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Early Memories

My earliest memories are from when I was four and five years old living
in a black and white, two story house on Blackbird Way in Pleasanton,
California. At first it was just my older sister Corey and I, and our
parents of course. Coreys friend Michele Sorenson lived across the
street, and I sometimes joined Corey when she visited the Sorensons
house. Micheles older sisters name was Gee-gee.

I remember having my own pumpkin patch in the back yard and carving
one of the pumpkins while it was still green, despite my mothers
warnings that it wasnt ripe yet. It fell apart. Pumpkins are still one of
my favorite things to grow and to eat. That was my first gardening
experience. I also remember seeing Carol Doda on channel 36 and
thinking about how pretty she was. When she came on, I was afraid to
look at the TV. I was shy.



When I was five we moved to a one story house in an unincorporated area

outside of Walnut Creek. There were still walnut orchards there at the
time, and we had many walnut trees on our property which were all
grafted in the manner of the trees in the orchards, that is, English Walnuts
grafted onto Black Walnut trunks. I was into race cars for a long time.
Then when I saw Evel Knievel doing his stunts on TV, I became
completely enamored with him, and also got interested in motorcycles,
especially Harley-Davidsons since that was what he rode. My friends
and I played with toy Evel Knievel motorcycles and rode motor cross
bicycles and did jumps and tricks, dreaming of riding real motorcycles.


I have not had many close friends in my lifetime. About four or five have
come and gone. But my one best friend I have had throughout all my life
has been my cousin Andrew. We always shared the same interests, frogs
and newts and geese, and especially chicks.



Frogs and Toads

Sometimes my father would fail to treat the swimming pool, and it would
turn green. And toads and tree frogs would come and lay eggs in it.
Soon the pool would be full of tadpoles. We didnt call them tadpoles
though. We called them pollywogs. When I was eight years old, I had
my first pond. It was a very small pond that was there when we moved
in. I filled it up with water and put some of the tadpoles from the
swimming pool in it. From that point on I became very interested in

The Bible
My mother taught me about the Bible at an early age, and I was very
interested in it from the start, especially the very beginning of Genesis
about the creation and the Garden of Eden. I went to church meeting and
Sunday school all through my childhood. But the most important and
best thing that ever happened to me was when I went on a trip to the
waterslides in Manteca with our church youth group. It was just around
the beginning of high school for me. We had a lot of fun, but the
important thing was when the youth pastor sat us down and talked to us
about the importance of reading the Bible on our own, not just going to
meeting and Sunday school and listening to what someone else has to say
about it. You should read your Bible every day, he told us. From that
point on, I did just that.

I found myself learning and growing during high school, but it seemed
like my cousin was not. He had stopped meeting with the church, and
had never read the Bible. I asked him how he expects to grow. He said
there are other ways. About that time he got into a book by Zecharia
Sitchin. Sitchin writes about space aliens coming to earth and
intermingling with and influencing mankind based on passages from the
Bible and archeological and other evidence. I was a little wary of some
of Sitchins ideas back then and still am today. But this author influenced
me in two very positive ways. The first was that he said the most
accurate translation of the Bible was the King James Bible. I have read a
number of books on this subject and am convinced that it is true. The
best one is called The New Age Versions by Gail Riplinger. The second
was the importance of learning Hebrew. If you can read the Bible in the
original, that is better than the best translation. I am now finally learning
Hebrew after so many years of wishing I knew the language. This is by
far the most important language for everybody to learn because it is the
language that the Bible is written in. It is also the most important thing to
learn, more important than science, math, history and all other subjects.
If I ever have a child, I will have him learning Hebrew from the
beginning. It is a shame that all parents dont do likewise.

Baton Twirling

My sisters twirled batons and competed in twirling contests on the

county, state and national levels. When they went to the national
competitions, our family would go to whatever state it was held in and
stay there for about three weeks while the contest lasted. Sometimes we
would drive, and I got to travel through many different states.

Around 1977 the national twirling competition was held in Miami,

Florida. Miami is not technically within the tropics, but it is close enough
to the Tropic of Cancer that all the tropical plants and animals can live
there. While my sisters were competing, my father took me all around
town. There was a hotdog place called Lums that had branches all
over the city. I loved hotdogs back then, and I really loved the fact that
they served fresh squeezed orange juice. This was back when you
couldnt get orange juice at fast food places. And almost every day, my
father took me to the Hialeah Race Track because it was surrounded by
the most beautiful gardens I had ever seen. There were coconut trees, a
pond with all different colored water lilies and flamingoes. I decided that
when I grew up I would move to Florida or to some tropical country.

My sisters were excellent baton twirlers, especially my older sister Corey.

She became a national champion, and eventually a world champion. She
is famous among people who know about baton twirling and has taught
people in other states and even other countries.



I first started to become aware of my love for birds when I was in first
grade. I can remember thinking about how pretty and diverse they were
with all of the different kinds and colors. The first specific types that I
became interested in were parrots, toucans and eagles. I would read
about them in the encyclopedia and look at the pictures. Later my parents
bought me some pet parakeet budgerigars, and I kept them in a cage in
my bedroom. I didnt like keeping them in that small cage. I liked to see
them fly around. So I would often let them fly freely in my room or
sometimes throughout the house. Eventually my father bought me a big
cage to keep in the backyard. We had to cover the cage with plastic in
the winter time, since parakeets are tropical and will die if they are
exposed to the cold. The cage came with two ring neck doves. Thus
began my interest in doves and pigeons.

