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CAS Ideas & Possible

Here are some ideas that may be good CAS activities. These are just ideas, not
approved activities. You still must find a supervisor, fill out an activity proposal and have
it approved by me before participating in the activity. What is a good CAS activity for one
student may not be for another. Feel free to come up with your own ideas.

1. Design and create a mural at school (with a world languages theme in the upstairs
of Ogilby;-) (C/S)
2. Plan and execute an art project for kids at a residential treatment center. (C/S)
3. Plan and execute an art project at a school where students don’t have art. (C/S)
4. Learn a new musical instrument. (C)
5. Learn an especially challenging piece of music/dance routine. (C)(C/A, if dance)
6. Choreograph and participate in dance routine for pep rally (C/A)
7. Perform music and dance in a new or especially challenging context (public
audience, large audience, competition context) (C)
8. Do a world map mural project with local school children and teach about
geography. (C/S)
9. Go busking on Session and donate the money to a good cause – make sure you’re
not stealing the customers of the people who do this for a living. (C/S)
10. Plan a musical program and perform for hospital patients (C/S)
11. Teach art/music/dance to another person/group of people. (C/S)
12. Design a website for a school/non-profit/charity organization. (C/S)
13. Design a series of after school tutoring sessions. (C/S)
14. Teach anything- this always involves design and creativity if it’s done
correctly. (C)
15. Design an awareness campaign for an environmental issue. This could
include a creating posters, creative announcements, creative presentations (C/S).
16.Create a mini photography portfolio with a clearly defined theme, objective, and
goal (i.e. NOT These are all the pics of my friends holding up peace signs! (C)
17. Take a ceramics class.
18.Write a poem or short story for Treasure Chest / Brentonian (C)
19. Help out with yearbook creation and design? (C)
20. Write a speech on UN Day theme (C/S)
21. Start a debate team (C)
22.Design programs for Filipino Day/UN Day/Applied Music Recital/ etc. (i.e. be in
charge and make it creative.) (C/S)
23. Start a photoblog or join new photographers groups on Flickr where you can
share your photography and improve your photography. 365 photos project. (C)
24. Find an ugly part of town and design a mural for it. Ask permission from
whoever owns it and then enlist friends or neighborhood kids to help out with it.
25. Participate in the upper school’s contribution to Brent Day. Take on a new
role if you have already done this. (C)
26. Create a historical walking tour of Brent with map and signs explaining
historical significance (C/S)
27. Create a nature walking tour of Brent with map and nature information (C/S)
28. Design and create attractive signs with environmental messages for your
neighborhood. (C/S)
1. Plan an overnight hiking expedition-Mt. Pulag. (A)
2. Climb a mountain - Mt. Santo Tomas. (A)
3. Try bowling. Try golfing. (A)
4. Try surfing (A) then get good at surfing. (A)
5. Go spelunking in Sagada. (A)
6. Set up a geo-cache??. (A/C)
7. Learn to swim - athletic bowl. (A)
8. Learn to snorkel / free dive- La Union. (A)
9. Learn to SCUBA dive, get advanced certification - Subic, San Fernando. (A)
10. Try mountain biking on Mount Santo Tomás. Organize a trip for a group. (A)
11. Commit to riding your bike to school a certain number of times per week. (A)
12. Learn to skateboard- BE CAREFUL!!! (A)
13. Set a month long (or longer) workout plan and stick to it! (A)
14. Take a weightlifting class. (A)
15. Take a hip hop dance class -Fitness Edge. (A)
16. Train for the annual cross-country race and set a goal for yourself. (A)
17. Join the tennis club-Brent. (A)
18. Find a community garden and help out in it. (A/S/C?)
19. Play sports with kids who need it. (A/S)
20. Teach sports to kids who don’t get the opportunity to learn. (A/S)
21. Try skiing (Korea over winter break??) (A)
22. Plan an overnight camping activity at Brent for a group of interested
elementary/middle school students and lead it (with teacher supervisor). (A/S)

1. Tutor at a local elementary school (possibly Rizal/Mabini/Quezon). (S)
2. Work as a teacher’s aide in a local elementary school (S)
3. Tutor kids at Irisan Center who can’t go to school (S)
4. Volunteer to help play with orphans at local orphanage. (S)
5. Teach singing/piano/guitar at center for abused girls. (S/C)
6. Educate water filtering places about reusable water bottles and help them
advertise (S/C)
7. Teach people at non-profit or charity about open-source software and how they
can use applications to make their organization serve people better (S/C)
8. Volunteer to teach a workshop at a local internet café on writing a resume (S/C)
9. Help prisoners set up email accounts so they can email with their families (S)
10. Organize a beach clean-up with your friends: find a local counterpart (some
resort) who will dispose of the trash and recycling and spend a few hours cleaning
the beach. (S)
11. Campaign local government to institute tetra-pak recycling. (S)
12. Plant trees in watershed. (S/A)
13. Become certified on CPR/First Aid at local Red Cross. (S)
14. Become a CPR/First Aid instructor and teach classes at local Red Cross. (S)
15. Volunteer time sterilizing at Baguio General Hospital. (S)
16. Be part of the Medical Dental Organizing committee (S/C?)
17. Be a student representative on Christmas Bazaar committee. (S/C?)
18. Participate in Gawad Kalinga activities (S)
19. Serve as a translator for some NGO (S)
20. Volunteer at Women and Child center (Burnham Park) (S) and then take
initiative in creating some resources that they need (S/C)
21. Help out with some development project in barrio (S)
22. Volunteer with some agency that vaccinates dogs for rabies. (S)
23. Help a lower school club set up a website (like maybe the environmental
club) - (S/C)
24. Design and perform a creative skit about healthy eating habits for lower
school or for PTA (S/C)
25. Design a poster campaign for healthy eating (S/C)
26. Campaign administration to change canteen food offerings. (S/C)
27. Start a Model UN team (S/C)
28. Volunteer to help at Easter School (school with students with disabilities) (S)

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