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Davidson Curriculum Document


1. Big Idea: Identity
a. Students will explore their identity
b. Students will create a work of art about their identity
c. Students will come up with their own definition of identity
Big Idea: Acceptance
a. Students will explore the idea of accepting themselves and others
2. Key Concepts
a. Narrative Telling the story of you
b. Metaphor Making a comparison between two things
c. Symbolism Using an image to represent something
d. Meaning finding purpose in life, often through spirituality and
3. Essential Questions
a. What is identity? Can it change?
b. What makes me unique?
c. How do events in your life shape who you are?
d. Are you born into your identity? Or can you create it?
4. Guiding Questions
a. What does it mean to judge others?
b. What does it mean to accept others?
c. Have you ever felt different?
d. Have you ever thought of someone else as different?
5. Instructional Activities
a. VTS Duane Hansons Young Shopper

b. Identity Chart
Who are you?
Change color on at least two: one that makes you happy, and
one that is spiritual
Add metaphors or symbols to each part of your identity

c. Analyze Kahlos Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and


Give context - Kahlo was a Mexican painter. She painted this

after her divorce from her husband.
Discuss Is this painting a narrative? What metaphors and
symbols do you see? What do you think they mean?
6. Art making activities
a. Plan Sketch and list materials
b. Create Visual Narrative- Create a narrative that uses metaphor or
symbols to tell your story.
Things to think about:
Spirituality & Happiness
How you describe yourself vs. how others describe you
Postmodern principles
7. Assessment
a. Blog Portfolio- You will write an artists statement about your
Include the following:
What is identity? What is acceptance?
Tell about your identity chart.
How did you come up with the metaphors and/or symbols for
your identity?
How did you choose your medium?
Tell about your plan.
Go through the process of creating your work. What did you do
first, next, etc? What problems did you encounter? Did you make
any changes to your plan?
What postmodern principles did you use?
Make sure to add an image of your work to your post.
Read and comment on 2 other classmates blogs.
8. How will your students work be PRESENTED and curated?

a. Blog
b. Art Show- Student work will be displayed at an end of the year art show
to celebrate students transition from elementary to middle school.
9. How does your curricular design foster skills for the Conceptual Age?
This lesson includes the senses of empathy, story, and meaning, possibly
Describe how your curriculum design helps students understand our visual
Analysis of Kalhos work and discussion on symbols and metaphor.
How is this art experience relevant and meaningful to the iKids lives as they
explore imagination, artistic thinking, and creativity?
Giving students choice allows them to use their imagination in their work,
requires them to thin lie an artist, and be creative.
How are your students making meaning through meaningful making?
Class discussion on meaning and how to apply it to their visual narrative.