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The purpose of the report was to submit a personal marketing plan of an individual that is
me named as “S.Qurrat-ul-ain Kazmi”.
I have marketed myself successfully from school to the workplace. This was only the
beginning. Now it’s time to develop my own personal marketing plan.
When one make that exciting first step into the management profession, it's natural and
appropriate to settle in and concentrate on learning the job at hand. But don't wait too
long before planning the future. This is only the beginning of what promises to be a long
and fruitful career.

A marketing plan is a formal document that contains guidelines for business programs. A
personal marketing plan (PMP) does for an individual person's work and related activities
what a marketing plan does for a business. In addition to guiding your future, your PMP
helps you to decide how to allocate your personal resources over a given period of time.
The time horizon of a plan varies according to the needs of the individual or firm, but the
typical time frame is one year. As you might envisage, very few people take the time to
write down a formal plan, so it's one major way to get a career competitive edge.

I conducted an internal analysis of my strengths & weaknesses, prioritized my values &

formulated a personal mission statement. I found my key strengths are my consistency
about work, time management & my charismatic communication skills. My weaknesses
are my current position which includes lacking of professional experience.
The goal I set for myself is to get a good job by this year. The key threat to this is the
strong competition I will face to get accepted in to a good & well known organization.

I expect this report to deliver the value information and along with this I look forward to
have those precious comments of yours on this meager effort of mine in writing a
marketing plan.


I was born in 1988 in the metropolitan city, Karachi, Pakistan. I have completed my
entire education in Karachi; I was a position holder throughout the primary & secondary
session of school. Later I took computer science & passed matriculation with A-one
Grade 87% marks in the year 2003. Getting admission in a good college, while living in a
metropolitan city full of academic competition like Karachi, was not an easy task
however I succeeded in getting admission in a college which was in the top 5. I passed
my intermediate with A Grade 75% marks in pre-engineering in the year 2005. Later I
found that my inclination is more in the commerce side so I decided to start bachelors in
commerce. I completed my bachelors with 1st Division in the year 2008.

After completing bachelors I sort out the current market needs & the degree programs
that are being offered in Pakistan. After a research on the HEC University ranking I chose
PAF-KIET for Masters in Business administration, & this year I have completed my
MBA secured 3.8 CGPA with marketing as a major.

I believe in continuous innovation and improvement for competing in a challenging

market. I have done many courses regarding my field to learn more to emulate the wide
range of job opportunities. My vision and the knowledge expertise helped me in
anticipating and understanding the market trends and needs of the organizations &
differentiate me from other individuals in the same field.


“I am intelligent, ambitious person who takes pride in integrity, responsibility, personal

growth & lifelong learning. I will fulfill my vision & dreams by creating exceptional
results for a medium to large sized marketing oriented organizations. I will embrace
challenge & pursue excellence throughout a career in marketing. I want to see myself as
Director marketing of a blue-chip company.”


“To pursue a career in a dynamic organization which would provide me the basis to
grow and establish myself in a highly competitive business environment”


“Today organizations are very conscious about hiring individuals as the world is moving
towards competition. They want qualification, skills, style; they want the best choice
among all the individuals and above all the one who can provide maximum benefits to
the organizational goals & objectives…”

Yes! The above statement is correct. With increasing competition where each day new
individuals are entering in to the job market, you can’t live without USP or something
unique about yourself.

I have done my MBA with 3.8 CGPA & with scholarship in each semester. I can
speak English, Urdu fluently & Read/Write with high proficiency. I am very good
at Interpersonal Communication and Handling Conflicts & have a great
convincing power. Also worked on creating media plan and generated new ideas
for promoting funds.
I have also worked & have an experience of managing media activities;
advertisements, supplements, seminars & event management. I can benefit an
organization with all my skills like no other individual can.


Every time u set a goal, check that it is “SMART”.


S – Specific I want to get a good job in the field of marketing which will
be a platform for me to learn & experience more. In future I
want to be an Executive Marketing Head.

M – Measurable The time-frame I have set for achieving this goal is 5-6
months. Under this time period my first priority is to
establish myself in an organization.

