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Thank you Ireland.

Today the citizens of that fair country voted against

ratification of the Treaty of Lisbon. The rules were that if one country
out of the entire 27-country membership of the European Union voted
against this second version of the previous constitution, it would be
abandoned. As there was only one country that allowed its citizens the
right to vote, you can guess that in reality the EU was trying not to
allow its voters any chance to be contrary. Because Ireland’s
constitution doesn’t permit such alterations without a public vote there
was no alternative, it was unavoidable. The Irish were allowed to vote
and they rejected this treaty, again. Perfect justice has been served.

This is the same treaty that was previously voted against, as a

constitution by several countries and had been supposedly abandoned
as the rules had stipulated. However, like Dracula, it leapt out of its
coffin, bloodied but unbowed. It then morphed from a rejected
constitution into a series of parliaments rubber-stamping the new
version, now called a treaty. Last time round, when it was called a
constitution, we were, you will recall, also told it would be abandoned if
any of the countries voted against it. The politicians in Brussels simply
changed the rules when they lost. They did a bit of judicious cutting
and pasting and regurgitated the same constitutional dinner, re-
heated. They clearly can’t believe they are in the wrong, and frankly
they don’t care what their people think.

The European President has announced that the ratification process of

the now twice rejected constitution / process will proceed despite
promises to the contrary. What’s a twice broken promise between old
European friends? Public shame should be heaped on all such arrogant,
pumped up tin-pot dictators. However, I bet you that this same set of
nonentities would accept any vote in their favor.

The EU leadership is demanding further and deeper integration of the
European Union but every time the electorate has been allowed to vote
on this issue they have responded by rejecting the proposed changes.

The reasons for this continuing objection by the populace are obvious
to anyone with a democratic bone in their body. No one wants this
constitution or treaty, nor understands it, nor sees the justification for

Ladies and gentlemen of Brussels, take your constitution or treaty, and

shove it where the sun doesn’t shine, and please, don’t forget the