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I feel that the age of their TA would be 18-30. Despite the obvious choice being 25-30 (due to
this being the age range of the band members), I feel that they would also aim to appeal to the 18-
24 age barrack because of the high level of energy in their music. Moreover, the TA is not likely to go
above 30 years of age as this is the age where people may consider retiring from the ͚party͛ lifestyle
which is crucial to liking the ͚Gallows͛.


 With an all male band and lyrics that are quite forceful e.g ͚London Is The Reason͛ lyrics;




I feel it is quite clear that they are appeal to a predominantly male audience. Furthermore, the
extremely aggressive style of their performances
(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hnCdTKAZbY) is an environment more suitable for the
physically sturdy ʹ which is more the case with males than females.

‰  From the style of merchandise i.e dark clothing with colourful patterns
(http://gallows.shop.bravadousa.com/Product.aspx?cp=21623_22984&pc=BGCTGW05) it seems
that they are trying to appeal to the more grunge/emo social groups, which are mainly dominant
within the Caucasian society. Despite this specific detail being uncommon, it is key to the Gallows
appeal as they understand who will like their music, people like themselves (coincidently, they
themselves are also all white).

  From their music video ͚Abandon Ship͛ it is clear that their band is centred around
their live performances. Therefore, their TA would like partying and live bands. This would also
success a very strong interest in music. What͛s more, the arty t-shirts and tattoos of the lead singer
would not only portray a like of tattoos, but also convey that their audience are less of the academic
type and more of the creative/arty members of society.

    Other bands with a similar style e.g. Parkway Drive, Enter Shikari etc.
Being a lover of music, their main television channels are MTV and multiple other music channels, in
specific Kerrang. Therefore party lifestyle could eliminate the possibly of late-night television,
meaning a lack of interest in dramas/soap-opera etc.

   Mainly the ͚Working-Class͛ bracket due to the extremities of the music and specific style
of the music. Moreover, with the band being from Watford and working-class themselves prior to
their success; this audience will find it easy to relate to the band.

 c   c  

  The passion and relentless style of Gallows͛ music and lyrics creates extreme
enjoyment for their fans. Moreover, their wild performances provide a sense of freedom; a place
where a band leader can jump into the fans and trust them to catch him creates an atmosphere of
surreal comfort. Therefore it could be said that their music as well as the band themselves allows the
fans to escape from the problems in real life and go crazy in this world of passion and freedom.

The Gallows site is very aware of this appeal. With all details on the band
and them being very active on Twitter, the fans are given the feeling that they are involved closely
with the band and are well-informed.

  The unique physical appearance of the band and in specific the lead singer would
help the fans to create their own person identity. By being so different, the band is encouraging their
fans to break away from the mainstream and be individuals.

 The fans love for tattoos could make them outcasts of society. Therefore,
through Gallows providing such a niche appeal and almost ͚family͛ like essence (due to interaction
on twitter and during live performances), the band allows them to feel welcomed into a group in a
way that they may have never been before ʹ increasing their social relationships. Moreover, the
tops sold on the site are likely to link people together if they ever see each other wearing a ͚Gallows͛