A – Achievable I believe I can achieve my goal irrespective of the fact that I

have not a well recognized experience particularly in the

R –Realistic I feel I have 90% chance of success. I can accomplish my

goal within the time-frame I have set. Although there are
many obstacles in my way as the market is going towards
competition, I will compromise initially on the pay offered,
but not on the reputation of the organization.

T – True It is very important for me to achieve this goal because after

achieving, there will be several more opportunities I can
avail in future, considering this job as a learning experience.
For me, It is a door to the market.



Internal positive aspects: that are under control and upon which I may capitalize in

• Work Experience.
• Education, including value-added features,
Strong technical knowledge within my field (e.g. hardware, software, programming
• Specific transferable skills, e.g., communication, teamwork, leadership skills.

Communication: Speaking effectively


• Writing concisely
• Listening attentively
• Expressing ideas

Research and Planning:

• Creating ideas; Gathering information; Solving problems; Setting goals;

Human Relations: Developing rapport

• Being Sensitive
• Listening
• Conveying feelings
• Providing support for others
• Motivating

Work Survival: Being punctual

• Managing time
• Attending to detail
• Meeting goals
• Enlisting help
• Accepting responsibility
• Setting and meeting deadlines
• Organizing
• Making decisions.

Personal characteristics:
• Strong work ethic, self-discipline, ability to work under pressure, creativity,
optimism, or a high level of energy.
• Good contacts/successful networking
• Interaction with professional organizations


Internal negative aspects: that are under my control and that I may plan to improve

• Lack of Professional Work Experience.

• Lack of goals, lack of self-knowledge, lack of specific job knowledge
• Weak technical knowledge
• Weak skills (leadership, teamwork)
• Weak job-hunting skills
• Negative personal characteristics (e.g., poor work, shyness, too emotional).


• Positive trends in my field that will create more jobs (e.g., growth, globalization,
technological advances).
• Opportunities I could have in the field by enhancing my education.
• Field is particularly in need of my set of skills.
• Opportunities I could have through greater self-knowledge, more specific job
• Opportunities for advancement in my field.
• Opportunities for professional development in my field.
• Career path I have chosen provides unique opportunities.
• Geography.
• Strong network.


Negative external conditions: that I do not control but the effect of which I may be able
to lessen.

• Negative trends in my field that diminish jobs (downsizing, obsolescence)

• Competition from my cohort of college graduates.
• Competitors with superior skills, experience, knowledge.
• Competitors with better job-hunting skills than me.
• Competitors who went to universities with better reputations.
• Obstacles in my way (e.g., lack of the advanced education/training I need to take
advantage of opportunities).
• Limited advancement in my field, advancement is cut-throat and competitive.
• Limited professional development in my field, so it's hard to stay marketable.
• Companies are not hiring people with my major/degree.


• To get establish myself in a blue chip organization in the field of marketing.

• To get promoted to a managerial post & increase my salary up to 50% in the
next 2 years.
• Maintain a lavish living standard for me and my family.
• To make my family proud of me & support them financially.
• To expand myself in the field of marketing by taking other related courses.
• My 5 year plan is that I want myself to grow and establish in a highly
competitive business environment.
• Also I want to open a cancer awareness centre for the masses.

Market segmentation is the process of dividing a market into various segments.
Segmentation is carried in accordance with geographic, demographic, psychographic and
behavioral variables. My study of market segmentation is as follow.

Geographic segmentation

Geographic segmentations call for dividing the market into different geographical
units. I have decided to initially market myself in Karachi. I will apply in all the well
known companies related to marketing in the city. Right now I m not interested in
other cities of the country.

Demographic segmentation

Demographic segmentation calls for dividing the market into groups based on:

- Qualification: MBA
- Age: 21 years and above
- Gender: Female
- Marital Status: Single
- Income: 25000 and above.

Psychographic segmentation

Psychographic segmentation calls for dividing the market into groups such as,

- Social Class: I belong to the upper middle class.

- Life Style: Convivial, Active.

- Personality: Extrovert, strong decision power, Optimistic.

• Behavioral Segmentation

Behavioral segmentation calls for dividing a market into groups on consumer’s

knowledge, attitude on a response towards products. The variable related to my
product that is I am, as follows.

- Activities: sports, socializing, listening music, studying, shopping.

- Interests: recreation, fashion, traveling, interior decoration, event management.



