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Press Release
Premire evening of A Matter of Hope documentary lm

Christopher Evans, who is featured in the lm, and is the original commissioner of the lm, is organising a
public premire evening on Sunday 20 June 2010 at 7:30pm, to which all are welcome. The lm lasts just
over an hour. The event is expected to end at about 9:00pm. Key persons will be on hand to answer
questions, including the lm maker.

Location: The Church Hall, Watlington, Oxfordshire, England.

Tickets cost 2, and include a copy of the documentary on DVD, and light refreshments. Tickets can be
reserved in advance, which is recommended.

N.B.: The DVDs ocial release date is the following day (21 June 2010).

Brief synopsis
A Matter of Hope looks at the eects of HIV/AIDS in a black township in the rainbow nation of South
Africa and the work of a Christian charity that tries to help those aicted by the disease.

Christopher Evans, premire organiser and DVD distributor: 01491 612494; cievans@aol.com
Harry Fear, lm maker: 07500 114 294; mail@harryfear.co.uk
Ocial movie website: http://www.amatterofhopemovie.com

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