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Mitigation of Earthquake

Running Head: Mitigation of Earthquake

Earthquake mitigation

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Mitigation of Earthquake

Earthquake used to be commenced due to sudden release of energy in the earth crust that
generally produces seismic waves. It is harder to measure actual pace of earthquake;
instruments some time don’t give real measurement. However, lower earthquakes being
most imperceptible while earthquake with seven magnitudes may cause severe
destruction. Earthquakes may occur not only because of natural cause but also it shows
on its consequences. Human made earthquakes used to be come for the reason of
geological faults, landslides, nuclear experiment, mine blast, and volcanic activity.
However, earthquakes are naturally occurred disasters, and it is far difficult to forge a
strategy to prevent from the consequences of earthquake. For instance, Haiti disaster,
Katrina disaster, and tsunami disaster. On ground reality, human creature can be saved up
to a certain level via employing different techniques of prevention. Emergency
management has purpose to aces upcoming expected risk, and it is supposed to give the
appropriate solution of those lethal problems. In following paper, we will also deem
mitigation strategies.

Impediment in mega cities:

In mega cities, it becomes immense difficult especially in disaster situations. Our purpose
is to make you understandable for such mishaps. In 2005, Mexico a largest city of
America got stuck in deadlock earthquake. Literary, thousands of people had been died;
approximately 400 buildings had been collapsed due to following reason. However, a
huge portion of population was left homeless. In case of larger cities, natural disaster
used to act more brutally comparatively as thousands of people are living unsafe,
informal. For this particular reason, larger cities are supposed to be more vulnerable
natural hazards. In urbanize areas; it is mandatory to formulate mitigation strategies in
such a way that it can lemmatize the damages caused by earthquake. However, mitigation
strategies have been tailored to squander specific risk, which urban settlements have to
face. Skyscrapers building and heavy construction leave no way even for pedestrian to
pass through. Apparently, housing demands used to get higher. There is a truth about
these practices. In such particular consequences, bank used to rise up its markup rate on
housing investment. There is a prediction that in next month approximately ninety
percent of total population living in rural areas would migrate to urban areas. World has
fifteen largest mega cities, solely four are located in highly industrialized countries. On
other hand, facilitation disbursement level varies with respect to rural and urbanize
residential. People used to move to city to spend live with proper facilitation. (Naibori

Mitigation strategies:
Emergency management is greatly helpful especially at bad time. The generic purpose of
mitigation strategies is to take preemptive measures, and activity base costing and on spot
management skills. However, there are three levels of mitigation strategies such as
preemptive measures, response and reaction. On other hand, mitigation strategies are the
suitable in offering the ideal solution to balancing the needs of maintaining the integrity,
economic development. Mitigation strategies are as such mandate conservation and
efficiency. In earthquake case, the generic roles of mitigation strategies are to practice

Mitigation of Earthquake

peace process.

Output of earthquake:
Earthquake is the result of seismic waves due to energy. On other hand, it used to make
people homeless, and a great example of destruction used to be commenced. Normally
living practices used to be disturbed on large scale. On other hand, it becomes difficult,
and impossible to change the direction of coming disaster. It is power of planning
through which organization would remain in safe hands.

In synthesis, earthquake incident used to be commenced due to inside the earth
mechanical processes. However, frequency of earthquakes is becoming increase day by
day. Human being can not spare himself from upcoming uncertainties; he has only that
power in his hands like he can plan to avoid further destruction. Any more, Mitigation
strategies can help out to minimize the consequences of the happening an earthquake.

Mitigation of Earthquake


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