Organizations needed fresh MBA individuals with marketing as a major, age should be
23 & above, females.


“I will prove to be an asset for the organization”.

This positioning statement stresses the fact that I will give the organization maximum
benefits that no other individual can.

I am positioning myself on the bases of:

• Product: Fresh MBA with 3.8 CGPA with media management & event
Management background.
• Image: The company has an image in the market and on the basis of which
I can grow & establish myself.


Product - You

Place - Your desired workplace

Price - Your brand value, worth

Promotion - selling yourself


I am the core product, entering in to the market.

- Age: 23
- Gender: Female
- Qualification: B.com (1st division), MBA (3.8 CGPA)
- Marital status: Single


The price is the amount a prospective employer pays for the prospective employee. It
is determined by a number of factors including market share, competition, perceived
value of the employee based upon his/her qualifications and experience. The
employee may increase or decrease his price if his qualifications and experience is
better than the other graduates in the market. For my product;

• Perceived value should be Rs.25000 and above


Distribution is about getting to the prospective organization examples of distribution

decisions include:

• Distribution channels that may include job recruiters, job counselors.

• Market coverage, Karachi.
• Specific channel members includes paf-kiet job placement.


In the context of the marketing mix, promotion represents the various aspects of
marketing communication, that is, the communication of information about me with
the goal of generating a positive employer response. Marketing communication
decisions include:

• Advertising – through job hunters.

• Personal selling – via C.V. and interviews.
• Public relations – publicity through networking.
• Social Media – The cheapest way to build my presence online, offer thought
leadership and be visible on Google.
• Social Networking – Als0, very cheap and effective. Once I have a message, I can
just push it through my network.
• Email / Newsletters / Lists – Build or purchase lists of people that would be
interested in my services.


Every individual need growth if they are to compete more effectively, satisfies their
organization, and attracts other organizations to hire them. One useful device for
identifying growth opportunities is product-market expansion grid, shown below:

Existing New
products products Our
product lies
Existing here
Market Product
markets Penetration Development

Market Diversification


From the above grid you can see that my product comes under Product Development area
as I am introducing myself as a new product to the current market.


At the time of introduction, salary would not be very high as it will be in future. But the
product is expected to grow as there are many opportunities to avail, get promoted & get
a positive response from the organization. The expected product life cycle is shown




Product Introduction Growth Maturit Decline

development y

Salary & Position over the Product’s Life


• There are various costs that are related to my total cost of education.

Description Cost (Rs.)

School fee 270,000

Tuitions fee 25,000
Total school cost 295,000

College fee
Intermediate 60,000
Coaching fee 24000
Bachelors 70,000
Coaching fee 35000
Total college cost 189,000
Total MBA cost 396,000

Marketing strategy should be turned into specific action programs that indicate what will
be done? When it will be done? Who is responsible for doing it? And how much will it

• Finding the right organization


• C.V dropping to prospective employers

• Giving interviews and tests

• Working on continuous professional development

• Get myself acquainted with new organization

• Applying the knowledge I have gained

• Promoting and working for the best interest of organization

• Gaining hand on experience.



• Don’t assume the future will duplicate the past. Last year’s clever marketing ideas
may be ineffective today.
• Don’t stretch beyond your time and financial resources. It will only lead to
• Don’t stuff your plan in a file and forget about it. Your plan is a blueprint for
achieving your goals, not an end result.

• Don’t reuse the same plan year after year. You’ll need to expand your efforts as
your business grows.
• Don’t focus on a laundry list of your professional credentials.


Details Dates/allocated days

• Project Assignment 29th June, 2009

• Analysis of Data 3 days
• Finalizing the Data 4 days
• Feeding the Data into the Computer 1 days
• Report 1 days
• Proof Reading 1 days
• Submission Date 4th July, 2009


As the world is moving towards globalization, individuals, seeking the job market are
facing multi faceted and complex competition, organizations have numerous options
available to hire the individuals. To survive this tough global competition one should

stick to his/her marketing plan and change accordingly to pull through the bottle
Negotiation can be done on salary. But negotiation does not mean any sort of
compromise on organizational goals. I will work for promoting the mission and
vision, in the broader aspect, of the company keeping in mind that I am being paid for
my work and effort reasonably.