designer Hussein Chalayan Ill distress fabric and
experiment with different textures and techniques. Inspired by the Royal Academy: Painting
the Modern Garden Monet exhibition and Angie Lewin, Ill be doing observational studies of
plants in a variety of media and styles. I intend on looking at a variety of artist and
designers like Andy Warhol, Hussein Chalayan, Garry Humes, Elsworth Kelly, Patrick Heron
etc. to help expand my style and techniques by doing primary research using books and
taking my own photographs of plants in different stages as well as my surrounding which
inspire me.

Section 3: Evaluation

UAL Awarding Body Level 3 Extended Diploma Project Proposal Doc.

UAL Awarding Body - Level 3 Extended Diploma

Unit 13/14 - Project Proposal

I will reflect and self evaluate my work by continuously asking members of my class,
friends, family and teachers for their feedback on my work as well as having a formalized
peer and tutor assessment. This feedback will prompt me to produce better work and will
inform me on what people find appealing.
I will be recoding any decisions made on my Weebly this will include my annotation, visual
sketches, artist research, brainstorming, visits, photos, articles, proposal/evaluation,
feedback, action plan etc. I will document my artist interpretations, drawings, mood boards
experiments etc. on A2 sheets of card. My final major project will then be displayed in the
end of year exhibition.

UAL Awarding Body Level 3 Extended Diploma Project Proposal Doc.