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Typology in the Book of Esther

1. Finding God in Hiding

a. The Deuteronomy Foundation:
-Deuteronomy 28-34: the curse of God’s distance from Israel for their sin.
-Deuteronomy 31:17-18 declares that when Israel falls into idolatry, God will hide his face from
them (remove his presence)
-The Jewish exile during the time of Daniel and Esther is the fulfillment of this curse and so to
explicitly include God’s presence would defeat the purpose of his distance. With every evidence of
the new Queen’s name in the book, we are reminded of God’s hiddeness. He may be hidden, but he
is not absent.

“Esther” ‫ֶּאסְתֵּר‬ “I will hide” ‫ַאסְתִּיר‬

but with no vowels…

‫אסתר‬ ‫אסתר‬
b. The Exodus Connection
- Connection to Exodus regarding national salvation.
- Exodus and Esther bookend the Old Testament timeline with National Redemption (Exodus being
the major formation of the nation, Esther being the final stage before the coming of Christ)
- Bookend the Jewish Calendar with salvation events (Passover is on the 15th of the first month
Nisan; Purim is on the 15th of the last month Adar.)

c. Esther as type of Christ

Shadow: Esther’s fast began on the 14th of Nisan which is also the beginning of Passover.
Substance: Christ’s death occurred on the 14th of Nisan

Shadow: Fasting in the Old Testament was considered an affliction and a sacrifice (the word for
fasting is also translated as “afflict yourself” multiple times: Lev. 23:27, 29; cf. Ps. 35:13; 69:10)
Substance: Christ was the sacrifice who afflicted himself for us (Phil. 2:1-8)

Shadow: End of the fast was on the third day – 16th of Nisan
Substance: Christ rose on the 16th of Nisan

Shadow: Esther “put on royalty” to approach the king.

Substance: Christ was glorified to ascend to the throne in heaven.

Shadow: Esther’s intercession to deliver her people was granted.

Substance: Christ’s intercession to deliver his people was granted.

Shadow: Gentiles are delivered by being brought into Israel because of Esther
Substance: Gentiles are delivered by being brought into Israel because of Christ
(It should also be noted that this occurred during the Exodus: see Exodus 12:38)