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Volunteer Application

Please complete this application so that we can discover more about you: your interests,
skills and intentions in volunteering with us.
Name ______________________________Age _________________Gender ________
Address ________________________________________________________________
Home Phone ________________________Work Phone __________________________
How did you hear about us? _______________________________________________
How many hours per week do you want to volunteer? ___________________________
How many months can you commit to our program? ____________________________
Please list the times that you will be available to volunteer:

Why do you want to volunteer in our program?

Ideally, what would you like to gain for yourself by volunteering with us?

Do you feel you have any physical limitations or health problems that might affect your
work with our child? (If yes, please explain.)

We would love to know more about you. Please write anything about yourself, your life,
your personality, your desires for yourself, etc., so that we can have a better picture and
understanding of you.