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ØIt is a doctrine been founded by Jacobus Arminius

((1560-1609) it was a Dutch theologian, writer and
professor of the University of Leiden).
Øfound followers among the mercantile and republican
bourgeoisie of the Low Countries.
ØTheir principles were formulated in the manifesto of
five points, Remosntrans, published in 1610

ØThe arminianosgave special importance to the free

will and the doctrine.

ØThis theology sustains the salvation in the Man's

faith and not in the Grace (Jesus Christ) that is to
say if you lose the faith, you lose the salvation.

ØThe arminianismoopposes herself to the Calvinist

Calvinismo Arminianismo
1) The total depravity: the man is 1) God chooses or it reproves on the
affected by the sin in all his being, base of its premature knowledge
body, soul, mind and emotions; (foreknowledge)
2 Christ died for
or , and not
2) The unconditional election: The only )
for the in each, although
elects man; these last
favor of God toward the man owes ones only survive;
himself completely to the free divine
election and anything has to do with
anything that the man makes. It is
totally undeserved and it is not based
on The limited
anything atonement:
good sees in 3grace
that GodChrist ) the man is so vicious that the divine
is indispensable for the faith or
didn't take each man's sins that he any good work;
the man;
has lived never, but only those of
4) Thethat were chosen
salvation 4) this divine grace can be resisted by
irresistible call the man;
that God makes to somebody for its
salvation cannot be resisted; 5) to what extent all those that have
5) The perseverance of the saints: It been truly regenerated will persevere
is not possible that somebody saved until the end it is a matter that
once loses their salvation. requires more investigation.