My mother had a fancy for fancy chickens. The first ones she got were a
pair of bantams that looked rather like jungle fowl, what they say are the
original chickens and which can be found in India, Sri Lanka, Southeast
Asia and Indonesia. They probably were not jungle fowl. We just knew
them as bantams. But bantam is not a kind. It is a generic term for
small chickens. We didnt have a chicken coop, so the hen laid eggs in
our well pump shed. She sat on them and one day a single tiny baby
hatched out. My mother called me over to see it, and when I saw it, I
instantly fell in love. I was yellow with brown stripes just like the jungle
fowl chicks. I was probably about seven years old at the time. That was
the beginning of a growing and enduring interest in chickens.


Memorias tempranas

Mis memorias ms tempranas son de cuando era cuatro y cinco aos que
viva en una casa blanco y negro, de dos pisos en Camino Blackbird en
Pleasanton, California. Al principio era slo mi hermana mayor Corey y
yo, y nuestros padres, por supuesto. La amiga Micaela Sorenson de
Corey vivi a travs de la calle, y ensambl a veces Corey cuando ella
visit la casa del Sorenson. El nombre de una ms vieja hermana de
Micaela era Gee-gee. Recuerdo tener mi propio remiendo de la calabaza
en el patio trasero y tallar una de las calabazas mientras que era todava
verde, a pesar de las advertencias de mi madre que no era maduro
todava. Se deshizo. Las calabazas siguen siendo una de mis cosas
preferidas a cultivar y a comer. sa era mi primera experiencia que
cultivaba un huerto. Tambin recuerdo ver Carol Doda en el canal 36 y
pensar en cuan bonita ella era. Cuando ella se adelant, tena miedo de
mirar la TV. Yo era tmido.


Cuando yo tena cinco aos nos mudamos a una casa en un rea no

incorporada fuera de Walnut Creek. Todava haba huertas de la nuez all
en ese entonces, y tenamos muchos nogales en nuestra propiedad que
fueron injertados en la forma de los rboles en las huertas, es decir,
nueces inglesas injertadas sobre troncos de la nuez negra. Estaba
interesado en los coches de carreras durante mucho tiempo. Entonces
cuando vi Evel Knievel que hace sus proezas en la tele, yo llegu a ser
completamente enamorado con l, y tambin fui interesado en
motocicletas, especialmente Harley-Davidsons desde que eso fue lo que
l cabalg. Mis amigos y yo jugamos con las motocicletas de Evel
Knievel del juguete y montamos las bicicletas e hicieron los saltos y las
proezas, soando de cabalgar motocicletas verdaderas.


Yo no he tenido a muchos amigos ntimos en mi vida. Acerca de cuatro o

cinco han venido e idos. Pero mi unico mejor amigo que he tenido a
travs de toda mi vida ha sido mi primo Andrew. Nosotros siempre
compartimos los mismos intereses, las ranas y los tritones y los gansos, y
especialmente polluelos (chicas).

Ranas y Sapos

A veces mi padre fallara de tratar la piscina, y girar verde. Y los sapos y

las ranas vendran poner los huevos en ella. Pronto la piscina estara llena
de renacuajos. Cundo yo tena ocho aos, yo tuve mi primera charca.
Fue una charca muy pequea que estuvo all cuando mudamos a aquella
casa. Yo lo llen con agua y puse algunos de los renacuajos de la piscina
en ello. De all en adelante llegu a ser muy interesado en anfibios.

La Biblia

Mi madre me ense acerca de la Biblia en una edad temprana, y yo

estaba muy interesado en l desde el principio, especialmente el principio
del Gnesis sobre la creacin y el Huerto de Edn. Fui a la iglesia a travs
de mi infancia. Pero lo ms importante y la mejor cosa que nunca sucedi
a m fue cuando me fui en un viaje a la Manteca acuticos con el grupo de
jvenes de nuestra iglesia. Era slo el comienzo de la escuela secundaria
para m. Hemos tenido un montn de diversin, pero lo importante fue
cuando el pastor de la juventud se nos sent y habl con nosotros acerca
de la importancia de leer la Biblia en nuestro propio, no yendo justo a la
reunin y la escuela del domingo y escuchando lo que otra persona tiene
que decir acerca de ello. "Ustedes debe leer su Biblia todos los das", dijo
a nosotros. A partir de ese momento, lo hice precisamente eso.

Yo estaba aprendiendo y creciendo durante la escuela secundaria, pero

pareca que mi primo no lo era. l haba dejado de reunirse con la iglesia,
y nunca haba ledo la Biblia. Le pregunt cmo se espera que para
crecer. Dijo que hay otras maneras.

Acerca de aquel tiempo l fue interesado en un libro por Zecharia Sitchin.

Sitchin escribe sobre los extraterrestres que vienen a la tierra y mezcla
con e influir en la humanidad. Sus teoras se basan en pasajes de la Biblia
y arqueolgicos y otras pruebas. Yo estaba un poco cauteloso de algunas
de las ideas de Sitchin entonces, y todava no est de acuerdo con todos
ellos. Sin embargo, este autor me influenci en dos maneras muy

La primera es que el orador dice que la ms exacta traduccin de la Biblia

en Ingls fue la Biblia King James. He ledo una serie de libros sobre este
tema y estoy convencido de que es cierto. El mejor se llama The New
Age Versions por Gail Riplinger.
La segunda es la importancia de aprender la idioma hebreo. Si usted
puede leer la Biblia en el original, es mejor que la mejor traduccin.
Ahora estoy aprendiendo hebreo finalmente despus de tantos aos de
querer saba el idioma. Este es el idioma ms importante para todo el
mundo para estudiar porque es el idioma en que la Biblia est escrito.

Tambin es el ms importante que hay que aprender, ms importante que

la ciencia, las matemticas, la historia y todos los dems temas. Si yo
nunca tener un hijo, me lo han aprendizaje hebreo desde el principio. Es
una vergenza que todos los padres no hagan lo mismo.