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I have great pleasure and sense of satisfaction in presenting this project

report on “Video Conferencing”. I take this opportunity to express our
sincere thanks to all those people who had helped me to complete this
project successfully.

I am thankful to our internal guide Mr. Jalaj Kumar Pandey whose

technical support and helpful attitude gave me high moral support. I
would also like to extend my sincere thanks to our Vice-Principal Mrs.
Priya Ranbhise for her guidance and constant encouragement.

I would like to express my gratitude towards our external guide and my

project mentor Mrs. Usha Kunjir. His expertise in the software
development was very beneficial to us his constant endurance and
guidance helped us a lot in completing this entire project.

Finally, I like to thank to all people directly or indirectly concern with

this project.


Raghvendra Kumar Singh

Dharmesh Patel

Sumit Kumar

Sanjay Phapale

Shrikanth P.B.
Sr. No. Chapter Page No.
1. Company Introduction
2. Project Description
2.1 Purpose of the Project
2.2 Project Overview (module wise)
3. Project Introduction
3.1 Existing System
3.2 Proposed System
3.3 Scope of the Project
4. System Specification
4.1 Hardware
4.2 Software
5. System Requirement Analysis
5.1 Feasibility Study
5.2 Fact Finding Technique
6. System Analysis And Design
6.1 Use Case Diagram
6.2 Class Diagram
6.3 Entity Relationship Diagram
6.4 Activity Diagram
6.5 Sequence Diagram
6.6 Deployment Diagram
6.7 Component Diagram
6.8 Menu Tree
6.9 Table Design
7 System Design
7.1 Input and Output System
8 Testing
8.1 Testing procedures & Test Plan
8.2 Test Cases
9 Future Enhancement and Limitations
10 Conclusion
11 Bibliography
12 References
Chapter - 1
Company Introduction
Chapter - 2
Project Description
Chapter - 3
Project Introduction
Chapter - 4
System Specification
Chapter - 5
System Requirement Analysis
Chapter - 6
System Analysis And Design
Chapter - 7
System Design
Chapter - 8
Chapter - 9
Future Enhancement and
Chapter - 10
Chapter - 11
Chapter - 12